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A famous movie star

This is not my story, but the story of my late uncle who worked in and around the Hollywood movie scene way back in the 1930's, 40s, and 50s. He was not in any way one to brag, in fact he told his story to me one night while feeling low after the loss of his wife. I guess the story was one he had buried away long ago, but one he felt he needed to tell, at this particular time.

Joe's story began when he got work at a major studio and became friendly with a young starlet who was later to become a major star. Her initials were BG. Joe and BG hit it off right away, he was a regular guy, she a regular gal, a few drinks, a smoke, betting, they just clicked. BG had just broken up with her famous husband and I guess Joe was the handsome young guy who BG had turned to on the rebound.

The first date was a simple affair, a simple meal, then back to his apartment for sex. After a little kissing Joe and BG soon found themselves locked into a long session of 69. Joe remarked how BGs vulva was very pronounced, very shapely, and looking at swimsuit pictures of BG online today I can see what Joe was refering to. The long session of 69 ended with Joe ejaculating heavily in BGs mouth, and she, in turn had no hesitation in swallowing all of it.

After a rest period there was more 69, but this time followed by intercourse. Joe said that he wanted to take BG in several positions but she told him that she only was able to enjoy sex in the missionary position because changing positions always made her lose her rhythm, making it difficult to climax. So, Joe screwed BG hard, missionary, and the sex ended with Joe pulling out and BG taking him in her mouth, and he again finished in her mouth.

There was no more sex with BG after that night. Joe accepted that it had been a magical one-off, but the memory of it had long tormented him. Especially a few years later during the war when BG became very famous indeed. Still, I'm glad Joe told me his story, he'd been unfaithful to his wife with a famous actress and had gotten it off his chest.

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