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A Debt Repaid, Plus Interest

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball z and am making no profit from this work. All of the Characters in this fiction are 18 or older.


It had been exactly one year to the day since the events at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, when the Z-fighters faced off against the wizard Babidi, and destroyed his evil monster, Kid Buu. To celebrate the anniversary of their victory, Bulma was hosting one of her famous parties.

It was an event of special magnificence and the heiress, having spent the previous months planning it, had spared no expense in its preparation. For days beforehand, all of Capsule Corp had been set to preparing the great domed house for the festivities, even erecting a makeshift stage in the heart of the garden on which the entertainments would perform. A latticed web of fairy lights twinkled merely seven metres overhead. A master gardener had transformed the tall shapeless rosebushes into a menagerie. Moreover, fifty of the world's finest caterers, as well as a small army of waiters and other supporting staff, were hurrying this way and that; trying to keep up with the insatiable appetite of two Sayain Families.

Gohan sat alone at his table, deep in thought and nursing a glass of champagne, only half listening to the band play on stage while watching the flurry of colour as the guests mingled around the Brief's rose garden. Searching through the sea of familiar faces, his keen eyes took note of their cheery expressions and felt a surge of relief. It had been a long time since they had all been this happy. Even Vegeta appeared to be having difficulty hiding his smirk as he and his rival engaged in a furious eating contest. Watching the duo for a moment, Gohan couldn't resist grinning as he watched Goku nearly swallow a boar whole. It felt good to have his Dad back, and it was even better to know, for once, he intended on keeping it that way for a while.

Abandoning the spectacle to continue his search, he felt a genuine smile play across his lips as he finally glimpsed Videl amongst the group, a refilled glass of orange juice in hand and avidly swapping pleasantries with his mother.

'Kami, she's gorgeous… ' he thought dreamily, unable to resist giving her the once-over. She had made a special effort for this evening and had come clad in an elegant gown of sky-blue silk that flowed down to knees and clung to her alluring hourglass figure, its deep V-neckline accentuating the swells of her bosom. Once upon a time, the very idea of Videl wearing such a thing would have made the Sayain laugh, but in the time they had been dating, Videl had grown more confident of her femininity and had tried to dress as, well, a girl. Though she still favoured her oversized tops, jeans and closefitting shirts had become regular recreation garments, as well as a few skirts and dresses that had accidentally found their way into her wardrobe.

As if she could sense his gaze, Videl glanced in his direction and Gohan felt a blush touch his checks as he realised he'd been caught staring. Smiling playfully, she quickly ended her conversation with the older woman, saying something that made them both giggle heartily before turning and making her way through the crowd towards him, exchanging quick words with anyone who addressed her specifically.

'Mmm… that shirt was made for him.' Videl mused, her lips pursing with delight as her eyes drank in the vision of her boyfriend. Though this was not the first time she had seen him dressed in a suit, it always seemed odd to see him without his preferred navy GI or the baggy garments he wore to hide his bulging muscles. Indeed, she'd expected him to feel ill at ease in the black tailored Italian suit and its matching crimson shirt, but he wore it as easily as a second skin and Videl thought he appeared to be a modern day Adonis. Yet, she also longed to remove it from his person, and she inwardly hoped to have the festivities done quickly, so that they might have a chance to celebrate in their own fashion.

Their eyes met as she placed her glass upon the table, and Videl felt her breathe catch in her throat. His lips moved, but she heard no words over the fluttering of her heart “huh… pardon?”

“I said you look beautiful tonight.” Gohan repeated, his smile faltering. It wasn't like Videl to miss hear him, quite the reverse in fact.

A sudden blush burning her cheeks, she tore her gaze from his and moved into the vacant seat opposite Gohan's, sipping purposefully at her orange juice to hide her embarrassment. Even so, she could feel the heat of his eyes upon her flesh, watching her, scrutinising her. Did he know she was hiding something? Perhaps, that brilliant mind of his was guessing her secret, ferreting out the truth. A knot of fear tensed in her stomach and her eyes shifted towards the crystal in her grasp, the fruity beverage within already half emptied.

Swallowing her nervousness, she drained the glass with one last swig and placed it back down on the table before turning to face him, hiding her fears behind a playful smile.

