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AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 05


It was Monday July 7, 1963 and my best friend Ken and I were on way back to New Jersey. We had just been honorably discharged from the Marines and we were sitting on the rickety train as in rumbled through North Carolina. The train seemed to stop at very house and twice at every double house until we got to Washington, DC. From DC it was a quick four hour ride to Newark, NJ where Ken’s dad met us at the train station. Our home town was about an hour car ride from Newark and we soon arrived at Ken’s home. His parents were gracious enough to let me stay with them until I found a place of my own. There was no room at my former home and I had not interest being around my step-mother, so I did not even consider returning there.

I unpacked, did my laundry and settled in at Ken’s house. There was plenty of room and I stayed in one of the spare bedrooms. However I wasted no time in getting started on my civilian life. I checked out the grocery store where I had worked part-time when I was in high school and they had an opening. The manager was actually happy to have me back at the store. Back then we didn’t have the super center stores that were open 24 hours. The store I worked at was part of a grocery chain where the stores stayed open Thursday and Friday evenings until 9:00 PM. My hours would be 12 Noon until 6:00 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; 12 Noon until 9:00 PM on Thursdays and Fridays; and 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Saturdays. I would have Mondays off which would allow me to use that day to take care of personal business.

The store manager Bill was anxious to have me get started since he was short handed so I began work that Wednesday. I knew the ropes so I hit the ground running and fit in very well with the other workers. The assistant manager Hank was pleased with my work knowledge and ethic and we hit it off right away. I was very busy the first week and Ken’s parents were surprised and pleased with my enthusiasm. Ken’s father Jack was so impressed with my energy and commitment he talked to me about the management training program that his company offered. Jack worked for a large insurance company in New York City so he commuted from his New Jersey home every day.

A new management training class was starting in September and Jack convinced me to look into it. He wanted Ken to consider it too but Ken had no interest in going to college in the evening. One Monday I went with Jack to his company and I was introduced to the men who ran the management training program. I interviewed with them and they explained the requirements and benefits of the program. The interview went well and I was accepted into the program providing that I was accepted into an accredited college by September 1963. I applied at several colleges and I was finally accepted at a university in New Jersey beginning that September. The school recommended that I take some general study classes during the summer that I would be assured of acceptance as a matriculating student, a requirement of the management training program.

I enrolled in the college and attended class on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Needless to say I was very busy with work and school from mid July to the beginning of September. Every evening except Wednesday’s and Sunday’s was occupied. I was thankful to have Mondays and Sundays of as the homework load was heavy and I had time to look for a place to stay. I eventually found a room for rent about two miles from the college campus that was on the commuter bus route. I didn’t own a car as I could not afford one at the time so I needed to rely on public transportation to get to work and school.


The grocery store where I worked was only about a mile from Ken’s house so it was and easy walk to and from work. Sometimes I would catch a ride with one of the other employees if it was raining hard but that was rare. My duties at the store were stocking shelves, marking the price on items, bagging groceries at busy times and helping out in the meat or produce department when needed.

Warehouse deliveries were made on Tuesdays so most of my time was spent unloading the trucks and storing the merchandise in the store basement. The busiest shopping days were Friday evenings and Saturdays which is when I was often called on to bag groceries in the checkout line. I was always amazed at the checkers and how quickly they could ring up items. Their fingers flew over the cash register keys without ever looking at them. They were incredibly accurate. One of the checkout girls was named Linda and she was my favorite to work with bagging groceries.

Linda was fours years my senior at 26 years old. She was not a pretty girl but after time she seemed attractive. She had a large nose for her face and her hair was very coarse. She wore her blonde hair very short just covering the nape of her neck and her ears. The one thing that Linda had going for her was her body. She had great tits, a narrow waist, shapely legs and an ass to die for. When she was working she wore a smock over her clothes that concealed her curvy fit body but I always checked her out when she was leaving after work walking to her car. Linda usually wore tight shorts in the summer that really showed off her great ass and legs.

