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A Day in Gotham – Batgirl's Turmoil

A Day In Gotham – 5 — Batgirl's Turmoil – (Catwoman's Revenge, excitement at Wayne Mansion)

(Follows episode 4 — Batgirl's Revenge)

Author's Note : It's generally a bad idea to start with an apology, but here I go anyway! This should have been one story, it was always designed that way. Unfortunately, as I penned it, it just seemed to take on a life of its own and now it's too big! My fault, poor discipline I suppose. I considered taking out the scalpel and hacking a few bits out, but I thought that the continuity would have been blown (and I haven't yet got the skills or heart required to destroy something that I've just created!). So here we are, a story split into two. I hate film titles with numbers so this one's titled 'Turmoil' and it will soon be followed by 'Torment'. I hope that you'll bear with me. I'll be pleased if you enjoy this one, I'll be delighted if you enjoy both! Apols once again — damn, that's twice now!


Chapter 1 — Dark Beginnings

Chapter 2 — Confusion at Wayne Mansion

Chapter 3 — Robin Reflects

Chapter 4 — Batgirl starts the day with a Susan

Chapter 5 — Presents for Batgirl

Chapter 6 — Robin gets a Shock

Chapter 7 — Catgirl keeps an eye on things

Chapter 8 — Zatanna's Magic Show — A surprise for Batgirl

Chapter 9 — In the Wrong Hands!


Chapter 1 — Dark Beginnings

The tall and slim, raven haired woman sitting behind the smart modern desk punched the air in silent delight as she read the text message that had just beeped onto her mobile phone. A broad smile expanded into a loud, exultant laugh as she leaned back and stretched in her leather swivel chair.

It had looked like developing into a rather grey day in Gotham as she'd arrived at her secret office early on this Saturday morning, but now, no amount of rolling dark clouds could dispel the ray of sunshine that had burst over her.

Selina Kyle was equally comfortable dressed as she was in a navy blue power suit over a crisp white blouse, or as her alter-ego, Catwoman in a slinky, figure hugging black cat-suit. She was equally at ease running a small business via her office computer as she was in handling her trademark black bull whip in confrontations with Catwoman's many adversaries. Of course the 'business' was in fact illegal, based as it was on Catwoman's semi-regular jewellery heists, but that didn't alter the facts. She was a capable, formidable and rather dangerous woman!

It was still early, Selina being in the habit of getting through her business workload quickly so that she had plenty of time to indulge herself later in the day, and she was distracted by the pungent aroma of fresh coffee wafting across the room from the percolator on a corner table. She jumped up, still pleased with her news as she discarded her jacket and headed across the room for a cup, pausing for a few minutes to check her appearance in the office mirror.

She almost purred as she admired her sleek looking figure. The tight fitting dark blue skirt with the patent black leather belt accentuated her narrow waist and the tailored white blouse wrapped snugly around her bosom, just sheer enough to give a hint of the lacy white bra striving hard to contain her firm breasts. As her eyes scanned downwards she stretched out one of her long shapely legs to open up the wicked six inch slit down the side of the skirt, exposing an inch or so of black stocking top.

“Mmmmmm — not bad, even if I say so myself,” she murmured, pausing long enough to undo another blouse button and revealing a little more of her impressive cleavage.

She was still smiling as she dropped back into her chair, a cup of piping hot Brazilian blend on a mat at her side. For a few moments she was lost in another world as she gazed out of the window reflectively until her mobile suddenly shrilled and dragged her attention back into the office.

She glanced at the caller-ID, and the smile was immediately back.

“Hey, it's great to hear from you lover! I got your message just now but I assumed you wouldn't be able to talk?” She paused as the voice on the other end explained that it was okay now.

“So, everything's in place at your end?” Selina continued, “I've arranged for a few of the Kittens to come over and help bring the errrrrr 'packages' back, and then you'll be over as soon as you can this afternoon?”

She listened for a few more minutes, before replying.

“No, Catgirl won't be involved. I love her like a daughter, but I think that she's got too involved to be trusted with this one. I'm arranging for her to be out today. In fact, she should be here shortly so that I'll be able to make sure that she'll be well away!”