“So are you going to dance with me or what?” she said, not really asking, before rising up from her seat once again. Yet now it was Gohan's turn to look away, suddenly as white as a sheep, with an expression of pure terror on his handsome face. “What`s wrong Gohan?” she asked, her tone softening as if she were talking to a frightened child.

Turning to face her, he tried to imitate his father's infamous grin while scratching the back of his head but he couldn't meet her gaze. “Well, you see… Videl… Umm… well I don't… actually know how to… you see I've never had to… um dance… maybe… you should… ” He looked so cute, Videl couldn't help giggling.

“Why Gohan, surly you know how to dance?”

Turning bright red, he looked down at his feet in shame, meekly whispering “No.”

“Aaahh… Gohan, don't worry, it's not all that hard, come on; I'll show you.” she soothed, curling a finger through his spiky hair before taking his arm and dragging him out of his chair, through the crowd and across the Garden towards the improvised dance floor. “Just follow my lead and don't step on my feet… ” However, before they could even set a foot upon the platform, a very large amount of banging and crashing from within the Capsule Corp facility murdered the serene ambiance.

Whirling around, they had just enough time to witness a mass of golden fur exploding out of the kitchen and rushing by them with Goten and Trunks hot on its tail. Unfortunately, it wasn't just Gohan and Videl in its path and an elderly waiter, who had been walking close by and carrying a tray of appetisers, leapt out of his skin as the beast raced past. The tray went tumbling, turning end over end and spilling its contents into the air.

With only a moment to react Gohan's battle honed reflexes kicked in and he spun Videl around, throwing himself in front of her as the foodstuffs splattered across his head and Armoni dressed torso.

The clatter of the tray hitting the ground filled the night, drowning out the music and causing all of the Z-fighters, or at least those who were not already watching, to turn and stare at the splattered youth. Too embarrassed to speak and blinking as various condiments dripped into his eyes, Gohan raised a hand to wipe away a trail of mustard running down his neck before turning to Videl. She had escaped unstained, but all thoughts of dancing had vanished from her mind and it was plain she was fighting hard against the laugher now trying to burst free as she looked him up and down.

Deciding he would rather leave before his mother set eyes on the state of his new suit; Gohan did an about-turn and quickly made for one of the open side-doors back into Capsule Corp with Videl hot on his heels.

“Hey! Gohan, wait up, are you ok?” Videl panted, struggling to keep up with his strides while still fighting the urge to laugh as he almost dashed up three flights of straight stairs towards the building's guest quarters.

“Well, considering that I look like a side order for a plate of nachos; I'm fine.” Gohan replied bitterly before entering onto a dully-lit corridor on the house's 45th floor, following it around five winding turns before finally coming to a stop outside the door of his own personal overnight room.

“Well if it's any consolation, you're look like a very delicious side order.” Videl teased, playfully reaching out and scooping up a thick drop creamy sauce with her finger before bringing it up to her lips, her tongue sneaking out to lick the digit clean. It tasted savoury, but the spice of herbs and his masculine flavour made her moan with sheer delight before leaning forward and kissing him full on the lips. He responded immediately and, for a moment, their embrace was slow and sweet; but then built into a furious tempest as their tongues thrust and danced within each other's mouths at an almost violent pace.

Feeling his arousal burn to life, Gohan was forced to break the kiss before it could develop into something more.

“N-not yet, my love.” he panted while gently pushing Videl back, trying not to cower beneath her scornful look. “I need to have a wash before mum sees me. We'll finish this later, I promise.”

Yet Videl wouldn't be denied so easily and she leant forward, close enough for him to feel the heat of her breath as she whispered huskily “But if you let me in, I'll wash your back.”

Unbeknownst to the couple, predatory eyes were watching from the shadows.


The ensuite bathroom of Gohan's guest room was much fancier than the one back at his parent's house. It was bigger and had pale white marble walls and floor, the fixtures and fittings were inlaid with ivory, and even the sink was a basin of crystalline rock. However, blind to its splendour he carelessly stripped out of his ruined suit and dropped them into the wicker-washing basket. Completely naked, he entered the walk-in-shower and pulled the door shut behind him.

