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The address on the package said 1313 Mockingbird Lane I thought to myself that's funny because it was the same address as the Munster's in that TV sitcom back in the sixties that show was so funny I laugh at the reruns even now…So the addressee is named Miss Patricia Yang so I pretty much know that shes Asian…and single…the package is from Victoria's Secret and I wonder what sexy type of clothing she purchased I begin to imagine her in all types of naughty lingerie as I drive to her house…being a UPS driver has it's perks for sure you get to see many different people all races shapes and sizes and I wondered what Patricia was going to look like what would she smell like …I imagined her wearing very sexy cologne and answering the door in a slinky dress and high heels smiling at her as I hand her her package seeing the delighted look on her face and her return smile of course…Oh boy calm down Billy don't get yourself so worked up maybe shes ugly or fat or very old but as I pulled into her driveway I just knew she was going to be beautiful her house is immaculate with a manicured lawn and lots of flowers and so I take her package and carry it to her door! She probably isn't home and I'll have to leave the package on her doorstep that happens all the time but as I ring the doorbell I hear footsteps coming across a tiled floor a kind of loud clacking noise that high heeled shoes make when rushed across tiles I prepare myself to present her package when the door opens and my mouth goes dry for she is stunningly beautiful not too tall but tall enough with shoulder length jet black hair that I can see cascades down her impossibly slender but shapely figure she is wearing a summer dress flowery and cool looking her long shapely legs flowing down to the high heels I just knew she was wearing then she smiles at me seeing that I am the UPS man with the package she has been expecting and her dark eyes dance merrily on her incredibly lovely face…I try to be cool but wind up stammering out “I have a package for you Miss!” Then she smiles a most amazing smile and opens the storm door wide “Come in please!” she says and I happily step inside her home is beautifully furnished and could be a page out of a magazine it looks so perfect! She closes the door and the sunlight recedes leaving cool shadows and she turns to me and I hand her her package she smiles and says “I've been waiting for this a long time it was on back order can you wait while I open it up to see if it's right?” I say of course I can and she opens up a drawer of this exquisite foyer table and takes out a letter opener and deftly opens the package then moves aside the light paper packing and takes out a gorgeous see through nightie all black lace very small and very sexy looking Miss Yang holds up the nightie against her body and turns to me “I can't tell if it will fit mind if I try it on Billy?” She had read my name tag it said Bill but I liked that she called me Billy from her it sounded hot! I was kind of dumbfounded but managed to say “Sure Miss if you like!” then she reached back pulled a zipper and her dress fell off her body like magic sliding off her perfect shoulders like water to land in a puddle at her lovely feet she stepped out of the dress and she was naked except for the high heels my mouth went dry as I gazed at her perfect body her nipples were getting hard aroused by the air or perhaps from being viewed by a stranger for whatever the reason they came alive before my eyes a dark rose color they were so impossibly pretty… my eyes traveled down her flat stomach to the beautiful V of her vagina completely hairless except for a tiny patch just above her clitoris my eyes wandered down her legs such shapely lovely legs they were too milky white skin and small shapely ankles attached to the smallest feet I had ever seen on a woman her perfect tiny toes peeked out of those sexy heels my eyes were in heaven… then she began to slip the nightie over her head and my eyes jumped to catch the sight I watched it slide over her small delicate hands then over her graceful slender arms her beautiful face emerged as the nightie continued to settle over her body she was watching me closely her eyes glued to my enraptured face and a knowing smile bloomed on her lush full dark rose colored lips as the nightie finally finished settling over her body and it looked like it was made for her I was so turned on my cock had a mind of its own and began to swell in my pants then Miss Yang said “So You Like?”