Holly Robinson was a bit peeved that Selina had called last night and asked her to do her a favour today. She'd been planning on a big shopping expedition with friends, and although the request was couched as a favour, she knew that Catwoman expected to be obeyed.

She'd arrived in the corridor outside of Selina's office and was about to knock and bustle in when she stopped. There was something about her friend's voice that had struck a subconscious chord, and she listened more closely to the words drifting ominously through the door.

“……………..I know, I know.” Pause. “Well, I can tell you that I intend to make life VERY uncomfortable for them. They'll think twice before crossing me or my loved ones again!”

There was a longer pause before Selina continued in a much softer tone.

“And I'm so looking forward to our get-together later as well. It's been so long. Why don't you come to Gotham more often?”

Holly had been a little surprised at the original outburst, but the softer tone encouraged her to complete the knock on the door and to enter the office.

“Oh, hi Holly,” Selina responded as she caught sight of her younger accomplice, then talking into the phone again, “Look, Catgirl's just arrived so I'll have to go. I'll see you later and we can catch up again then.” She listened for a few minutes and laughed huskily, “Me too….. I can't wait!”

“Well, that sounded interesting,” queried Holly as she took in the sight of Selina, lounging back in her chair, ankles perched up on the edge of the desk and tight blue skirt riding well up her shapely thighs.

“It's just a dear old friend who's in town for a few days. We've got … errrr plans for this afternoon,” said Selina as she pulled her ankles off the desk and leaned forward in the chair.

“Really…….. anything interesting? Maybe I could tag along as well?”

“No, sorry Holly, you'll be busy I'm afraid. I've got an important job for you!”

With that Selina explained that she needed Batman followed. She'd had a tip that he was meeting somebody important during the afternoon and she wanted to know who it was. She'd considered sending one of the Kittens but had decided that this was important enough for Catgirl to take it on.

“That's why I suggested you came in 'civvies',” she added, “I don't want Batman to know we're interested in him,” as she re-appraised the young woman standing in front of her.

“What IS that you're wearing Holly? The idea is to be inconspicuous!”

Holly glanced down at her casual gear. She was wearing some white pumps with pink flashes, a pair of designer slouch jeans, shredded at the knees and hanging off her lower waist. Above that was a tight fitting lemon yellow top cut low enough to show a good eyeful of cleavage, and high enough at the bottom to leave about six inches of naked, well tanned mid-rift on display. She was average height, shorter than Selina, with a light brown fashionably short hair cut cascading down one side of her face.

“What do you mean? It's all the fashion these days,” she responded sharply. “Well, among the younger crowd that is!” she added cattily.

“That's not the point!” flashed back Selina, “I know that you're over twenty one and I wouldn't dare to interfere with your lamentable lack of dress sense, but Batman will probably take one look at that and arrest you for public indecency!”

“Oh tush, there'll be loads of young woman out shopping today dressed like this. I'll fit in perfectly!” With that she poked her thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and pushed them down another inch, leaving Selina to look on scandalously as the waistband verged on displaying her pubic hair.

For a moment the atmosphere was charged, but then eventually Selina eased back in her chair and smiled.

“You know, you remind me of me when I was your age! I wouldn't have listened to a middle aged woman either.”

“Oh, you're not what I'd called middle aged,” responded Holly quickly, pleased at Catwoman's response. She knew that Catwoman was now somewhere in her mid thirties, but she'd never admitted to an exact figure, and certainly hadn't sounded worried about it. She'd cared for and brought up Holly herself after she'd helped get her off the streets almost seven years ago now and they'd developed a close, almost sisterly relationship. But it was never in doubt who was the senior partner!

“And anyway,” added Holly with spirit, “Any man stumbling in here would take one look at that suit that you're almost wearing and you'd have to beat him off. You look so sexy!”

Selina laughed, relieved that the tension had gone, and went on to describe how she'd found out that Batman had an eleven o'clock meeting at City Hall, so Holly just needed to keep an eye on the entrance for when he came out.

“Oh, and you don't need to dash back later to report,” she added, “We can review what you find tomorrow.”

Holly raised her eyebrows in surprise. It wasn't like Catwoman to leave things for later.

“You sure?” she queried.

“Absolutely Holly, I'll probably be tied up with errrr other things anyway. You might as well go out and enjoy yourself. Anyway, you'd better get moving so that you can set up your surveillance position.”

