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A Little Bit of Give and Take

“No, I'm not shocked, I'm excited!” Daniel exclaimed. “It's fantastic. I just wish we'd talked like this years ago.”

“Me too.” Kelly replied. She leaned forward and kissed Daniel delicately but with a lot of affection. “So, what shall we do about it?”

Daniel thought for a while. A flash of inspiration interrupted the silence. “I've got it!” He said excitedly and making Kelly jump. “How about if I write you a letter tomorrow telling you what I'd like you to do and then, when you've read it, you reply with your plans for me! What do you think? Huh? Huh? Come on, tell me!” He looked proud of himself, a big grin beaming across his face.

Kelly looked deep into Daniel's eyes for a few seconds, weighing up his suggesting and making him wait just to tease him a little. She leaned forward and kissed him a second time. Moving her mouth close to his ear, she whispered, “Yes, let's.”

They sat in silence for a while, planning and scheming together and apart. Both privately hoped this would put the spark back into their relationship and pull them close together again…


My Dearest Wife,

After our long chat last night about our love life and the revelation that we have both been holding back our fantasies, I thought I would write to you with a little fantasy that I have created based on some of the things you said. I hope you will love playing this out even more than I have enjoyed planning it.

When you come home from work next Monday, please go to the bedroom where you will find a box on the bed containing some clothes, a new razor and shaving cream, a hand mirror, an erotic book of short stories and a vibrator. Please take off all your clothes, take the razor, cream, and mirror to the bathroom. Shave all your body from the waist down. After placing the mirror on the floor; squat over it so that you can see between your cheeks; as I said, you should shave ALL your hair.

When you have finished, go back to the bedroom and paint your sexy toenails bright red. Slip into the very sheer and see-thru black panties I have bought you. Next, put on the panty hose, the satin slip and the white satin blouse. Do not wear a bra.

Pick up the book and vibrator and go downstairs. There is a bottle of Chardonnay open and chilling in the fridge. Pour yourself a glass and then sit on the sofa facing the living room door. Now start reading the book. As you do so, let your slip slide up your body so that there is a good view of your lovely legs from the doorway.

As you read the book, run your fingers down your body and over your mound. Let your fingers caress your clitoris through your hose. Now slide your finger down your lips, onto your perineum and press your fingertip against your anus. Slide up and down slowly from your clitoris to your anus over and over, keeping the same slow, sensual pace. I want you to continue to do this until I come into the room.

When I appear, do not look up and do not acknowledge my presence. Just carry on as if you are still alone. As I stand at the door, slowly unbutton your blouse and cup your breast. Bring the nipple to your mouth and slowly run your tongue around it, occasionally stopping to suck the hard bud into your mouth. Now do the same to your other breast and then squeeze and massage both breasts.

As your continue playing with your breasts, open your legs so that I can see between them. When I look, I hope your juices will be seeping through your clothes.

Lean forward and slide your hands up and down one leg and then the other, each time make sure one hand touches your cunt. Squeeze gently, pushing your panties tightly against your moist lips.

Now lift your hips off the sofa and slowly pull your panty hose down your legs so it is wrapped around your ankles. Look between your legs and watch as you push the sheer material of your panties against your cunt. When your fingers become wet, put them in your mouth and suck your juices.

Pick up the vibrator and switch it on. Touch the tip against your clitoris and hold it there for a while. Enjoy the sweet vibrations. I want you to keep playing with yourself through your panties until you are close to cumming. When you are near, raise your legs into the air and I will slip under them and between them. I will pull your panties to one side and fuck you long and hard. Using your juices as a lubricant, I'm going to slide a finger into your anus so that I can finger you as we fuck. When we are finished, I will lift your hips so that my cum doesn't spill out. I'll withdraw and then put your panties back into place. You should pull you tights back up and button your blouse before going to the kitchen. We will not speak to each other at anytime during this delicious experience.

Your Loving Husband Daniel



When Kelly read Daniel's letter, she felt emotions and excitement building in her like never before. She felt awakened, adrenaline coursing through her body partly from anticipation and partly from nervousness. His letter was really well written. He had combined some of her fantasies with some of his and then added some extra bits too.

She read it over and over, wondering how she could come up with a reply that matched his. Taking a big gulp of wine, Kelly put pen to paper and started to write. Once she had started, it became surprisingly easy. By the time she had finished, she felt satisfied that it was as risqué as Daniel's and realised that just writing all this down had been a real turn-on.

She put the letter in an envelope and left it on the kitchen table.


My Dearest Husband,

Thank you soooooo much for your sexy letter. I can't wait until Monday!

When I leave the dining room Monday evening, you should go upstairs and open my wardrobe. On the floor you will find a box with your presents in them. You will find a razor and cream, a very sexy pair of white satin and lace French knickers, a matching garter belt, stockings and a camisole top. There is also a butt-plug, a strap-on cock and a tube of lubricant. Take your clothes off and go to the bathroom. You will find the mirror you bought me on the washbasin. Please shave your chest, stomach and your body from the waist down. You know what the mirror is for!

When you have finished shaving, go back to the bedroom and put on the garter belt. Slowly slip the stockings on. I hope you enjoy the way the glossy nylon slides up your legs. When I wear stockings, I love the way my legs tingle. Can you feel it? It's lovely, isn't it!

Before you go any further, take the lube and push the nozzle into your anus. Squeeze most of the tube into you so that you are nice and slippery.

Now attach the stockings to your garter belt and put on the French knickers and camisole top. Look at yourself in the bedroom mirror. I hope you like what you see. I bet your have a hard-on!

When you have finished admiring yourself, pick up the butt-plug and strap-on and bring it downstairs along with the rest of the lube. Come into the kitchen and face me. Do not look at me but count slowly to 100 whilst I look at you. I want to get a good eyeful of my panty-boy.

Turn around and lie on the floor. Pull your knees up and press your head and shoulders against the floor so that your butt is sticking up in the air. Slowly pull your knickers down until they are half way down your thighs.

Lubricate the butt-plug and press it to your anus. I want you to push it in slowly. Don't push it in all the way in one go but slowly fuck yourself instead, gradually pushing it deeper and stretching your hole open. When it is almost in, hold it still so that your passage is held wide open. Now use shallow but quick strokes to screw yourself some more. I'm going to enjoy watching this.

When I want you to stop, I will clear my throat. This is your signal to pull the plug right out and then thrust it all the way in very quickly. I want to hear your groan as you do this.

With the butt-plug locked in place, stand and pull your knickers up. Stroke your cock through your panties. When pre-cum oozes through the satin, wipe it off with your finger and then lick it.

Now kneel on the floor facing me. I have been careful to keep your cum inside me but some has dripped down my thigh. When I step forward, I will lift my slip over your head and push my sticky thigh to your face. Lick up your cum, panty-boy!

When you have cleaned my thighs, lie on the floor again. I am going to sit on your face and tear my tights open. I'm then going to pull my panties to one side and let your cum pour into your mouth. Lick and suck my cunt until your have swallowed all your cum. When I'm satisfied that you have cleaned me properly, I'm going to pee in your mouth. Don't worry, it won't be much, just enough to wash your mouth out but I expect you to swallow it.

When I stand up, you will pass the strap-on to me. You may have noticed it has a cock on both sides – one for me and one for you. You get the big one. It's very realistic isn't it? I bet you want to suck it, don't you. Wait until I've got the cock in me and I've tightened the straps and then you can kneel before me and take it in your mouth. I want you to lick and suck it, run your tongue along the shaft and lick my tight latex balls.

When I'm ready, I'm going to fuck your mouth. Slowly at first but then hard and fast so that you know what it's going to be like when I screw your arse. It's going to be a long hard fuck, relentlessly pounding into you. It might hurt you a bit but I'm not going to stop until I'm ready.

When I pull out of your mouth, I want you to get the lube and smear my lovely cock with it. Now bend over the kitchen table. Pull your panties down to your thighs again. I'm going to pull your butt-plug out. Slowly. I'm going to fuck you a little with the plug to get you loose again. You'll be grateful because my cock is much thicker.

When I've pulled the plug out, I'm going to pull your panties back up and I want you to hold your cock through the soft satin material. Stroke yourself. I'm going to pull them to one side and slowly and carefully enter you, shallow at first and gradually going deeper until my cock is fully inside you.

Now that I'm in properly, I'm going to take very long and very deep strokes, thrusting into you over and over. As I move faster, I want you to grip your cock tighter and jerk yourself until you cum. When you have filled your panties with hot spunk, I'll slow down and gradually withdraw. Finally, when I have taken off my delicious cock, I want you to kneel before me and lick me to one final orgasm. When it's over, you will go back upstairs and run a bath. I'll join you there a few minutes later.

Your Loving Wife, Kelly



As Daniel read Kelly's letter later that day, he felt the same excitement and delicious anticipation as his wife had. Four days stretched out before Monday and they would last a lifetime. He wasn't sure he had ever looked forward to anything quite so much in his life.

When Monday finally arrived, Daniel and Kelly both went to work as usual. Daniel always left a little after Kelly and he left her box on the bed before leaving. He spent the day battling with the most persistent erection of his life.

Kelly arrived home at 5.15 and followed Daniel's instructions to the last. She had never shaved 'down there' before and stood in front of the mirror for a long time afterwards. Her bald pussy felt smooth and soft to the touch. Her lips were already glistening and engorged with excitement.

She sat on the bed and painted her toenails. Whilst waiting for them to dry she put on some make-up. She chose a very light pink gloss for her lipstick and dark mascara for hey eyes. She saw a foxy glint in her eyes that hadn't been there for a long time.

When the nail varnish had dried, Kelly slipped on the very sheer panties that Daniel had bought her. They left nothing to the imagination but felt deliciously smooth and tactile against her skin. The hose was sheer to the waist and very glossy. They were as thin as gossamer and felt good on her legs. They made her look damn good too.

Next, she stepped into the thigh-length satin slip. It was light blue with delicate lace edging and had a split that went half way up the left side. She carefully turned the slip until the split was in the correct position. Next was the white blouse. She buttoned it up just far enough to leave a glimpse of her ample cleavage on show.

Kelly smiled as she looked in the mirror. Daniel had neither any fashion sense nor an eye for colour co-ordination but she could see why he chose the ensemble. It was sexy in a trashy way. Unable to leave the outfit as it was, Kelly added a thin black leather belt and a black silk ribbon around her neck. She lifted her collar and flicked her long dark hair over the back of the blouse.

After smoothing her slinky clothes down her body, she sprayed a little perfume on her neck, grabbed the book and the vibrator and walked downstairs.

She sat down on the sofa and looked at the living room doorway. She positioned herself carefully and then remembered her wine. She drank a glassful in the kitchen 'Dutch courage' she thought with a grin. She refilled her glass and made her way back to the living room.

Kelly picked up the book and started to read the first story. It was about a woman who bedded two men at the same time. The storyline wasn't great but the sex was graphic and very descriptive. She didn't need erotic literature to turn her on. She was already as horny as hell but the imagery the story created in her mind was pretty good.

She lifted her slip up close to her waist. She couldn't see her pussy from above but she knew Daniel would get a damn good view from the doorway. She touched herself through her hose and panties. The smooth tactile material didn't desensitise her skin at all and she twitched as her fingers danced over her swollen clitoris.

Obeying Daniel's letter, Kelly allowed her fingers to stray down over her cunt and down to her anus. She had to apply a little more pressure there because the hose and her panties stretched across her cheeks making a gap above her arsehole. She found her back passage and opened it a little with her middle finger.

She continued playing and stroking herself for several minutes, at first patiently waiting for Daniel and then yearning for him as she came closer and closer to climax.

She heard the front door open and then close very quietly. She avoided looking up but could feel Daniel's eyes on her. He quietly moved a dining chair to the doorway and sat down to watch his wife.

Her fingers moved smoothly over her damp crotch but instead of just touching her anus as instructed, she paused there and allowed her fingertip to explore again. She hoped Daniel had a good view of this.

She felt like an exhibitionist, exposing herself to a stranger. It was such a deeply erotic feeling that she almost came as she pressed both her hands against her cunt. She could feel her juices soaking into her panties and slowly seeping between her legs.

