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A Single Dad

Introduction: If only it had really happened this way….. but no, it is all fictional. Look at the themes .. if these are objectionable to you.. stop reading now.. you will not enjoy the story =) Only posting because Sir told me to.. so be nice please =) It had been a long month for all of us. Adjusting to the kids being with me permanently and their crazy mother totally out of the picture definitely had some ups and downs. At 12, Aubrey was the oldest and a lot of the slack in terms of helping with her younger brothers fell to her. I felt bad about that but really didnt know what else to do. Sometimes she acted just like a little kid and other times she was the perfect mother.

I imagine it didnt help the thoughts I was having about her as I watched her roll around on the floor in her Hello Kitty nightie, watching it ride up her hips, exposing her little white panties. or when I would catch her running naked from the shower to her room because she had forgotten her clothes. Those glimpses of her beautiful firm, budding body guaranteed I would be walking around with a painful hard on for the rest of the night. Lately I had taken to sneaking into her room after she was asleep and sliding the covers back so I could look at her while I stood there stroking my cock, imagining what her lips would feel like wrapped around it.

But tonight the boys were spending the night at their grandparents and I had promised Aubrey a reward for all her help. We started the evening by stopping at her favorite ice cream parlor and ordering a huge chocolate sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top. She happily sat on my lap enjoying the treat as I thoroughly enjoyed the pressure of her small ass against the crotch of my jeans and the view of her newly forming tits down the front of her shirt. Watching her wrap her lips around that straw and suck was almost too much for me to stand. I desperately needed to feel her doing that to me!

I had been slowly de-sensitizing her to my body, letting her see me walking naked from the shower to the bed room, leaving the door open when I went to piss. At first she had been embarrassed but when I explained to her that I was used to being here alone and that there was nothing about your body to be ashamed of, she seemed to accept it. She had started sitting on the toilet in the bathroom in the mornings watching me shave as I stood at the sink naked, chatting about the day.

At one point I caught her looking at my cock so I decided to bite the bullet and turned to face her so she could have a full frontal view.

I see you are curious about my cock sweetheart, I said to her, its ok, go ahead and look at it. I know you dont have one so of course you are curious.

She blushed but she didnt turn away either. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the effect of her sitting there in her nightie staring at my cock had the anticipated effect and my cock started to grow.

Daddy! it is getting bigger! she exclaimed.

Yes sweet heart, it does that when something feels good and you looking at it is making me feel good. If you want to see it get even bigger, go ahead and stroke it with your hands

I could tell she wasnt sure about herself, but nevertheless she was curious enough to reach out and touch my cock, making it jump and swell even more. She giggled and I went back to shaving before I lost all control.

Since that morning, I took every opportunity to grind my cock against her body and sometimes when she felt it hard and poking her, she would reach back and stroke it a little through my clothes. We never really talked about it other than I would tell her how good it made me feel and what a good girl she was.

About halfway through the ice cream she must have noticed my growing cock because she started grinding her ass back against it. I moaned quietly, unable to suppress the sound. She giggled when she heard me and started grinding harder.

Oh sweetheart, that feels so good but you are a naughty girl playing like that in public! How would you like it if I reached up your top and tweaked your little nipples right here? I had never touched her up to this point (well, not while she was awake anyways) and waited to see her response.

I felt her suck in her breath in surprise as she suddenly went still, my cock pressed snugly between her ass cheeks.

Will you Daddy? I like how I feel when I touch my nipples. It makes my tummy all tingly but I bet it will feel even better if you do it!

I was in shock. Turns out my innocent daughter was maybe not quite so innocent. And obviously she was ok with me touching her body as well. keep eating your ice cream sweetheart and I will see what I can do I whispered in her ear, looking around to see who might be watching. The place was pretty crowded which was how she had ended up sitting on my lap to start with but our backs were to the counter and the people sitting in front of us didnt seem to be paying any attention so I slowly started sliding my hand up inside her shirt, feeling her hot smooth skin against the palm of my hand. As I passed her ribs, it must have tickled as she started squirming in my lap again. It was taking all my self control not to blow my load right there in my jeans!
Higher I went until I could feel the small swell of her newly forming breast. There really wasnt much there yet although it was probably time to take her bra shopping. And her mother had been well endowed so I had high hopes for the final product. But for now they were still small and firm. I covered her entire breast with my hand and squeezed, mmm very nice baby! you are developing beautifully. Do you like the feel of Daddys hand on your breast? I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

yes daddy she answered in a breathy voice which made me smile.

good girl, now finish your ice cream so we arent late to the movie! I tell her as I squeeze her small tit one more time before shifting my attention to her hard little nipple. I begin to roll and lightly pinch her nipple between my thumb and finger, feeling her shifting in my lap every time I do. I smile and tell her, maybe later Daddy will show you how good it feels when he kisses your nipples! as I slide my hand back down across her belly and out from under her shirt.

