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A Fond Farewell

The snow was falling heavily and here I was visiting my colleague Steffi for the last time. I had just returned from a Christmas visit with my parents and was back in the small town where I'd worked as a co-op student for the past 8 months.

Steffi was my age but had been there two years already and trained me in my first few weeks. She was great at her job, very skilled, and very beautiful as well. She was about 5'8″ with medium length brown hair which was naturally wavy. She rarely put on makeup but she didn't need it either. Her skin looked flawless, very light complexion. Her eyes were a greyish green colour and I'd normally be lost in them if it weren't for the fact that she had a nice body with large breasts that always got my attention. She was probably a C cup at the very least.

I remember sitting at the coffee shop, across the table as my colleagues gabbed about their adventures, sneaking a peak at her as she leaned back against the wall, stretching her arms over her head, thrusting out those beautiful breasts against her white blouse and making me almost want to blow a load of cum in my pants right there. Unfortunately she was sitting next to her boyfriend, Dayne Wright.

Yes that was his name, Mr Wright… And he was as handsome as she was beautiful. They were the perfect pair, except for one thing. He turned out to be a bit of a jerk, and they had a horrible break up. Steffi was emotionally distraught for weeks afterwards, and having Mr Wright working in the same office building didn't help much. But as winter approached she seemed to have recovered and became much more approachable to sorry single guys like me.

I had accepted another job at another town, 15 hours away and was packing up getting ready to go. I got an email from Steffi asking me to drop by her place. The office had gifts for all the departing co-op students and she had picked it up for me in my absence.

I dropped by her apartment and we made some small talk. She was alone, and it was the night before New Year's Eve. She lamented about not having any plans. “I'm really sorry about what happened between you and Mr Wright. But you're way too good for him. I don't think you should worry about not having a boyfriend for the holidays – but rather enjoy the freedom you've got now.” We both really enjoyed the small town and the natural beauty of the surrounding area and started talking about possibilities for her, possibilities that I was leaving behind the next day.

As we continued chatting her mood brightened. Steffi even laughed at some of my corny humour. She offered me some tea and as we continued to talk I was confused. I had no idea how to read women. I'd never had a real girlfriend, in fact I was a bit of a loner throughout school, and yes I was, a 27 year old virgin. Talking to Steffi felt comfortable but I was always unsure – was she coming on to me? Did she mean to touch my arm like that? Her smile, the flick of her hair, the way her eyes seemed to twinkle… she had me captivated.

I motioned to leave, afraid to mess things up, wanting to leave on a good note. Plus I should have been back at my place packing up and getting ready to move out of town the following day. She decided to offer me a goodbye hug. All logic and reason seemed to leave me as she pressed her body against, mine, the warmth of her breasts against my nervous chest. I gave her a peck on the cheek, which made her gasp. She quickly turned and gave me a kiss on the lips.

It was a short kiss, followed by another and then another, each kiss increasing in duration and intensity. I couldn't help it, my erection started growing and I felt it bump against her crotch. Her breasts were still heaving against me and I gave in… I started stroking her upper arm as we kissed, my fingers following the outside of her sweater, over to her shoulder where it lingered before dipping down and approaching her breast. She stopped, looked me in the eye and for a moment I thought I had blown it. I quickly blurted out an apology. But just as quickly she gripped my right hand and kept it there, on her breast, encouraging me to feel it. Man! She must have been a D cup. It felt heavy, soft and yet very solid… Oh wait… she still had her bra on. Leave it to me to over analyze things.

I reached below her sweater and helped her take it off seeing her body for the first time, her beautiful torso, a nice waist, not too slim, not too thick, leading up to her black pushup bra that was containing those beautiful breasts. She unclasped the back and let the bra fall down her arms into her hands, flinging it to the ground. I took both hands and gently caressed the outside and bottom of her breasts as my thumbs circled the nipples which seemed to grow at my touch.

She giggled, remarking “it's as if you've never done this before!” I was too ashamed to confess, replying, “You are so beautiful, on the inside and out. I've never seen such a beautiful body.”

She took my hand and led me to the couch and sat me down. She started unbuckling my belt but after removing my pants I stopped her, afraid that if she touched me even for a second, I'd explode and the magic would be over. “Let me take care of you” I said to Steffi.

I lowered her to the couch beside me on my right and kissed her lips again as my hand began caressing her breast before slowly dropping my hand down to her stomach. Now it was her turn to feel shy. She thought she was fat but all I saw was a tummy with a hint of abs covered by warm, soft skin. I fumbled with her pant buttons but she helped me and in a second her pants and panties were off. I knelt in front of her feeling small. She was actually slightly taller than me and now as I knelt there between her legs as she sat on the couch, I realized my mouth was almost at her nipple level. I stretched upwards, softly licking and kissing her breasts, first one, then the other, taking time to concentrate on the nipples from time to time. My hands were on the tops of her thighs, gently caressing up and down, my thumbs occasionally grazing her pubic hairs. Eventually I lowered my head, kissing her stomach, licking her navel and nipping at it. She seemed to enjoy that – or perhaps it was my thumbs which had now found the entrance to her pussy, and were now gently massaging the bump which I assumed was near her clitoris.

Steffi's breathing grew rapid and increased in volume… I slowly inserted my middle finger inside her wet pussy. It was very warm and sticky. I left my thumb on the outside, caressing her clit as my finger slowly slid in and out of her. I lowered my head and started licking where my thumb had been. The taste was salty, a bit tangy, like nothing I'd ever tasted or smelled before… I was unsure of how to react to the taste but it was obvious she liked it. She put her hands on my shoulders, rubbing them and gripping harder as I increased the speed of my finger pumping in and out of her. Finally she tensed up, sucking in a deep breath, and shuddered, ever so slightly, her back arched, her breasts heaving above me. She slowly exhaled and I pulled my finger out of her pussy, slowly kissing my way up her stomach, towards those beautiful breasts.

I was rock hard now and had been for some time. She seemed to become revived when my lips reached hers. My cock started teasing the outside of her pussy and she whispered in my ear, “wait, let me get a condom…” As she slipped it on I couldn't believe it… this was going to happen. I'd fantasized about this ever since I turned 12. And below me was a gorgeous girl, with an angelic face coupled with a fantastic body. I slowly lowered my cock into her pussy and she sighed a bit. It felt so warm, so wet. As she began to feel my arms, my chest with her hands I looked down as her breasts bounced below me. My pumping picked up pace and in a few moments I was ready to erupt. I was about to pull out when I felt her hands gripping my ass, plunging me deeper. I could feel myself squirting again and again. I collapsed, exhausted, with my head between her breasts.

As I withdrew I realized that I was expected at a friend's place fifteen minutes ago. I kissed Steffi on the lips and asked to use her shower, deeply apologetic at racing out of there. She nodded, understanding. Minutes later I heard her calling me, asking me to take a look out the window. There it was, my car, buried under 3 feet of snow and there was still more coming down from the skies. There was no way I was getting out of there. Steffi always was the smart one. “Call your friends, let them know you're snowed in. Then come and join me in the shower…”

My cock almost instantly sprang to life again. My dream was not ready to end.

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