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A Different Kind of Stress Relief

Once again, I have to thank Blackwing for editing out all the grammar and spelling errors so I can post this for you all to enjoy.


'It's just us here Babe,' Alexis Castle stood in the doorway to her bedroom, a grimace on her face at the increasingly familiar sound of Kate Beckett's saucy voice from the kitchen area below, 'Alexis isn't going to be up for a while yet. Just enough time for what I want to do to you.'

'Mmm,' Rick Castle moaned, the sound echoing in his daughter's head along with the unmistakable sound of his belt hitting the tiled floor, 'I do love what you do with your mouth…'

Spinning on her heels, Alexis left the increasingly pornographic sounds behind her to slip into her private bathroom. Turning on the shower she loved, Alexis quickly stripped. Stepping into the hot stream of water she ignored the crash that signaled the ramping up of the heat downstairs.

'Fucks sake Dad,' Alexis muttered to herself under the spray. Ever since her return from Costa Rica three months ago, Alexis had been faced with her father and his new fiancé's loud celebrations of not only their new status, but Kate's decision to stay in New York with him. At first they'd been horrified when caught in various compromising positions, but after a short time Alexis had become scarily used to stumbling onto the pair of horny adults and she stopped voicing her horror at being faced with her father's naked ass or Kate squirming from his tongue filling her pussy.

Scrubbing her vanilla bodyscrub over her naked skin, Alexis sighed as she heard Kate begging Rick to fuck her harder, the brunette crying out harshly. Alexis liked Kate, she truly felt that the woman was good for her father, but to be constantly reminded about just how well the couple came together was becoming an issue for her and Alexis' sleep had begun to suffer.

What made the situation worse for her was the dry spell she'd found herself in since her time abroad. She'd met a cute guy on the trip and she'd really thought that there might have been something between herself and Pi. That feeling had been dashed when she'd crept to his tent one night and discovered him with one half of a gay German couple humping his mouth with the other was thrusting into his ass.

The humiliation of her mistake burning in her mind Alexis quickly finished up her shower and wrapped a large towel around her body. A glorious silence met her when she returned to her room, the faint sound of a shower downstairs suggesting that the coast was clear.

'Oh for crying out loud,' Alexis grumbled to herself when she skipped down the stairs a few minutes later dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized hoodie over a tank top. The kitchen was reminiscent of a bomb site. Food was strewn all over the floor alongside the various kitchen items, the inference leaving Alexis shuddering.

'Oh…' Alexis turned her head to find Kate standing a few feet behind her dressed in a pair of leggings and one of her father's shirts, 'I'm sorry Alexis, we were going to clean up before you came down.'

The apology was lost to Alexis when she saw the round dark mark on Kate's neck. The long nights kept awake and the constant need to be mindful of her surroundings finally boiled over, Maybe if you stopped fucking on the kitchen units then things like this won't happen.'

Furious blue eyes raged across the open space to be met by Kate imitating a deer in headlights.

'I'm sorry Alexis…' Kate stuttered, the shock at her soon to be stepdaughter's anger leaving her speechless.

'I know you're sorry Kate,' Alexis snapped, 'But sorry doesn't mean I'm not completely fucking exhausted because I have to listen to you screaming for Dad to fuck you harder or to fill your slutty pussy with his hot cum!'

'I can't walk into any room bar my own bedroom anymore without being worried I'd be walking into yet another fuckfest. Twice yesterday I caught you two and neither time you even knew I was there!'

'Alexis Harper Castle,' the dangerous tone from Rick announced his arrival, a dark glare on his face, 'what the hell has gotten into you?'

'I can't sleep!' Alexis screamed, 'I can't relax anywhere in my own home because you've turned the entire thing into a goddamn fuck palace. Do either of you know how many times I've seen your cock,' Alexis pointed at her father's crotch before swinging it to Kate's, 'Pounding Kate's pussy or walked in on as Kate sucked you off? Fuck… Last week I caught you in the laundry room fucking Kate in the ass!'

'I can't cope anymore!' Alexis knew she was behaving like a crazy lady when she started pacing, 'I haven't fucked anyone since before Costa Rica and I'm surrounded by the horniest couple in New York! It's driving me fucking insane!'

'I didn't need to know that,' Rick flinched at the scathing glare from his daughter, Kate's hand snapping up to cover her shaking face.

'And I didn't need to know what Kate's O-face looked like and i didn't need to know just how much cum you can fire over her boobs, or…' Alexis let out a sound that was half an inhuman growl and half a sob, 'I can't live like this!'