Kelly's hands roamed up her body over her tight white blouse. She moaned quietly as her fingers reached her hard nipples, the smooth fabric increasing the delicious feelings in her full firm breasts.

As she unbuttoned her blouse, she slipped her fingers under the satin to touch and gently pinch her nipples. She lifted her left breast and leaned forwards to lick and kiss her nipple. She loved it when Daniel gave her breasts a lot of attention. It was as if her nipples were connected directly to her clitoris.

As her mouth closed over her nipple, she imagined it was Daniel's mouth sucking and licking her. Swapping to her right breast, she nibbled at the nipple, a mewing sound coming from the back of her throat as she reached the edge of her orgasm.

Finally, Kelly squeezed and massaged her breasts together pushing them into a magnificent cleavage before gliding her hands back down her body. She leaned forwards and stroked her legs alternately, one hand starting inside her thigh and the other on her buttock.

She gripped her cheek so that her fingers dug deep into her crease before sliding both hands down to her foot and back up again. The finally destination was always the same point – her cunt for one hand and her anus for the other. Every time her fingers touched her clitoris she cried out and found it increasingly difficult not to cum.

Kelly lifted her hips, making sure Daniel had a good view of her damp pussy. Slowly, she pulled her hose down to her ankles and then laid back on the sofa so that Daniel could see her hairless cunt through the sheer black fabric of her panties. She pushed her fingers hard against herself, pressing the material into her cunt. She slipped two fingers inside and then touched them to her pouting lips. She breathed deeply though her nose, savouring the smell before plunging her fingers into her mouth. She licked and sucked them enthusiastically.

She wanted Daniel so badly now but had one final thing to do. She picked up the vibrator and turned it on. She touched it to her nipples first and twitched and writhed as the tingling drove her wild. She then pressed it against her clitoris and it felt like an electric shock that made her suck her breath in sharply. She couldn't keep it there or she would cum so she traced a line down to her anus and slipping it inside her panties, shallow fucked herself there instead.

Unable to wait any longer, Kelly lifted her legs to invite Daniel in. He was there in the blink of an eye. He pushed her legs open and entered her so quickly, it took her breath away. He pounded into her as hard as he could and she came immediately. But as her orgasm begin to pass, she felt Daniels finger slip into anus and it held her in ecstasy for what seemed like an age,

Unable to stop himself, Daniel exploded into her, crying out deliriously. When it was over, Daniel lifted Kelly's hips as he said he would and withdrew, pulling her panties back in place. Kelly clutched her virginal muscles and held his cum inside herself for later.

Daniel stood back and watched Kelly pull her tights on and silently leave the room. Then he walked out of the room and up the stairs.

Still panting, he lay down on the bed. He gave himself a few minutes to recover and then got undressed. He took a long time to shave himself and found it an easier job than he had expected.

When he was finished, he looked down at his hairless legs and his bald crotch. It looked strange to him. Not horrible, just unfamiliar. He hoped Kelly would like it.

Remembering the correct order, Daniel put on his garter belt and stockings. Kelly was right – the nylon felt fantastic against his skin and dressing in women's underwear was deliciously kinky.

Before attaching the stockings to his garter belt, Daniel squeezed the lube into his anus. After several attempts he managed to fasten his stockings and he stroked his legs. The sensation sent a shiver down his spine. He had never felt anything quite like it.

When he pulled the French knickers on, the soft fabric brushed against his cock and the feeling took his breath way. This was rapidly becoming the best night of his life.

Finally, he slipped the camisole top over his head and then stared at himself in the mirror. What he saw was slightly incongruous. The combination of a man's body and woman's clothes didn't quite work but the feeling, oh, the feeling was something else. He didn't care what he looked like, the sensation was everything.

He looked at the butt-plug and then the strap-on. The plug was ok but the strap-on looked enormous. He wondered if he would be able to go through with that. Then he reminded himself of how his wife had done everything in his letter. He couldn't let the side down.

With lube, plug and strap-on in hand, Daniel went back downstairs to the kitchen. He stood in front of Kelly looking at the floor. His wife circled around him looking at his stockinged legs, his panty-clad arse and his throbbing erection that was jutting out in his knickers. He slowly started to count, secretly hoping Kelly liked what she saw.

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