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A Dream Come True Ch. 01

This story is about how I got to make my biggest dream come true. I was at that time visiting India on my vacation. During one of those days I was traveling from Cochin to Ooty. When I was close to reaching Ooty it was getting dark and I saw an accident and it looked liked a hit and run. I stopped the car and saw a man injured in the back seat. It looked like it just happened and the man was bleeding badly. I immediately put in him in my car and took him to the hospital. I left my information at the hospital and left. After a few days I get a call and the guy on the other end wanted to meet me.

We decided to meet at the Taj Residency at Cochin where he was staying. When I met him, I got to know he was the same man I saved a few days back. He was recovering and then later I found out he was actually one of the Mafia heads but at the same time he was also politically and a business vise placed well. He thanked me and asked me for anything I want and he will make it happen. I told him I don't need anything, just then a girl came into the room with some beers. I was shocked when I realized it was none other than Jayapradha, the actress-turned politician. She served us the beer and sat near the guy I am going to call M. I asked M how come she is here, and if I am interrupting anything. M told me these are the spoils of being rich and powerful and that he has lots of connections in a film world and many film personalities are indebted to him.

At that time I had a thought and blurted out, “M, can you arrange something for me too like this. I always wanted to see how it would be.” He sent Jaya in and asked what I wanted. I told him I would be frank with him and that I always wanted to fuck some celebrity. He asked whom I had in mind. I was a little apprehensive but I blurted out Kavya Madhavan, Navya Nair and Ramyakrishnan were some I would die to be with. He looked at me and laughed. I thought he was making fun of me and I felt like an idiot. At my discomfort M said “don't worry I am not laughing at you but just that it so little I ask.” I told him with a smile will it makes more if I say I want them all at the same time. He started laughing like anything and I felt relaxed. We parted and M told me he would soon call me.

After a couple of days I got a call from M and he asked me to arrive at this guest house away from the Cochin and that my dream is going to come true. I could not wait and immediately left and reach the guest house around evening as directed. There was a watchman who welcomed me and took my things to my room. I asked him if anyone else was here and he told me no.

After half hour I heard a car approaching the guest house and I came out and saw the women of my dream Ramya. She looked at me and asked her driver to go and that she will call him when required. Ramya came in and shook my hand and asked me if I was V. I told her yes and she smiled and hugged me. I asked her to come inside and we sat on the couch. Ramya asked if there was anyone else here or just me. I told her I am expecting two other people and not sure when they will be here. We had some beer and started talking, I was just sitting there and taking in her beauty. I still could not believe that my dream was coming true. At that time I got a call from M checking if everything was fine and that Navya and Kavya are running a little late and will not be there before morning.

After the call ended I did not know how to break the ice with Ramya. She was wearing a saree showing her midriff and I could clearly see her side view off boobs and her white tummy. I was so turned on and was getting more and more impatient. I came near her and Ramya looked at me to say something. I did not give her any chance but just grabbed her hands and pulled her off the couch and led her to the bedroom. Once Inside I closed the door and turned to see Ramya standing in the middle of the room. I went near her and stood really close to her and looked into her eyes. She was looking at me with those beautiful eyes and her lips just parted a little. I did not know what to say but I knew what I wanted.

I brought my hands to face and held her face in my hands and pulled her toward me. I brought my lips to her lips and kissed lightly on her lips. She just stood still and I got more impatient and this time I bit lightly on her lips. This seems to shake her and she put her arms around me and ran her hands through my hair and kissed me back. I had my hands in her hair and I kissed her with more passion. We were kissing like two lovers madly in love and during all this time I had my hands running all over back and other hand still in her hair holding her still.

I kissed her lips and pushed my tongue in her mouth and sucked on her tongue. I moved my lips away from her lips and kissed all over her face from her cheeks to her nose to her chin. In between I would lick her face making it wet and kiss her lips again. All this moment I had one in her hair caressing the back of head and the other hand caressing her back exposed by her blouse. I then turned her around and held her from behind and kissed her neck and ear and pushed my tongue in her ear. I was grinding my dick on her ass while my hands went inside her saree in the front and touched her belly. I was poking her navel with my finger and rubbing and pinching her tummy. I moved my hands up and brought both hands to her boobs confined in her blouse. At first I pressed them lightly feeling there softness and then I got turned on by there softness and pressed harder finding her nipples through her blouse. All this time I was kissing her neck and cheeks from the side and Ramya moved her hand in between us and touched my dick through my pants. I brought my hand to her shoulders and pushed her saree down.

Now she was standing there in her blouse and after I undid her saree in just her petticoat. I embraced her and pulled her towards me and this time I pressed her boobs harder. I brought my hands to the top of her blouse where her cleavage started and ripped her blouse open. She was shocked by that action and I could see her eyes widening. She was wearing a pink lace bra and her nipples were visible through them as they were hard now. Next I went for her knot holding her petticoat and undid it. RamyaKrishna was standing in the center of the room in just her panty and bra. I turned her around now and rolled her bra strap down and her boobs came out of there confinement. The nipples were big and hard and I rolled them in between my fingers. I latched my mouth to them and pinched the other nipple alternatively. I was sucking and flicking her nipples with my tongue. I heard Ramya moaning and pressing my head more to her chest. I moved my hands down to her back and grabbed her ass. The ass that has made so many wild in all her songs. I could not believe I was standing there sucking on Ramya Krishna's boobs and kneading her ass cheeks.

I could not control any longer and pushed her to the bed and she fell on her back. I went near her and seeing her legs parted just a little, pushed them more and kissed her pussy. I first licked her pussy lips through the panty and then I moved it to the side and pushed my tongue in all the way. She arched her back at the sudden intrusion. Her pussy was clean shaven with just a hint of hair at the starting of her lips. I pushed my tongue and finger in her alternatively and started licking her clit. It was aroused and I could clearly see it. I took it in my mouth and flicked with tongue and this was driving Ramya crazy and bucked her hips. I held her down and tongue fuck her pussy for some time and in between push a finger in also. I was alternatively sucking on her clit, and she was making my face with her juices. She was screaming and had her hands at the back of my head pulling it into her. When I felt she was almost there and about to come in my mouth I stopped. Ramya pleaded ” Please don't stop now make me cum”. That is all I wanted to hear and drove my tongue and finger in at the same time and she came all over my mouth. I went up near her face and she was looking all flushed and breathing heavily. I kissed her and she could taste herself on me and started kissing and licking my face.


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