The old man across from us had been watching for a while and from his expression I could tell he was definitely jealous. As we walk past him on the way out, I slide my hand down over Aubreys ass, copping a feel and winking at the old guy.

I had let Aubrey pick the movie and as I feared, it was some stupid teen movie. I was surprised to find that the movie theater was practically empty when we got there so we picked seats close to the front and sat in the middle of the row. The only other people in the theater were some kids sitting way in the back and I doubted there were there to actually watch the movie.

The movie theater at the mall had been renovated a couple years back and the seating had been converted to stadium seating with the flip up arm rests so as the movie began, I lifted up the arm rest between us and Aubrey snuggled against me with my arm wrapped around her shoulders. The movie was torture and after the first 5 minutes I was done even pretending to watch it.

I leaned over and kissed Aubreys head, sliding my hand down her shirt at the same time and flicking her nipple. She squirmed a little and smiled up at me. While I continued to play with her tits, I took her hand and moved it over to my cock, encouraging her to stroke it through my pants. She seemed happy to oblige and we sat there for a bit, both pretending to watch the movie while I played with her nipples and she stroked my cock.

sweetheart, did you know that there is another very special place that Daddy can touch that will feel even better than me touching your titties? I leaned over and whispered to her. She looked up at me and shook her head no.. do you want Daddy to show you? I whispered and she hesitantly nodded her head yes.
ok baby, undo your shorts and slide them down your legs a little way I continued to pinch and roll her nipples as I watched my little girl unbutton her shorts and wiggle them down past her ass, stopping just below the v of her legs. Good Girl I praised her, my cock throbbing painfully, now do the same with your panties
She hesitated a second and I pinched her nipple harder than I had so far, twisting and pulling it away from her body at the same time. She gasped and quickly reached up under her ass and pulled her little girl panties down until her smooth mound was clearly visible.

Theres Daddys girl I praised her, going back to gently teasing her nipple Now undo Daddys pants and let his cock out. you are making it so hard that it is starting to hurt baby. Aubry reached over and I could feel her little hands fumbling with the snap and zipper on my pants until the pressure was finally relieved and I could feel her small hand directly against the skin of my cock. Good Girl! Daddy is very proud of you sweetheart. Now hold onto Daddys cock while I show you how good a big girl can feel I praised her some more as I slid my hand out of her shirt and brought it down to touch her exposed mound. Oh baby, your skin is so smooth! I whispered to her as I began to stroke her mound, not yet parting her virgin lips.

daddy is going to make you feel so good sweetheart! Just keep holding onto Daddys cock and remember to be quiet Her shorts and panties are holding her legs closed so I am really not in the position to pierce her young body but that was not my aim this time anyways. Tonight I am content to slide my finger between her sweet lips and play with her clit, driving her closer and closer to her first orgasm. As i feel her body tighten in preparation, and her hand squeeze almost painfully on my rock hard cock, I hold my finger still against her little clit, maintaining pressure but no motion Do you like that baby? Does it feel good when Daddy touches you like that? Do you want Daddy to touch you some more baby?

I can feel her chest rising and falling as she is panting from the feelings I am creating in her body and she doesnt seem able to answer me right away. I gently roll my index finger around her clit and whisper sweetheart, pay attention. If you want Daddy to keep touching you, you need to tell me. You need to tell Daddy if you like it when Daddy touches you here

She finally turns her head to look up at me yes Daddy… please Daddy… it feels so good Daddy. my tummy is all full of butterflies and squirmy. .. please touch me some more Daddy she softly pleads.

oh sweetheart! I knew you would like it. you were made for this. But there is a lot you need to learn Baby and i want you to work very hard to learn it all and be the best little girl for me that you can be! i whisper down to her, still slowly stroking her clit and feeling it get wetter and wetter from her bodys own lubricant.
first you need to always thank Daddy for taking care of you. I tell her as I slide my hand out of her slit and put my arm back around her shoulders. Lean down baby and thank Daddy properly, i tell her and i stroke her hair and begin to push her head down towards my lap and my straining cock. I hadnt planned on doing this but I am now desperate to feel her mouth on me. Kiss Daddys cock baby. That is where you came from and it is important that you say thank you for making you As i continue to press her head down into my lap I can feel her hot breath across the tip of my cock as she opens her mouth and then places a little kiss on the tip of my cock. Good girl.. now open your mouth baby and take Daddys cock inside you. I feel her lips start to close around the head of my cock and the feel of her hot wet mouth is a million times better than i had imagined. Fuck yeah baby… oh you make Daddy feel so good sweetheart! I moan to her as I begin to press down on her head, forcing her farther onto my cock before releasing and letting her bob up a little.

