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A bad trip to London

Recently a friend and I went on a trip to London, we were there for a week and were having a really good time, but a couple of days in she told me that she there was some guy who kept perving on her, and that whenever she was alone he would walk up close to her and ask her what her room number was.

Well a couple of days before we would be heading back there was a banging on my hotel room door pretty late and when I opened it was her looking very upset and distraught. She told me that before going to bed (we were staying in different rooms) that she went downstairs and outside to have a smoke (as the hotel was mostly none smoking) and while standing out there just before she would be done and head in a guy came up behind her and started groping her from behind, even getting his hand almost down her pants, but she pulled away and ran back into the hotel.

I let her stay in my room with me that night, and once she fell asl**p went down to the main desk to complain and see what could be done, and as it turns out they have heard of the guy before, but since their security sucked they had never caught him doing anything wrong, so basically they couldnt do anything. I returned to my room annoyed and after a little while also fell asl**p.

In the morning I decided to call the police department and spoke to a local station, they also confirmed that the guy was a big problem in the area, but for the same reasons (i.e. lack of evidence) it was impossible to actually catch the guy.

Obviously the whole thing had me furious, and not quite thinking right, so I decided to solve the problem myself.

That night I went out around the darker side of the hotels entrance and pretended to be smoking (because I dont actually smoke myself) and after standing there for a while believing it was a waste, suddenly from behind I feel hands all over me …but I let them wonder…

"My friend told me about you and I got so turned on and jealous of her" I said.
He stopped for a second, then said "Ohh, so you are a bit of a slutty one, wanna have a bit fun?"

I told him I really did, and lead him to my room. Once we were in the light I could see that he looked somewhere in his early 40s at a guess, and he looked kind of dirty too, not attractive at all.

"So where do you want it slut?" he said looking very pleased with himself.
"My pussy is already getting pretty wet" I said rubbing it a little through my cloths "But I need to go buy some condoms because I am not on the pill, get yourself ready and I'll be right back" I said.

"Take your panties off and give them here before you go" he demanded, and since he was agreeing to let me go I unhappily agreed.

I took down my pants and was standing there with them at my feet "Bend over and slowly lower them" he sleazily said, so I turned away from him, bent over and slowly lowered my underwear, everything on full display.

Suddenly I felt something pushing against my pussy, it was his already out and hard cock, I quickly pulled away "No, I need a condom first" I yelped, and picking up my panties and sniffing at them he agreed. I quickly pulled my pants back on and left the room.

Downstairs in the lobby I quickly rang the police station and spoke to the same department that I had that morning, I quickly explained what had happened and they said that if I kept him there they finally might be able to grab the guy, they said they would be straight over, but it would take at least 10 minutes, and that no matter what I had to make sure he didnt leave, but to be careful. So I quickly ran to the little convenence store next door to the hotel to buy a condom, hoping to eat up time, though it only took a minute or so, when back in the hotel I told the person on the front desk to give my spare room key to the police officers once they arrived, and to send them straight to my room, because legally they couldnt just burst into the room, but since I gave them permission to enter they could quietly come straight in and catch him unawares.

I stood for another minute hoping they would arrive quicker than they said, but no, so I took a deep breath and reluctantly returned to my room.

As soon as I walked through the door he grabbed me,pushed me to the floor and covered my face in cum "Ahh thats better, I was saving that for you slut, I bet it feels so good" he had a look of bliss on his face, and my face was covered, it kind of smelled not very nice but I pretended and said "It realy turns me on".

"You got the condom?" he asked, Yes I replied getting it out of my pocked showing him.
"Ok now you go put it on…" I started saying, but he quickly interupted "No no no baby, you are putting it on, with that sweet pussy of yours".

He quickly led me to the bed where he lay me down, and started taking off my pants, he took the condom from me and opened it up "I bet you are gagging for this eh baby?" I was constantly watching the clock behind him at the time, it had already been 11 minutes, so they should be any minute now, but I replied "It has been so long, I am aching for it".

He opened my legs and had an incredibly perverse and scary face while stroking himself and looking at my pussy, then he placed the condom in front of my pussy and slowly pushed inside…

He held the condom in place and slowly pushed his cock inside of my pussy while also in doing so rolling the condom up his hard shaft. I let out a little noise of discomfort, which he took for pleasure, and quickly shoved the whole thing inside. I bit my tongue and held back how sick I felt as he very quickly started pounding me over and over "god you have such a tight young pussy, I feel like I am already going to cum again". I could tell he was looking to me for words to get him off, so I said "It feels so good, you should cum so hard inside my tight wet pussy" we continuted fucked for what felt like an eternity (though it was only about a minute or two) and he suddenly pulled out, pulled off the condom and came all over my pussy and stomach.

"You dot any more condoms?" He asked, "No" I sheepishly replied "Well then I guess I am going back in raw and cum covered" he quickly shoved the whole thing back inside to my shock "No, dont, please stop, not without a condom" he ignored me "God your pussy feels so good, I want to fill it up and watch my cum drip out".

I kept telling him to stop, and trying to pull away, but he was already inside of me, and was holding me down, I kept talling him to stop, over and over, but he refused.

At that point I hadnt realised (in my fear and shock) that there was a noise at the door, and indeed someone was coming inside.

"Oh you little slut, are you ready to take my load? Because I am about to explode inside of you" I begged him over and over not to, when suddenly a group of people in police uniforms burst into the room "Step away from the girl now or we will use f***e" one yelled, and the guy looked at them, then back to me and started fucking me really quickly, they ran over and grabbed him, but it was too late…

They pulled him away from me, handcuffed him and pulled him out of the room (still naked) and all that remained was me lying there, legs hung over the edge of the bed, naked, with cum seeping out of my pussy.

One of the female officers quickly ran into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to cover my with as there were several other male officers there in the room who could see everything. An older male officer who it turned out was the one in charge ushered everyone out of the room, and told me he would leave the female officer outside of my room, and that once I had composed myself I should let her know.

I lay there for a while but eventually composed myself and let her know, she made shure I was mostly ok then gave me a private number and told me to contact her immediatelly in the morning once I was up. I agreed, and was moved to a new hotel room so that I didnt have to sl**p where that had just happened.

In the morning I got up, washed myself for far longer than I usually would, then called the number.

The rest of the day was filled with forms, and all kinds of legal things I didnt quite understand.
The very first thing they did was the female officer took me to a doctor to make sure I had not picked up anything from the guy, and gave me what was needed to make sure I didnt get pregnant.

That was my last day of the trip so pretty much they had to fit all of the legal stuff into one day.
After returning home (and not telling anyone about what had happened) I a few days later recieved a call, and found out that they were able to prosicute the guy, which I guess was some small comfort.

It was probably one of the stupidest risks I have ever took, and though it probably wasnt worth it, I hopefully stopped it happening to some other girl (and possibly to her a little bit more f***ed outside in that dark alley by the hotel).

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