I learned quickly that fidelity was almost non-existent at our store. The manager and assistant manager were banging a couple of the female employees. They were all married but not to each other. A couple of other married guys were banging some married women who were customers. I had a couple of women come on to me but no one that I was interested in. My sex life had been non existent for almost a month since arriving home but that was about to change.

One Wednesday Bill, Hank and their current squeezes, Mary and Elaine decided to go bowling. They extended the invitation to others and I ended up joining them. Bob the produce manager, Linda and another checker named Grace also joined the group. The bowling alley was miles away and I needed a ride to and from it. I rode out to the alley with Linda and she said she would bring me back to Ken’s house when we were done. It turned out to be a great evening.

We all had a blast bowling and the beers were flowing freely. Linda and I were on the same team with Bob and Grace and I stared at her hot body all night. Linda was wearing tight dark blue shorts with a light blue pullover top. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her hot ass every time she bowled. I imagined her on all fours with my cock sliding in and out of her incredible ass. I even got an erection several times that night and I had to hide it in my pants several times. After three hours of bowling we called it a night and then left. Linda drove me back to Ken’s house as promised.

When we arrived at Ken’s house Linda pulled up along side of the road rather than in the driveway. I thanked her for the ride and started to get out of the car. “Don’t a get a goodnight kiss for driving you,” she said surprising me.

I smiled and slid over to give her a peck but when I kissed her she wrapped her arms around me and drove her tongue into my mouth. I was stunned but just for a few seconds and then I returned the kiss. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and wrapped my arms around her firm hard body. Linda moaned when I kissed her back and she held me tighter. I decided to see how far this would go so I let my hands roam up to her firm tits. I rubbed her tits through her top and bra which caused Linda to groan with pleasure.

I next moved my hands under her top and stroked her flat belly. Then my hands moved up and grabbed her bra covered tits. Linda kept moaning in my mouth as our tongues dueled and I rubbed her tits. I reached behind her and located the bra clasp and when she didn’t protest I unhooked her bra. I covered Linda’s tits with both hands and I had never felt tits so shapely and so firm. Her nipples were aroused and they were like little dicks sticking out they were so hard and long. I let her nipples slide between my fingers as I massaged her magnificent globes.

I had to see her tits so I broke the kiss and lifted her bra and top over them. I pushed Linda back into the car seat and pressed her shoulders against the back of the seat. Her tits stood out proudly and her nipples pointed straight ahead. I then decided that I just had to taste them. I dropped my face to her tits and took one in my mouth. I gently sucked her tits and nipples which drove Linda wild.

“Oh I love that. Kiss my tits, suck my nipples, oh good,” she murmured as I worked over her tits.

As I kissed and sucked her tits I ran my hand over her bare thighs and immediately Linda separated her legs. I ran my hand over her inner thighs and then I cupped her pussy through her shorts and panties. Linda groaned loudly and I took that as encouragement. I found the catch for her shorts and I unfastened it. There was still no protest from Linda so I worked her shorts down her legs. Linda lifted her body off the car seat so that I could remove her shorts. I then touched her pussy through her panties and I found them to be soaking wet. Without hesitation I pulled her panties down and off her legs. Linda once again raised her bottom off the seat to make it easy.

Linda reached down and released the car seat so that it would slide back as far as possible. Then she turned so that she was on her back on the bench seat of the car. I pushed her legs apart and then maneuvered into position so that I could eat her pussy. Linda gasped when she felt my breath on her inner thighs and then she whispered urgently.

“Oh eat my pussy, please eat me. I am so hot,” she said excitedly.

I lowered my face to her pussy and began to gently lick it. Linda grabbed my head and thrust her cunt in my face. She was really hot and she needed to get off. I put her thighs on my shoulders and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I took one slow lick as I flattened my tongue on Linda’s mound. It felt so smooth and warm and I knew from her moan that she was pleased. I enjoyed the taste of her and I kept licking and eating her. I pointed my tongue and burrowed into her pussy as it parted her labia I was rewarded with the exquisite taste of her juice. I liked Linda’s pussy and it was obvious that she kept herself very clean. I was soon licking and lapping up as much of her love juice as fast as I could.