I know she isnt ready but I also know i cant wait anymore. baby, your mouth feels soo good and daddy has waited a long time. I know you can do this for me baby. Dont be scared, just relax. Soon you will learn to do this all on your own i promise! and with that i push down on the back of her head and surge up with my hips, burying my cock all the way balls deep in her throat. She immediately begins to flail and choke, her throat constricting on my cock. I know i need to let her go but fuck it feels so good. I finally force myself to let go of the back of her head and she immediately pulls off of my cock, spit and saliva running down here chin, still connecting her mouth to my cock. I wrap my arms around her, holding her close to my chest, rubbing her back and soothing her thats a good girl. I know it was scary baby but it feels so good when you can take all of daddy. Dont worry baby, the more you practice the better you will get at it.

I pull her onto my lap, her legs still held together by her shorts and panties, her bare ass resting against my hard wet cock and hold her some more. you did a good job sweetheart. especially for your first time. Do you feel how big Daddys cock is against your bare skin? That is because you made Daddy feel soooo good. I am very proud of you baby. The movie is almost over so we need to pull your clothes back up but i promise that daddy will play with you some more tonight and make you feel just as good as you made Daddy feel ok baby? I can feel her nodding her head against my chest. it is going to be a bitch getting my jeans closed but I guess that is the price to pay for that moment of bliss.

I stand my daughter up in front of me, between my legs and help her adjust her clothing, being sure to tickle her clit and fondle her tits in the process.

The exit for the movie theater is in the mall right across from Spencers and seeing the store gives me an idea. Lets go shopping baby. Daddy will buy you something special! I tell Aubrey as I hold her hand and guide her across the mall.

Like any 12 year old girl, she is all about shopping and is immediately excited by the idea. We spend a little time looking around the front of the store as I slowly guide her to the back where I really want to be. It always amazes me that this type of store is allowed in the mall and that parents regularly drag their kids with them to the back. But Aubrey being there with me looking at the bondage toy and erotic costumes, the vibrators and dildos is nothing out of the ordinary.

I encourage her to handle the various products as discuss them as we work our way around the back wall. In the end i make her go stand outside the store while I make my purchases. i dont want to press my luck going up to the counter carrying a vibrator and set of training butt plugs among other things with her by my side. I also want the purchases to be a surprise. After dropping a hefty chunk of change, I meet up with Aubrey at the front of the store and we continue down the mall, window shopping.

I havent really paid a lot of attention to the clothes that the kids came with when I got custody but it seemed to me that mostly what i had seen them wearing were old shorts and t-shirts so when we passed one of the teen clothing stores I decided we should go inside and look around. I am not sure i was prepared for that experience but, among the other clothes we walked out of there with were some very suggestive outfits that I couldnt wait to see my girl in.

As we load all the bags into the truck, i pull out the little finger vibrator that I picked up at spencers and make sure that the batteries are working in it. I think Aubrey has forgotten all about the movie theater but I havent and I am not nearly done with her for the night. The parking lot is dark and there isnt much traffic in it so I tell her, ok baby, I have a big girl surprise for you that you are really going to enjoy. Shimmy out of your clothes and let daddy look at his big girl. She looks at me and hesitates for a second but then she starts to undo her shorts and slide them down her legs, taking her panties with them. Good girl take off the shirt too baby, Daddy wants to see all of you!

As she sits there naked on the bench seat of my old truck, i take a minute to enjoy the view. I have uncovered her so many times at night that I cant say i am seeing something new but having her awake and aware makes it so much better. She is still slim and her body is only now beginning to take the shape of a woman. The fact that I and her mother created that body is icing on the cake. Spread your legs apart sweetheart and show Daddy your sweet spot She willingly shifts in the seat so that she can open her legs wide and I can see her smooth mound, her lips puffing out. Mmm good girl. Daddy likes to see your beautiful body. Ok baby, scoot over here next to daddy and put your feet up on the dash board. Spread your feet apart a little more baby… theres a good girl

And there she sits, naked, spread wide open for me in all her glory. It is going to be hard to drive home and keel my eyes on the road for sure. I start the truck and slide the vibrator on to my finger as we turn out of the parking lot.

Ok baby, Daddy is going to spend the whole ride home making you feel good. I want you to tell Daddy what you like and if there is something you dont like ok sweetheart?

yes Daddy she answers me. theres my good girl! i tell her as i turn on the vibrator. It is fairly quiet but you can still hear the buzz over the road noise. This is a personal toy baby and you can use it to make yourself feel really good I tell her as i begin to touch her body with it, working my way around her breasts until iIfinally end holding it on first one and then the other nipple. I hear her let out a small moan and encourage her to be vocal Thats a good girl! let daddy hear that you are enjoying yourself. such a big girl!

