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A Good Favor…

When I reached to answer my phone, still half asleep, Kelly sounded a bit panicked. It wasn’t even 9 am yet? What could be such an emergency?

“I have a paper due tomorrow and I so haven’t got a clue what to do about it?”

“Umm..okay? How long does it have to be? What’s the topic and all that?” I asked.

“History. We have to read this book about colonial living and then we have a few topics we can choose to write on. It’s gotta be 3-5 pages, and I’m totally screwed,” she sighed. “Any thoughts?”

“Yeah. Can you have the book finished by tonight? I have practice until 9 or so, then I’ll be home. Read the book, earmark a few good quotes, give me the synopsis, and I’ll knock it out for you,” I told her.

“What? Really?”

“Yeah. You said one of the topics could be something to the effect of journal entries as though you were a citizen in the time period, right?” It seemed a little mundane for a college history class, but was right up my alley.

“Sure. But are you serious?,” she asked.

“Yep. Come on over whenever. I’ll be home a little after 9.”

Kelly and I had been friends for three of our four years in college. We messed around from time to time, but nothing to serious. By the middle of our third year, she was spending two or three nights a week at my place. It wasn’t uncommon to come home and find her sitting on my couch watching a movie. But we never dated…at least not officially. If I needed a date somewhere, she was always on stand-by and vice versa. But she’d chat up girls I was dating in support of me, never once telling anyone that she and I fucked around when we got bored. It was a good friendship.

When I got home, I was sweaty, sore, tired, and the last thing I really wanted to do was write a paper for a class that I wasn’t in. But what was I going to do? Bail out on her with no notice? So I cleaned myself up and took a spot at my computer to review the assignment while she finished the reading. It was a little more in depth then she led me to believe on the phone, but nothing that couldn’t be dealt with.

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