Holly smiled at her senior partner and nodded, turning towards the door. As she was in profile to Selina, she heard a sudden intake of breath followed by another exclamation.

“Are you wearing anything under that top!?”

Holly turned her head and smiled mischievously, “You really want to know?”

Selina opened her mouth, but in the end just raised her eyes to the ceiling and laughed in exasperation, shaking her head, “Scat you little imp! I give up!!”

Chapter 2 — Confusion at Wayne Mansion

The scrambled eggs were steaming deliciously on a fresh silver serving plate as Bruce Wayne scooped up a large portion, sprinkled on a dash of Worcester sauce and headed over to the breakfast table where he sat down, alone, in the large, high-ceilinged room.

His spirits were good and he'd had an energetic night but he was looking forward to an important day 'on the job' as Batman in his relentless pursuit of the criminal elements in his beloved Gotham City.

But there was one slight cloud on the horizon that had been troubling him overnight and as Alfred, his faithful man-servant arrived by his side with his morning pot of Darjeeling tea, Bruce was concerned enough to raise it with the old man.

“That was a fine dinner party last night Alfred. You really do us proud every time!”

“Why thank you Mister Wayne. It did seem to go quite well I thought,” replied the old man neutrally.

Bruce paused for a while before continuing. “What did you think of Batgirl's behaviour Alfred? I really couldn't make her out. When she arrived she was so warm and friendly, quite delightful really, but then when the others appeared she just became awkward. If it hadn't been for Dick cheering her up later on I dread to think what we'd have done!”

The old manservant was a master diplomat as well as a faithful retainer.

“Miss Gordon did seem a little put off when your other guests appeared Mr Wayne. It occurred to me that she may have thought the dinner party was just going to be between the two of you. Had you told Barbara that the others would be there as well?”

Bruce thought for a moment, but then admitted that he wasn't sure how he'd couched the invitation.

“But even so, why that reaction?”

Alfred chose his words carefully.

“Perhaps you haven't noticed the way she looks at you Mister Wayne? I imagine that she may have developed a bit of a 'thing' for you. That black evening dress that she wore last night looked new and quite ………,” even he was lost for words for a moment, “…..errrr spectacular? She might well have been disappointed if she thought that she had you to herself, and then found out that she wasn't the sole object of your attentions?”

“Do you really think so?” responded Bruce uncertainly, reflecting on the evening again. “That black dress was quite um …. revealing, and she was certainly very attentive before Dick and Zatanna arrived.”

After a further pause he continued a little uncertainly, “And she does like to errrr touch a lot, doesn't she? Maybe there is something ……………………”

Then Bruce shook his head vigorously, “No, it can't be that. We've spent the last six months fighting over practically everything. She can't possibly have those sorts of feelings for me!”

Alfred was picking up the dirty plates, “I think that you'll find that strong feelings manifest themselves in all sorts of strange ways Mr Wayne, but speaking of your house guest, are you expecting her down for breakfast today?”

Bruce's thoughts were immediately dragged back to the present and he was quite relieved to put his difficult relationship with Batgirl to one side. He smiled and felt a familiar surge between his legs as he recalled Zatanna's naked body partially wrapped in the twisted sheets of his bed when he'd woken. She was still heavily asleep after their night's exertions and he'd spent a few moments admiring her voluptuous form before sighing as he pulled up the sheet to cover her beautiful, full breasts. They had been rising and falling tantalisingly in time with her shallow breathing and he had been almost hypnotised by the almost rhythmic movement of her dark nipples before he realised how much of an effect they were having on his hardening cock. He'd almost reached across to wake her, but had decided that she looked so peaceful he wouldn't disturb her, satisfying himself in the end with a little kiss on her forehead after he'd pulled up the sheets before sliding out of bed.

“I think Zatanna may sleep a little longer Alfred,” he responded finally, trying desperately not to sound smug, “so there's no need to keep cook any longer – assuming Dick's been down that is?”

“Oh, Master Grayson came down earlier and just had a coffee and toast. He said that he'd had a restless night and needed to go for a run. He'll probably be back by now though,” replied the man-servant as he headed for the door.