I shift my arm and begin moving down her body, teasing her mound, watching her start to hump towards my hand, looking for more contact. you like that huh, baby? You like when Daddy touches you and makes you feel good? I think you are going to be Daddys little slut .. so very nice! Finally I quit teasing her and move the vibrator down to her puffy pussy lips, slowly teasing them open until the vibrator is snugly resting against her wet clit. She immediately begins to moan and hump against my hand, turning her head back and forth on the seat, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. oh yeah baby, let Daddy hear you.. let Daddy hear what a slut you are!

We only live a few miles from the mall and by this time I am pulling up to our driveway. Without letting up on her clit with the vibrator, I put the truck in park and turn it off, allowing me to shift in my seat so i can see her better. She is so close to her first orgasm, her entire body covered in sweat. i lick my pinky on my other hand and reach over, slowly working it into her virgin cunt Oh Baby, you are so tight! can you feel my finger in your cunt sweetheart? yeah Baby, doesnt that feel soo good, feeling your Daddy filling you up. Some day Daddy will use his cock to fill his baby!

She is so close now thrashing around on the seat. I am not even sure she can hear me. she is so fucking tight and i desperately want my cock in place of my finger but I may have to settle for less tonight.

I feel her cunt muscles contract down on my pinky, sucking it deeper inside her and she lets out a scream and plummets over the edge with her first orgasm. I take the vibrator away but leave my pinky deep inside her, pressing against her hymen as i watch her slowly come back to earth.

look at you Baby – what a big girl you are! your very first orgasm. i lean over and suck one of her nipples into my mouth, enjoying the feel of the little aftershocks on my pinky. you feel Daddys finger baby? I ask her as i slowly pump my pinky in and out of her tight cunt

yes daddy, it feels good daddy when you do that she moans to me.

thats my baby I tell her as i pull my pinky out and hold it to her lips lesson number two sweetheart – always clean up your messes i press my finger between her lips until she opens her mouth and sucks it inside, swirling her tongue around it. Oh baby.. we better go inside before we end up starting all over again i tell her. As i open the door she reaches for her clothes. No baby, you dont need clothes. Daddys slut only wears clothes when he tells her to. I want to see that beautiful body of yours all night long.

And with that she slides out of the truck and walks naked, to stand at the front door and wait for me to grab the packages and let her in.

As soon as we enter the house and I set the packages down Aubrey tells me she has to pee. Ok Baby, Daddy does do. Lets go to the bathroom I tell her. Sit down on the toilet baby and scoot all the way back. spread your legs wide open on either side of the bowl I tell her as I stand in front of her. Ok baby, undo Daddys pants and get my cock out She is learning so fast. She immediately reaches for my pants and opens them so that she can fish my cock out. he small hands feel so damn good on my cock if i dont hurry i will be too hard to piss.

ok sweetheart, lean back and go ahead and pee I tell her. It takes her a minute as i stand there looking at her body, enjoying her wide open cunt. Finally i see the stream of pee start and i immediately aim my cock at her smooth mound and let loose with my own hot stream. She jumps a little when she feels my hot piss hit her skin and run down her clit Its ok Baby, finish peeing for Daddy I tell her as i continue to bathe her cunt in my hot piss.

Finally the stream stops and I can feel my bladder is empty. The sight of her naked body sitting there, my piss dripping off her cunt has definitely made me hard and wanting. Ok baby, lick Daddy clean like a good girl i tell her as i stand there holding my cock, a drop of pee hanging off the end. She slowly leans forward and licks the drop off the tip of my cock, making a face at the taste. But before i can say anything, she is back with her mouth on my cock, sucking and licking, her hands wrapped around the base. oh my god baby! That feels so good! what a good cock sucker you are! I am so proud of you sweetheart I exclaim as she drives me closer and closer to the edge with her mouth and hands. When i know i have reached the edge I grab my cock and squeeze hard. lean back baby! hurry! I tell her as i start to shoot cum out harder than I ever have. I aim for her tits and her cunt and then finally her face, covering my beautiful daughter in the same cum that created her.

As my orgasm finally stops and i regain my breath I tell her to lick her lips and taste Daddys cum. The sight of her doing so is almost enough for an instant hard on. mmm Daddy, It is yummy! she tells me as i smile down at her.

that is your reward baby for making Daddy feel so good! Now lets get you in the shower and cleaned up then we can relax for a while sweetheart I tell her as i start to run the water for the shower. I cant wait to fill her cunt with my cock and her womb with my seed.

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