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A Long Night Out

Sometimes, extending your trust too far and too fast can lead to things that you couldn't imagine.


If you happen to meet a woman at a club catering to Goths and those that meddle in the occult, you shouldn't be surprised to find that she is a little peculiar.

I met Rose shortly after I broke up with my previous girlfriend, while just looking to waste time, get wasted, and maybe get laid if I could find someone who'd be willing. I don't normally go to clubs of this sort, they just don't cater to my tastes. They are just too dark and moody for me to really enjoy, but I was looking for something that wouldn't remind me of my ex, and this fit the bill perfectly.

She had been a sexy blond, with a classic hourglass shape, and seemingly permanently perky and upbeat. She had seemed genuinely interested in me, so I was caught completely off guard when she told me she was leaving me. She said I did not have enough ambition for her, and that I was not enough of a man to 'fill her needs', as she put it. I was 5'10″, not a body builder, but I decently fit, and though I wasn't hugely built in the cock department, I was at least a little above average.

This left me depressed, obviously, so I decided to go clubbing at a place that seemed to have an atmosphere to suit my mood, dark and dreary. Here I was, sitting at a table nursing a drink, feeling lousy, when I was approached by a vision of dark beauty. She was a little below my height, around 5'8″, and built like a wet dream. She was wearing a long, sleeveless black dress that hugged her curves like a second skin, covering everything except the barest hint of cleavage, but all the same leaving nothing to the imagination. Her face was that of a runway model gone nympho, with that sex hungry look aimed at me that all guys want a beautiful woman to direct their way. She had long, black hair, with a pale complexion that suited her perfectly. She had plump, full lips of the most exquisite shape. That was balanced on top of a graceful and slender neck like that of a swan. This led to her chest, which was full and well shaped, larger than a handful per breast but not so large as to be at odds with her slender frame. Her chest tapered gently inward to a waist that was slight but perfect, leading to hips at just the right width, barely narrower than her bust. Her hips met with her legs with an ass that was beyond incredible, flaring out enough to give them some substance, but seemingly sculpted by a master artist. This naturally led to her legs, which were slim and toned to such a degree they seemed endless.

Needless to say, she had my full attention the moment she sat at my table. Even discounting her incredible beauty, her mere presence was enough to completely entrance me. She had one of those commanding presences, one that at once seemed to scream 'OBEY ME' and at the same time exuded a quiet fragility and tranquility. She made short work of breaking through my dark mood with small talk, quickly bringing me to feel much better. When asked about herself, she simply said, “My name is Rose, and that is all you need to know”. Even though this simple and entirely inadequate answer was all I got, for some odd reason I accepted it and didn't question her on it any more.

After talking to her for a while, and quickly warming to her, she asked me, “do you want to get out of this place and go somewhere more comfortable?”

“Of course,” I said, “where to?”

“My place, I live only a couple blocks away, so we can walk there.” After paying my tab, we quickly made our way to her apartment, a modestly sized place with a fair view of a small park. It was furnished with plain but comfortable furniture, and decorated with paintings and sculptures best described as dark and gothic. She quickly led me to a couch, and walked into the kitchen, asking me, “would you like me to fix you a drink while I get myself something?”

“Sure, I'll just have whatever you are having.”

Laughing gently, she said, “good, that should be easy enough to remember.” After a few moments, she walked into the living-room and handed me a large wine glass filled with a deep red wine. Taking a sip, and finding it to be pleasantly tangy with a sweet aftertaste, I quickly drank the whole glass. Soon after finishing the wine, I felt slightly dizzy, and my thoughts felt like they were mired in deep, heavy tar.

Sitting her glass aside she said, “that wine was laced with a potion I created, it will make you tell me everything I ask of you, and when it wears off you will not remember telling me any of it. So now I will find out everything there is to know about you, beginning with what you do….”

In short order I told her everything she wanted to know. I made my living by selling things on eBay, finding rare and unusual items at yard sales, and anywhere else I could. I was a single child, with both parents being deceased. I did not have any close friends I was still in contact with, and no one that I talked to frequently. You already know my basic physical description, but I will elaborate a little more. I had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and was decent looking but only above average, and my name was Joe. I had a decent amount of money, but I was not rich. I lived in an apartment by myself, and did not socialize much, frequenting bars but not many for more than a few visits.

Seeming satisfied by my answers, she sipped her wine until I started to come around, then said, “John, I really like you, I want to fuck, follow me to my room.”

Turning from me, she walked to the back of her apartment, to a bedroom. Naturally, I followed her into it. Turning to me, she handed me a small bottle, saying, “please drink this, I make it myself and it will improve your sexual stamina and make you enjoy this much more.”