Linda was obviously enjoying what I was doing as she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for my tongue to explore her pussy. My tongue explored all of her as I made mental notes of what seemed to turn her on. Linda was breathing rapidly and she moaned softly whenever I got near her hard clit. As I searched out her hard clit still just barely hidden she tensed and began to quiver. After I felt like I had teased her opening as much as I could, it was time to see her reaction when my tongue finally touched her erect clit.

I burrowed my tongue as deep into her as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to her clit I used the very tip of my tongue to push back the little hood. I was truly amazed at the size of her clit. It was definitely the largest one I ever had in my mouth. I flicked my tongue over it once and then explored the folds of her flesh on either side of it. Linda was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her pearl stuck out even further like a little cock. I nuzzled it with my nose taking in her scent and I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it.

Linda went wild and started bucking and moaning loudly. She let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I sucked her clit as deep in my mouth as I could and Linda humped my face for all she was worth. I was excited that I was able to get her that excited and I sucked harder and played with her wonderful clit with my lips, tongue and teeth. I actually felt her squirt some of her love juice in my mouth. I continued to eat her pussy and kiss her inner thighs as she slowly recovered. My hands went back to her firm tits and I found that her nipples were rock hard and extended.

I stroked her body and my hands moved freely over her tits and pussy mound. She embraced me again and yelled for me to hold her tight.

“Hold me, oh please hold me,” she pleaded as her orgasm and spasms continued.

I had never seen anyone cum that hard before and I was thrilled that I was responsible for her crescendo. Linda finally calmed down and spoke to me.

“That was incredible I haven’t cum like that in a long time. You really know how to eat pussy,” she said with a sigh.

Linda then sat up and moved closer to me. She unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and pulled down the zipper. I lifted my hips so that she could pull my pants and skivvies off. Linda started stroking my cock. My throbbing erect cock jumped as it was freed of my clothes and Linda took it in her hand.

“Wow! You have a big cock,” she exclaimed.

“It’s not that big,” I replied although I was very comfortable with me manhood and I knew that I was well above average.

“It’s the biggest I have ever had in my hand and soon my pussy,” she teased in a sultry tone.

We kissed again and I rubbed her incredible tits as Linda continued to stroke my cock.

“All this playing with your cock has got me hot again. I need to sit on your dick,” she announced.

I sat back on the car seat as Linda straddled my body and lowered herself onto my cock. She held my shaft and aimed it at her vagina. My hard cock slid easily into her womb and she emitted a small gasp as it filled her hole. Linda rocked back and forth on top of me as I held on to her curvy ass. I stroked her beautiful ass cheeks and molded her firm buttocks in my hands as she picked up the pace fucking herself with my dick. Linda started moaning as she fucked faster and faster. I leaned in and sucked on her tits again as she rode my cock.

“Sweet Jesus, I have never been this full of cock. Fuck me nice and slow,” she gasped.

I let my fingers dip down to her pussy and scooped up some of her juice. Then I teased her nether hole with a pussy moistened finger tip. Linda did not object to my playing with her ass and anus so I pushed my finger in a little deeper. Linda was going wild again and I felt my own release building in my balls. I sensed her pending orgasm and then she yelled out just as my ejaculation flooded her womb. She stopped moving as jet after jet shot into her from my pulsating cock.

“I am going to explode. Oh, Oh hold me, please hold me tight,” she screamed.

Linda then collapsed on top of me her body quivering from the intensity of her orgasm. She buried her face in my shoulder as she screamed in passion. I could feel her juices coating my cock as it remained buried in her womb. It took a few minutes for her to regain her composure and she just sat on me and cooed. Eventually she moved off of me and sat next to me. Linda had had two mind blowing orgasms and she was sexually drained. However I was not done with her. She had not objected to the ass play so I was determined to try and fuck her fantastic ass.