Picking up a glass cup, Alexis released a scream of frustration as she cannoned the cup into the freezer unit on the other side of the kitchen. Even before the shattered glass shards had started hitting the floor, Alexis was sprinting up the stairs to her room.

Kate winced at the loud slam, her hand slapping against Rick's chest when he started after his daughter.

'Of all the stupid ideas to have right now,' Kate sighed, shame coursing through her at just how bad it must have been for the redhead to explode like that, 'going upstairs is the worst.'

'I can't leave my daughter in such a state Kate,' Rick's eyes never left the top of the stairs, 'I need to fix this.'

'Right now you can't,' Kate winced, 'It's all too raw and it'll just make things worse. You've got to be at that meeting with Paula and Gina in an hour for your next tour. I'm going to take the day off and try to do everything I can to help your daughter so that when you get back, we can sit down and try to fix the mess we've made.'

'Rick,' Kate moved to place herself between her fiancé and his staircase, 'I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to help your daughter. You need to get going to that meeting or we'll have Paula kicking the door in again.'

'Anything?' the low rumble from Rick vibrated up Kate's arm and straight down to her crotch.

'Huh?' Kate gulped at the dark tint to Rick's eyes, her own narrowing momentarily before exploding wide, 'What the hell Castle? Did you just ask me if I would fuck Alexis?'

'You did say anything,' Rick's lips hitched up, 'And you definitely weren't complaining when you were dressing in Alexis' old uniform. If anything, you were the one to instigate it.'

Kate blinked slowly, her response halted at the memory of how intense the Roleplay session had gotten, 'You were definitely and firmly up for it, so you can't complain either.'

'I'm not complaining,' Rick dropped his gaze to the low opening of his shirt on Kate, 'Just reminding you of what you said that night, about your little sessions in the shower with the pressure head and thoughts of a certain redhead.'

'I don't believe it,' Kate gasped, 'You're serious aren't you? You'd be perfectly happy if I were to go up there and fuck Alexis?'

'You don't masturbate in the shower thinking about fucking her?' Rick felt his phone start to vibrate in his back pocket, 'Or do you?'

'Some fantasies stay just that Rick,' Kate huffed, 'I'm not going to fuck Alexis.'

'You have my blessing if you wanted to,' Rick shrugged, his attempt to lean down to kiss Kate stopped by her hand.

'Answer your phone before you say something even more stupid,' Kate twirled away from Rick, her eyes roaming over the devastation they'd caused a short while earlier.

'I'm on my way Paula,' Rick groaned, his face screaming for Kate to help him escape the meeting he needed to attend. Kate poked her tongue out and jerked her thumb to the door, the defeated sigh floating through the room even after Rick had left.

Despite the wide area the mess took up, it didn't take long before Kate had finished cleaning the kitchen and had called into the precinct to use one of her large number of vacation days.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs an hour after Alexis had stormed up them, Kate knew she needed to speak to the redhead and at least attempt to find a solution to soothing the pain she'd help to cause her. The relationship between her and the youngest of the Castle clan had been one that had helped her move further past her own mother's death than any other since that day. The ease in which Alexis had trusted her, and the level of the trust was something Kate treasured. She hoped that the last few weeks hadn't destroyed that link.

Slowly padding up the stairs, Rick's reminder of what Kate did in the shower swam around her head. The sapphic mental wanderings when in the shower or sunk into a hot bath was something that Kate had enjoyed for a long time, but it was also something she knew only three people outside herself had knowledge of.

She knew when Alexis had first starred in a fantasy, the outfit she'd worn to the Supernova con event finding it's way into her next bathtub play. Since then, Alexis had become a mainstay of her lesbian fantasies, sometimes Kate watching Alexis pleasure herself but more often than not with the alluring woman giving herself to Kate's own enjoyment.

'You can stop hovering Kate,' Alexis' voice snapped Kate back to reality, 'I'm fully dressed. You don't need to be worried about walking into a room to find me cumming hard on anyone's face.'

'I don't think I can apologize enough for what your father and I have put you through recently Alexis,' Kate hovered just inside the redhead's stylish bedroom. Alexis sat at a small desk beside her bed with her back to Kate, 'Nor can I explain just why I let myself lose control like I have.'

'You looked in plenty control yesterday on his desk,' Alexis scoffed dryly, 'And the day before on the stairs and… Well, you get the picture,' Alexis slowly turned to face her father's fiancé, 'I've had years to come to terms with the fact my Dad is a horndog, but you Kate?'

