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A Good Start Part 3


I exhaled deeply, my breath fogging the early morning air. It was that magical time of the morning when it isn’t quite light out, and everything is cast in dark shades of blue.

Off to my left in the trees, I heard a bird sing out, signalling the start of a new day. I turned and resumed jogging down the path, speeding up as I neared my next stop.

I was doing a circuit around the nature preserve, stopping at every clearing and doing some extra exercises. I love the Runner’s High I get when I get a solid workout.

I got to the next clearing and sprinted across. Right before the trees closed in again, I stopped and caught my breath. I looked down at my watch.

5:48 AM.

My heart thudded in my chest. My mind wandered back to what happened between Monica and myself the night before.

“Are your eyes closed, baby?” she called out to me.

“Yes, they are. This had better be worth it, you know I hate surprises.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll love this one!”

“Says everyone, ever,” I muttered to myself.

I heard shuffling steps come into the kitchen, and a thump on the countertop.


I opened my eyes and started laughing. There was a wooden gun case sitting on the table with the lid propped open. Inside it was a Kimber Eclipse Target II, a pistol I had been mooning over for several months.

I turned and swept Monica up in my arms, twirling her around. She let out a squeal, asking, “I guess you like it?”

I put her down. “Oh, baby, I love it! It’s wonderful. YOU are wonderful!” I planted a firm kiss on her lips, running my fingers through her hair as I held her close.

I let my hands glide down her shoulders and arms slowly, lightly grazing her skin. I grasped her waist and lifted her onto the counter. As I pushed the gun case to the side, she wrapped her toned legs around my hips and pulled me close. I felt my manhood stiffening as it pressed against her.

“The things you do, baby… it makes me want to undress you and kiss you all over. You drive me crazy in the best possible ways.”

I nuzzled against her neck, kissing her lightly, teasing her earlobe with my tongue. Her fresh scent filled my nostrils, and I breathed in as much as I could, savoring the smell of her.

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