I could not speak the words would not come to my lips I opened them but no sound came out just a long exhale so I just nodded then she got a mischievous look in those dark beautiful eyes and said “So do you think if I had boyfriend he would get turned on by this nightie?” I nodded then she said “If he liked it that much I would have to reward him by doing this!” She stated and dropped to her knees in front of me she transfixed me with those eyes I was entranced and afraid that if I blinked the spell would be broken and she would stop so I stood frozen but then her tiny hands moved lightning quick she had my zipper open and my cock in her hand before I could draw another breath “I think it likes me!” She said and giggled as she looked into my eyes I continued to nod my head like a mute for the words still were not there…”For liking my nightie so much it must be rewarded!” She stated again then raising my cock to her lovely lips she stuck her tongue out her long very sexy looking tongue and licked the head her tongue looked impossible long she saw me looking at it and smiled then said “I practice with banana!” Then she reached over to the foyer table where there was a bowl of wax fruit she took a large wax banana from the bowl and held it up for me to see and said “I turn the banana this way to practice tongue lick!” and with the banana facing upwards she stuck out her tongue and holding it sideways wrapped her tongue completely around the end of it I was amazed but then she said “Then I take banana and turn it like this to practice taking deep!” She turned the banana over and looking into my eyes she slowly fed the banana into her mouth I watched in awe as the entire thing disappeared leaving only the stem then she pulled it back out slowly smiled and said “For when I have boyfriend so I can make happy! Please to let me try this for you see if you like?” I nodded my head again and then she did for my cock what she did to the banana she turned me sideways her small hand grabbed my left buttock and squeezed as she turned me then she got close and slid out her long slender tongue and wrapped it completely around the head of my cock I gasped in pleasure never having felt that before then her tongue massaged the head slowly before retreating back into her mouth her hand turned me again till I was facing her then she looked into my eyes and pursed her lips like she was going to kiss my cock the head slid past her lips and just kept going slowly sliding over her tongue to the back of her throat the right on down I felt her esophagus gripping my cock as she swallowed me whole …when her nose was pressed up against my pubes and her chin was resting on my balls she reversed and slid it back out then in then out it was too much for me and I started to cum she felt and heard me and slid my cock out till the head was around her lovely rose colored lips then her hand slowly milked my cock as I poured the contents of my balls into her mouth when I had finished she took her lips off my cock then opened her mouth so I could see the large pool of white fluid swimming over her tongue and teeth then she closed her mouth smiled and when she opened it again it was gone just that amazing her amazing tongue and perfect white teeth greeted my eyes…”You think when I find boyfriend he like that?” I nodded then finally found my voice “Thank Goodness for wax bananas!” I choked out then She giggled and then returned my cock to my pants and zipped me back up she watched my face the whole time as she stood and smiled up at me “Thank you Billy for Most Special Delivery!” I said “Thank you for receiving my delivery Miss Yang!” She shook her head and said “And you may call me Patricia!” I said “Okay Patricia I'm sorry but I have to go now lots more deliveries still in my truck!” Patricia smiled “Just so long as you save Most Special delivery for me okay?” I smiled and said “Okay!” I reluctantly turned and left her house and got into my truck Patricia waved from her doorway peeking around the door so her neighbors would not see her new nightie… and I waved back started up the truck and left good thing that delivery had been close to my lunch break just in case my supervisor decided to check up on me I'd be eating in my truck today a fast sandwich as I drove but that was okay in my mind I was reliving those moments of incredible pleasure at my new friend Patricia's house…I was smiling and singing to myself the rest of the day…

The following week I had another package for Patricia Yang it was from FUNTOYSINTERNATIONAL.COM a good size package and felt full of things I made sure that my lunch break was timed to my delivery at her house and I took her package to her door she was there in an instant she must have heard my truck pull up then the door opened and she smiled at me and I smiled back “I have a package for you…Patricia!” She smiled and said “Please to come in Billy so I can inspect package okay?” I nodded and said “Okay!” we went into the foyer again and she put the package on the long table there and opened the drawer took out her letter opener then deftly opened the package after removing the packing material there was an assortment of sex toys in the box all sorts of interesting things big and small and they all looked capable of eliciting pleasure! Patricia was wearing a long black Kimono made of silk it was flowered with what looked like a type of orchid and was very beautiful the contrast on her milky white skin was striking…but I only got to admire the kimono for a moment Patricia went and grabbed a beautiful chair that was next to the long table and brought it over it was ornate with arms and lovely cushions she shrugged off her kimono and she was wearing the sexy nightie that I had brought last week and she looked amazing then she sat in the chair spread her legs and wrapped them around the legs hooking her pretty feet around the legs then she wrapped her arms around the arms of the chair she looked like she was bound to the chair though she wasn't it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and my cock jumped in my pants! “Please to try new toys on me?” It was a questions that needed no answer I looked at Patricia she was smiling invitingly I knew what she wanted me to do so I took the box and got down on my knees in front of her I took a small vibrator not thinking it was going to work without batteries but when I turned it on it buzzed to life Patricia giggled “I Make sure they put batteries in before send!” It was my turn to smile “I see! Good idea!” I said before using the thing on her she moaned and squirmed so I got bold and took a bigger one I slipped it inside her and she came immediately she had the cutest way of cumming it had three O's to it first a small one then a bigger one then a really long one that lasted through her orgasm she would only let me insert it a short way I didn't know why and I didn't care I was having fun and I took every device out and used them on her she came many times and was covered with a patina of sweat by the time I had finished then she composed herself rose from the chair slipped back on her kimono I put her box of toys back on the table while she returned the chair to its place then she came up to me and smiling said “Thank you Billy for Most Special Delivery and Thank you for trying out new fun toys I will need when find new boyfriend!” I was so horny I almost came in my pants and she knew it too but I composed myself and said “Your welcome Patricia the pleasure was half mine!” Then she opened the door and let me out the sun felt hot after being inside her house which was so nice and cool…We waved to each other as I drove away she had put back on her kimono and was standing fully in the doorway what a vision she was then I went straight to a fast food joint where before I got a burger to eat on the road I went into the men's room and relieved myself in the bathroom stall it didn't take but a few strokes before I was cumming buckets into the swirling waters I used the flush to mask any noise I was making during my orgasm I was thinking about her lovely body in that chair writhing while I teased her to orgasms that made me cum so fast! I got my burger and ate quickly as I made my way to my next stop I was smiling all the way and I smiled the rest of the day the guys at the job even commented on my happy face asking what put you in such a good mood I just shrugged and said “It was just a beautiful day!” No one was going to know about my secret meetings with Patricia she was mine and mine alone and I hoped it stayed that way!
