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A Little Theater To Play In

I'm driving to a new adult theater with excitement building every mile. You see I'm a Trans Girl and I adore no I love playing in adult theaters. I love the excitement of having sex in front of strangers, I love the feeling of strange anonymous hands all over my body, feeling me touching me, I love being watched while I suck a guy off, I love being watched as I suck off many guys. I love being bent over a chair and fucked while being watched and I love having a guy come up and stick his cock in my mouth as I'm being fucked. But I digress.

So, I heard about a little theater in South Florida that was supposed to be fun and that both men and women went there alone and as couples. I had read some posts about it in a Yahoo Group and it sounded like my kinda place.

I had spent the afternoon shopping en femme for an outfit for my first night at the new theater. After many years playing in theaters I know what type of outfit I need to wear for fun. I prefer a front hook bra so my breasts are easily accessible, I like to wear a dress that either buttons up the front or is easily pushed up over my ass. Oh how I love being bent over and feeling my skirt pushed up while a guy pulls my thong aside and starts playing with my girl clit as he gets ready to enter me. I love that feeling of him getting me wet and loosened up. I love surrendering to him, the anticipation of knowing I'm going to have a cock sliding into me just drives me crazy with desire. So as you might see I put a lot of thought into planning for my night of debauchery. I want to be prepared and attractive to my audience.

I stop and get a new color lip stick as I like leaving a little ring around a cock while I'm sucking him. I also needed some new eye shadow to go with my new dress. I decided to go with a short black dress that buttoned up the front and had a pretty embroidered rose on the front. It would look great while stopping by a local night club before the theater and it would be practical for a night of being used that I was so hoping for.

Back at my hotel I have a nice long hot bath and give myself a little mini facial (thinking about the major facial I'll get later if I'm lucky . I shave my legs and do a little landscaping. I love being completely smooth for my lovers. The feeling of hands running all over my smooth body just sends me to a special place.

I pick my favorite new black lace front hook bra and a cute black thong and killer heels for the evening. Now time for make up, I spent a ton of money at Sephora this afternoon just so I'd look and feel great tonight. I love applying my makeup it seems to really get me in the mood. Of course maybe standing at the bathroom counter mirror in my bra, thong and heels putting just the right shade of eye shadow on might have something to do with it. I really take my time as I feel it's so important to have my makeup just right. Which when you think about the fact that my face will be covered in cum later on it seems kind of pointless but it's important to me.

Time for the black dress I pass on thigh highs as my legs are nicely tanned and smooth and I just love the feeling of my dress on my bare legs. I check my purse to make sure my trusty nipple clips, some tissues and my small makeup kit and hair brush are in there and I am ready for the night.

I stop off at the Manor in Fort Lauderdale around 9:00 to see what's going on and chat with a couple of guys but it's still a bit early for the crowd. Besides I'm so pumped up for the theater that I only spend a few minutes there. I gotta get there!

So, with the help of my trusty GPS I get there a short time later. There are quite a few cars in the parking lot so that's a good sign. I go in and pay my $10 and enter the theater in hopes of some fun. After a few minutes my eyes finally adjust and I see maybe 20 +/- guys and one couple who seem to be enjoying themselves but they leave soon after I get there. I sit towards the back on the aisle and ponder what the evening has in store.

Theaters are kind of funny sometimes they're incredible and sometimes it's a snooze fest. As I'm thinking a youngish guy asks if he can sit next to me. He looks pretty yummy and I say yes. He sits down and we chat for a bit and then he leans in and kisses me. Well when our lips meet all the feelings and urges and energy I've had inside me in anticipation of tonight just come rushing out and I just melt in his arms. We continue to kiss and I feel his hands starting to roam and caress my body and I can't wait to go down on my new young friend. He seems to sense that I want to suck him so bad and he gently leads my head to his lap where his cock is in full bloom. I hungrily engulf his cock and I'm in ecstasy. The feeling of a cock inside my mouth especially the first one of the evening is just wondrous and I try to enjoy every second of it being inside me. Unfortunately it's not to be and after what seems like seconds he explodes in my mouth with more cum than I've seen or felt. Don't get me wrong I loved it but I was hoping he'd last a little longer but fortunately he gave me a lot of cum. As it starts running down my chin I can't help thinking this is going to be a hot night 

