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A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 4

She had a warm shower to end the day, and pulled on her very ‘un’ sexy flannel pajamas.  She crawled into the big fluffy bed, and curled up on her right side.  She was asleep, almost instantly, the exercise and fresh mountain air of the day had taken its toll. 

Her dreams that night were conflicting.  A tall Texan stranger, with a soft drawl, and kind face made his way into her subconscious.  Her husband was there, encouraging her to live again, to love again, then he was gone from her dream, as surely as he was gone from her life. 

She woke early to meet her new friend at the boulder for sunrise.  She was bound she was going to get some photos this morning, and hoped the colors would be as spectacular as she had seen in the past.

He was up and dressed and waiting for her, with a thermos of hot coffee, and his camera slung around his neck.  She smiled to herself, as she saw him at ‘their’ rock, and picked up her pace, eager to start the new day with him.

‘Good morning’, spoken in unison, and each chuckled at the timing.  He poured her a cup of coffee, and she sat down beside him. 

‘Have you thought about where you are going to take me today?’ he asked her, eager to hear of the plans for the day. 

‘I thought we would take it easy today, and ride the gondola up Sulphur Mountain, and view Banff from there.  Greats shots of the town, and the mountains around us.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get some shots of big horned sheep.  Then we can soak in the hot springs and just relax.’

He was game for that, for then he would get a chance to see that lush body of hers in something other than jeans or sweats.  He hadn’t slept well, frustrated with wanting her, but afraid to say anything, lest she run off.  He had decided to bide his time, to see where this was going.  He was falling in love with this beautiful woman.  Something that didn’t seem possible, after such a short time, but love didn’t come with a timetable, and he was going to let things progress naturally.  She seemed to enjoy his company, and seemed more at ease with him, the more time they spent together. 

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