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A Freshman Gains Experience

Marjorie Foster, usually called Margie, is from a small town and is finding her Freshman year at the very large State University to be a difficult experience. The size and complexity is intimidating. The large number of people all with their own agenda bustling around her leaves her rather lonely. The only other students there from her home town are older and in different majors and she never knew them that well to begin with. She's used to being involved in everything, knowing every one. She dated a lot in school. Her mother told her she would be better off not settling with one guy, not going steady, until she was older. So she dated a lot of different boys. She also fended off a lot of different attempts to get her more involved sexually than she wanted to, than she thought she was ready for.

Margie's a very attractive girl. Dark blond hair turning darker, to almost a light brown; brown eyes; a handsome face with a strong chin and full lips. Not a raving beauty but attractive. Her body is what most girls dream about. It's almost as if she has more insides than her skin can hold, as if she's bursting. She's all curves, not a flat millimeter on her body. Very shapely legs, full firm butt, small waist and breasts that are full spheres, sitting high with cleavage even when she doesn't have her bra on. That bra is a C cup but it squashes her breasts.

But she's competitive, too. Played softball and soccer in high school. Not an all star but a good athlete. So she knows that she'll figure this place out. Thousands of others have so she isn't going to let it get her down. She just has to slowly get to know more people. For right now she goes to classes and to the part-time job she got through Student Aid. Her parents aren't rich. They're paying her tuition and room and board and buying her books but are pressed to do that much. So she has a clerk/receptionist job with a small research group in the social studies college that doesn't pay much but also doesn't take much of her time. And the $60 or so she earns each week gives her the money she needs for occasional movies or burgers or whatever.

The job she is assigned to is with a small research group named Sexual Studies. Several of the top people involved have published some notable papers. Margie doesn't really know much about the work there, she answers the phone and files various papers and reports. But after a few weeks she begins to understand more and more as she sees the titles and subjects involved in what she files and hears others talking. She becomes aware that people involved in sexual activities are monitored. Blood pressure, temperature, EKGs and brain activity are recorded. Even though she's a virgin she has a normal interest in sex and expects to become active herself at some point. She's long ago learned to give herself orgasms. So she finds it a little intriguing to be involved in studying sex, even though she's in a very peripheral position. She reads some of the studies when she has time and discoveries she gets slightly aroused just thinking about it.

The actual research is done by others, all with advanced degrees. Even the assistants are at least working towards graduate degrees. As an undergraduate she's not really part of the work at all. Then one day things change. An older woman, Doctor someone, she can't remember the name, comes up to her and says that her assistant has called in sick and there's no one else around so she needs Marjorie to help her. In total ignorance, Margie agrees. The doctor explains that the rules require a second person to be involved in research, just to verify that all of the statistics are valid. The assistant would do more than she expects from Margie. All Margie has to do is sit there and observe as the doctor takes notes. In fact the doctor grumbles that she'll probably have to rush her note taking to cover what she and her assistant would have otherwise done.

So Margie is sitting in a rather small room that has a large window. A one-way window she soon learns. The room also has several pieces of electronic apparatus that, she learns later, print out the responses that are coming from the people she'll be watching. The room on the other side of the window looks like a hospital room. There's a bed. A rather large bed, probably king size. There is a fairly large machine of some sort next to the bed. Other than that, it's just a white room.

Then three people enter the room and Margie's attention is heightened a lot. Two of the people are totally naked. The third, a woman she's seen around the offices, is dressed and wearing a white lab coat. The third person takes some wires from the other two and plugs them into the machine. They apparently say a few things to each other. The third person must be checking whether the wires are comfortable because the two naked people feel where there are connections to their bodies and run their hands along the wires and seem to move around, seeing if they have some freedom of movement. Then the third person leaves, closing the door behind her.

