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A Libidinous Dream

An old friend had come for a visit to my house in the country…she, her husband, and her two darling children, one of whom was yet a babe in diapers. She’d been my best friend in high school, and the maid of honor in my wedding. And she hadn’t changed a bit…or so I thought. Her hair and smile were the same, her warm brown eyes sparkled just like they always had. She was the same good Catholic girl, caring, full of warmth and peace.

After putting the kids to bed, she knocked on the door of my spacious bedroom. I climbed out of my king-sized bed, the soft pillow-top seeming like clouds under my naked body. I quickly drew on a robe and opened the door. Liz stood there, “Can I come in?”

“Sure…sure…” I opened the door wider, then shut it behind us. The room seemed suddenly warm.

“Ken has trouble sleeping but I gave him an extra sleeping pill so he should be out for awhile,” she whispered.

“Ok…” I whispered back, more than a little confused.

She asked if she could sleep with me, then, because her husband snored, and I told her that was fine but I’d have to put some clothes on.

“Oh, don’t bother,” she said, and she turned around to undress as I clicked off the light and slipped under the covers, letting my robe fall to the floor.

The baby’s wail cut through my steamy thoughts and Liz quickly dressed again, telling me she’d be right back.

I fell asleep at some point, and I awoke to the feeling of a warm body brushing up against mine. In the dim light of the alarm clock on the bedside stand I could make out Liz’s soft curves, her tan skin, her full breasts, her flat stomach that gave no signs of the two little ones she’d borne, and the black thong that slipped between her ass cheeks. A thong. But she’s a good Catholic girl.

Her feet slipped lightly down my body, down over my hips, along my legs, and suddenly she drew close, her brown eyes looking into mine. We didn’t say a word, but we kissed, long, hard, deep, then deeper, as full lips met full lips in a hot erotic lock. We couldn’t stop, we gasped, we wanted more. We kissed and kissed, our tongues brushing one another’s, fucking inside each others’ mouths. We gripped each other and I felt her full breasts pressing against my hard nipples. She slipped her hand up my stomach to tweak the hard buds atop my jutting breasts, and she smiled when she felt the nipple rings. I thought she’d be shocked…she’s a good Catholic girl.

But she wasn’t, and when she lowered her head to my breasts she knew just what to do and in an instant I was arching up towards her hot mouth, wanting more. I gently kneaded her full breasts with my hands, and when she paused in her ministrations, I pushed her back and bit and suckled until she was moaning and her pink nipples popped rock hard in the soft light.

She rolled on top of me, then, and I spread my legs to give her cunt access to mine. We began grinding against each other, her soft moans hot in my ear, and I found myself reeling with the disbelief that my childhood friend wanted me so. She was so unchanged, and yet obviously very different than I’d known.

I arched my back beneath her, her hot lips sucking at mine, and I could feel wetness seeping through her thong and then I felt the hardness against my stomach. A stiff, hard cock, like a log against me as she rubbed slowly up and down my cunt. I gasped, shocked, and yet it was so right. Everything I’d ever wanted was right here.

She rolled off me and lay on her back and her eyes had darkened and the stolid look on her face gave me no room for pause as she told me to suck. I pulled off her thong underwear, over her gently curving hips, down her long muscular legs, and the cock I’d felt sprung free, growing to a foot in length. It was thick too, and as I bent my head to suck on it, I could barely open my mouth wide enough to encircle it. Her dick was dark in color, much darker than her naturally-tanned skin, and I ran my tongue down the hot throbbing shaft and up, over the head. I sucked as best I could, but the head of her dick filled my entire mouth. She reached for my head, and, gripping my hair, she forced my mouth to take more. More. More. I couldn’t breathe, felt my jaw clenching, felt fuller than I’d ever felt before, and suddenly the cock was inside me, inside my throat, then deeper, deeper, down into my belly and I was being fucked from within when I realized that the cock was no longer attached to her. The stump at her crotch which should have been bloody was smooth. She laughed, telling me that it was ok, that I could keep it, that I shouldn’t worry and that she liked the pain and would grow another one.

I kissed her deeply again and she wrapped her long tan legs around me and I humped into her as I felt another one growing, hardening, rising against my belly. This one I fucked with my cunt…fucked it good and long until we were both sweaty and breathless and the babes in the room next door were beginning to cry again.

I awoke with a start, covered with sweat-soaked sheets, an aching between my thighs. I looked around my tiny bedroom in the apartment in the city and I realized I was alone.

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