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A Day in the Job Ch. 02

This story is meant to be read in sequence. Although not impossible to pick up the storyline, I hope you will read A Day in the Job Chapter 1 before reading this.

For those of you who are fans of Scrubs, Elizabeth Bogush played Alex the social worker in Season 1.

This instalment takes place directly after the events of Chapter 1, I hope you enjoy it.

Constructive feedback is always welcome!


When I woke up the next morning, I was still sprawled out on the floor of the bedroom, still completely naked. Rolling onto my side, I found an equally naked Sarah Chalke lying on her back next to me, her firm breasts rising and falling slowly as she breathed. I lay there and let my eyes roam over her body, still unable to believe the night we'd spent together.

Suddenly, I remembered the amount of alcohol I had consumed last night, and then my hangover chose to kick in. My head thumped, my eyes felt heavy and my stomach was doing some intricate, gold-medal worthy gymnastic act in my abdomen. I groaned and cursed aloud, causing Sarah to stir.

She rolled onto her side, still beautiful, smiled at me and then her own hangover kicked in, causing her to scrunch her eyes and grit her teeth, letting out a pained grunt. I laughed, which just made my head throb even more.

She turned onto her stomach and draped an arm across me, kissing the side of my arm before pulling herself up onto her feet. I copied her, grabbing onto a nearby dressing table to steady my wobbly legs. She grabbed a couple of robes and we covered our nakedness, making our way to the kitchen for a much needed breakfast.

After breakfast, we quickly got dressed (I only had the clothes I had had last night, since I had spent the night at Sarah's) and left the hotel room. As we left the hotel we bumped into Zack and Donald, who had just grabbed a bite to eat. As both Sarah and myself squinted our eyes against the September sun, groaning as the light aggravated our hangovers, they both laughed and Don said,

“Good night Craig?” I grinned and gave them a wink, though according to Sarah, they knew about the “arrangement” that Sarah and Judy Reyes had to fuck the new members of the Scrubs team on a weekly rota. This thought still made me laugh.

I walked with them to the set, before dashing across the road to my hotel and quickly changing my clothes. Running back to the defunct hospital in which the show was filmed, I tried to hide the fact that I was suffering from the mother of all hangovers.

I spent the rest of that day falling over. Literally. My job here at Scrubs was to help them with some of the stunts they performed, jumping off things, falling over things, running into other things. It was only one day of stunts, the rest of the week I would be acting. After about 4 hours of running into things it was lunch time, and I was shattered, my hangover still lingering around like a bad smell.

I ate lunch with Zack, Donald, Judy and Sarah. I nursed a cup of coffee in my hands, hoping to wash away the dregs of my alcohol induced headache. We were discussing the show, how they had high hopes for it and how they were all really enjoying the work so far. Soon, the conversation turned to a new actress who was turning up tomorrow.

“So, Zack,” Sarah said, “you looking forward to getting to grope Elizabeth? I hear she's gorgeous.” The comment shocked me a bit, I hadn't expected it from Sarah. Nevertheless, we all laughed a bit and Zack looked quite sheepish.

After lunch, we were pulling a stunt which involved Zack sliding under a gurney as he ran down a corridor. It would be a tricky stunt to pull off. Basically, Zack had to run at the gurney, the camera would overrun him, then, when there was no camera on us, I would take the slide under the gurney. Zack would then pop up from the other side. I couldn't remember the proper name for the technique, but I called it “the switch-out”.

Three or four attempts later I noticed that Sarah was standing watching us, the rest of the crew finished for the day. She winked at me as I caught her eye and prepared for the last take of the day. My back and hips were already smarting from the battering I had taken in the past few hours. That's the thing with stunts, no matter how many safety precautions you take, most of them still hurt like hell.

I stood behind the cameras path and watched as the film started rolling, as Zack hurtled down the hall at a sprint. He ducked suddenly out of the cameras view and the cameraman shot past me. I stepped out and threw myself forward, landing with my hips on the small square of cushioning on the floor, slid under the gurney and out the other side where Zack was already waiting. I stayed on the floor as he popped back into the shot before continuing his run to the nearest patient's room.

“Ok people, that's a wrap!” Shouted Bill Lawrence. From her vantage point, Sarah cheered and clapped. I grinned at her and stood up, giving my hip a quick rub. Zack came out of the room and gave me a high-five.