Turning the hot water tap to its fullest, a steaming spray burst from the showerhead and pelted his flesh. Moaning in the back of his throat, he rolled his head back to let the scalding tempest to roll down his body before straitening and muttering a low chuckle as he watched the water run over his body; carrying with it a brown tide of sauces that pooled around the drain between his feet. Slowly, his eyes moved back up to his semi-erect manhood. It had taken all if his willpower not to accept Videl's offer, and more than a little persuading to convince her to go back down to the party, but he knew it was for the better. His mother had eyes like a hawk, if she were to notice they were both absent there would be hell to pay. He would need to make this quick…


Gohan's eyes widened at the sound of the shower door opening, a sudden gust of chilly air wafting against his heated flesh. Guessing Videl had decided to pursue her case, he almost leapt out of his flesh when an all too familiar voice said, “Feeling a little dirty Gohan?”

Spinning round in panic, Gohan found himself standing face to face with a very naked Android 18. “18! What… What are you doing? You can't be here.”

Her cool sapphire eyes twinkling with mischief, she silenced him by placing a finger to his lips before saying, “I saw what happened to you downstairs and decided I could do with a wash myself.”

“Ah-ha… very funny, ha-ha” he said nervously, trying to sound amused while subconsciously backing away as she took a step forward, until his back pressed against the cold marble tiles. His heart was hammering so loudly he was amazed it wasn't echoing off the walls, yet his eyes couldn't resist shifting down, taking in the full splendour of the beauty. She was just as beautiful as he remembered, and his rising phallus certainly seemed to agree. “Now, what are you really doing here?”

Still smiling that predatory smile as she stepped beneath the pelting spray, 18 leaned forward and trapped him there by pressing her hands against the tiles on either side his head. The deluge flattened her blond locks to her forehead and steamy rivulets ran down the valley between her breasts. “Do you remember that letter I left on your bed last year?”

“Last year-ohhhhh” his voiced hitched with confusion before his eyes suddenly grew wide with understanding. It might have been short but that note had burned a place in his memory as vivid as the moment he first turned into a super Sayain and his eyes all but glazed over as his recalled the hand-written memorandum.


Dear Gohan

I had a great time today. If you want, I would love to have a recap of this lesson sometime. Perhaps if you meet someone you like out there in the city, we can educate her together.

Love 18



The memory stained his cheeks with a deep blush and coming slowly back to reality, Gohan found himself looking into the android's darkening orbs as she whispered, “You and that girl Videl seem to be getting close… ”

“18, I don't know if this is… ”

“In fact, you two seemed very close out in that hallway, and also during the world Tournament last year. You two disappeared before her match against that oversized Gorilla, and when I was taking Marron to get some ice cream I glimpsed the two of you going at it like minks. I almost couldn't believe it; the daughter of the great Hercule Satan, moaning like a whore as she was bent over and fucked against a tree by a masked stranger, out in the open where anyone could have seen. Ohhh… imagine if the paparazzi had seen,” she commented slyly, ignoring his panicky antics.

Gohan tried to object, he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out for the beauty seized the moment and lunged forward, capturing his lips in a kiss far more searing than the one he had shared with Videl just moments before. Her silky tongue swept across his teeth and danced across the roof of his mouth before meeting his and despite himself, the youth responded in kind, his mouth moving against hers in a wanton tempest. They came together beneath the showerhead, the water running down their naked bodies in streams of crystal, the heat of them chilly in comparison to that of their embrace.

Need and lust burned through his veins as he pulled her to him, his powerful hands gliding down her womanly curves before seizing the globes of her buttocks and crushing her against his broad frame so she could feel his ragging desire as their tongues danced. She moaned against him, craving more as she felt the water cascading down their bodies, her arms coiling around his neck and slender fingers tangling in his hair. Twisting and turning under the spray, they battled for dominance until something snapped within Gohan that banished any thought of Videl and unleashed a wash of burning lust far beyond his control. His primitive Sayain side was taking over.

“Ughhh-you're getting me so hot… mmm harder” she moaned, breaking the kiss and tossing her head back as she enjoyed the roughness of his hands pawing her arse. Taking the opportunity, Gohan dipped his head down and began to suckle the sweet spot at crook of her neck. Unwilling to be outdone however, she slid a hand from around his neck and traced her fingers lightly down his bulging torso and rippling abs before wrapping her fingers around his engorged arousal. His sensitised flesh jerking beneath her touch, she ringed his shaft with her thumb and forefinger just beneath his corona, barely able to close the gap due to his impressive girth but stretching his foreskin taut as she twisted her wrist in rhythmic half-circles, massaging the bulbous head with the soft skin of her palm.