“Robin's turned twenty one now Alfred, he might start getting a bit stuffy if you keep calling him “master” you know,” chided Bruce softly as Alfred left the room.

When Alfred had gone, Bruce leaned back in his chair, thoughts switching eagerly to Zatanna again. What an exciting woman she was! She'd been abroad performing her magic show for quite some time these last few years, so Bruce hadn't seen her for ages, but when she'd been staying in Gotham those few years ago, they'd become very close. Very close indeed! When he'd heard that she was returning for a charity luncheon, he'd lost no time in contacting her agent and inviting her to stay at the Mansion, and he'd been absolutely delighted when word came back that she'd accepted.

When the time of her arrival had been confirmed, Bruce had cleared his diary and had sat by a window watching the drive up to the mansion for her arrival, as excited as a schoolboy.

As her hire car eventually drew up in front of the house, he'd rushed out to meet it, opening the driver's door in gallant greeting. His expression had frozen as his eyes had drunk her in again. She'd been wearing a tight, light blue dress, halter neck dropped low enough to tantalisingly display the tops of her generous bosom. Her smile had been infectious as she'd cried out a greeting, and she'd been secretly pleased to see Bruce's eyes drawn down to her long legs as she got out. The tight skirt had drawn high up her thighs during the journey, and as she'd swung them out of the car Bruce didn't miss the black stocking tops that peeped into view.

As soon as she was out, he'd bent down to give her a welcoming kiss that had soon turned into the smouldering type as she wrapped her arms round his head and pressed her lips back enthusiastically against his. The stirrings between his legs had started to get uncomfortable as he'd eventually broken it off and scooped her up into his arms. She'd laughed infectiously as she'd asked whether he was intending to carry his 'bride' over the threshold.

Bruce had joined in the banter, laughing in return as he'd suggested that 'a bride' being carried over a threshold led only to one thing!

Her expression had changed, the smile was still there but it had taken on a taunting look as she'd challenged him to find out for himself. That was all the encouragement that he'd needed as he'd almost run up the steps with her, dragging open the heavy oak door and dropping her onto her feet on the other side, forcing her back against the door as it swung shut and his lips had searched hers out again. This time the smouldering kiss had ignited them both!

Zatanna had been breathing hard as she'd started to grind her pubic mound into his loins, searching out his massive erection. She'd sighed as he'd forced his bulging trousers back into her, but suddenly she'd held back, concerned that the staff might see them. Bruce had been quick to re-assure her that he'd given them all the afternoon off, congratulating himself on his devious forward-planning.

They'd both been almost as desperate as each other and as her hands had roamed through his hair, he'd dropped his own hands to her thighs, grasped the hem of the dress and unceremoniously yanked it up to her waist. Glancing down, his blood pressure had soared even further as he'd drunk in the sight of the stocking clad thighs and pastel yellow garter belt. A small triangle of almost transparent lemon material had covered her mound and damp looking pussy, the black, curly hair peeping through suggestively.

The sight had driven him almost wild as one hand had run quickly over her stomach and delved under the lemon material to cup her furry sex mound. The other was busy massaging her breasts through the dress top. This had triggered a wild cry from Zatanna whose own hands had suddenly left his hair and were fumbling with his belt, dragging his trouser front open. They'd immediately dived into his pants to release the monster erection that had been straining to escape. Bruce had sucked in air as her fingers had wrapped themselves around it, drawing it out even further. She'd looked hungrily into his eyes as she'd gasped “Now Bruce, here!”

Instantly he'd grabbed hold of her panties, pulling them roughly to one side as her fingers had guided his giant erection between her legs and up to her sopping, welcoming opening. They'd both gasped in unison as they'd felt the tip snuggling into her soft vagina lips before he'd thrust hard and deep, lifting her onto her toes as her bare bottom was crushed against the cool hard wood of the door.

The anticipation had been deep in both of them and they're excitement had soon reached a crescendo as he'd pumped back and forth inside her, neck muscles straining as he'd desperately tried to retain some measure of control. Her arms had wrapped themselves around his neck and as they tightened into an almost vice-like grip and she started making little mewing sounds, he'd changed his action, starting to stab into her with frequent short thrusts that crashed their bodies together sending sweet vibrations ringing through her clit.

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