My friend stands to leave and without me realizing it another gentleman was standing next to me in the aisle at cock level. He had it out and ready and I just turned my head and devoured him. He was a bit wider than my previous cock but it felt wonderful and I worked my mouth up and down his shaft and I could tell he loved every second of it. His moans and grabbing my head and pushing my face to meet each thrust told me he was definitely enjoying it. All of the sudden I felt a hand from the other side of me unbuttoning my dress and caressing my breasts. I've secretly been on hormones for about 6 months and I was starting to enjoy some nice breast growth and he was loving my new titties for sure. I love being felt up by someone else while I'm going down on another guy so this was sending me through the roof and I sucked harder and deeper. He soon shot a nice warm load in my mouth and I drank every bit of his cream. It felt wonderful and he thanked me for a hot blowjob.

Apparently several other people were enjoying the view as I looked around and probably 6 or 8 guys had been watching us. I thought I should I give the next blowjob to the guy that was playing with my breasts but he seemed to have other ideas. He asked me to stand up and he completely unbuttoned my dress and undid my bra. He asked me if I'd like to fuck and of course I said yes before he could get the question out of his mouth. He bent me over the seat and started licking me and making me wet. I felt him push his cock inside me and I thought I'd faint it felt so good. I have to admit that I really don't fuck that many guys only ones that really turn me on and him going down on me making me so wet really turned me on. He started to pump his cock inside me gently at first but increasingly harder. My eyes closed I was enjoying every second of it and after opening my eyes to see a beautiful cock in front of me and about to enter my mouth I knew I was going to be enjoying myself even more.

Having my mouth full of cock and being fucked at the same time well it doesn't get any better than this does it. Another guy had spotted my breasts hanging down and swaying back and forth with each pump and he decided squeeze and caress them to my ever lasting gratitude. I took a quick break to grab my nipple clips out of my purse and my tit man put them on my nipples. All 3 guys loved seeing the nipple clips on and I soon felt cum shooting into each hole. I stood up and cum was running down my leg and down my chin and over my breasts, with my dress half on, bra hanging on and thong barely still on and with my nipple clips on I'm sure I was quite the sight but oh did I feel wonderful.

Apparently I didn't look too bad because I was asked to come just as I was into the back corner of the theater where several guys I'm not even sure how many asked me or rather forced me onto my knees and proceeded to have me go down on each and every one of them. Several guys stuck their cocks in my mouth and some guys jerked off on me. I was on fire from the heat of all the guys around me and I felt so hot and so slutty but most of all I felt that I was exactly where I wanted to be. The guys circled around me were feeding me cock or jerking off on me and other guys in the theater were just watching. As the guys came one by one either inside my mouth or all over my face and in my hair I felt cum all over me (so much for the makeup, huh) and I was drenched. What a sight I was now mostly undressed and absolutely covered in cum and who should walk in but the couple from earlier in the evening.

They took a look at me and then looked at each other and then she came over to me and took me by the hand and walked me down to the front seats of the theater. She told me to get down on my knees and then she stripped down to nothing and told me I really needed to add some pussy juice to my face. I proceeded to eat her pussy while every single person in the audience watched till she came and she came hard. She then picked my face up and kissed me deeply and started licking cum off my face. She seemed to know exactly how I felt and we held each other tightly and enjoyed the moment.

Absolutely drenched in cum and my clothing looking pretty messed up I did the walk of shame up the center aisle and through the lobby and out the front door. I did hear the counter guy say I must've had quite a night and I just kind of smiled to myself and thought yes I did indeed.

The ride back to my hotel gave me some time to think about the night and even though I could still feel the wet cum on me I just couldn't stop smiling.

Back in my room I slowly undressed taking off my now stretched out bra, ripped thong and cum soaked dress my what ever will the dry cleaners think about this but then again it won't be the first time . I took a nice hot shower washing off the many loads of cum I was so nicely given that night. Soaping myself up I couldn't help my hands from roaming all over my body, closing my eyes I imagined all those hands all over me again. As my little clitty grew and stiffened my hands soon found their way to it and thinking about the past few hours I came so hard I shuddered.

Another wonderful little theater found and enjoyed I can't wait to discover another one and I'll certainly return to this one.

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