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A Voyuers Craving: Fantasies

Introduction: Angie and Rod succumb to voyueristic inspired cravings Rod and Angie had been married seven years. They had been struggling financially the entire seven years as Rod had worked two and sometimes three jobs trying to accumulate enough money to start an auto repair shop. Everyone came to him when they had car problems and were happy to pay him to fix their cars. They knew he was honest and wouldnt gouge them. He was also understanding of their financial problems and more than once fixed someones car at his own expense until they could pay him. He was well liked in their small town.

They wanted to start a family once they had secured a financial future. Rod was a good man and he would make an excellent father. He worked hard and had finally bought a 10 acre plot of land with a building in which to start his own auto repair business. It had taken a few years to get established and pay off much of his equipment but his reputation for doing good work at reasonable prices had his business growing and he seldom worked on the side anymore to survive. He often heard many of his customers complain of the twenty minute drive to Hawthorne to purchase fuel but it had always been that way so everyone accepted it. One day Angie was complaining she was low on gas and might be calling him if she run out before reaching Hawthorne and she asked, Why the hell cant you have pumps at the shop Rod? I bet everyone would buy gas there and it might bring in some business thats going to Hawthorne now. That sounded like a good idea and he began investigating what he would have to do to accomplish it.

It took a couple of months to draw up a business plan and get together all the info to apply for a bank loan but when he had everything he went to the bank to apply for a loan to do it. The bank manager heard what he was doing and personally arranged the loan saying, About time someone took the initiative to give this community their own gas. Be damn nice to be able to stop at your place on my way to work instead of wasting our time on the weekend to plan a trip to Hawthorne. I reckon a whole lot of people will feel the same Rod so Im not worried at all about your ability to repay this loan. So with his personal recommendation the loan was actually approved that day. Within two months he was pumping gas to a bunch of smiling townspeople. The increased traffic was beginning to show on the bottom line. The pumps had added enough income that for the first time he had a good year and his business was flourishing. They were thinking about having a child. But then he realized his business was too good. He had work backing up and a few customers complained and he realized his business required more help. He finally had to tell Angie he needed to hire a mechanic and a guy to pump gas and help out cleaning and running for parts etc.. He just couldnt keep up and business was picking up more as people learned they could get gas at his shop.

Jake, the mechanic he hired, was a tall powerfully built Black man that had recently lost his job in Hawthorne. He said it was due to Rods shop opening and the lost gas sales where he had been employed. He was highly respected as a good mechanic and Rod was glad he could hire him. His previous employer gave him a very good reference with the disclaimer, That is if you can tolerate his back room antics. It never interfered with his work so I ignored it and it might be wise for you to also, hes a good worker and always at work. He wouldnt explain what he meant only saying, It wont take long for you to understand what I mean, trust me.

He was right, it only took about two days before many new faces were coming to the shop for gas and oil changes and sometimes repair work. Most of those faces were women. Some of the women customers also loved Jake servicing more than their cars and made it known in the back room of the shop on their knees and laying on their backs on the cases of oil. Rod turned a blind eye because his business had increased since Jake came to work for him. A blind eye was a small price to pay for the extra business. Jake brought in enough business to pay for his salary plus some extra easily. The man was a virtual sex machine and the ladies seemed to sense it. Before long Rod was noticing a few of his long time married customers slipping into the back room for a while with Jake and looking very disheveled and shaky when they finally emerged. Rod had the store room sound proofed one day when Jake had asked for a day off, something he had never done before. He didnt say why and Rod didnt pry. The man had been working seven days a week since he hired him and never seemed tired or ever complained. Whenever Rod asked him why he never asked off hed always replied, No reason to, and just smiled.

Arnie, the handy man at the repair shop was country but a very hard worker with the country work ethic. He was worth more than what Rod payed him but it was all he could afford right now and he said he was happy with what Rod payed him. Like Jake he also was single and didnt have many expenses. Angie would bring a good luch for them all every day Rod worked and sometimes when he wasnt if she had a lot of leftovers. They were lucky to have such good people working for them, it was like the family they didnt have yet. Arnie was friendly and the customers all loved him.

Jake had never flirted or been forward In any manner but Angie always felt uncomfortable around him, not because of anything he did or said but more because he just exuded so much masculinity a woman couldnt take her eyes off him. He had a thin waist, muscular arms and a six pack that begged to be touched as he worked with his uniform shirt hangng open. And his big smile was magnetic, as was the large outline of his also muscular looking cock. It was easily discerned that he was thick and long and perpetuated the black myth. She always felt a sexual stirring in her pussy that disturbed her and made her nervous around him. It seemed there was always a sexual tension in the air around him and he did nothing to promote it, it just hung on him like a cloak and was impossible for a woman to ignore. She always left feeling guilty like she had just been unfaithful after being near him. Angie knew nothing of the back room couplings involving him and other women that allowed themselves to heed the sexual stirrings he caused within them. Angies love for Rod and system of values would never allow her to pursue those stirrings that she was plainly aware of.

Angie thought she and her husband had a good sex life. Angie didnt have a whole lot of sexual experiences before she met Rod and compared to the other guys she had sexed Rod had exceptional equipment. She was as satisfied as possible considering her husbands lack of skill at lovemaking. His idea of foreplay was to kiss her and finger her pussy until she was wet enough to enter her. More often than not, as he lay snoring beside her, she would finish off herself what he started. Rob had never complained so she thought he was happy sexually. They didnt have kids yet but that was by design. She took care of her body and had always attracted admiring looks. And she made sure to do her Kegels to keep her pussy nice and tight for her man, at least thats what she told herself. The truth was she did it for her own pleasure because of Rods normal thickness. She had encountered a thicker, shorter cock than Rods before they had met and knew the blessing that being able to give a mans cock a tighter hug could induce in her. Rod had been hinting lately that they should maybe bring others into their bed by making jokes etc. She had laughed it off pretending he was joking but she wasnt entirely sure he was joking. It hurt her feelings thinking he needed more, that she wasnt taking care of him as a wife should, especially since he was not the best equipped stud in the world and she faked her orgasms more than she actually had them and all the while him squirting his joy inside her unsated need.

One night not long after he hired Jake Rod came home and seemed distant all night. He seemed worried about something. He also seemed to have his hand on his dick more than usual. When they went to bed she finally asked him what was wrong. Aw nothing, just thinking about something, he said sounding like he didnt want to discuss it.

She persisted asking, Well it must be something cause you havent said ten words all night. Did something happen at work today?

Well, yes and no. I was in the office with the door shut and the light off taking a break because my head was hurting when I heard something that sounded like someone moaning. My first thought was someone was hurt. It sounded real close though so I turned around in my chair and I saw the air vent for the furnace and it sounded like it was coming from it. I was going to put my ear against it and see if I recognized what it was. As I bent to listen I looked into it and found out that its a dual vent and goes into the storeroom also. You can look right through it into the back room. Well, Jake had this white woman back there stripped completely nude and was pouring the black coal to her and she was literally out of control hunching and yelling about how big his dick was and everything. She must have cum a hundred times and then began begging him to cum saying she had to get home and fix her husbands dinner. Well in a few more minutes I saw him grab her by her ass cheeks and begin fuckin her really hard and deep, just pounding her pussy and she was screaming so loud I thought I was going to have to go back and shut her up. Then she began screaming how much he was cumming in her white pussy and her ankles crossed behind his ass and she kept pulling her pussy up into his cock as he kept spewing and spewing. My god Angie, she sounded like he was splitting her open but she kept grinding her pussy up against his fat cock and moaning, begging him not to stop, moaning how hot his cum was. Then they kissed and the whole time their tongues were entangled she kept hunching like she was trying to get his cock to spit some more cum and I figured she wqs using her pussy to milk his long dick dry. Then he got up off her and pulled his cock out of her and my god Angie he was over a foot long at least and as thick as a beer can or more. His whole black dick was covered in thick milky white cum and it was slowly running like in waves down his fucking huge cock. She rolled off the oil cases and dropped to her knees and sucked his cock clean, didnt leave a drop of cum anywhere on his dick or balls. He was getting hard again when he made her stop. He had to help her up and then she couldnt hardly walk when she tried to, kept falling over like her legs were giving out. Hed done fucked her till she couldnt walk, he said. And then she almost walked out without her dress on naked as hell before Jake helped her put it on. Then she kissed him and left.

That sounds really hot honey. Oh my god Rod does he do that often? Are you sure you should allow it, cant they hold us liable if he hurts some woman in the shop? Did you know he was fuckin women back there? Why did that bother you so much though,, she asked, trying not to breathe hard or show how hot she was as the throbbing in her body became a hard pounding that created a yearning ache in her pussy. His description of Jakes dick and the womans reaction to his fucking her with it excited her and held her interest more than she wanted to admit. She remembered the animal attraction she felt when around Jake and imagind how she would feel to succumb to those urges and feel what the women in the back room enjoyed so deeply. She found herself wishing it had been her to discover the vent and its viewing portal.

