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A Fantasy Fulfilled

It started early in the evening when my wife Sue got home from work, she took off her suit, which she hates wearing, and changed into sweats and a t-shirt. Not that romantic maybe but the sight of her braless tits always turns me on, and in a white t-shirt there was not doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

All during dinner she was either giving me that “come fuck me” look, or doing something suggestive with her mouth while eating. By this time I was hard as a rock and couldn’t wait until the children were in bed. My wife and I have sex at least four times a week and have had for the six years we have been together, but I got the feeling that tonight was one of those special nights, when we wouldn’t get much sleep. The rest of the evening was nothing but foreplay for us, suggestive comments, innuendos, and of course the looks and occasional touches as we passed each other during the rest of the night.

Finally bedtime for the children has come and gone, and my wife tells me to wait in the living room until I’m called for. I know I’m in for a treat when she gets a little dominative in her tone.

When she calls me into the bedroom I find it lit only by candles with her dressed in the dark blue teddy that never seems to stay on more than about five minuets after I get there. We stand at the foot end of the bed when she starts kissing me and running her fingers along my back while I am enjoying the feel of satin against her well toned ass. Our tongues played in each others mouths as she grabbed the bottom of may shirt and pulled it up and over my head breaking our kiss. She then kissed her way down my neck and across my chest until she had a nipple in her mouth. She nibbled and licked until it was so hard it almost hurt she then switched the other one.

I was left with nothing to do but enjoy her efforts and play with her hardening nipples through the lace of the teddy. Never stopping her mouth she opened my pants and started rubbing my rock hard cock. She was rubbing the pre-cum around the head when she looked up at me and said “you’re leaking.” With that she took me in her mouth and started sucking on me hard. She is willing to suck on me often but rarely will she let me cum in her mouth. When she does this I know she is truly horny. “Cum in my mouth” she said as she looked up at me, “you know you want to.”

“Yessss” I stammered. With her tongue flicking along the bottom of my cock and her hands massaging my balls I soon gave her what she asked for, a mouthful of my hot sticky cum. With a swipe of her finger she cleans the sticky mess from the side of her mouth and licks it clean. “Now you can return the favor.” She says as she crawls up the bed and turns over to stick her ass in the air.

Eating her pussy is one of my favorite things to do and she knows it. As I unsnap the crotch of her teddy with my teeth I can taste her juice on the very wet material. “Did you cum already?”

“Yes,” she replied, “when you did.” Holy shit!! That’s never happened before. “Now shut up and lick my pussy!” she moaned. I started to slowly lick her labia and deep into the folds on her pussy. Her musky scent reviving my not quite limp dick back to full erection. As my tongue caressed her clit she came and filled my mouth with her sweet juice. I continued this until she was cumming almost non-stop. As I do every time I eat her out I play with her ass hole hoping that this will be the time she will let me fuck her in the ass. Her first husband did this to her and did it badly as she has never forgotten the pain. “Gimme that dick” she cried.

As I slid it home in that sweet pussy she came again. “I want you to cum with me, UNG!!! Another orgasm takes hold of her but I’m able to resist the urge. After my first orgasm I am able to go a long time until the second. She is now using two fingers pinching closed her pussy lips trying to make me cum as I continue to ram her from behind. The only sound in the room is the rhythmic slap on my thighs on her ass, her fingers have now gone to caress her clit, as she is too close to care about anything else, she screams her orgasm into the pillow, and her cum is running down her leg. I let her relax a bit but keep my dick inside her, after she recovers from her most intense orgasm of the night she turns to look at me with lust still in her eyes.

“Fuck my ass, I know you want it, so take it now” she said through her clenched teeth. “Treat me like a slut, I don’t care, just make me cum again.” Having waited for this for years I couldn’t believe I was hearing it now. I reached over to the dresser for the bottle of lube and poured a generous amount on her ass. I started with one finger just to get her used to the sensation. I had to do this right if I ever wanted to do it again. After a few minuets I slid a second finger in and used my other hand on her clit. She was humping and riding both hands now and I knew she couldn’t stop herself now.

I got the vibrator out of the drawer and slowly pushed this into her ass. I also had three fingers up her wet cunt and she was cumming all over my hand again. I quickly pulled the vibrator out of her ass and put the head of my dick against the opening. As it slowly opened for me I knew I wouldn’t last long, I could feel the cum building up in my balls and I was going to blast it all up her lovely ass. In a moment I was buried up to hilt in her ass and the sensation was all I could have wanted.

It was so smooth and tight that I was in heaven, I almost didn’t care if she came or not. With the little bit of my brain that wasn’t dedicated to my pleasure I put the vibrator all the way up her cunt and turned it on full speed. She bucked and pushed against me with all she had, moaning and screaming she came so hard she squirted it out all over my legs, as I pumped load after load of cum in her ass, my own orgasm brought on by the vibrator in her pussy.

As we lay there in the candlelight, touching, but too hot to get close she whispered to me “Was it all you hoped for?”

“That depends,” I replied “did you enjoy it? will you let me do it again?”

“Maybe.” Which for her means “Yes, but I won’t admit it”

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