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A slave in the making… pt 2 (edited)

Turning the webcam off and grabbing her towel she headed for the shower. As the hot water poured down her body Samantha thought back to the words her master spoke and the show she provided for her fans, realizing the words spoken to Samantha from her master and the words Samantha used during her show were awfully close, could it be that her master was watching her shows regularly?
The thought sent shivers down her spine. Releasing all the thoughts from her mind Samantha picked up her washcloth. Applying soap to the rag Sam lathered her body with soap and continued her shower. Walking to her room, she dried off and dressed in her pajamas for the evening. Getting lost in pleasing her fans and earlier events she forgot all about dinner. Grabbing the towel off her bed Samantha ran out of her room, passing the bathroom, throwing the towel in the door way and running down the stairs to scarf down dinner. Sitting down at the table, her dad walks in and pulls a seat beside her. Intertwining his hands with one another he breathes out and simply says now Samantha you have not spent any time with your family. After you are done eating come and spend some time with us and watch a movie. But hurry up because you have school in the morning and we need to start this movie.

Walking up the pathway to his front door, Sam quickly looks over herself to make sure she is perfect for her master. Waiting patiently at the front door he opens the door, takes her by the hand and leads her in. He says nothing as he simply walks to the left of the house. There is a staircase that leads to the second floor and with her hand in his, she silently follows him up the stairs.
Reaching the top of the stairs he turns right and enters in the first door on the right. Entering the bedroom, Sam walks over to the bed as her master closes the door. Taking her shoes off to get comfortable, he meets her at the bottom of the bed and he flips her over so her ass is facing him. Sam turns her head to face him, Samanthas master motions for her to move closer to the top of the bed.
Still in doggy style Samantha crawls up to the correct position. Crawling behind her he hovers over her body to get closer to the best post. Pulling her right arm to the post, he takes her right hand and applies a handcuff to her wrist. When the handcuff is locked he climbs over her and strolls over to the left side of the bed, locking her other hand in place. Walking back to the end of the bed where they originally started, he climbs on the bed hovering over her again. Reaching for Sams skirt, he slowly slips his hands to her left thigh and unhooks the button holding the pleated uniform skirt together. As her skirt falls off her hips he throws it off the bed and reaches for her blouse. Unbuttoning her blouse one by one he plays around with what ideas and how he could get this catholic school girl to participate in them. To her surprise he finally says his first words to her. God, you look so sexy in your schoolgirl uniform. Sam blushes as she smiles but remains silent. After unbuttoning her shirt, Sams master then rips the back of the shirt in two making it easier to get off her body. Ripping the sleeves down the one side, he pulls the pieces of her blouse off as Sam lays on the bed stark naked.
Getting off the bed, he reaches in the dresser on the right side of the room and pulls out a latex hood. Have you ever used one of these before?
No and I dont think I am interested in experimenting with one, Sam said.
I will let you know what you are interested in, do not turn into a shy catholic girl. I know you are a dirty slut at heart, as he spoke his last word he walked over to Sam and placed the hood over her head.
Terrified, Samantha tried to regain her composure, Samantha waits in complete darkness for the next movement of action. Lying handcuffed to a bed, thoughts begin to race through her mind, will he just leave me here, and will he decide to pleasure me or punish me, will he punish and pleasure me? As thoughts race through her mind, her master walks around the bed to the other side of the room where his computer is. Approaching the desk, he moves the mouse to set up his webcam. Once he turns it on, he quickly but quietly moves the mouse to open the internet browser to put up a live webcam for the events that are about to happen. Setting up the cam correctly he moves back to the bed and unbuttons his pants. Pulling his hard dick out, he moves towards her in anticipation. Slightly stroking his dick against the Samanthas outer lips, he feels the moisture of her pussy reacting to his dick. Her pussy aches to be filled by him. Placing his dick at the entry of her vagina, he inserts and feels her body shake in relief as glad to have him inside of her again. As her master starts to trust, Sam realizes how addicted she is to him fucking him.
In a nice motion of thrusting, Samantha is surprised by the pace her master is using for this session. His thrusts are soft compared to the normal activities she is use to experiencing. Today he seemed to be more intimate, passionate with her. The pace, the motion, the feelings behind all of his movements were too much for her to handle, she orgasmed instantly. Letting out a muffled moan she was astounded at the experience which had just occurred. She dare not say it because she knew better, but for the first time in relationship with her master they officially made love, so she thought.
Coming back to his plan, he let his slave orgasm and kept thrusting into her nice and soft while she rode her orgasm out. After her orgasm subsided, he put his plan into full motion. Pulling out of her, he slaps her bare behind. In a harsh raspy voice, he tells her that he is just grabbing a few things and then they will continue. Before jumping to conclusions about why he pulled out, Sam settled her mind down as soon as she heard him speak. Trusting him to get materials and continue what was in session she simply waited. As her master got off the bed he quietly opened the door and waved his hand to come into the room. As soon as he gave the signal, Samanthas master had a three of his friends come by for a little action. As they all stepped into the room, Samanthas master held his finger to his lips. Walking over to the computer he grabbed a tablet of paper and a pen writing a message to his friends. Have fun. Fuck her as long as you want. Noting their heads in agreement he set the tablet down and walked out of the room.
Walking down the hall, realizing that he left three of his friends to do as they please with his slave turned him instantly. He quickly headed downstairs and out the front door to a neighbors house to watch the action.
Arriving at his neighbors house, he knocked on the door. Opening the door was a fellow by the name of Blake.
Hi Sean, Blake said with a smile.
Hi, Blake, are you ready to watch my slave be in for the surprise of her life? Sean asked.
Absolutely, Blake replied as he moved out of the way to allow Sean to come inside his house.
Closing the door Sean and Blake made small talk as they walked to the left of his house. Through the kitchen, into the dining room and finally the computer room, as they sit down Blake asks Sean the name of the site.
After getting set up and on the website, Blake clicks on a section called webcams. Sean tells Blake that Samantha is the fourth webcam link. Clicking on the link, they both wait in anticipation to see what exactly Seans friends have in mind for Samantha.