Well it just got me to thinkin Angie. I know I cant make you feel like he did that woman, I guess all the women he fucks for that matter. After seeing that married woman with him it made me think that maybe someday you might go looking for a Jake if I dont keep you satisfied and I know you fake it a lot of times honey. Here that woman probably loves her man but he just cant give her what she needs and so shes over at the shop getting her pussy reamed by Jakes black cock and fretting she isnt going to have her mans meal ready for him. Watching the pleasure he gave her I can understand why she was there. It looked like her whole body inside was crawling with feelings and sensations her mind and body couldnt cope with. It was like she was trying to escape her own skin her pleasure was so intense in her pussy. I..I..cant describe how bad I want to make you feel like that Angie. I love you honey and I want you to feel like she does with him, you deserve it baby. Theres not a better wife than you in the world honey and its not fair that you cant experience that kind of pleasure. Its just&hellip,.just that I want you to feel like that Ang, and would give anything to be able to give you what she found with his big cock pistoning inside her. It scares me honey, knowing I cant possibly create that kind of extreme pleasure in your body and mind too I imagine.

Rod, I promise you I will never cheat on you behind your back baby. It would take more than a big dick to get me away from you. Dont you know I love you baby. Theres more to life than sex honey, theres love and thats what we have sweetie. You take care of my pussy just fine she assured him, thinking a white lie was better than hurting him by telling him the truth.

Well now that aint all baby. I want to tell you everything. You see, while I was watching them I realized that my dick was hard as nails, and it really got me hot seeing his black dick in that white womans pussy. The way she reacted, I mean craving his dick and all, just hunching all crazy up into that black dick even though her screams were so full of pain I knew she felt ripping had me needing to cum so bad I had to jerk off in the trash can. Afterwards I got to feeling kinda perverted and guilty after I had shot a nut in the trash can thinking about what that gal was feelin and all. It was like I was cheating on you or something. You gonna be mad about that honey, he asked her seriously?

Hell Rod if I saw something like that Id have been thrashing my pussy too. Shit idda thought something was wrong wth you if you hadnt beat off watching that. I tell you what, next time hes terrorizing a womans pussy you call me and we can fuck while we both watch them. We need to liven our sex life up anyway, I said laughing nervously. She wanted to watch Jake fucking and see his black meat but she didnt want Rod to know that she was willing to take a chance of being caught fucking him in the office just to see Jakes black dick. She made it seem she just wanted him to have her there to leave a nut in when he got so hot.

You serious, youd fuck me in the office while we watch them fuckin. Yeah that would be hot. You can see his damn dick and see what Im talking about too.

That might be fun baby, I aint never seen a black dick before. Maybe Ill get all hot and take you home and fuck you all night after I suck you off while we watch them.

You think it will make you hot seeing Jakes dick baby? I aint gonna have to worry about you being one of the women fuckin him in the back room if you watch him fuckin am I, he asked with a serious tone in his voice that expressed the actual worry he held that seeing Jakes dick would incite her to fuck him behind his back.

Rod how can you think that baby? I could never fuck someone you work with, no, youd just have to go out and find me a big dicked black guy from somewhere else to fuck this cute ass with his big cock if I get all enthralled with big black dick, I said flippantly while pressing my ass towards him trying to look all hot. Then I scolded him, You damn fool. Just because I see a dick doesnt mean I cant resist fucking it baby, you just remember, I LOVE YOU! As she walked away she thought to herself, but that doesnt mean I cant play with this tight pussy thinking about it. It would be nice to see what shed been fantasizing about anyway.

A few times the next week Rod came home telling how Jake must get his dick sucked at least once a day maybe more. She wanted to scold him for not calling so she could see his dick but she knew she didnt need for her husband to think she was too eager. She was sure If he knew how he was piquing her curiosity and fueling her imagination as he described how eager the women sucked the cum from his big black dick, while describing how he cum so much they had it cumming out their nostrils and spewing from around his dick, he would keep his mouth shut.

What Angie didnt know, was that was precisely exactly what her husband wanted to do. After watching Jake and his women so many times, he realized that he was substituting his wife for those women in his mind and was regularly filling his trash can thinking of her sucking and fucking his employees huge cock. He wanted to approach his wife and tell her how turned on he got thinking of Jake fucking her and to have it out in the open but he knew she would never agree to fuck and suck Jake if he suggested it. He also knew she would be hurt and angry if he allowed her to even know he wanted something so outside their marriage vows. How could he expect his wife to understand how he could possibly tell her he loved her and in the same sentence suggest she might enjoy fucking a guy with a huge cock while he watched? Worse, how could he explain such an unnatural desire to watch her fuck someone else, when he couldnt explain the emotions driving that unnatural desire to himself much less her. All he knew was that his dick was never harder or his need to touch it more urgent than when he had those thoughts of her beneath Jake wildly hunching her tight pussy up into his gargantuan black dick while screaming how much she loved it.

Not getting the response he wanted from his wife as he told her of the oral sex he decided to take it up a notch and actually call her to the office and let her witness what had gotten him to have his crazy need. Maybe she will be affected that same way and want to fuck Jake he thought. The next time the beautiful, classy blonde married woman was having her car serviced he called Angie and told her he thought Jake might be going to fuck her and to come down. When she arrived Jake had the woman in the back room kissing her as the lady groped his big cock through his pants, obviously in need of it.

Rod closed the office door and locked it and motioned for his wife to be quiet and turned the light off. He had cleared the furniture from around the vent when he first began watching Jake with the women in the storage room. Angie was peering through the vent when she saw the woman drop to her knees in front of Jake. As she eered up at his face she undid Jakes pants and pulled them and his underwear down over his hips allowing his semi-hard black cock to spring upwards and hit the womans face. Angie gasped as her gaze fell on the dick she had imagined to be much smaller. Rods plan was working as his wifes pussy began filling with the need she felt while seeing the woman sucking vehemently on Jakes now stiff dick. Rod lifted his wifes dress and pulled her panties down her thighs to her knees as she knelt gazing through the vent. Angie felt the cool air on the inflamed skin of her bare ass. Her breathing was already hurried, chest lifting and falling rapidly before Rod had even began pressing his dick inside her wet vagina.

God Jakes dick was every bit as big as Rod had described it, maybe even bigger. She watched as Jake unzipped the womans expensive dress and she pressed it from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor seemingly unconcerned that it could get greasy or dirty. She was nude beneath the dress and had obviously planned on doing this. They kissed again as she pulled at his humongous cock expressing her need to have him in her. It was so erotic seeing his large black hands contrasted against her milky white skin as he gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them till her puckered pink asshole was plainly visible to Angies sight. Evidence of the womans arousement was easily discernable as it oozed from her vagina to run in streams down her shapely inner thighs as Jake squeezed her round ass cheeks while causing her pussy to gape and show her wet inner flesh.

God, Angie thought, I am as hot watching them as the woman is wanting Jakes dick. Rod felt his wifes wetness flooding his cock and hoped it was from her own desire to fuck Jake as he slowly fucked her pussy.

Jake lifted the woman by her ass cheeks and held her up as she reached down between their bodies and placed his lengthy dick at her pussy so he could begin pressing up into her. Angie saw the full length and thickness of Jakes huge cock and full testicles as the woman began a slow undulation of her hips as Jake began forcing up into her hungry pussy.The womans loud moan was plainly heard as Jake entered her and allowed gravity and her weight to begin her slow descent down onto his fat dick. Seeing her hips begin undulating, hunching as his long cock began disappearing up inside her body had Angie panting, pressing back into her husbands dick as the womans moans became louder, more passionate. It was obvious, as Jake began thrusting forcefully up into her stricken pussy, that her cries expressed the exquisite pain of him deeply stretching her already overburdened pussy.

Angie was having a hard time not expressing her own hot need as she saw the womans labia become thin red lines around Jakes thick girth as her pussy was distended grotesquely wide by his black dick. The womans head flailed at the insanity of pleasure his blackness afforded her while her hips rotated in a frenzied manner as she felt her pussy streaming intense thrills as he fucked her harshly. Her juices gleamed on his cock as it appeared and disappeared into her body. Each time she cum on his dick her copious orgasm fluids coated his cock thickly and her tightly clenching labia stripped his dick of her whitish emissions, leaving them flowing down his cock to coat his large balls and then drip in streams onto the floor. Her hips rose and fell swiftly as she pulled at his shoulders lifting her pussy only to allow it to ram back down forcibly onto his up-thrusting dick as she screamed with each deep impaling. She was lost, completely oblivious to the world around her as she hunched feverishly down onto his cock, grinding her pussy against his fat glans as her head flailed and her hips gyrated wildly in his hands as he held her, lifting and dropping her in rhythm with her rising and falling as she fucked his thick pole-like cock completely into her body until she was frozen, immobilized by the wrath of her orgasms as he fucked her incessantly.

