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A hard days work

I imagine you coming into my office, walking over and picking up paperwork off the floor. I see the split in your skirt part to show your lacy black panties as you then sit on my desk, crossing your legs so your skirt rides all the way up, revealing your hold ups.

Watching you tease me with brief glimpses of skin and panties I find myself feeling hot and flustered. In my mind I want to ravish you there and then but I contain myself.

Slowly I pull my gaze from your soft skin exposed between your stockings and skirt. Raising it up slowly, to be sure I appreciate the way your skirt is slightly raised so your cheeks peek out at me, the way your shirt drapes from your body, the way your curves flow on to your breasts. I feel my heart start to race. My blood begins to rush downwards.

My eyes reach the soft skin of your cleavage and move up your neck to your lips. Images of my lips and tongue tracing the lines of my eyes flash in my mind. Our eyes meet and I snap. My arms reach out frantically and pull you onto me. Your skirt rides high onto your hips as your legs are astride me.

I feel my pants start to swell as your body falls to mine. I let out a little groan as I run my hands up your naked thighs, slipping them under your skirt as I reach out and kiss you deeply. Our lips part each other’s, as our tongues explore our mouths, slowly at first but not for long. Our breathing becomes heavier, our lips locked in a violent but passionate embrace. My hands seize the bare skin under your skirt and pull you closer as you start to grind, against my swelling bulge.

You start grinding on me harder, clearly wanting to feel me inside you. I pull my lips from yours and focus their attention on your neck, my warm wet lips gently nibbling at it, sucking, letting my tongue taste your soft skin. You arch your head back and wrap your arms behind my head, pulling my hair in pleasure. As you moan into my ear, I start to swell beyond control, pressed hard against the confines of my pants and trousers it aches to be released… to feel your wet panties rubbing against it.

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