“Last thing folks,” Bill again, “Tomorrow we have Elizabeth Bogush joining us for a couple of episodes. So the usual applies, treat her as part of the group. See you all tomorrow.” There was a murmur of goodbyes from the crew and me and Zack walked over to Sarah. It was only about 3 o'clock and we decided to go grab a bite to eat.

It was amazing how quickly I'd become friends with these guys. At the restaurant we were eating in, I spent most of the time laughing at Zack and Don, who seemed to be best friends, even though they hadn't met each other before Scrubs. After dinner we started to walk back towards our various hotels, and soon I was left with just Johnny C McGinley, Sarah Chalke and Judy Reyes. Judy was the one cast member I hadn't really spent much time with or got to know, so I started to talk to her, trying to get to know her a bit better. She was a small Latina woman, of Dominican descent, she had pretty brown eyes and her silky dark hair fell straight down over her shoulders. She was 34 later this year, grew up in New York and this was her first major role in a TV show. I asked her how the arrangement that she and Sarah had had started and she just gave me a cheeky grin and said,

“Wouldn't you like to know.”

Soon, we reached Johnny's hotel, said goodbye and continued walking. Judy was next in the queue of hotels, so then it was just me and Sarah, again.

“We've got to stop meeting like this, it's becoming a bit of habit.” I said with a smile.

“I know! Though I can't say our last meeting wasn't productive.” Sarah replied. As we reached my hotel, I asked her if she wanted to come in for a drink.

“A drink? God no. If I touch another drop of alcohol just now I'll probably keel over.” She said with a laugh, “But I will come up for a bit though.” I grinned and winked at her before showing her into my hotel and up to my room.

I was barely through the door when she pounced on me, pushing me into the wall, her hands running through my hair, her hot breath tickling my ear as she whispered,

“I want you again, now. I want you to fuck me like you did last night.” My hands found their way to her ass and I started to squeeze her firm cheeks, pulling her crotch into mine. I locked my lips to hers, pushing my tongue into her mouth to meet hers. She was running a leg up and down my left thigh, supporting herself on her left leg. As we kissed, she began to tug at my t-shirt, desperately trying to get it off me. I moved my arms and let her get my shirt off, and she began to rub her hands over my torso and shoulders.

I moved my hands down and slipped them up under her figure hugging top. I slid my fingers up her flat, muscular stomach and reached her breasts, massaging the large globes through the material of her bra. She groaned into my mouth as I pulled at her nipples. Removing my hands from her tits, I lifted her top over her head. I had forgotten how great her tits looked. They were large and barely contained by the red bra she was wearing. They stood out proudly from her chest, young and supple, the skin a beautiful pale pink.

I turned around, now pressing Sarah into the wall. I let my hands run down her sides and onto her hips, my fingers touching her toned ass as I pulled her against me. I was kissing her neck, gently nibbling it with my teeth and she moaned, tossing her head back to allow me better access. As I reached her collarbone I slipped my thumbs inside the waistband of her trousers and panties, sliding them down her slender legs to her knees. She kicked them off the rest of the way and was now naked except her bra. I ran my hands over her firm ass cheeks, squeezing them as I went.

Sarah slipped to her knees and began to claw at my jeans, wrenching them to the floors along with my boxers. Now that I was naked, Sarah began to jerk my already hard cock. She kissed it on the head before standing up, keeping a grip on my cock and guiding me over to the bed. She climbed up onto the bed, her ass sticking up towards me as I stood over her at the edge of the bed. Her rear looked amazing, her puffy pussy lips glistening at me from between her slender legs.

I moved up behind her, placed my hands on her ass and lined my cock up with her pussy lips, rubbing myself along her slit a couple of times. She moaned softly as I pushed forward slightly, spreading her pussy lips open as the head of my hard cock slipped inside her. Revelling in the feeling, I grabbed her hips and quickly thrust the rest of my cock inside her, spearing her on my member. She gasped aloud at the invasion and began to gyrate her hips in small circles, stimulating my cock.