Rod was now fucking his wifes swamp of a pussy as she moaned her orgasms repeatedly. He knew she wasnt faking by the gallons of cum her pussy was expelling as she watched Jake fuck the woman. His balls were as soaked as Jakes as Angie seemed unable to tear her gaze from them fucking. He knew she would be questioning her emotions and values and possibly her morals after experiencing the intense desire to feel what the woman in the back room was experiencing. Rod hoped she could come to terms with the desire she was experiencing and talk openly with him about it. Just knowing that she was this aroused from watching them was giving him the motivation to keep her memories of this alive and in the forefront of her mind. Hopefully her newfound desire would become an overwhelming agony of need that would force her to re-examine and alter their monogamous relationship into a more liberal and sexually open one.

Angie was still aroused after the woman had left and continued kneeling there with her shoulders on the floor, ass in the air begging her husband to fuck her harder. There was no doubt in Rods mind it was Jake she was begging in her mind but he gladly took what she offered. They both were more aroused than ever in their relationship he was sure. Him imagining how she would be if Jake were really fucking his wife and her imagining Jake was fucking her pussy deeply.

Angie felt so slutty kneeling on the office floor with her dress up around her waist as Rod fucked her fiercely. God she hoped her husband had set this up and was going to bring Jake in to slide his big cock deep inside her and pound her till she cried. She knew he would never do that though, she knew he loved her and would do nothing to jeopardize that love. She also knew that she could never hide her excitement at watching Jake fuck that woman with his big animal like dick. God she had soaked her thighs and legs and made a puddle on the floor. Rod would know how excited she had became and she didnt honestly know what to say, she felt horribly guilty just as her husband did when he cum while watching them. The only difference was she had been thinking of Jake as Rod fucked her pussy. She now wondered if her husband had wanted to fuck the blonde woman after seeing her excited fucking of Jake. Had he just wanted to experience the womans body and none of this was really about Jakes dick size. Was he trying to get her to accept fucking another man just so he could fuck other women. What she really wondered is if shed be angry if he was. Thinking of fucking Jake had her inhibitions to Rod fucking someone else waning. That thought sent a shudder of need to wrack her body, god she thought, even my ass hole is craving Jakes dick. When they both had finally quit shaking, sporadically shuddering, she said she needed to go to the store and shed talk to him when he got home, purposely avoiding the conversation she knew he would want to have about this.

How could she lie her way out of this she wondered, knowing there was no way she could deny her excitement after her husband cleaned it up off the office floor and from her thighs and pussy. Hell even Rod was soaked with her juices which caused an untold embarrassment as she watched him wiping it from his cock, balls and pubic hairs and even down his thighs. She could feel her face burning with embarrassment even now as she drove home thinking of it. She justified her actions by his own excitement and cumming before she had even seen them. How many times had he cum watching Jake and his women she would ask him. Yes, she decided to own up to her excitement by accusing him of wanting to fuck the women that had been with Jake. She wanted to find a way to deny the excitement she had felt but she knew that was totally impossible. Angie knew there had been a change in their relationship but she didnt know just what or how quite yet. She finally broke down and cried at the betrayal her body had committed as she watched them fuck. She didnt want to have a desire to fuck Jake but she was helpless to prevent it and she knew it wast going away. Those sights and sounds were permanently etched in her memories and she would see them every night and day and even while Rod was laboring inside her pussy as she had demonstrated earlier.

She had cum more today than ever before in one sex session and still her pussy ached with a desire to feel herself opened and stretched by Jakes blackness as the vision of him fucking that woman again played out in her mind. God he was so fucking huge. She wanted to know the pained pleasure she saw exhibited by the blonde as she cum and cum soaking Jakes body with her expulsions. Would these cravings ever die she wondered?

She definitely wanted Rod to watch more of Jake fucking white women and of course shed be there. Every since Rods first confession of watching Jake her thoughts had been driving a myriad of plans to see Jake fucking. She had formed a plan in her mind. She also had began Googling security cameras the day after Rods confession and soon had found some that were disguised as sprinkler heads and attached to the piping. The whole system included eight HD wireless color cameras and a wireless access point that gave us internet accessibility from anywhere and we could get programmable motion detectors to add to it that sent internet alerts when tripped. Wed have a security system that alerted us at night to anyones presence and also we could record and watch Jake anytime we wanted, like at night in our bed. After todays experience I took out the phone number of the man I had talked to when I had called previously and talked to a man who said they could install the system in the shop and also set a recorder up at home that could capture all eight cameras simultaneously or each individually and connect with a cable to the TV or if we had a smart TV could connect wirelessly. I made an appointment to have the system installed at the shop at night and then the home part the next day while Rod would be working. I was going to surprise him in bed the first night I recorded Jake and a woman fucking by having it magically appear on the TV in the bedroom.

After making the installation appointments she tried to shop for vegetables at the store but every time she saw a black egg plant or huge cucumber her mind revisited Jake and the woman. Everything reminded her of his huge size and instilled the same yearning ache deep in her body. Finally she gave up and then gave in to a desire she had been denying for ages and stopped at the local Adam & Eve Store and purchased a black dick made of something called Real-Skin that approximated Jakes girth and length. She knew she would be using it often as she watched Jake fucking. She felt embarrassed as the girl checking her out said, I see someone besides me likes those huge black cocks. I have this same one for those nights I cant have the real thing. My husband loves to watch me with it or the real ones. Im glad he likes watching me cause I love having them in me, she revealed quite openly and honestly.

Something made her ask, Has it affected your relationship with your husband, him seeing you with other men? Id be scared to death for mine to see me lose it on a black guys dick?

Yeah I was scared to let myself go too but the feel of that big dick soon had me so gone I didnt care if he cared or not, after all he asked me to do it. But to your question, No, if anything it made us closer. Were a lot more honest about our needs and sexual feelings now. I dont regret doing it at all. I mean I love fucking big black cock and he loves seeing me do it so what harm does it do? Id never fuck a guy behind my husbands back. Hes always with me or I dont do it

That revelation by the girl had gave her the courage to be open and honest about what she had felt as she watched them earlier and see how her husband felt about it. As to the black cock she bought, if she knew Rod, he would be wanting her to use it while he watched, just like that girls husband. He had wanted her to buy one for ages so he could watch her masturbate with it, but she never thought she could enjoy it, she thought shed be too self-conscious but now those feelings had changed somewhat. Angie made a mental note to go back to that store and become friends with the girl. She would love to have someone to talk to about her new desires, a someone that also experiences them, especially a married woman that could offer advice about any pitfalls to avoid. In the back of her mind Angie had already made a few decisions as to the course her and Rods relationship was going to follow, she just wasnt consciously aware of it yet.

Angie was waiting on pins and needles for Rod to pull in the drive-way. She opened the door in her robe as he walked to the house. As soon as he was Inside she shut the door and kissed him as she allowed the robe to fall to the floor revealing her nudeness. She felt a nervous trepidation concerning what she was about to do but also an excitement at seeing what her husbands reaction would be. She dropped to her knees and opened his pants and took his cock out and began sucking it, slowly adoring it with her lips and tongue as their gazes locked. She still tasted her pussy on his cock and that brought the memories flooding back into her mind as she sucked her husbands dick lasciviously. Once he was hard and throbbing she rose and said, Go take a shower baby and dont touch my cock. I dont want you to touch yourself until I say you can ok?, she asked him.

S..s.sure honey, what got into you, he asked.

Just go take your shower, I have a surprise for you when you get out. Be sure and wash your cock, as much as I cum on it today it needs a good scrubbing, but dont you dare make it cum or youll be sorry, she teased him.

He headed for the bathroom, stripping his clothes from his body as he walked. Angie had placed a large beach towel on the over stuffed arm chair in their living room and she sat on it as she spread her thighs widely, one leg draped over each arm. She picked up her new black lover and began rubbing it over her clit. She was amazed at how life-like it felt. So thick she thought as she grasped it like she would a mans cock that she was going to press into her pussy and gasped at its realistic feel against her inner labia. Hmmmm Im gonna love this she thought as her breathing became deep as she thought of her husband watching her fuck herself with this look-a-like black dick of Jakes. If only it was as black as Jakes and could cum, it would be perfect she thought as she spread her wet arousement juices over her clit with its fat glans. Hmmmm she thought, if only Jake was kneeling between my thighs rubbing his cock up and down my pussy we could put on a really hot show for Rod.

Rod washed quickly thinking he was about to receive one hellacious blow job when he was through. God she must have really been turned on by Jakes cock he reasoned. Why else would she still be excited, he thought. He didnt bother dressing as Angie was already nude. He opened the door and walked to the living room to find her sitting in the overstuffed arm chair with her legs crossed and pumping. He started towards her but she stopped him saying, Sit over there on the couch honey. Now the only rules are that you have to stay there and you cant touch your cock, you understand and agree, she asked?

Rod was confused but thought, What the hell, Ill play along. OK, I understand and agree, he stated.