The two naked people are both young, perhaps students, and look to be a couple years older than her. The male appears to be in excellent physical shape, really good looking. Margie can't help but notice his penis, hanging out of a bunch of dark hair. The female is actually down right pretty with a very good body, could be a model. The two smile at one another, put their arms around each other and kiss. My God, Margie thinks to herself, her mother would have a fit if she knew her little Margie was watching this. While she has absolutely zero experience, has never even watched a porn movie, Margie knows very well that these people are going to have sex. She's going to watch people fuck. She turns and looks at the doctor, who is moving from machine to machine, checking that each is functioning properly. The doctor then sits down at a computer keyboard and starts typing while looking through the window at the naked couple.

Margie looks back at the couple herself. They each are still kissing and running their hands up and down each others backs and butts. Then the female moves one hand to between the two bodies and reaches down to where Margie knows the man's penis is. They continue to kiss but the male moves his hips back, putting a little more room between them where the female's hand is and Margie can see that his penis is enlarged and the female has her hand around it and is moving her hand back and forth.

Fuck, Margie thought to herself, she's giving him a hand job. And he's pretty big, I think. But it doesn't last long and the woman drops down to her knees and gets her face right next to the man's penis and she grins just before sliding her hand back, exposing a big, almost purple shape at the end of the penis, which she starts licking. The end of the penis disappears into her mouth. Cripes that's big, Margie thinks to herself. It must be like having an ear of corn stuck in her mouth. How does she get it in there? She's giving him a blow job. Oh shit, Margie thinks and she turns to look at the doctor. The doctor is looking through the window as her fingers move quickly over the keyboard, typing away. She's a good typist, Margie thought, never even has to look at the keyboard. Then Margie looks back at the couple again.

The woman is really moving her head back and forth, taking in a lot of the penis and then sliding back on it but never fully off. Her mouth looks stretched wide to take in the erect penis. Her hand is moving back and forth too, grasping the penis just ahead of her lips. The man's hips are moving now, too, back and forth, helping move his penis in her mouth. He's saying something but Margie can't hear what. This goes on for a couple minutes and Margie realizes that she's feeling aroused by it. But just then all the movement stops. Well almost stops, the man shoves his hips forward so more of his penis is in her mouth. It looks too big to get all of it in and her fingers are still around the base of the penis. The female's mouth is moving, her cheeks moving, then Margie realizes that her throat is moving, she's swallowing. Then she moves her face back and the penis, very red now, is sticking out and there are some strings of white stretching between her mouth and his penis

The woman smiles and says something, licks her lips and stands up and the two are holding one another and kissing again. Their hands are feeling each other again. Then the woman breaks free a little and grins at the man and backs up and pushes herself up a little to sit on the edge of the bed. She is barely perched on the bed with most of her off it like she could fall off easily, Margie realizes. Then the woman spreads her legs. The man steps in between them and kisses the woman. He then crouches a little and gets his hands and face to her breasts. He seems to softly feel each breast and then kiss them and then get his lips around a nipple. He then kisses her on the stomach and she really spreads her legs wide and the man kneels down and walks forward on his knees until his face is right at the woman's pussy. She can't see the man's face now but she sees that the woman is saying something and reaches down with her hands and spreads her pussy open. Margie realizes that the woman must trim or shave her pubic hair because there is very little, just above her pussy. And spread, her insides are all pink and red. The man moves his face forward and blocks her view but she can see his head moving a little. He's licking or sucking or kissing or doing something with his face to the woman's pussy. The woman moves her hands to the back of the man's head.

Fuck, he's eating her pussy, Margie realizes. She doesn't know a whole lot but she knows people do that. She's just never actually seen it done. The man has one hand around onto the woman's back or butt, holding her to him . His other hand is down between his legs, playing with his penis. It makes her realize that his penis has shrunk some but seems to be growing again now. She can't hear but it's obvious that the woman is saying something. Actually the way her mouth is moving maybe she isn't actually saying anything but she's making some sort of sounds. And she smiles all the time. She likes this! Margie realizes that the woman liked sucking the guy's penis, likes having him eat her or lick her or whatever he's doing. The woman really enjoys this. All of which makes Margie realize that she's actually getting wet down there herself, is getting very aroused by this. She looks at the doctor but the doctor is still touch typing constantly as she watches what the couple is doing.

