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A Warm Sunny Day. Part 1

My name is Josh, I'm 18 years old and had just returned home after my first term at university ,tired and ready to unpack and catch up with a few friends later. It was a warm sunny day, my parents had left earlier for a few days at the coast and I thought that I would do a spot of nude sunbathing in our well screened back garden letting the sunshine warm and rejuvenate my tired body.
I stripped off quickly and lay down on one of the two side by side sunbeds. I could feel the warmth of the gentle sunshine on my naked body. I had brought my MP4 player out with me, I selected some tracks and put the earpieces in. I relaxed and lay on my side the sound of the Beach Boys "wouldn't it me nice" blah blah blah in my ears as I relaxed and drifted into a light sl**p, still feeling the gentle rays caressing my naked body. It was bliss, the feel of the warm air on my skin began to give me a hardon. As I gently dozed in the half sl**p, my body began to tingle as the sun seemed to be gently touching and caressing my body and heighten my senses.
I felt little surges of pleasure washing over me causing my cock to strain upwards. I suddenly became aware that it was a hand that was gently caressing my body very lightly. It felt like a dream, my eyelids were closed and I could see the bright sunshine through them. The hand very lightly stroked along my body, sliding down my back and gently teasing my buttocks. I felt a warm finger slide between my ass cheeks and seek out my hole. It gently rubbed back and forward around the opening and then I felt a finger tip slide slowly into it. I let out a quiet moan as the pleasure made my cock jump and I felt some precum beginning to leak out of it. I moaned again, an earpiece was pulled out of my ear and a voice whispere "don't turn round". My eyelids were still shut and this added intensity to the pleasure I was feeling.
An arm reached round and the palm of a hand slid down my belly and began to lightly stroke the tops of my thighs, the hand sliding down into my groin where it grasped my hard, leaking cock and began to wank it back and forward, the foreskin drawn back and the speed becoming faster. At this point I started to open my eyes and in front of me I saw my large cockhead glistening with my precum
I slowly began to turn around and was met with the smiling face of my best friend Terry, he was lying naked close to my body on the sunbed, his cock was enormous, huge purple cockhead waving back and forward like a serpent ready to strike. "Hi Josh" he said to me, "I spotted you arriving at your house earlier on and I thought I'd call and welcome my old buddy home.
I didn't plan this but when no one answered the front door I wandered around the back and spotted you lying naked on the sunlounger. wearing only your earphones and appearing to be asl**p. Seeing your naked body made my cock harden and stick upright as I strolled over to you. I quietly stripped off and lay down behind you. I just had to stroke your hot body and when you moaned I nearly shot my load !" As he talked, Terry was moving his body closer to mine and his hard cock began to nestle berween my ass crack. He began to wank me furiously and I could feel his precum running down my crack. I began to moan louder, reached round and cupped his balls in my hand. "Oh fuck Terry" I groaned "I want you to fuck me now with your big hard cock, I want to feel it plunge in and out of my hole until I yell with pleasure and beg to cum"
Terry reached down into his trousers on the ground and brought out a condom and a small sachet of lube from his pocket. Terry was the same age as me and we both believed in safe sex, he slid the condom down over his hard cock. He gently pushed me onto my stomach , applied some lube to his fingers, slid them down and into my ass crack and hole. I felt him massage my hole with two fingers rubbing around it probing and stretching it open. He slid his two fingers inside and I gave out a gasp of pleasure as he discovered my prostate and waves of pleasure washed over me. "Holy shit Terry , fuck me now as I'm nearly cumming ! " He smeared the condom with the remaining lube. He got behind me and as he lent forward his hard cock sliding back and forward between my ass cheeks . I felt his cockhead probing finally finding my hole and gently pushing into it. As he lent forward his cock thrust further in causing me to gasp as my hole was being stretched by the thickness and length of it. He began to pick up pace, sliding his cock in and out faster and faster until he was slamming into my ass. My senses were reeling, wave upon wave of pleasure hitting my body causing me to moan loudly, my body was shaking and I could feel intense pleasure surging through me. I had my fist around my own hard cock and I knew that I was close to cumming. Terry was pounding my ass so hard and he was crying out that he was nearly cumming. I pushed my ass back against his thrusts and we were both lost in lust and pleasure. I could feel my orgasm approaching fast. and I spasmed and yelled," oh fuck Terry I'm cumming" as reams of cum shot out of my cockand splashing onto the lounger. as I was still cumming I felt Terry's body stiffen, giving a final thrust into my hole and he yelled "Josh I'm cumming too !" He spasmed three or four more times then gently slid his cock out of my hole. The tip of the condom was bulging with his cum and he slid it off, knotted it and set it on the grass. He put his arms round and caressed me, we kissed deeply and he whispered into my ear, "welcome home Josh I've missed you and we have a lot of catching up to do". I smiled at him and said," yes we have the whole of the summer to catch up in mind and especially with our bodies, it's great to be home, fuck yeah ! "
The End of Part 1
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