The following week I kept looking out for another package for her I wanted an excuse to visit her again I knew I had to see her again and I scanned the packages for her name every day…Then on Thursday I found one it was addressed to her from Victoria's Secret oh boy something else sexy for her to try on for me I planned my route to arrive at her place lunch time then I rushed to her door and she opened it before I could ring the bell she smiled and said “Package for me?” like she didn't know it was coming she was so cute I smiled “Package for you!” I stated she smiled beautifully and said “Please to come in so I can inspect package item!” She led me back into her foyer put the package on that long table again and got her opener from that drawer quickly she opened the box and the packing paper fluttered to the floor inside the box I saw a peekaboo bra lacy and black with a matching pair of crotch-less panties damn but they looked HOT she smiled as she watched my facial expression then said “I must try on to see if fit you tell me if fit okay?” My mouth went dry again I nodded okay and she slipped off her kimono under which she wore nothing her flawless body gleamed like it had just been oiled and slipped that peekaboo bra on then she slipped those crotch-less panties on OMFG but she looked HOT I almost came just looking at her and she saw my arousal by the way my pants were bulging out and she liked what she saw…Her nipples I could see growing hard peeking through her sexy bra they looked so delicious I wanted to take them and give them both love bites but Patricia had other ideas she went and got that chair again then she turned to me and said “You think if I had boyfriend he would like this?” she said while striking a sexy pose…I said “Oh yes!” then she turned around and bent way over the chair showing me her lovely bottom it was milky white and a little rosy and half of it was showing through the crotch-less part of her panties her body was a perfect hourglass and small though she was her legs looked so long and shapely I was incredibly turned on needless to say then she wiggled her sweet fanny and said “You think boyfriend would like my bottom sexy enough you think?” I was practically drooling as I said “Yes Patricia it's very sexy!” Then she said “Maybe I am not tight enough for him would you try it out please and tell me if good?”