Wow, Margie thinks to herself. I bet they end up fucking. She turns to watch some more just as the woman puts her head back and makes a face while she seems to grab the man's hair and pushes him into herself. The woman's whole body seems to jerk or jump and then she lets go of the man and sort of falls back onto the bed, her legs still hanging off the edge. The man stands up and holds what is now a very erect penis, very large, Margie thinks to herself. But not too large obviously because he steps forward and shoves it into the woman. As he does, the woman sits up and puts her arms around him and kisses him. His hips are moving back and forth, moving his penis in her.

The woman pulls back just a little and says something to the man. He pulls back and moves. Margie can see his penis. Red and large and stiff, sticking way out. The man jump up on the bed and lays back while the woman straddles over him. They both lift the wires out of the way as they move. Then she takes h old of that big red thing and positions herself over it and drops down, taking it up inside her. The woman starts moving her hips. The man props up on his elbows and says something to the woman. The woman just keeps moving her hips, seems to be going back and forth but Margie realizes that with the penis in her she is actually sort of riding it inside her.

This must go on for five minutes or so. It seems a long time to Margie who truly feels a need to get her fingers busy in herself but doesn't dare in front of the doctor, who is still typing away and the machines are all printing out foot after foot of charts. Then the two must say something to each other because the woman climbs off and stays on her hands and knees as the man moves, lifting the wires and moving them with him over and behind the woman. He gets between her legs and the woman drops her head down onto the bed, leaving her butt up in the air and then the man shoves his large red thing into her again. He has both hands on her hips and he's moving his whole body. He really seems to be pushing into her hard and fast, Margie thinks to herself. Fuck, she needs to do something for herself so bad but is scared to do anything.

The strong action lasts another couple minutes and then stops. Just stops. The guy pulls out. Margie can see the female's pussy. All red itself now, seems swollen or larger. The man drops onto the bed as if he's tired. The woman crawls on top of him, laying her naked body right on top of him and kissing him. As she lays there, her legs spread some and Margie can see she's leaking. Whatever the man put into her is leaking out of her. Then the doctor says out loud to Margie that they have to monitor the cool down for a couple minutes and it will be all over. She also says she feels sure the results will show some very peak readings on this one. Margie doesn't say anything but knows that if she was hooked up her readings would have peaked, too.

Then it's back to filing again. Margie thinks of trying to take a bathroom break and give herself some relief but is afraid she'd be caught. However, back in the dorm later, Margie takes care of herself immediately. For the next two days, Margie goes to class. Then has another four hour stint at her job. The very same doctor comes to her again and says that her assistant is still out and Margie seemed to handle it fine the last time, so come and do it again.

This time, it's two women. Lesbians, Margie realizes as she watches. She also gets a much better look at how the fingers and tongue are used on a woman's pussy. That while there's some licking in the vagina that much of it is done on the clitoris, something that helps her get better at doing herself. The woman even finger fucks the other woman's vagina while licking the clit. She thought that she'd be bothered by seeing two women but it is just as arousing as the man and woman had been. The two women seem to spend more time arousing each other, making love is perhaps the right term, in addition to working on each other's pussies. Margie also sees the first dildo of her life as one woman attaches it on herself to actually fuck the other one with it.

A week later it is another man and woman session. She wonders if she will see two men sometime. She actually thinks to herself that she's learned something about how it is best to lick a pussy so if she saw two men maybe she could learn more about how to suck a penis. She also knows that she's never felt so horny in her life. She has always stopped guys from going too far but now she really wants to experience it all for herself.

She's now worked in the sex lab for eight weeks. There is a male student working there, Brian, that comes by and talks to her occasionally. He seems nice, is very friendly and as a student is in the same place in life as she is with similar concerns. And he's cute enough. Brown hair, nice enough face, fairly tall, must be over six feet, and seems to be in good physical shape. He asks her out. He says there's a Laurel and Hardy thing at the local theater and wonders if she'd like to go and she agrees. Actually she's thought about him, thought he seemed like someone she'd like to date. She's even vaguely thought about sex and him but mostly just about sex and anyone.