'You two are insatiable and I can't live like this anymore,' Alexis started to tear up. Kate winced when the tears started to fall, but her instinctive reaction to cross the room and hug the emotional woman was stopped by her raised hand, 'Something has to give… And I'm scared it's going to be me.'

'No it won't,' Kate crossed the room quickly, dropping to her knees and wrapping the shaking woman in her arms, 'Not if I have anything to say about it Lex. We'll fix this, whatever it takes we will fix this.'

'It's not fair,' Alexis whimpered, turning herself into Kate's hug and burying her face in her shoulder, 'I'm so Goddamn horny because of you two and it's worse because I've not had a good fuck since Max!'

'Oh honey,' Kate rubbed her hand over Alexis' back as the woman shook with silent sobs, 'you've kept quiet for three months. You should have said something sooner.'

'Plus the two before Costa Rica,' Alexis' voice hitched in Kate's ear, 'Five months and the only guy that showed an interest… Ugh!'

Kate rocked back onto her knees to face the teary redhead. The strain of the last few months was clear on her face, the bright, happy face Kate had grown to adore hidden under a covering of stress and pain.

'You met a guy?'

Alexis scoffed, 'Yup. Costa Rica. His name was Pi and he was a definite hottie, but not in the conventional sense, with a smirk that left me a little weak in the knees.'

'What happened?'

'I decided to sneak into his tent one night,' Alexis shook her head in annoyance at herself, 'I was sick of over thinking myself out of things I wanted, so I just went for it. Turns out Pi had also gone for it… With the gay German couple that were on the support team. I opened the tent flap to find Pi getting fucked by one of the couple while he sucked off the other.'

'Oh… I can see how that would put a dent in your plans,' Kate winced, 'there's really been no one since?'

'Nope,' Alexis groaned, 'I can't even fuck myself anymore because… 'Alexis' face flushed bright red as she jerked her face away from Kate's with a hiss.

'I think your father and I have demolished any boundaries that could have existed,' Kate reached up and turned Alexis back to face her, 'Specially after you caught us doing anal, so whatever you want to say, then say it.'

'I can't get myself off because…' Alexis trailed off, her cheeks stuck on bright red, 'I've got you two in my head.'

Kate's eyes widened, the reply stuck on her tongue. The suspicion had taken root in the back of her mind when Alexis had shied away from giving the reason but it was a shock to her that she was right, '…oh.'

'Yeah… Oh!' Alexis could feel her anger at the situation returning, 'I'm living in a porn movie and I can't fuck myself to it because the naked hunk fucking his sexy fiancé every way imaginable are my own father and you! All I want to do is cum… And I can't!'

Kate opened her arms and found herself once again comforting a sobbing Alexis, the two women toppling back against the side of the redhead's bed. Alexis gripped the back of the shirt Kate wore as she sobbed, her body shuddering harshly with each lungful of air she glued down. Right there on the cream carpet, Kate found herself contemplating a dangerous solution to the younger woman's anguish.

Shifting into a more comfortable position, Kae ducked her head to beside Alexis' ear, 'You wanna cum sweetie?'

'Yeah!' Alexis replied, her voice thick with her emotional state.

'Do you trust me Alexis?' Kate knew that this was where things could go beyond repairable or beyond amazing.

'Yeah…' Alexis nodded into Kate's shoulder, the redhead refusing to let her future stepmother go anytime soon.

'Then let me help,' Kate let one on the arms around Alexis' back drop under the kneeling woman's body. Flicking open the button on her jeans, Kate felt Alexis tense up as her hand cupped her pussy.

'Kate?' Alexis lifted her head, 'What are you… Oh!'

'You need to cum,' Kate stroked her finger firmly across the rapidly expanding wet spot, 'I'm going to make you cum honey.'

'Fuck… Kate!' Alexis jolted her hips into Kate's hand, 'But…'

'Trust me,' Kate moved to kiss Alexis' forehead, but found herself with the younger woman intercepting with her lips. For a moment the room was still, neither woman able to move until Alexis shuddered.

She wasn't sure which of them made the obscene noise, but it broke the spell and Kate started kissing Alexis hard as the redhead responded in kind. Feeling the younger woman try and take charge of the kiss, a soft tongue filling her mouth with a frenzy that reminded Kate of Rick, she cupped the back of Alexis' head and added a second finger against her covered pussy.