Holding onto her hips I began to move my cock in and out, enjoying every little glorious feeling that her perfect pussy gave me. Her walls were velvety smooth, fitting snugly around my invading member, almost like a perfect fit, like it was where my cock belonged, buried deep inside this stunning Canadian beauty. I started to speed up a bit, giving her the fucking she seemed so desperate to receive. My cock was slamming into her hot sex, my balls slapping against her legs with each thrust.

Sarah grunted each time I drove into her, her face pressed firmly into the blanket of my bed. I reached under her and touched her clit, making Sarah groan at my touch. Standing at the edge of the bed, I leaned forward and used my spare hand to grab her left breast, which was dangling and bouncing seductively as I fucked her. I pinched the nipple and massaged the soft, supple flesh, now pleasuring Sarah in three separate ways, with my cock hammering in and out of her wet pussy, my right hand rubbing her swollen clit and my left fondling her tits.

She was moaning loudly now, her breath coming in short gasps as I fucked her from behind. She started to move her ass backward, meeting my thrusts, moving her hips in small circles, increasing my pleasure. I could feel my orgasm building up slowly, certain that Sarah's was almost upon her from the way she was groaning.

Her breath became ragged, her back arched and her pussy contracted tight around my cock, she let out a long, drawn-out groan of ecstasy as her tight pussy pulsed, bringing my own orgasm much closer. I continued to fuck her as she orgasmed, enjoying the sensations of her ass landing on my groin with every thrust, listening to the sounds of our fucking, the sound of skin slapping on skin, Sarah's small moans as she came down from her orgasmic high. I released her tits and her clit, placing both my hands back on her firm ass.

I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her roasting pussy, feeling my orgasm getting closer and closer, pushing myself to the edge. I spread her ass cheeks apart a bit more, so I could see my cock fucking her pussy, and I placed one of my thumbs against her puckered ass hole and pressed gently. She gasped at this but didn't stop me. I then felt her hand reach down between her legs and begin to play with her clit as I fucked her and fingered her asshole. She was groaning again,

“Yes, yes, yes, that's it, fuck me hard, finger my ass, I'm going to cum again Craig, keep going!”

This spurred me on even more, and, incredibly, I held out on my orgasm for a minute more, my thumb now buried in Sarah Chalke's perfect ass. She was still rubbing her clit and somehow came to a second orgasm in as many minutes. As she screamed my name, I thrust into her one last time, pushed my cock into the hilt and groaned as my semen shot out of my cock, filling her amazing pussy.

Panting as we stopped our sex, I pulled out of her, and she fell forwards onto the bed, exhausted. I went round and lay on the bed beside her, legs feeling a bit weak.

We must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, it was 7 o'clock in the evening. Sarah was still lying next to me. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and she slowly woke up.

“You know,” I said with a grin, “that's the second time in less than a day that I've woken up next to you and you're naked.” Neither of us were under any illusions, there was an unspoken understanding between us, this was just sex, nothing more.

“Well, it's a good habit to be getting into.” She replied, smirking. I laughed, stood up from the bed and traipsed across the room, my flaccid penis on full display. I gathered up the bundle of clothes that lay by the door and walked back to the bed where Sarah had covered herself up with the sheet.

I put on my sad face and asked why she was covering herself up, cos it was the kind of sight every guy dreams of seeing. She blushed a bit and threw the covers off herself, allowing me to admire her flawless body. It really was an amazing sight. Sarah cleared her throat to stop my gawking and I snapped out of the trance her gorgeous figure, ass and tits had held me in.

Dropping the pile of clothes I was carrying on the bed, I began to sort through them, putting on my underwear and trousers only. Sarah picked up her clothes and began to dress.

“I really should be getting back to my hotel,” she said, after she was dressed, “don't want another bad night's sleep affecting my work.” I nodded and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I placed my hands on her waist and enjoyed her soft lips pressed into mine, her tongue searching out mine and greeting it when they met. She broke the kiss and said,

“I'll see you tomorrow; maybe we can 'hang out' again.”

“Who knows,” I replied, “maybe you've had enough of me?” She laughed,

“Definitely not, you're the best fuck I've ever had, without a doubt.” Now it was my turn to laugh,

“Well, that's a title I'm very proud to hold.”

She left and I was alone in my room, unsure what to do with myself. I wasn't particularly tired, despite the sexual workout I had had. So I lay on my bed, half-naked, eating the room service I had ordered and watching the TV. There was nothing good on, there never was. I was considering going down to the hotel bar for a drink when there was a knock at the door. Puzzled, I walked over and undid the latch, opening the door.