They go to the movie. She likes it. Everyone in the theater seems to like it. Very noisy place. He then asks if she'd like a burger so they end up sitting across from one another in a booth, having a burger and a drink. He mentions where they both work and then he asks her if she's ever actually witnessed any of the test subjects. She sort of blushes and says that yes, she has. He says that he has too. Very arousing, isn't it he asks and she agrees. In fact, she is getting very aroused just being reminded of it. You think you could do what they do, he asks, I mean that oral stuff and everything. She just looks at him for a moment. She can feel her insides, she's probably getting her panties very wet.

“I'm about ready to crawl under this table and unzip you,” she says, “That's what I think about it.”

“Oh,” he replies and then hesitates for a moment. “I have to come in after hours and clean up so I have a key. The place is closed right now, empty. We could go there and use the bed in the lab and do all that stuff with each other. I think you're the sexiest girl I've ever known and I'd really like to if you would.”

“Yes,” she says, “I've never felt so horny. I want to. Definitely. I just have to go to the rest room first. It'll just take a minute and then we can go to the lab.”

She slides out of the booth and goes to the rest room. He adjusts his boner in his pants and gets up and pays the bill. She wipes herself to try and get somewhat clean for him and buys a packet of condoms from a machine and then goes out and joins him.

“I've never done this. I'm a virgin,” she says as they walk across campus. “But I really want to. I've been going nuts the last few weeks so I'm glad you asked me out.”

He just stays quiet for a moment as they walked. Finally he answers her. “Me too. I've never done it either. I've wanted to for a long time. I'm amazed I had the nerve to ever get around to asking you out. But I really want to, too, and you're the one I really want to do it with.”

“Me too,” she answers, grabbing his hand. “This is all probably crazy, to just have sex on the first date. But I've been so horny for so long from watching people have sex that it's been driving me crazy. I even dream about penises and about me doing things with them like I've seen others do. So I really want to give it all a try. But how about you? You asked if I could do all those things. Can you?”

“I can sure try. I'm not sure of exactly how to do it all but I have an idea of what's involved and I'll do my best.”

“Did you ever see lesbians?”

“Yeah,” he answers, grinning. “I think maybe there are some women working there that would like to do that themselves.”

“Well, if you watched them, they show best of all how to lick a pussy and a clit. Just do like they do and you'll be great. And as for some people working at the lab wanting to be with them, there definitely are some people that would like to be with the hetero couples, too. Like me. And maybe like you.”

With that they're at the lab. Brian unlocks the door and they walk through into the test area, the room with the bed. “Should we leave the lights off, it's really dark in here?” he asks.

“This is way inside, no one outside will see the light. And I think I'd like to see what I'm doing. And what you're doing,” And she steps up against him and holds him and they kiss for the first time. She senses that he's as scared of what's ahead as she is. “Well,” she tells him, “I guess we should take our clothes off.” And she starts. After a moment's hesitation he does too.

In a very short time they're both naked. 'Wow Margie, you're beautiful. You have a perfect body.”

She smiles, looks at him and his very prominent erection and tells him, “You look great, too, Brian.” Then she steps against him to kiss and hold one another again. She can feel his erection poking against her abdomen. This is the kind of feeling she's dreamt about for weeks now. As she holds a kiss, she runs one hand down between them to touch his penis. Still kissing, she shoves her hips back slightly so that she can get her fingers wrapped around it. She almost moans as she feels the fullness and the firmness of him. “This is what I've been dreaming about,” she murmurs as she pulls back and kneels down and looks at the erection she's holding. “Oh, Brian, you've got such a great penis. It's everything I've ever fantasized.” She kisses the large head and then bends her head to lick along one side and then moves her head around to lick along the other side, then back to kissing the head. She licks the head, then opens her jaws and lips to fit around the head and take it into her mouth.

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