Angie placed her legs back on the arms allowing him to see her shaved pussy as she began rubbing it slowly. Her husbands gaze was riveted on her hand moving over her shaved pussy as she asked, Did you like the way I reacted to Jakes fucking that woman today honey? Did you feel how wet I was?, she asked as her fingertips pressed into the wetness forming inside her.

Rods breathing was heavy, strained as he watched his wife. In all their years together she had never allowed him to watch her masturbate before. His dick was jerking with need, he wanted to touch it but wasnt willing to give up what she was doing to do it. Yes I did baby, I thought you might be thinking of having that big dick in your own pussy, were you, he asked?

Hmmmm and if I told you I was how would that make you feel honey, knowing I was thinking of a black man fucking my pussy with a cock over twice as long and thick as yours while you fucked me today. How would you feel if someday you looked through the vent and saw your wife sucking and licking Jakes big dick, heard my screams and moans as he fucked me better than you ever could with your smaller cock, I teased him, testing him.

Rods breathing was now harsh and his dick was jerking crazily, precum leaking from his tip as he watched his wifes body moving, hunching down against the towel beneath her as her fingertips made small gentle circles over her clit. He heard the sighs and moans she made as she writhed with her need to cum. Her words had him excited, did she know what he wanted, had she figured it out, he had to wonder. His excitement gave him courage as he said, I knew you were thinking of fucking Jake today honey and it made my dick really hard knowing you wanted his black cock inside you. Forgive me baby but yeah, Id love to watch you enjoying a big black cock baby but not in the back room, right here in our bed where you could fuck it all night, he confessed honestly.

Oh my god Rod are you serious honey, you really want to watch me cumming and moaning as a big black dick fucks my pussy deeper than you ever could, she said as her emotions at hearing her husband admit to such an unnatural urge had her fingers groping her pussy deeply.

God I dont want you to think I dont love you baby but every time I watch jake I think of him fucking you, giving you all that pleasure and it makes my dick so hard and throbbing I have to beat off with you and him in my mind. Yes, yes, yes honey, god yes I want to see a big black cock sliding in and out of your pussy, fucking you deep, making you scream with your pained pleasure. Damn that makes me so hot baby. Can I touch my dick now baby, god I need to cum so badly

Oh shit I need a black cock fucking me baby, a big black cock like this one honey. Jack off for me baby, stroke your dick like you will while you watch a real man fuck me. Let me watch you while I feel a big black cock fucking me honey. I pulled the dick from under the towel and began forcing it in my pussy while I moaned, Is this what you want baby, a dick like this fucking your wife while you jack off your little cock, I moaned as I forced the thick glans past my resisting inner muscles and groaned my love of the feel of it.

Angies knees were pulled up to her shoulders, thighs spread widely as she reached down between them and positioned the black cock at her dripping pussy. Her hips were rolled up where he could see the fat long cock she held in both hands being forced inside her pussy. Her hips gyrated lewdly as her pained cries became deep moans of pleasure as she felt her pussy being forcibly opened by the cocks great girth. She felt full, stuffed, stretched painfully, but she couldnt stop forcing more of the dick inside her as she fucked herself deeply.

Rod felt an insanity in his mind as he realized she wanted him to know how badly she craved to feel a real dick by this obvious display of her need to fuck a big black cock. His wife wanted a black dick inside her pussy stretching her like she was being deeply tortured right now. He had to let his cock go to keep from cumming as he watched her fucking the cock deeper and deeper inside her as she began screaming uncontrollably as her hips hunched up into the black cock she was forcing down inside her. She was screaming, Oh fuck Rod his dick is so good baby, so fat and long. Oh fuck youve never made me feel like this baby, god hes so fucking huge, so deep in my pussy&hellip,..god hes fucking me so much better than you ever have baby&hellip,so huge and good honey&hellip,&hellip,yes..yes&hellip,oh god hes making me&hellip,ohhhhh shit&hellip,.cummin&hellip,oh my god Ive never cum like this&hellip,aarrghhhhhhhhh&hellip,&hellip,fuck me&hellip,.fuckme&hellip,..god I love your black dick&hellip,..aaiieeeEEEEEEEE&hellip,your so much better than my husband&hellip,&hellip,so hot&hellip,.hard&hellip,..aarrghhhh oh fuck I love you so much&hellip,.fuck me&hellip,please fuck me harder&hellip,..oh fuck yes&hellip,tell me you love me Rod&hellip,t..t.tell me baby while he cums in my pussy&hellip,.oh fuck I need his cum&hellip,.tell him to cum in your wifes pussy honey&hellip,.please tell him, she begged loudly.

Hearing his wife begging him to tell a black man to fill her pussy with his scalding ball juice did it and his own balls began belching his cum from his balls as he saw his wife watching him and knew in her mind he was jacking off as a black man enjoyed her warm pussy and the feel of its wonderful hot cum soaking his cock.

Angie couldnt believe how realistic the dick felt inside her. If it had throbbed and swelled she would have thought it real. She also couldnt believe how badly she wanted to feel it all in her as its fat girth had her insanely hunching and pressing it deep inside her pussy. It was a pain she loved and even though its length and girth stretched her deeply she wanted more and couldnt quiet her hips as she ground her ripping flesh up into the cock as she held it to her forcibly while moaning her excited pleasure. God she wanted to feel a real man grinding a dick like that into her as she watched her husbands reaction. Her mind was now accepting of their need to have her impaled by a huge dick, especially a huge black cock.

She was slowly coming down from the heaven the huge dildo put her in when Rod crawled to her and said, Im gonna lick your clit while he fucks you Angie. His tongue began a laving motion as his hand replaced hers on the fat dick and he began fucking her as he sucked and licked her clit. He knew when he saw her head lay back and her eyes closing that in her mind Jake was fucking her while he sucked and licked at her rabidly. Her body writhed, head tossing from side to side as her hips turned down and then back up to grind into the dick he was holding in her with a forceful pressure as she ground into its fat tip. Oh god Rod I love you so much baby, fuck me hard Jake, do it, fuck me while Rod licks my pussy&hellip,ohhhh god Rod his dick is so good baby&hellip,.eating me while he fucks me&hellip,so fucking hot&hellip,&hellip,.god I want this everyday baby&hellip,..need to feel this&hellip,&hellip,..big nigger dick fucking your wife&hellip,&hellip,.oh god suck it hard&hellip,cummin&hellip,&hellip,ohgod Im&hellip,..Im&hellip,&hellip,oh shit&hellip,..hurts&hellip,..yes yes Jake hurt me with your big dick&hellip,oh god Rod he fucks me so deep and hard&hellip,.aaiieeeeeee&hellip,&hellip,..ungh&hellip,&hellip,ungh&hellip,&hellip,.oh Christ its so huge&hellip,&hellip,.tell me you love me Rod&hellip,.tell me you love me fucking Jakes black dick&hellip,..ohhhhh god tell him to fill me up baby&hellip,I want to feel his cum squirting in my pussy while you eat me&hellip,.aarrggghhhHHHHHHHYESSSSSS

Rod had the heel of his hand pressing the last inch of the huge black dick into his wifes pussy as she tensed so hard her ass lifted as her legs straightened, thighs tensing so hard he was sure she would tear a tendon or something as she begged him not to stop. He couldnt believe his petite thin wife had every inch of the dick buried inside her pussy and was begging him to fuck her harder, not to stop until her body began bucking, shaking uncontrollably as she moaned, Oh fuck baby I want this for real, please let me fuck a black dick this big, god I love this so much. Tell me I can fuck Jake baby. You can watch through the vent and Ill pretend you dont know honey. Hell think youre just married to a slut baby. God Rod I need to feel him squirting his cum in me baby, I havent thought of anything else since I watched them today. Rod smiled as he realized his dreams were gong to be realized for real. He had never dreamed his conservative wife could be seduced by just the sight of a big black cock but here she was begging her husband to have a black dick fuck her senseless. He knew his beautiful, fit wife was about to embark on a journey that would have them both cumming their ass off. He didnt know that journey would be starting so soon though.

They had awoken the next morning with Rod running late to work and they didnt get a chance to talk about Angies new desire to expand her marriage vows to include huge cocked black men. After Rod had left she lay there idly fucking herself with her new toy, enjoying its fat girth as her hips gently rolled. She felt stuffed and had to take her time to get it deep inside her without just forcing it as she had last night. The hunger she had experienced knowing her husband was being excited by seeing her need expressed so urgently had her pressing down and hunching up to get it where she wanted to feel Jakes dick lodged. But today she was willing to slowly work her pussy down onto it as it opened and stretched her, filling her by fractions of an inch instead of hungry inches being forced quickly into her depths. She was happy to sit on it and slowly gyrate her hungry cunt down onto it as the feel of its girth exerted an intense outward pressure that made her moan with the fullness she felt within her. Knowing there were real cocks that would add warmth and movement to the pleasure she felt along with the pain its owner would cause as his needs demanded he fuck her hard, deep, had her craving to find one. She had decided that she couldnt fuck Jake as long as he was Rods employee, that wouldnt be fair to her husband and his pride even though she was sure he would allow it to appease his own inner needs. It was one thing to humiliate him with another mans big cock in a closed bedroom but another entirely to do it at his place of business.