My cock was out of my pants in record time I knew what she wanted and got behind her then I slipped my cock between the lips of her sex and she gasped as I entered OMFG but she was tight I had to kind of f***e my way in thinking any other guy she had been with must have had a real tiny cock LOL but then as I got half way in I hit a wall there was a membrane inside her and my eyes opened wide as I realized she was a virgin I was stunned and hesitated then she said “Please to put more cock YES!” I knew what she wanted she wanted me to break her cherry and again I hesitated then she wiggled her sweet apple shaped bottom turned to me and said “Billy Please to put more cock need more cock Please!” I could not believe she was asking me to be her first and of course I was happy to be that guy I wanted her so damn bad at that moment I had to do it so I leaned forward and whispered into her sexy shell shaped ear “This may hurt a little you might want to hold on tight for a moment!” I watched her tiny hands grip the chair arms and I had an idea so I reached forward and took both her nipples between my thumb and forefinger they were so hard I thought they might shatter but I squeezed hard on them and heard her sharp intake of breath as the sweet pain shot into her brain it was now or never and I reared back a little then drove forward there was a moment of resistance and then her hymen broke she let out a gasp and a long moan as my cock continued on to fill her completely it was the tightest pussy I had ever been inside and the walls of her vagina gripped me like a velvet glove I left it there deep inside her for a moment letting her get used to the feeling and to get over the initial pain of entry she was my first virgin all the other women I had ever been with had been broken in before I came along and I was in awe of this moment then Patricia composed herself and wiggled her fanny a little and said “Okay to do me now Please!” so I did slowly stroking my cock in and out of her and I felt her juices flowing rapidly and my cock began to move faster every moment then I heard her familiar first O and she said “Finish inside Please!” I leaned forward and whispered “But you might get pregnant!” she shook her head no “Not my time I know time… Finish inside Please!” she gasped out as her second O escaped her lips I thought to myself hey if this is what she wants who am I to deny her so I grabbed lovely hips that surrounded her sweet apple shaped bottom and really gave it to her I watched her bottom jiggle as my hips collided with it then heard her final O it was a big one this time and I felt her contractions gripping my cock like a vise it was too much I was going to cum as well and as her long cry of OHHHHHHHHH escaped her lips I did just that exploding deep inside her as deep as I could possibly go I held her hips tight to me as I emptied my aching cum filed balls and my groans mingled with her OHHHHHHHHHH and our song continued for some time until I collapsed on top of her kissing the back of her neck then blowing onto it to cool her hot skin I did not want to pull out of her and left it there until it got soft and slipped out on its own…
Then Patricia turned to me she was smiling and her eyes were dancing her face was flushed and glowing pink as she said “So Billy you think boyfriend might like the way that feel?” I was smiling from ear to ear “Yes Patricia boyfriend will definitely like!” She said “Good! Very Happy I Please!” She put the chair back and came up to me then got down on her knees she took my cock and did the banana technique on it and when she was finished it gleamed squeaky clean she put my cock back into my pants then stood up and took my hands in hers and said “Thank You Billy for Most Special Delivery!”
I squeezed her hands gently and said “Your Welcome Patricia! The Pleasure was half Mine!” then she showed me to the door after putting back on her kimono and waved to me smiling as I drove away…

The next Monday I arrived at Patricia's house with an unexpected package I could see the confusion on her face as I handed her the small package see she knew that she had not ordered anything to be delivered on that day yet here I was but she asked me inside and went to the long table she got her opener and looked at me with a curious face…then she opened the box and inside she found the envelope that I had taped to the bottom she removed the envelope it had Patricia written in my hand on the envelope she looked again at me curiously then opened the envelope inside was a card the card said “Your Invited!” she opened the card and inside it read “To Dinner this Friday!” and I had signed it Billy your UPS man Patricia smiled the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and said to me “Thank you Billy for Most Special Delivery! First you bring me sexy nightie then you bring me fun toys to play with then you bring me naughty undies to arouse a possible boyfriend and now… You bring me a boyfriend! I accept your invitation! Please to pick Patricia up at seven thirty she will be ready for you!” Then she kissed me lightly on my lips it was a soft kiss but I felt it right down to my toes I saw forever in those dark eyes of hers that appeared to moisten a little as I returned that kiss then she showed me to the door and waved to me smiling brightly as I drove away waving back like a fool in love which is what I was…

We had a most amazing time that Friday she is the most intriguing woman I have ever met turns out that she is a web designer and a video game creator which is why she is always at home to accept her packages… she works out of her house and I was amazed at how she came up with ideas for all these unbelievably complex games heck she even had an interactive sex game that she has never marketed yet as it was still in the developmental stages it involves two or more people who can go online and have cyber- sex with each other and the graphics are so real I got excited when she demonstrated it with me and we wound up having real sex shortly afterward and it was spectacular she did things to me that I had only dreamed about…Patricia knows things and can do things what an imagination she has…Yeah I was hooked she had me thinking about her all day long…Oh yeah it also turns out that my Patricia has a bit of a devious streak see she had planned it all every delivery everything that happened all planned… she had seen me deliver a package to her neighbor some time ago and had thought me cute then she got the idea to meet me through my job which would be to deliver her packages the little minx had set me up but I had also surprised her with my package she had been planning another delivery when mine had shown up she liked the way I had asked her out and now every day I get to talk to and then see at night My Sweet Patricia and every day I seem to love her more…How could I have known that my entire life would change that fine summer day when while I was working I happened to have… A Package For Patricia!
Never, THE END!
P.S. The situations in this story are fictional but the characters are real you may meet the real Patricia by finding her on Xhamster just search billbig5893 you'll find her there leave some comments on her lovely photo's she likes that…She has been my girlfriend for a long time now and we have fun almost every day I love her madly you will too!

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