Back at the house, three single guys approach Samantha. Two of the gentlemen were on the right side of the bed as the third fellow stayed behind Samantha checking out her ass. Thinking about all the things he could do to her perfect round ass his concentration was broken when the boys heard Master? Samantha called out feeling slightly nervous and growing impatient as her master took forever for the next sexual encounter to start.
The three boys looked at one another and with which seemed to be the same thought going through their minds one of the boys standing behind Sam smacked her ass hard. Realizing that they needed to start the fun, one of the boys points to himself and whispers to the others I have an idea. Walking up to Sam, placing his hands on the back side of the latex hood, the gentlemen slowly unzips the hood.
As Samantha eyes come into contact with the light, she squints as her eyes to adjust to the light. Blinking a few times getting her eyes back to normal she jerks against her chains as some strange man with tattoos covering his forearms was standing in front of her.
Hi beautiful, do not be alarmed we are friends of Seans. He knows all about this and if you are not a good girl for me I am sure Sean will be highly disappointed. We dont want Sean to be disappointed do we?
As calming and sincere this mans voice was Samantha felt as ease and shook her head, simply replying, no, we dont want Sean.. I mean my mater mad.
Good girl. He replied as he unzipped his pants and stroked his hard dick inches away from Samanthas face. Knowing she couldnt mess up she opened her mouth willing as the gentlemen inserted himself in her warm, lustfully wet mouth.
Instantly, feeling Sams saliva and wet tongue move up and down his shaft, he finally understood just how lucky Sean was in life. Continuing to watch Samantha bob her head up and down the gentlemen intertwined his hands through her hair. Forcefully grabbing locks of hair he shoved Sams head faster and deeper down his shaft.
As Samantha keeps inserting as much as she can of him, she looks up at this stranger to see exactly who she is doing this too. She found this man to be very sexy, with jet black hair that was gelled downwards so little tips stuck out at the lining of his forehead. Ocean deep blue eyes with an olive based skin tone. Just the top half of his physical features melted her heart. As Sam continued to check him she noticed the stunning, white smile he had, teeth as straight as a ballerinas elegant posture. Moving down his body, he wore a button down Oxford with a pair of blue jeans. While observing his dress wear Samantha saw his sleeves rolled up. Remembering the first sight of him his fore arms were covered in tattoos. Breaking her concentration, the man yelled at Sam. What the hell are you doing? You start sucking me and it was great and now its as if your mind has left. If thats the case I will obviously have to do something to get you back to reality. Pulling out of her mouth he put his dick back in his pants. Turning to walk away from her, he stops in place, slaps her. Bitch not focusing on me will be your biggest regret. Continuing pass her, walking the length of her torso he pushes his other friend out of the way to get to Samanthas ass.
Making the third gentlemen move as well, he unzips his pants again and places his dick at her pussy. With one thrust he pushed his way inside her. Being pissed off that she wasnt focused on the simple task of a blow job his thrusts are anything but nice.

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