A surprise for Sir

She had known him online a long time. He was one of those guys you just couldn’t help but to notice. She had never imagined anything would come of it, but to her great surprise, he noticed her too, and over time, things blossomed. He saw sides to her she didn’t even realize was there and as her eyes started to open, he became her lover, her Dom, and her great love. One day she jumped on a plane to go see him and from then on there was no going back, She could no longer live without him, and as soon as her trip ended and she returned home, she packed up her old life and a few of her things and soon returned to him, to start a new life. That was a month or so ago and there hadn’t been a second of regret. She had never been happier and he seemed happy too.

Casting a look over at the clock, she felt butterflies in her tummy, soon he would be home from work. She loved giving him small surprised as he came home, especially naughty ones as they were his favorite. Today, she had decided to let her naughty side come out and play, and when it was only a few minutes left before he was due home, she moved over to the edge of the bed. The room was only lit by candles, giving it a warm glow. She had lit a small path of candles from the entrance door to the bedroom, leading him straight to her, his gift, his sub, his lover, his love.. and for him and ever only him, his very naughty girl.

She had been thinking hard about how to dress for him tonight and in the end, she had chosen one of his white dress-shirts. It was huge on her, but she rolled up the sleeves and left it open in front. She had chosen one of his black ties thinking he could have fun playing with that, a black garter belt with matching stockings and high heeled black shoes. No panties, no bra. He would probably like that detail. Around each wrist, she had tied a black silk ribbon in bows, more fun for her man to play with if he felt like it. She had kept her make up quite natural, but had painted her nails a rich purple. Her long hair she had kept natural too, letting it cascade down her back and chest.

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