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A Humiliating Week Away – Part 2

If you read part 1, you’ll know that I had been fortunate enough to witness the nude spanking of Kate. Since I arrived for my weeks stay Aunty had been threatening to spank me in the same way and I was determined to avoid that fate, but I hadn’t counted on the cunning of a teenage girl with the same determination to get revenge.

After breakfast on the Tuesday morning I was allowed to spend the morning with Kate and her friends Sarah and Pauline round at Sarah’s and for the first time I was enjoying my stay.

After lunch Kate asked her Mum if Sarah and Pauline could come over here tomorrow afternoon and I was glad Aunty agreed as they were much more fun than Kate. What I didn’t realise was that Kate had my come-uppance planned and that her friends would be part of it. The rest of Tuesday passed uneventfully.

The next morning I didn’t wake till quarter past seven and lay there slowly coming round. Then, with a start, I remembered where I was, and Aunty’s strict rule about being at the breakfast table, dressed and ready by 7.30am. I leapt out of bed and went to get washed ……..only to find Kate in the bathroom.

I yelled at her “Hurry up in there”.

She whispered back “I’ve only just got in here, you’ll have to wait.”

“Be quick,” I shouted, “I need to get washed before breakfast”. At this point Aunty Beryl appeared at the bottom of the stairs and asked what was going on?

“I want to get washed, but Kate is in the bathroom.”

“You shouldn’t have left it so late and stop shouting right away or you’ll be in trouble. You know I don’t like noise.”

I had only a few minutes left and then it occurred to me that I wasn’t dressed, I wasn’t washed and my room was still a mess. At that moment Kate came out and disappeared into her room so I dashed into the bathroom, gave my teeth a cursory brush and had a very quick wash. When I came out Aunty was waiting, looking at her watch – I was already a minute late and still in my pyjamas.

“Come down for your breakfast now and we’ll talk about your punishment later.” She was already angry about the shouting and now I was late for breakfast. I felt sure that could not warrant a spanking.

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