That morning Rod got a call from a couple whose car had broken down and needed to be towed to the shop for repairs. Once Arnie had their car at the shop Rod was talking to them and found out they were on the way home from vacation and were strapped for cash. They were afraid they would be taken advantage of so far from home. Rod figured up what it would take to fix their car and cut the labor costs as much as he could and still make a couple dollars on the job. He told them what it would cost and explained the bill to them and showed them the invoice for the parts he had to purchase for their auto. After they paid the bill they wouldnt have enough for gas and a motel so they asked if he cared if they slept in their auto or his office. Rod called Angie and explained the situation and her being the warm caring person she was she told him to bring them home when he came and they could spend the night in the guest bedroom. He purposely left out the fact they were a black couple and the guys cock appeared bigger than Jakes outlined in his pants. He didnt figure he should mention it because they were a married couple and didnt fgure they would be doing anything with them anyway. They wouldnt know how to go about initiating anything with other people so nothing would happen.

Angie had prepared a nice meal and had it on the table when they arrived. Rod couldnt help but notice his wifes gaze lingering at Joes crotch and when she looked up at him she smiled and raised her eyebrows as if to say, wow, what a dick. Shanika his wife noticed where Angies gaze lingered also. She was used to women lusting after her husbands dick and it didnt bother her at all. They had just came back from Jamaica after staying at Hedo II resort, a swingers resort. They had been curious about swinging and figured what better place to experiment. They had messed around a bit with a few couples but most everybody there was older and they were not really attracted to anybody there. There were a bunch of hung black men but she had her own hung black man so that didnt really interest her any. They would have loved to find a white woman they could have used for their love slave but it never happened. That was a fanatsy they both enjoyed. Shanika was very turned on by the thought of a white woman coming unglued on her husbands black dick and him forcing her to eat his wifes pussy.

After dinner the guys offered to do the dishes and Angie and Shanika went into the living room to relax and talk. By chance Shanika sat down in the chair where Angie had been playing with her toy earlier and it was still laying in the crack of the seat. It was pressed into the crack somewhat but its thickness prevented it being fully hidden. It was almost as long as the seat cushion and Angie didnt know how she could retrieve it without being noticed. After a few minutes she suggested they go check on the boys but as luck would have it they walked in right then. Rod fixed everyone a drink and they sat and talked about where Joe and Shanika were from. After a few more drinks they were all pretty loosened up laughing a lot. It was then Shanika began shifting in her seat as if she couldnt get comfortable. Angie held her breath as she knew what was about to happen. Shanika gasped and suddenly held the black cock up in the air as she blushed. Who knew black people blushed, but it was easily seen. She smiled and said, I know this isnt mine because Joe has mine hidden in his pants.

The room went silent for a few seconds and then Rod said, I bought that for Angie to use on the nights I have a headache and just want to go to sleep.

Shanika said, uh-huh I bet she does too, damn girl why you really got a black dildo, you got something going on in your fantasys youd like to share.

Angie blushed a bright maroon as the drinks gave her the courage to say, Thats all it is, a fantasy, but its Rods as much as it is mine. That is just something that helps bring it to life.

Shanika said slowly, reaaalllly, my dildos are all white baby, I guess we got some things in common. Do you two talk about your fantasies a lot, you know share things with each other? Joe and I are very open about our desires, fantasies and pretty much everything sexual in nature.

Joe looked interested as he asked, I take it your fantasies include other people then? Am I correct to assume that one of those people is a black man, you know, because of the black dildo, he asked as he began fidgeting with his pants. The lump in them looked even larger than before.

Angie blushed again and said, God I dont think Ive ever been so embarrassed, especially having to explain this to a black couple, but what the hell I guess were all adults. Here goes though. Me and Rod have always been a monogamous couple and were both happy and satisfied to keep it that way, up until a few days ago. Did you see Jake, the black guy at the shop? They both nodded they had. Well Jake has quite a few lady friends, mostly white that like to get more than their car serviced by him if you get my gist. Well there is a vent in the office that also serves the storage room and Rod discovered that he could watch Jake and his women in the back room. He told me about it and one day I was there as Jake serviced a beautiful white woman, real classy woman. Well, I had always heard about the black myth, you know about black men all having such enormous equipment and all that. Having never been with a black guy I had no firsthand knowledge of the veracity of that myth. Having never seen a black cock before much less watched one subdue a woman so thoroughly my curiosity got the best of me and I watched the whole encounter while getting more aroused with each stroke of Jakes massive dick in the womans body. Needless to say I needed to cum so badly that we wound up fucking in the office while I watched the entire thing. Well that had my curiosity picqued as to what such a cock would really feel like so I went and bought my friend there and we played around with it a little. Now everyone knows our secret, so what do your fantasies involve?

Shanika seemed excited as she asked, and what does Rod do while you enjoy your black lover?

Well at first he just watched, but he finally began using it on me while he licked and sucked my clit

Then to Rod she asked with a wild gleam in her eyes, So you like to watch her with the black cock filling her. Tell me Rod would you really lick a woman that had a big dick in her pussy, I mean wouldnt it bother you knowing his cock was right there next to your tongue, I mean you could accidently lick his cock if they moved right.

Shanika was shifting in her seat uneasily and squeezing her thighs as if excited and pulsing. Rod looked at her and asked, Sweetie are you asking me if I would lick your clit with Joe inside you, if you are then Id tell you to ok it with my wife first.

Angies eyes were glassy looking as she realized where this conversation was headed and she replied quickly, As long as you didnt mind Joe fucking me while Rod licked me then yeah it would be fine with me. Hell you can even fuck Rod if you want to.

By now Shanika was holding her pussy as she said, Damn spent all that money going to Hedo and we could have just came here Joe. Shanika arose and walked to where Angie was sitting and looked at her husband and said, Joe show Rod and Angie your dick baby. Joe stood and opened his pants and reached in his underwear and began pulling his dick from them. He kept lifting and lifting and finally his cock cleared his underwear and he held it in the middle while it hung down from both sides of his hand.

Damn, Rod uttered.

Oh my god is that for real, Angie asked incredulously as she pressed her hand between her thighs and began squeezing and rocking.

Why dont you hold it for Joe and you can see if its real girl while I tell you our fantasy, the one we traveled to Jamaica hoping to fulfill. First let me say that neither one of us has ever been with a white person sexually. After much discussion we found out that we both had similar fantasies. We both wanted to find a white woman that we could share. We thought wed start there and then proceed to a couple or possibly a man that could enjoy me with Joe in the mix. I thought it would be so awkward our first time, Im beginning to be glad our car broke down. Maybe this was just fate bringing us together. I mean we barely know you guys but everything just seems so right for us, I mean you seem to want the same things we do. How do you feel about watching what your wife is doing with my husband Rod, I find it extremely hot knowing how bad they both want to fuck each other, Shanika said being totally honest about her feelings.

Angie moaned loudly as her head bent and her lips slid over the glans of the now hard black dick in her hands. She had both her hands stroking Joes dick and it still had many inches left untouched. Joes cock was even thicker than her toy dick and her fingers barely touched as she encircled it completely between them. Angies pussy was alive with need and when she saw her husband watching her while squeezing his cock through his pants the seething within her flared into a white hot inferno. Shanika whispered in her ear, Baby Im dying to feel you licking and sucking my dark pussy, do you think you can do that while my man fucks his black dick deep inside you. Angie wanted to scream, Yes, hell yes, but Joes hand held her mouth forcefully to his throbbing cock and all she could do was moan excitedly around his thick glans. Shanika unzipped her new friends dress and pressed it off her shoulders and then off her body. Angie felt hands removing her bra and then pressing her panties down over her hips and down her thighs and then off her feet as her mouth roamed Joes lengthy cock and suckled his large black bag. Rod had helped Shanika strip her, giving her to this black couple to use for their fantasy. Her emotions were in turmoil knowing her husband was excited by the eventuality of Joes huge black dick fucking her. Those emotions drove her, her mouth and tongue sucking and licking his black meat feverishly as his wife stroked his cock and licked his balls excitedly, joining in the fantasy they shared.

Angie was beside herself and as she gazed at Shanikas beauty she was drawn to her and paused her sucking of Joes cock long enough to kiss her full supple lips. Their kiss was passionate and lasted so long Joe finally asked, You two decide to enjoy each other or you still want this dick. Both women were gasping from the intensity they felt as their tongues embraced and their bodies writhed against each others. Angie anxiously stripped her new lover and knelt there admiring her brown body. She was pleasantly surprised to see her pussy with just a hint of a dark haired landing strip above it. She had never felt a desire to be with a woman but as her gaze roamed Shanikas body she felt an overwhelming urge to press her backwards and begin sucking at her pussy in the same manner as she had been sucking her husbands cock. You..youre beautiful Shanika, I cant wait to taste you sweetie, she said as her hand began pumping Joes dick again.

