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A Letter to Our Pantyhose-Sissy

I'm on my bed on my knees, my skirt pulled tight and just a little high, exposing my control-top pantyhose to your eager eye. My feet are dangling over the edge of the bed and you, my little pantyhose-slut, are standing behind me, dressed in your sexy schoolie outfit and mary-janes. Your face is made up in a prissy, sissy, teen-girl way and your hair is finished in lovely little pigtails.

Your pantyhosed crotch is pressed against my feet nestled snugly in my red and black heels. Your wife – my lover – is leaning up against the pillows…her legs spread wide, her skirt hiked all the way up to her waist…she is looking at me and says, “look at her Mistress! She is totally in love with your sexy feet and cute arse! I bet she'd love to fuck your heels…she's such a whore for pantyhosed feet…she would jerk off every day into my heels if I let her!”

I look back to see you, eyes fixated on my feet just hoping they might slip out and create a diaphanous, leather-bound slit for u to fuck your pathetic, little girliecock in to.

I turn to my lover (your wife) and say, “watch this.”

I slip one foot from my shoe letting it dangle just wide enough to allow an opening that your pathetic little girliecock could fit in – maybe. I press my foot back into your crotch and we both laugh as you jump and jerk at the sensation against your pantyhosed-encased girliecock. Your tartan, school miniskirt is lifted up and your crisp white blouse is open revealing your young girl, lacy, white bra – covering hard, eager little nipples just wanting to be pinched and sucked hard.

I Press harder into and your wife orders, “SLUT! Pull your girliecock out now!!”

You wake as if from a trance and slip it from a neat hole in the front that you've torn in the front.

“Now,” your wife orders, “show Mistress just how slutty you can be and slide it inside her shoe, you fucking whore!”

You don't hesitate…you slip your pathetic little sissy, girliecock in between my sheer pantyhose and my new shoes…your girliecock hardens even more, growing to a nice, smooth long size as you start to slide back and forth.

I close my legs and draw both feet together…letting u slip your girliecock between each of my feet, revelling in the confined sensation of pantyhose and leather all round it.

You start to get lost in fucking my feet and shoes when your wife says, “Hey sissy! Look up here! Watch Mistress…she's going to show you how a real woman sucks pussy!! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take your eyes off her is that understood?!?”

With a slight whimper at not being allowed to stare at my sheer feet and sexy shoes you offer, “Yes Ma'am…sorry Ma'am” and you lift your head to see me slide down between your wife's sheer, pantyhose covered thighs…

I press into her sweet, musky cunt as hard as I can, making her moan and gasp, as she closes her sheer legs tightly against my eager face and mouth.

Watching me please her nothing like you can, only gets you more and more excited as I totally suck her very wet cunt…I press my tongue in as far as possible giving her a deep long tongue-fuck and cunt-lick, over and over and over. She grabs my head and starts to thrust against my mouth, “OH YES! FUCK MISTRESS!! SUCK ME!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE BITCH!!”

Your wife looks down at you and coldly states, “See sissy? See how fucking good she is? She's gonna make me cum real soon!! OH GOD!! Fuck her feet sissy! Jam that little girliecock in there, show me how much u love it bitch!!”

You can't hold off much longer and start to really hump and grind against my sheer, smooth feet and sexy shoes…your hands fly to my hips and thighs, running all over them and then ask meekly, “may I jerk you off Mistress? Pleeease? I promise to clean u up after???”

I stop long enough to offer a “GOD YES!” and you reach under my skirt, between my legs and start to stroke me through my pantyhose.

Your wife is starting to jerk and moan louder getting very close to cumming…I can feel your throbbing girliecock twitching in my shoe and under my feet, and your hands grab me hard as I start to cum also.

We moan and thrust and jerk against each other as we all start to cum in unison, “FUUUUCK!!” SHIT! I-I'M CUMMING!!” we all yell as we shoot and spurt and leak girliejuices all over ourselves and each other.

Your wife calms down and lifting my head, proceeds to give me a long, tongue-filled kiss. She moves down the bed to watch you milk the last drops of cum into my pantyhose and then helps me onto my back – she directs you between my knees, pressing your pretty head into my pantyhosed crotch making you lick and clean every last drop.

Once you're done cleaning my hard and throbbing girliecock, she lifts my feet to your mouth ordering you to clean them first , and then drink the remains of your cum from my shoes.

After we've all caught our breaths, I take another pair of heels from my closet and your wife orders you to the chair in the corner. She sits on the bed directly in front of you and I stand between her legs, facing you also. Your wife starts to slide her lubed fingers in and out of my tingling, tight arsecunt….”Mmmmm,” she says, “You are tight Mistress….I am so going to love fucking that!”

And as you watch, like the good little sissy-slut that you are, she has me sit straight down on her large, life-like, strapon girliecock, and proceeds to royally fuck me like a slutty mistress whore. As she grinds herself into me, she undoes my blouse and lets my titties fall free from my lacy bra…her fingers pinch my nipples knowing full well that that gets me off every time.

She turns to you and says, “See sissy, this is how real women fuck! With big, hard girliecocks – not like that pathetic little thing you have! Now get over here and stand in front of us, quickly!”

You obey and stand very close between our legs, “Grab Mistress' girliecock you little slut!” she orders.

You do as you're told.

“Good, now take that shoe Mistress took out of the closet and slip it over your pathetic little girliecock,” she adds.

You again do as ordered…then she tells you to move in real close.

“Good sissy now…start jerking your giriecock in that shoe, nice and hard up against Mistress, while you jerk her off and I fuck her sexy tight arsecunt!”

You gasp as you grab all that together and start jerking back and forth; up and down…and then your wife reaches over and grabs your hand to help. “FUCK SISSY! Mistress is soooo tight! I bet you'd love to slip your girliecock deep inside here wouldn't you?!? Bad luck, you stupid little whore…stick to jerking that pathetic thing…at least you can watch yourself cum!”

And all of a sudden, as I'm jerked, fucked and pinched, I start to cum…


You can't believe you've been allowed this close and personal, in actually touching my girliecock and the sensation has you cumming into my shoe, as I shoot spurt after spurt all over your hand and up onto your face.

As your wife and I slow ourselves down and tease each other with soft kisses and playful fingering of her cunt and my sticky, twitching girliecock, we watch you clean yourself and up, making sure you don't miss a single drip of sweet, sticky girliejuices you so happily seek.

You are ordered to keep get undressed but keep your wet and sticky pantyhose on and slip into a nice sheer chemise. Then you climb into your mini bed, at the foot of my own. As you lay there you can hear the bed start to squeak and groan as I begin to make love to my wife all over again. You are lying there excited and humiliated, and ashamed and aroused, all at once, trying get some sleep, but your throbbing, leaking girliecock just won't let you. But before you drift off totally, you hear “Sissy…Mistress has THE biggest girliecock I've ever had the pleasure to suck and be fucked with, maybe one day I might get her to fuck that virgin little sissy-arsecunt of yours!”

And with an excited, trembling heart and smile on my face, I drift off dreaming of that impossibility….

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