Linda noticed that I was stroking my semi-hard cock and she smiled at me just before she lowered her mouth to my shaft. Within minutes she had me rock hard proving that she was an accomplished cock sucker. I was anxious to get at her ass all the while wondering if she would let me fuck her in the ass. I moved her to all fours on the car seat so that she was facing the steering wheel. With her ass elevated and she placed her head on the car seat turned to one side. I started playing with her pussy and her curvy ass lubricating her asshole with her own cunt juice. Linda moaned and cooed as I fingered her pussy and her asshole simultaneously. I tired to get her asshole wet enough with her juices and my saliva so that I could fuck her ass.

I knelt behind her and tried to insert my cock in her ass but it just wouldn’t go. Afraid of hurting her I tried more pussy juice and saliva for lubrication but to no avail. There are times when my cock feels bigger and thicker and this was one of those times. I was fingering Linda’s ass when she spoke.

“Wait let me get some cream,” she cautioned.

Linda reached down and got some lotion from her purse and then she handed it to me. I realized then that Linda was going to let me fuck her in the ass. I put an ample of amount of lotion in her asshole coating the tiny puckered opening of her anus and lubricating the rim. I added my saliva to my lotion covered cock and nestled my dick against the entrance of her rectum momentarily before easing it inside her ass. I could feel my cock struggle to stretch the resistant muscles. My dick head burrowed in and her rigid passageway soon yielded to the determined action of my cock. Linda moaned as my pecker filled her hole.

“Go slowly at first it has been awhile,” she said sexily and then she cried out, “Ohhh, you really know that you have a cock in your ass when you’re in me.”

I fucked her with long and deliberate strokes until my cock was sliding easily in and out of her ass. I caressed her shapely buttocks as I watched my dick move in and out of her rectum worming around inside of her curvy ass. I caressed her firm tits and tweaked her hard nipples as I leaned over her body and whispered in her ear, “Linda you have a hot ass, I love fucking you in your hot ass.”

My hands freely roamed over her body and I pulled her by her hips drawing her backwards impaling her on my bloated cock. I reached for her pussy to finger fuck her and diddle her clit but I found Linda’s hand already buried in her womb. She was frigging herself frantically working herself toward an orgasm. Suddenly I felt my cock inside her ass swell up and I started pumping faster. Within minutes I knew that Linda felt the warm fluid being squirted inside her anus and she immediately started to cum herself. Her cunt walls convulsed around her own hand fucking her cunt as her anal muscles squeezed every drop from my spurting cock. I grunted as my whole body became stiff and I slammed my cock harder into her. Linda writhed around and her body arched off the car seat as a climax of massive proportion tore through her loins.

My cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop and I moved back against the car door. I caressed her shapely ass and she rotated it in circles displaying her delight. Linda then said that she really needed to get going and I checked the time. We had been fucking in her car for over two hours and it was almost two o’clock in the morning. We both got dressed and then we kissed good night. I walked quietly into the house and made my way to my room as Linda drove away. I slept like a log that night until late the next morning. I was thankful that I didn’t have to be at work until noon.


I wake up the next morning with a raging hard-on. I reached down and stroked my cock as I envisioned fucking Linda’s fabulous ass. Then I got up before I ejaculated as I did not want to soil the bed sheets. I went into the bathroom and finished jerking off as I closed my eyes and imagined my cock sliding in and out of Linda’s hot ass. Streams of semen shot into the toilet when I finally ejaculated. Then I took a shower and got dressed. It was 11:00 AM when I made myself something to eat and then I headed to work.

When I arrived at work I saw that Linda had just arrived too and I waited for her to get out of her car. I greeted her and she smiled when she returned the greeting. Then she said, “That was great sex last night and I would like to get together again. However you have to keep your mouth shut or it’s over.”

“My lips will be sealed unless they’re on your pussy,” I replied softly.

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