My friends call me Nika baby, and I know were gonna be real good friends honey. Then to her husband she moaned excitedly, Lets do it baby, I cant wait, as she rose and walked to the chair she had been sitting in and assumed the pose I had been in earlier that day with her thighs spread widely looped over the chair arms exposing her moist open pussy and perfectly formed anus. Her eyes gleamed with the excitement filling her, her hips undulating gently as she held out her arms to Angie saying, Come here baby and taste this nigger pussy while my man fills that white pussy with sum hard thick nigger cock.

Her use of the N word drove home the fact of their interracial coupling and instilled another level of excitement to the growing insanity in her mind. She would never have believed she could participate in any action that rendered her marriage vows broken, rent asunder while her husband watched, stroking his dick excitedly at her debasement between a black couples sex organs.

She was about to lower her face to Nikas cunt when she felt hot raw flesh pressed against her small outer labia, rubbing up and down as Joe coated it with her slick arousal juices before stopping at her clenching pussy and beginning to open her to its massive size. Knowing she was about to be impaled by a real black cock had her moaning excitedly her hips rotating around the pressure at her vagina when she heard Joe ask, You sure youre ok with this Rod, sure you can handle seeing and hearing your wife enjoying this big dick. Im telling you now man, once this fat head is In her pussy I aint stopping till I bust a nut in your woman!

Angie couldnt stand being teased a second longer, god she needed Joes cock in her and she screamed,Its my fucking pussy and I want you to fuck it, fuck him just do it, he said he wanted me too and Im doing it, as she began pressing her pussy back onto Joes dick as hard as she could.

Fuck her baby, let me see her face while you fuck that black snake all up in that white pussy, Nika said as her fingers rubbed her clit excessively hard, her face masked with excited passion. She knew what Angie was about to experience at her husbands hard thrust and that memory fueled her excitement. She wanted to grab Angies head and pull her roughly to her own pussy but she knew the pain Angie was about to feel would have her jerking away anyway. She was right! Angie screamed as she felt her pussy forced open and impaled by Joes fat dick as he buried it in her with one forceful thrust of his hips. aaiieeeeEEEE&hellip,&hellip,.oh&hellip,..oh god&hellip,&hellip,STOP!……ohhhhhhh damn&hellip,..too..too big&hellip,&hellip,..oh god Rod hes in me&hellip,.oh shit hes so huge&hellip,&hellip,&hellip,hes fuckin my pussy&hellip,&hellip,..fuck&hellip,fuck&hellip, full&hellip,&hellip,so good&hellip,hot&hellip,..ohhhhhh damn its so big&hellip,&hellip,aarrghhhhh&hellip,&hellip,yeah&hellip,yeah&hellip,right there&hellip,..oh shit&hellip,fuckit&hellip,..oh god Rod hes so much bigger&hellip,.better&hellip,..oh shit baby&hellip,..ohhhhnooo&hellip,..c..c..cant take all his dick&hellip,&hellip,Oh Rod Im sorry&hellip,&hellip,.cant help it&hellip,dicks driving me crazy&hellip,.huurts&hellip,..Rod&hellip,Rod&hellip,.hes oh god hes stretching me&hellip,pussy big&hellip,thick&hellip,&hellip,fuck&hellip,ohgod Nika&hellip, do&hellip,you&hellip,take&hellip,.ohhhhhhgod&hellip,cummin..oh shit Rod&hellip,.cumming on&hellip,aaiieeeeeEEEEEE&hellip,black dick&hellip,.ungh&hellip,&hellip,ungh&hellip,.so hard&hellip,..good!

Rod had to let loose of his cock to keep from cumming as he watched his wifes body move. She kept hunching wildly, ramming her pussy back into his long black dick. She was even more excited than the women he had watched Jake fuck. God shes losing it he thought. A fear entered his mind as he thought of losing her. How could she possibly want to fuck him again after experiencing so much cock tormenting her pussy so deeply. He felt humiliated as Nika asked her whose dick shed rather have fucking her, Joes or her husbands and Angie never hesitated a second as she screamed she wanted black dick, she wanted Joes dick every day. His wife was no longer apologizing for losing it on Joes cock, no, now she was screaming how much hed never made her cum like Joe was with his black cock. She kept cumming and cumming and it seemed like every orgasm became more intense and made her crave his dick even more.

Joe pressed his dick into Angies pussy and lifted her while holding her tits, impaled her deeply and then stood almost effortlessly with her held back against his chest and said to Rod, Man undo my pants and help me off with them. Way your wife is cumming shes gonna soak them. Then after Rod did as he asked Joe said to him, Dont get up Rod, here, lick your womans clit while I fuck her and lets see just how much black dick she can take in her tight white married pussy, as he reached down and lifted her legs and held her thighs widely apart directly in front of his face.

Rod sat back on his heels as he stared mesmerized by the sight of his wifes pussy spread so widely by Joes thick black dick. Her labia had disappeared, stretched until they were visible only as a thin red line around his gargantuanly thick shaft. Her thin body was stretched so tightly around his dick it looked grotesque. He knew at that moment he could never sate her pussy again. Her moans were loud but they expressed the love of what he presented her pussy with such an exquisitely penetrating pain. He knew his wife was experiencing a painful stretching of her vagina but her hips moved continuously, grinding down onto his massive black meat as if unable to stop. He glanced up at his wifes face and her eyes told of her complete subjugation to his dick. Earlier they had silently begged for his understanding of what she was experiencing, now his dick was her entire world and it didnt matter to her if I understood, I would just have to accept her newfound needs. I had gotten what I wished for and so had she, in spades!

Nika rose and walked beside Rod and knelt and placed her hand on his head and pressed his mouth to his wifes clit as she said, Lick her, show her how much you love her. Lick her cum off my mans cock and balls while youre there Rod. You lick my mans dick and Ill lean down here and get me some white mans cum while you do it. Rods cock jerked strongly as his tongue began a slow circling of Angies swollen clit. He felt Joes balls grazing his chin as he pressed in close in order to suck at his wifes taut orb. Her hands held his head to her as her moans increased in volume and she began begging, Fuck me Joe&hellip,fuck me hard&hellip,oh god lick me honey&hellip,..lick around Joes cock baby&hellip,oh fuck thats so hot. Im cumming&hellip,oh fuck yes&hellip,&hellip,oh my god Nika you have to do this&hellip,aarrghhhhhhhhh. Rod felt his wifes cum flooding from around Joes cock as it pistoned rapidly. He began taking long strokes, strokes that had Joe withdrawing to his tip and then ramming painfully back up into his wifes body uncaring that her husband was hearing her cries and screams as he persecuted her pussy. In fact that was exactly what was driving Joes hurtful assault on Angies pussy. He wanted Rod to hear her screams of tortured pleasure, to see with his own gaze how he caused her to flood his dick with the pleasure he knew Rod could never present her, his wife, the woman he loved. A part of him loved knowing her white husband would be tormented by her screams of pleasure the rest of his life.

Nikas mouth descended on Rods dick eliciting a loud moan from his mouth as he exclaimed, Oh god Angie, Nikas sucking my dick. Angies body began squirming even faster, pressing even more forcefully down onto Joes cock until she felt his balls anointing her clit with an insanity of pressure that told of his entire lengthy cock being buried inside her petite body.

Rods mind was seething with his need to express his love for his wife by sucking her clit but Joes large balls were caressing her swollen pink orb leaving him with an unsated need that had him sucking at Joes balls as Nikas mouth had a roiling insanity coursing through his mind and body. He was lost to the lust filling him, his mouth sucked at his wifes thighs as she cum hard again. Suck Joes dick baby, let me see you suck him&hellip,oh god Rod doit for me please!, she wailed as her cum spewed from around his large nutsack. He was willing but Joes dick was grinding up into his wifes body as she continued tensing and screaming how he was killing her pussy. God he was so hot hed suck a roomful of dicks as he glanced down and saw Nikas black face bobbing on his cock. The exoticness of what the four of them were engaged in had them all consumed in an inferno of interracial lust that fulfilled all their fantasies except one.

Rod pulled Nika from his cock as she moaned her disappointment at not taking his cum and said, Get back in the chair Nika, its time for my wife to eat some black pussy and fulfill your fantasy.

Nika smiled, and sat and spread her thighs widely while holding her legs up in the air saying, Bring our white slut over here and hold her face to my pussy while you fuck that long black dick all the way in her husbands pussy. Use nice long strokes so Rod can see what his wife is cumming on baby. Joe let Angies legs fall as he lowered her to the floor and pressed her to her knees between his wifes thighs. He didnt have to press Angies face to Nikas pussy, her hunger drove her to wrap Nikas thighs with her arms and begin licking and sucking her clit like it was something she had been craving all her life. Oh my god yes, yes! Oh god baby were doing it&hellip,aaarrghhhyeah&hellip,suck it Angie&hellip,..oh fuck yes&hellip,..ohhhh god Rod your wifes fucking me with her tongue&hellip,shes such a slut for black meat. Fuck her Joe&hellip,..Rod wants to see her make us cum baby&hellip,oh fuck eat it&hellip,..ohhh yeah&hellip,.oh my god nobody ever ate that pussy so good. Fuck her baby, drive her tongue deep inside me&hellip,..oh god yeah&hellip,fuck her hard&hellip,&hellip,oh shit I..I..Im cummin&hellip,oh god eat me you white slut&hellip,make my man cum&hellip,work that pussy&hellip,..cmon slut take his nut&hellip,.uunnghhhhhhhhhhgoddddddd.

Rod decided it was time for him to nut Nika so he stood beside the chair and pulled her head to his jerking cock. Nika saw his white dick and the excitement Angie was instilling in her as she drove her stiffened tongue deep inside Nikas brown pussy had her mouthing Rods dick frenziedly, sucking at his precum as it oozed out onto her tongue slickly. Knowing it was a white mans cock that was about to explode in her cum starved throat had her moaning her need as her hands pulled at Rods wifes head as she strived to make Nikas fantasy as alive as possible while feeling her own pussy being ravaged so wonderfully deep. Nika moaned her pleasure as Rods white cock erupted his hot slimy ball juice onto her avidly laving tongue. Having him present her his essence as he moaned his enjoyment acknowledged her womanhood. It also fulfilled a dream she had kept even from Joe. Nothing excited her more than the thought of, or now, the action of sucking a white mans balls empty, especially with his white wife watching her do it. Knowing Angie was seeing and hearing her husbands uncontrollable release as she extracted his juices had her flowing cum, tensing as her body exploded as Angies lips surrounded her throbbing clit and began anointing it with a swift light laving while simultaneously sucking hard on its swollen flesh.

Nikas breathing came in hard gasps as she watched her husbands stroking becoming faster, deeper and she knew he was about to squirt his hot cum into the white married pussy he was so effectively destroying for her husbands use. Each stroke of his fat swollen glans sent rippling streams of pleasure coursing through every cell of her white body. He had her twitching, jerking, moaning as voltage like spasms raced from her pussy to instill a growing insanity in Angies mind. Each streaming thrill had her screaming for more, ramming her pussy back into his slow thrusts as she craved him to fuck her faster, deeper harder!!

Drained, Rod knelt beside his wife and grasped her ass cheeks and held them apart as he watched his wifes hunger for Joes cum escalating as his foot+ or more of black cock slammed deeply inside her pussy.

Knowing her husband was holding her open to a black mans thrusts as he watched her pussy riding his thick dick excited Angie as the stretched full feeling inside her destroyed any memory she had of her husbands dick inside her. The fact that her husband enjoyed the humiliation of his wife screaming her love of Joes black dick, even wanting to see her cum on his black cock had her mind melting and her pussy clenching, squeezing his thick dick as she cum repeatedly while joyfully obliging her cuckold husbands desires. When she felt Joes thrusts become faster, deeper and more forceful while his glans swelled hugely, throbbing the message of his impending eruption she became unglued. Feeling her husbands tight grip on her ass cheeks, knowing he was holding her pussy, his wifes pussy to Joes strongest thrusts had her emotions in hot turmoil.

The knowledge her husband, the man she loved all these years and that professed to love her, was hearing her craving pleas for a black mans hot cum had her emotions roiling. She knew they were both lost as Rod slammed her pussy into Joes most hurtful thrusts and she begged them both not to stop but to persecute her slut cunt. She needed to feel the full hurtful effect of Joes huge black dick growing inside her as his balls spewed their lava like cum against her deepest most intimate flesh, needed her slut pussy punished for screaming her love of that deep hosing as her husband enhanced her infidelity by holding her pussy to that steaming release. She wasnt sure which one, Rod, Joe, Nika or herself needed her to wrest the cum from Joes balls more. What she was sure of was none of them would enjoy it near as much as she would when he did inundate her white married pussy with his sating release. Her mind was emotionally torn, confused, as she begged for Nikas husband to sperm her pussy. She knew both Nika and her husband Rod were mutually excited by her craving need of black men to seed her pussy deeply.

Rod couldnt understand his need to see his wife take Joes cum but he knew he craved it as bad as Angie did. Nika implored her husband to. Let her feel it baby, fill her slut pussy up while her husband watches you, They both wanted Rod to see his wifes pleasure at feeling Joes hot cum impregnating her hot white married cunt.

Oh god Rod his dicks swelling so huge in my pussy. Watch him fill me baby, oh fuck, knowing youre watching Joe sperm my pussy is so fucking hot. Damn Nika, you know what I want dont you baby, know I want to feel your man give it up to me. Doit Joe, dont hold back, fuck it in me baby, show Rod how a black man creams his wife. Im begging you, please cum in me.

ArrghhHHHHH Joe groaned as his ass squeezed tightly, blood forcing into his dick swelling it hugely while he forced his entire massive dick into Angies pussy while Rod pressed her hips back into his straining body. His initial deep thrust had Rods wife shrieking her pained acceptance as his body jerked repeatedly while his black balls forcibly evacuated his hot sperm into the steaming cauldron of her pussy. Her passionate moans and rough grinding back into his spewing glans told of her love of his seething gift. Knowing Rod and Nika were watching her painful acceptance of Joes scalding fluids had Angies mind lost to the man impregnating her.

Yes, she wanted her husband to see the massive amount of cum his thick dick pumped from around his jerking cock to stream down her inner thighs and run from his balls to the floor as he flooded her with his swimming black babies. Wanted him to know that he could never match the virility of the black man fucking his cum into her so deeply, Nor could his smaller dick ever provide such an intense pleasure like the one that coursed through her with each throbbing discharge deep inside her pussy. She needed him to hear her lovers satisfied groans as her pussy milked his black baby making sperm from his huge dick into his wifes hungry cunt, but most of all she wanted him to see her pussy stricken, quivering around his fat dick and hear her screams as she ground her pussy painfully back into a real mans dick while moaning how much more cum he was filling her with than her husbands inferior white balls could ever produce. Yes Angie wanted her husband to see and know why she would require a black man to service her pussy in a manner that he, her husband would never be able to as Joe addicted her with his massive discharges. Rod had wanted her to feel this and now her pussy required it, hungered for it, would crave it every day for the rest of her life and she wanted him to see and realize what the effect of his unnatural urging for her to do this had instilled permanently in their lives.

Knowing Rod was watching him decimate his wifes white married pussy in ways he never could brought out a racist side of Joe he never knew he had. He couldnt control his raping of Angies cunt, he wanted her to scream and beg for his black dick to show her husband its superiority to his own smaller white cock. He had never enjoyed an orgasm as much as the one he experienced as Rod jerked his white dick while watching his wife rutting back into his black cock like an animal seeking impregnation by an Alpha male.

Angie looked over and saw Rod stroking his dick and a wave of excitement washed through her body as she realized their dream had become reality as Joes huge dick jerked strongly within her now milking pussy as she drained her first black cock of the dregs of his balls contents . Shanikas hunger quickly expressed itself as she suddenly leaned over and slid her mouth down Rods cock eliciting a loud, Oh fuck, from his mouth. She sucked him frantically for a few seconds before he grabbed her head and his body folded around her swiftly bobbing head as she moaned and Rods hips hunched upwards as she drained his white balls again. She held his cum in her mouth and leaned down and kissed Angie, sharing Rods cum with his wife before again sitting in the chair with her feet planted firmly on the floor, thighs open, ass off the seat and placing her cunt at Angies mouth and demanding, Eat my black pussy baby, you want my man to keep dicking your hungry white cum hole then youre gonna suck the cum from my sweet pussy.

Angie was glad to comply and offered her tongue for Nika to smother with her wet pussy. Shanika was flowing wetness as her dreams of dominating a white woman had become an even more exciting experience by having that white womans husbands white cock to drain repeatedly while her husband Joe watched while helpless to say anything. Joe had never been fond of the idea of her enjoying white cock but she had hungered for it all her life. Her body throbbed her excitement at having a white woman sucking and licking her frantically as she tried to comply with her lustful demand after draining the womans husbands bag. She understood Angies needing to feel her husbands massive black dick as she stared at Rods small white cock. She had been able to put his entire cock in her mouth as she sucked him. Maybe she would have him fuck his wifes asshole while Joe crammed her pussy full of demanding black cock. She knew by the way Rod kept staring at Joes dick that she would have Angies husband mouthing her husbands dick to harden him so that he could sate his need to watch her taking black cock. She had heard of cuckold white men that liked seeing their wives dominated by black men as they watched and she was going to make sure his mouth felt the same domination by black dick and also by her black cunt as his wife is now. Before they leave their hosts home Rods ass will be leaking Joes slick cum.

Joe why dont you give Angie some more black dick. You know her and her husband both like you fucking your cum in her tight white pussy baby. Shes all hot and wet from sucking this pussy so good and shes dying for some more of your big dick. You want my man to fuck your wife some more Rod why dont you suck that black cock hard for your wife. That would really show her how much you love her and her and I would find it hot as hell too

I..I..Im not gay Nika, I dont think I could&hellip,I..i..mean what if somebody found out&hellip,.besides Joe dont want me suckin his cock, Im sure.

Baby, look at my mans dick! You know you want to watch your wife hunchin her pussy down that dick. You think its easy for her to take all that dick up in her tiny cunt, you owe it to her to get that cock hard for her to enjoy. Tell your man you need him to suck Joes cock for you baby, to get you hot enough to take that big black dick.

Rod baby, you know you want to honey. Nobody is ever gonna know baby. Theyll be leaving in a day or so and I really need Joe to fuck me again. Look at your dick baby, youre hard as a rock. You know you want to hold that black cock and lick on it, please baby, for me and Nika, Angie begged him.

Rod did want to but he just couldnt bring himself to do it. It went against everything he had believed in his whole life. Then he remembered that everything Angie had experienced went against her whole lifes value system and morality. Then Joe said, Come taste your wifes cum on this dick Rod. Having a white guy suckin this dick will have it hard and in your wifes pussy real quick.

Joe was kneeling now and Rod was staring as if mesmerized by his black cock as he held it out to Rod. Rod slipped off the couch and walked on his knees to Joe and began reaching for Joes dick. His hand trembled as it neared his cock and then his fingers circled him and he lifted it, felt its hefty weight as his own dicked jerked strongly. It had a familiar feel as he held it, god what hed give to possess a dick so huge he thought. He grasped the huge black cock with both hands and began stroking it slowly as his mouth watered. He did want to suck Joes cock. In his mind he wasnt sucking a man, just a black pleasure giving cock, an object that presented both Angie and himself with pleasure. Him and Angie had discussed that aspect of their craving. They didnt need friends or relationships, their desire was grown of Phallic worship. It was only fitting that he would harden the phallus his wife required to service her pussy. God what was happening to them both he wondered as he felt the cock in his hands jerking, stiffening. He glanced up at Joes face and saw him looking down at him smiling slightly. Then he heard Nika say excitedly, Do It man, you know you want to, get that dick all wet and sloppy so itll slide right in your womans cunt real easy. He did want to but he just couldnt bring himself to do it.

Then Joe placed his large hand on his head and squeezed it forcefully as he pulled Rods face to his dick and ordered, Suck it cuck, open those lips and suck a black dick hard so she can feel it in her pussy instead of your pathetic cock. Rod succumbed and slid his lips down over his black glans. His tongue automatically began tasting the raw texture of Joes glans. He heard Joes moans as he suckled his fat cock head. When Joe grabbed his head and held it, cupping it in his large hand as he began fucking Rods mouth Nika grabbed Angies dildo and handed it to her and said, Fuck me girl, aint that some hot shit. You like seeing my man fuck your hubbys mouth dont you. Look at his dick baby, your hubby loves that dick as much as we do.

Rod was sucking Joes dick frantically. Once his arousement forced his inhibitions to the act from his mind he submitted to the hedonistic forces roiling his mind. He knew he had experienced a desire to do it as he watched his wife being dominated by Joes dick but his values as a man had always repressed those thoughts as being gay. Now that he had relinquished his manhood and his wife to Joes black cock he allowed every repressed feeling and desire that had ever resided in his mind to flourish. Everything about Joes dick seemed to turn him on now. Knowing both women were being turned on by his submission, filled him with a craving to make Joe cum in their view, he wanted to taste his cum. His pride was forgotten as he labored for his own satisfaction. Rods excitement had him pressing his mouth down onto Joes dick forcefully. Joes excitement at Angie seeing him subjugating her husband so humiliatingly had him holding Rods head and hunching his fat dick into his white mouth choking him uncaringly. Rods tongue tormented Joes glans every time he withdrew it back into his mouth as he tried to suck him but Joes forceful thrusting kept burying his cock deep in Rods throat choking him. Joe had one hand on Rods head and the other holding the shaft of his cock as he forced his cock into his throat while telling Rod what a good cuckboy he was and how he was going to use his wifes pussy for a cum dump the rest of the time they were there. Nika said, Yeah cuck, you gonna be required to suck my mans cum outta your wifes pussy and swallow it and every time I suck that cum outta your white bag Im gonna spit it up in your wife and you can suck it outta her black owned pussy. Fuck his wife baby, that cuck has had enough dick, dont want to spoil him.

Everything they said excited Rod, why, god only knows but it had his dick oozing precum and he wanted to cum bad. He also wanted to suck a black dick some more. Their humiliating him seemed to excite him even more and when his wife raised her head from Nikas cunt and said, I guess Im not the only cocksucker in our family that likes sucking black ball juice from Joes black dick. You can suck all the black guys that I plan on letting use my cunt for their cum dump honey but the only cum you get is what you suck from my well fucked pussy. Joe please fuck my pussy and fill it with your delicious cum for my husband to suck out of me.

Joe squatted behind Angie and placed his dick at her gaped pussy and began a slow pressured entry of her pussy as she moaned loudly, Oh god Rod youve sucked his dick so big baby&hellip,.fuck hes so much better than fucking you baby&hellip,Im so glad you wanted me to feel black cock fucking me. Nika youre so lucky to have a real man for your husband, god I love your man fucking my married white pussy.

Angie I heard your husband had a big dick&hellip,but he had to spit it out so it could fuck your pussy, Nika said while laughing.

Rods need to cum gave him a courage born of his arousement and he went to Nika and grabbed her head and rammed his dick in her mouth and began fucking her there as she licked and sucked energetically while moaning her own hot arousement at having a white man raping her mouth. It was her best fantasy to have a white cock abusing her while Joe her husband was long dicking the mans wife. Having the mans wife fucking her pussy with a huge black dildo as her white husband emptied his ball juice into her throat was just an added excitement that had her continuously cumming her black ass off. Rods excited moans as she sucked his dick frantically, drove her own intense orgasms. Angie watched her husband as Nikas wild suctioning made wet slurping sounds as his balls pumped her full of his slick tasty cum. Angie felt driven to give Nika a pleasure equal in intensity to the one her husband was experiencing from her supple full lips and the constant waves of pleasure Joes black cock was instilling as he labored so wonderfully inside her white body. Nikas black body twisted and tensed as her hips rotated her black womanhood around Angies huge realistic feeling cock, her hand holding the white womans mouth to her swollen, taut, tormented, engorged clitoris.

Seeing Rod abusing his wifes throat while seeing her hot reaction to it had his cock swelling in the white pussy he was now driven to subjugate with painfully deep thrusts. He wanted her husband to hear Angies screams while the four of them found pleasure in the interracial aspect of their sexing. Seeing Nikas excitement as both of their white friends tormented her black body had Joe fiercely fucking the white pussy gripping his black dick so tightly in its wet slick embrace. Both women were experiencing pleasures in their minds that their husbands could never offer them, Nika was as lost to the whiteness of Rods skin as he filled her throat as Angie was screaming her love of the pained pleasure of Joes extremely large black dick. Only with Nika could Rod give such an intense satisfaction sexually, as his white skin offered nothing to his wife and his smaller size afforded nothing to either woman. Only the outpouring of his white balls instilled the mind bending pleasure Nika sought from him as a man.

It was a very voyeuristic sight seeing Nikas black body splayed open on the chair with Rod holding her head with his fingers entangled in her long black silky hair while he groaned his pleasure as his balls expelled his cum forcefully into the black mouth avidly suctioning his dick. Adding to the visual acuity , there was Angie kneeling between the black womans thighs pumping the huge black dildo into her writhing, flooding black pussy, her own cries and screams muffled by her mouth clamped tightly to the womans engorged clit as that same womans black husband slammed his huge cock to her depths with a vengeance borne of an interracial lust as he cuckolded her husband.

That was the sight Angies parents and young neice were confronted with as they stood silently stunned in the foyer gazing into the living room. The two women seemed mesmerized as they watched the long, thick cock pistoning in Angies undulating, moaning body. They seemed satisfied to stand and stare forever until Angies dad began pushing them back out the open door. No one had even noticed them they thought as they silently closed the door and retreated to their car. They had meant to surprise Angie and Rod but it was the three of them that had been surprised. Unknown to them Angie had seen them standing there but Nikas forceful grip on her head and Joes hands holding her hips were enough to prevent her saying or doing anything except blushing, moaning and cumming more intensely than she already was. My god, my Mother, Father and niece had all seen me pinned between two black bodies cumming my ass off she thought. She knew she would never be able to face any of them again, if they ever came back that is. But those cares and worries were quickly pounded from her mind by Joes lengthy cock attempting to dislodge her internal organs as he stiffened and impaled her deeply, repeatedly, as his huge balls forcefully filled her pussy with the slick elixir both her and her husband now craved.

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