'What the fuck Kate?' Alexis gasped when she pulled back for air, her hips rocking against Kate's hand. Locking her eyes on Kate's heavy gaze, the screams in her head to stop were drowned out by the agonizing hunger that had stewed inside her, 'Why…?'

'You need to cum Lex,' Kate watched as Alexis eyes rolled up into her head at the long swipe of her fingers, 'I've helped you to get to this point so I'm helping you deal with it.'

'But… You… Ooh god!' Alexis felt herself spiraling down into the fire that had threatened to consume her. She knew she had to stop, make Kate stop, but the need that lanced through her left Alexis grinding her sodden pussy against Kate's hand.*

'Tell me to stop Lex,' Kate cupped her free hand over Alexis' cheek, 'Tell me to stop and I'll leave you to…'

'Don't you fucking dare stop!' Alexis growled dangerously, her eyes spitting with a near identical flame to her father's, 'just fuck me Kate, stop teasing me and fuck me!'

Alexis didn't give Kate a moment to think before she was kissing the older woman hard. Nothing was held back by either woman, Alexis almost delirious with the pleasure that coursed through her as Kate's fingers moved up to rub over her clit. A shriek left the redhead when Kate flipped her over onto her back.

'No!… Kate, please!' Alexis sobbed at the loss of contact when Kate pulled her hand out of her jeans. All the pent up hunger was swirling through her body, every nerve ending feeling like it was dipped in lava. The reality of just who was getting her off was lost under the blanket of need and desire that had been suffocating her for weeks.

The coolness on her legs snapped her eyes down her body to find Kate chucking her jeans and panties aside. Spreading her knees, Alexis bared herself to her soon to be stepmother and was rewarded by the brunette thrusting two fingers into her molten core.

'Fuck… Lex,' Kate breathed, the younger woman gripping her wrist tight as she wantonly humped her hand. Despite Rick's comment, having a half naked Alexis moaning obscenely on her fingers had not been on her list of ways to resolve the situation. Shifting between her stunningly long legs, Kate brought her other hand round to rub Alexis clit.

It was a sign to just how tightly wound Alexis had become that she felt herself start to crumble in barely moments. She knew she was screaming, but it didn't register to her as her body erupted.

'FUCK… OH FUCK!' Alexis writhed under Kate, her body arching as her core gripped Kate's fingers tight and she tumbled into a release weeks in the making.

'Alexis?' the waves of sparks that burst in front of the redhead's eyes slowly dissolved and she realized she was laying on her back looking up at Kate's face as she gently spoke her name.

'There we go,' Kate laughed, her mirth dampened by concern and regret, 'You passed out for a moment there, thought I'd broken you.'

'Mmm,' Alexis hummed, the younger woman melting into her carpet, 'nope, definitely not broken.'

'Good,' Kate rocked back to kneel beside Alexis. Both women watched the other for a moment before Kate sighed, 'I shouldn't have done that.'

'Huh?' Alexis' contented smile morphed into a frown, 'What?'

'I took advantage of you,' Kate's shoulders slumped, 'Your father and I have been hurting you and instead of helping fix things or stopping our…'

'Kate,' Alexis propped herself up on her elbows and speared the older woman with a heated stare, 'did you hear me telling you to stop?'

'Not exactly…' Kate was cut off by Alexis before she could explain further.

'You did the one thing I needed most,' Alexis smiled, her cheeks coloring, 'I really needed to cum and you made me cum harder than anyone has done before.'

'I don't know why I did that,' Kate started fiddling with the bottom of the shirt she'd liberated from Rick, 'I've never had such a strong urge to… Well, fuck another woman before. I've had the occasional fantasy, but to actually go through with it is…'

'Hot!' Alexis smirked, 'You've never fucked a woman before?'

Kate shook her head, 'Nope, Maddie and I kissed once to get past a pervy bouncer. He almost blew his load when she grabbed my ass.'

'Well,' Alexis watched Kate's fingers toy with the lowest button on her shirt with interest, 'That was more than I'd done until you just fingered me.'

Kate's jaw dropped as Alexis shrugged, the younger woman rising to wobbly legs in front of her. The glistening skin on the inside of her thighs and around the patch of red above her pussy snagged Kate's attention, the fantasies that swam through her head when she allowed herself to enjoy them flared as Alexis smiled nervously down at her.

Despite every nerve screaming for Kate to taste the wet skin, she pushed herself onto her feet and gave Alexis a soft kiss to her cheek, 'Did that help?'

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