“Okay,” I said, pulled the cork out of the small glass bottle, and downed the contents, a dark brown, slightly bitter fluid the consistency of cough syrup. Moments after drinking the contents of the bottle, I felt a cool tingling sensation slowly spread from my stomach to my entire body. When it finally reached every point in my body, everywhere suddenly felt a sharp hot sensation that brought my eyes wide open in an instant. At that moment, Rose dropped her dress from her body, and pulled me to her for a searing kiss, which made my cock jump to full mast in a matter of seconds.

Without breaking the kiss, Rose slowly undressed me while leading me to her bed, unbuttoning my shirt and pants, and pulling the whole lot from my body. Laying back on her bed, she kept up the kiss for what seemed eternity, until she pulled my head lower, and directed me to keep kissing her body. Slowly I kissed my way down until I reached her breasts, and I started kissing them and sucking on her nipples. While this was happening, the tingling sensation in my body intensified slowly, changing to a sensation of small hooks and knives pulling, pushing, and pinching beneath my skin, especially in my chest and groin, while maintaining the intense heat.

As I sucked her nipple, I delightedly noticed a warm fluid escaping her nipple, a sweet, buttery taste that I couldn't get enough of. After spending a few minutes sucking, she gently pushed me lower, until I was kissing my way to her belly button, and past it to the apex of her thighs. As I reached this point, she spread her legs and I beheld her pussy, a perfect specimen if I had ever seen one. It extended from the point between her thighs nicely, with a plump mound with her nether lips spread at least half an inch outward, with her clitoris peeking out just barely from the top of her slit. Practically dripping her desire, it was a sight I couldn't help but dive into wholeheartedly.

Her taste was divine, a sweet, tangy taste with only a hint of musk. I licked around her lips, before driving my tongue deeply into her to get more of her wonderful fluid. After sating my thirst I gently ran my tongue around her clit, bring forth a soft moan of pleasure. At this time, the sensation in my body had increased in intensity in my chest and groin, to an almost painful level, while increasing to only a little less in the rest of my body, most noticeable in my face, waist, and hips, although the feeling in my arms and legs was strange as well, my scalp tingled in an odd way, and the heat almost seemed enough to cause me discomfort.

After licking her clit for a while, I started to suck on it, while I drove a pair of fingers deeply into her slit, making the speed and pitch of her moans increase. After a few minutes of this, her clit started to increase in length and thickness quickly, and soon enough it was a foot long and several inches thick. Sucking the length of her clit eagerly down my throat, and fingering her with three of my fingers, she finally came loudly, screaming, her pussy gushing her juices over my face and hand, while her clit erupted with a salty-sweet fluid which caused the sensations in my body to explode in a pleasure I couldn't define, so great was it that it caused me to pass out.

Some time later, I awoke with my head pillowed on Rose's breasts, to her softly stroking my long, red hair with one hand and softly rubbing the side of my breast. This new sensation seeming a bit odd, I started to get up but she said, “not so fast now, you've undergone some changes that will take some getting used to, but you will enjoy them, I guarantee you.”

For some reason her words soothed me, so I lay back and started to enjoy her ministrations. Soon enough she moved me more upright against her soft breasts, and cupped my large breasts in her hands, stroking them and softly pinching my very sensitive nipples. I quickly started to feel good, the pleasure building in a very good way. Rose took one hand and draped it down my body until she reached my pussy, and started to stroke it in small circles, especially on my clit. She kept doing this until my pussy started putting out large amounts of juices, when she had me lay back, where she places her pussy on my waiting and eager mouth.

After licking her juicy slit until my face was running with her juices, she had me start sucking on her clit again, all the while still stroking my breasts and pussy. After a few minutes of sucking on her clit, it once again lengthened to a foot and nice and thick, which she gently drove deep into my mouth, and started to fuck my throat. With her clit down my throat, and her pussy rubbing over my face, it wasn't long before she shot another load down my throat, again coating my eager face with her love juices.

Withdrawing her clit from my mouth, she turned around and kissed me hard, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and tasting herself there. She then ran her clit over my dripping pussy, rubbing it deliciously over my clit. Lowering it, she ran the tip of her clit deep into my tight hole. Slowly pushing until she was stuffed completely in, she kissed me deeply again. Keeping our lips locked, she slowly withdrew all but the last couple inches of her tool, and then quickly rammed it back into me, eliciting a sharp moan from me into her mouth. She kept that up till she had a fast, hard rhythm, drawing moan after moan from me, until one moan ran into another and I kept up one continuous moan, stopping only to draw in more breath.

After what seemed an eternity of the sweet torture of her driving her huge tool into my hungry slit, I exploded, my juices drenching her. This in turn set off her orgasm, making her shoot another load into me, deep within my pussy. Her shots into the depths of my pussy drove my orgasm to a higher level, which made me pass out again.

Waking up with Rose spooned against me, her tool lodged firmly into my pussy, her hands cupping my breasts, I let out a sigh of pure contentment and happiness. With everything I felt invested in my voice, I said, “I love you Rose”.

Hearing me, she said with equal emotion, “I love you too, Joanne.”

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