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A Walk Through the Woods

We arrive at the campsite and it’s crowded! People are everywhere, tents are everywhere, and a band is already playing. It’s metal- fest and we’re here for some sun, music, booze, and fun. My lover and I set up our tent and head out into the crowd.

I am amazed at all the people, some are topless, some are naked, some have painted on bikini’s. A deeply tanned brunette walks by and her tits are glistening with glittery paint that is painted over her nips to look like a sweet flower. She winks at me and smacks my ass. Wow! I look over to see my lover smiling. This is gonna be great.

We make our way to the stage to watch the band. A chick carrying a platter of tequila shots offers us each some. We both down two and she wiggles off, her hips swaying in her skin tight jeans. I lean against my lover and he grasps my hips and starts to massage them. A beautiful blond with thick thighs grabs his hand and mine and leads us to the edge of the stage. She beckons me to lay down and the drummer places a shot of some liquor between my breasts, and one between my thighs.She leans to take the shot from my large, heavy breast and my lover scoops the one from between my thighs. She grabs my head and kisses me deeply.

Her lips taste so sweet, I can’t stop kissing her. I stop long enough to look down at my lover, he smiles at me and licks the inside of my thigh. I Look back at her and she smiles.This is nuts, I’m on a stage in front of a couple hundred people, but I don’t object. She raises my shirt to expose my big, beautiful breast and I melt. She gently grabs one of them and begin to massage it. I pull her head down to the other, and she eagerly obliges me by gently teasing the nipple with the tip of her tongue. My nipple puckers and I push it deeper into her mouth. She suckles on it while I rub the other one, I moan and raise my legs.

I stare at my lover as he runs a finger down my sweet slit. He grunts and pushes my shorts to one side. My pretty, pink pussy glistens in the sun, I’m already very wet. He rubs my swollen clit with his thumb, I raise my hips and push against his hand. The music is roaring and people are cheering as I cum all over my lover’s hand.

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