“Ohhhh 18… ” Gohan moaned against her skin, relishing the feeling of her skilled touch on his aching organ, his voice deep and guttural as a prelude to the bestial energy gathering within him.

“Mmmm… you're so hard. Do you like that big boy?” she purred before gently corkscrewing her hand down his thick length, her tight grip massaging him all the way down to the base before drawing back.

“Ohhhhhh!” The sound tore from the Sayain's lips as his head snapped back, his eyes almost rolling into the back of his head as her touch enfolded the bulbous head of his cock. “Kami I need to fuck you.”

“Fuck me?” she asked, playfully biting her lower lip, “but what about Videl?”

Growling in the pit of his throat, Gohan suddenly pivoted, pinning her against the wall of shower with enough force to make the ceramic crack while one of his slid down from her narrow waist the junction between her thighs. Surprised by his roughness, 18 almost shrieked with delight, her back arching off the ruined tiles as he massaged the swollen folds of her labia between two of his fingers before simultaneously rubbing her clit with the rough pad of his thumb.

“Does that answer your question?” Gohan asked, his lip curling to display a toothy grin that made the heat between her legs burn with wanton passion.

Not bothering to answer, she caught his lips in another hot kiss, her tongue mirroring the motions of his fingers as they continued to pleasure her. Yet the lack of actual penetration had her hanging on a knife-edge and she couldn't resist tightening her grip on his engorged arousal, enjoying the feel of his hard shaft pulsing in her grasp. She gave him a practically firm stroke, only to feel his knees almost buckling against her. Seeing her chance, she used a perfect twist of her hips to pitch them around before breaking the feverish kiss and sinking to her knees between his legs.

Watching her with glassy gaze, Gohan wanted to howl with pleasure when he felt her lips on the tip of his cock. His eyes, dark and fogged with lust, drinking in the vision of the golden haired beauty on her knees before him, her swollen lips kissing the sensible skin until he feared it might burst beneath her attentions. Keeping an ironclad grip on his base, she then parted her lips to let her tongue come into play, flicking so lightly over his tip, his hips rolled on their own accord, tying to gain more of the sensations she was creating and he couldn't stop himself from groaning out; “Oh Kami 18… more… more… “.

Smiling inwardly, 18 quickly brushed a damp strand of her hair aside before catching his gaze as she blew a light breath across his pulsing organ before dipping down and taking him between her lips. Disregarding teasing licks and playful touches, she set upon with purpose and in one smooth motion, took him as deep as she could within her damp cavity, allowing her teeth to scrape along the length of him as she did.

Delighting in the moist heat of her mouth, Gohan's head rolled back and his mouth hung open in great gasps of pleasure as he felt her lips sliding half way down his shaft before retracting back up to his crown. She repeated the motion again, and again; each time her pace grew until her head was a bobbing upon his shaft and he couldn't resist lacing his fingers though the sodden strands of her golden mane. Then she began to suck, and it was almost more than he could stand.

“Ugh, kami it's so good… yesss, more… ” he grunted out. Kami, he had almost forgotten how good she was. Though Videl had tried, she lacked 18's confidence and the sheer size of his endowment unnerved her while the android seemed to take it all in her stride.

“Mmm… Gohan, your dick is so big and hard. I love it… ” moaned 18, her pale blue eyes flashing him sultry looks as she sensually sucked and slurped, her devious mouth moulding perfectly to his phallus. Her free hand came up to play with his heavy testicles, making him buck in surprise. His mounting sensitivity told her he was close and she doubled her attentions, eager to taste the fruits of her labour.

Gohan felt the pressure mounting in the base of his spine, his release drawing near, yet the animal inside him yearned for more. Growling in the pit of his throat, he gave the beauty's hair a sharp tug that all but dragged her off his pulsing arousal and to her feet. She flashed him a warning look, but before she could comment, he spun her about and pressed her against the fogged screen. After the heat of the shower, the glass was like a pane of ice against her skin and she hissed with surprise as he stepped in behind her and prepared for penetration. When she felt the roughness of his hands on her rump, the beauty glanced back but the look of passion shinning in his dark orbs stilled any complaint she might have and he traced the tip of his cock along her folds before thrusting hard and fast, embedding himself inside her to the hilt.

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