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Adult stories One day at school

Adult stories One day at school came this new girl named Susan. She was a very pretty girl in her school uniform. Her black shoes with white socks gave to her slender legs something sinful. Adult stories I can still remember that day when our Latin teacher Miss. Margaret came in the classroom with her cane in one hand and her books in the other. This strict lady always scared everybody and so we were standing silent waiting for her orders.

“Everybody sit down!” she said, “… except you miss…”

“Brown, mistress. Susan Brown.”

“Excellent miss Brown. But now come over here and let us all know you better.”

She moved from her desk reluctantly and went to position herself in the empty space in front of the big blackboard.

“Hmm… very pretty girl indeed miss Brown.” Miss Margaret said moving around her like a shark does around its prey.

Susan felt distinctly the tension and started to sweat a little. I saw her lips trembling a little. It was absolutely true what Miss. Margaret said: she was very pretty. A young fresh face, framed by blonde hair nicely combed with plaits with two red ribbons at each end. She had a nice French nose with sparse freckles on it. I started to have feelings about her.

“Now, let’s get back to work!” declared M. Margaret.

Susan went back to her desk and sitting down the sleeve of her uniform pulled down the inkpot. A crash was heard and suddenly silence fell like a curtain above us.

Miss. Margaret stood up, “What was that!”

Susan blushed and said, “It’s me, Miss Margaret. I crashed my inkpot.”

Miss. Margaret was furious and ordered Susan to go to her desk. Susan was trembling.

“Now you deserve a punishment for your clumsiness!” M. Margaret shouted to her. “Now I will administer you what you deserve, a loud spanking. Remove your uniform at once!”

Susan did what was commanded and undressed herself. I was in the first row so I had a perfect vision of her round butt and her flashy tits. I felt a little discomfort growing in my pants. Miss Margaret came around her and placed a chair near the middle of the aisles. She ordered Susan to bend over the chair so her butt was pointing up in the air showing her twat in its entire splendor. I started to have a bulge.
When the cane came down it made the sound of a thin whistle and rewarded Susan with a sound smack on her buttocks. She was not allowed to make a single groan and so she did, but large tears started to pour from her big eyes. There was a series of strong hits before the first violet signs started to show. I started to be impatient as my erection started to hurt.

I was massaging the front side of my trousers when Miss Margaret asked me what I was doing. I answered that I had quite discomfort at the sight of naked and helpless and caned. She asked to show at the classroom what I was talking about by joining her and lowering my trousers. I lowered even my pants and a gigantic erection shoed out. My penis was hard like a rock and already throbbing copiously. Miss Margaret invited me to climb up the chair to show her better the situation. And she said:

“You little naughty pervert! Aren’t you ashamed of this dirty thing?” she placed herself with her face right in front of the very tip my cock, only few millimeters from her lips, without touching it and said:
“Aren’t you ashamed of sticking your big disgusting penis toward your teacher? You are a disgusting pervert and I want everybody see how the pig you are!”

She didn’t move from there and asked one my classmates, Maggie, to come to us. She told her to masturbate me. Maggie put a hand around my shaft being not able to grab it entirely, it was impossibly big, I was too exited from the situation. