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A Hot Day at Work

‘Oh, fuck it’s hot!’ I groaned wiping the sweat from my face, ‘Whew baby!’

We had been working hard dropping trees, clearing brush and doing burn piles. It was our first job of the season, making our winter hibernating bodies strain under the challenge.

At our first break the homeowners came over to check our progress. They were rather hot and sexy men, very ‘friendly’. JT & I exchanged glances both of us were thinking the same thing, ‘well are they just a little different or what?’

The taller of two had been the one who actually hired our services, Mr. Simms. He was in the middle of introductions, when I caught out of the corner of my eye the line of sight of his partner!

He was staring right at JT’s package. I couldn’t blame him, because looking at JT standing there, his wide firm stance, his legs looking tree trunk strong. It didn’t hurt that he was still wearing his climbing harness, which perfectly framed and enhanced his bulge.

Damn it! I missed the entire introduction and had no clue now why all eyes were on me. I looked at JT and he had that shit-eating grin on his face. His blue eyes were laughing at me because he knew what had passed thru my dirty little mind.

So…in my most personable business voice said, ‘How nice to meet you’, turning my attention to the newcomer, which they in turn burst out laughing! I was more than a little confused at this point.

Finally, JT said, ‘Baby, he was asking you if you would like something cold to drink.’

Feeling like an imbecile, I declined. Everyone broke at this point and headed to their respective locations. As Mr. Whoever walked away I heard him comment about trying that climber and harness on for size and they both chuckled in agreement.

JT & I spent the afternoon working our asses off. By dusk we wound things up. I’d never felt so hot and dirty and l just wanted to take a cool bath. JT headed for the house to collect our pay. He came back quick and a little pissed because they weren’t home. Which meant we were going to have to hang around and wait for their return.

‘Fuck,’ he said, ‘I gotta take something off. It’s too fucking hot!’

He began stripping his shirt, my pussy quivered and my lips started to swell. He could always do that to her, make my pussy jump and cream herself.

‘Hey Baby,’ I said sweetly, ‘Follow me.’

I’d seen a fresh running creek near the back earlier. We stuck close to the growing shadows making our way along their property line. We came out just a few feet from the creek bank. Without hesitation I began to strip, boots, socks, jeans and waded in.

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