Standing there was Judy Reyes. I smiled at her and quickly took in her body. Her slim figure was hugged with a pair of low-riding jeans and a strappy top that showed off her toned midriff. Her Latina features were framed by her hair, falling in small curls around the side of her face. Her gorgeous brown eyes shone brightly.

“Hey Judy, what's up?” She smiled at me and replied,

“Not much, can I come in?” I opened the door wider and stepped aside to allow her into my room. She walked straight through, her ass swaying from side to side, the curves highlighted perfectly in those jeans. She sat on the bed and motioned for me to sit next to her. I did,

“So, what brings you here?” I asked

“It's Sarah,” she replied, much to my bemusement. She paused for a second, and when I didn't respond, she continued, “she's been raving about you to me all day, going on about how you two had a fantastic night together and I know she came back here earlier for another round. But after hearing about it all day, I just had to come see for myself.” She let the words hang in the air, a mischievous grin playing across her lips. Her little finger was at her lips, gently resting in the corner of her mouth in that ridiculously sexy way that all guys know about.

I was gob smacked. When I had arrived here I hadn't even been thinking about sex, now it appeared I was about to fuck the two most gorgeous women in Scrubs. I swallowed, not really sure what to say. Judy leaned forward, her face mere millimetres from mine, her plump lips brushing mine softly and whispered,

“So, what do you say? Think you're as good as Sarah says you are?” I smiled a bit and took control, leaning forward and kissing her full on the lips, enjoying the taste of honey from her lips. The kiss was fiery, full of passion, our lips mashed together and our mouths opened, tongues clashing together. I leaned forward some more and we fell back onto the bed. I placed my hand on her curvaceous hips as I covered her with my body, her arms wrapping around my neck as we kissed, our hot breath mixing together. I slid my hand further up to her exposed midriff, feeling the smooth skin of her stomach before slipping my hand further up, under the material of her top, and landing on her braless breast. Her tits were simply sumptuous, firm and a good handful.

My hands cupped the curve of her breast, rubbing over the skin and over the nipple, which hardened under my hands. Judy gasped into my mouth and I continued to slide her top up to her shoulders, exposing her gorgeous breasts to me. I continued to fondle them as I broke our passionate kissing and began to suck at her jaw and neck, causing small moans of pleasure to escape her delicious lips. Her hands were clawing at my naked back, taking in all the skin she could.

I moved further down and onto her collarbone, lingering there, planting small kisses and bites as I went. Slowly I worked my way down into her cleavage, licking the skin between her two great tits, which I was still fondling with my hands, rubbing the hardened nipples. I began to nibble at her left breast, gently pinching the skin, moving my mouth in circles around her nipple, like a falcon circling overhead its prey. I teased her for a little more, before landing on her nipple, nipping it between my teeth, making Judy groan. Sucking on her left nipple, I trailed my hand away from her right tit and slid it down her slim torso and under the waistband of her jeans, fingertips just touching the flesh of her ass.

Now her hands were in my hair, trying to push me downwards to her crotch, to end the torment and the teasing. I finally moved away from her delectable boobs and began to kiss down her smooth torso. Reaching the top of her jeans I began to fumble with her zipper and slowly peeled them down her thighs, revealing her baby blue thong to me. Kissing over the crotch of her thong, feeling the heat emanating from underneath the thin material, I pushed her jeans further down her legs, where she kicked them off, landing on the floor.

Now naked except from her thong, Judy was still running her fingers through my hair as I kissed her pussy through the thong. She was pushing her hips up into my face desperate to feel my tongue inside her. Having finished with her jeans, I slipped my thumbs under the strap that formed the waistband of her thong, pulling it down over her groin, revealing the thin patch of hair that covered her pink pussy.

I kissed that patch of hair as I slowly tugged the thong down her slender legs. Again, she kicked it off and, finally, she was naked. I knelt up briefly to take in the sight of the beautiful Latina woman, breasts sitting proudly on her chest, her hands gently rubbing at them, her dark eyes looking lustily at me, her trim torso leading the way to her gorgeous pussy, glistening at me invitingly.

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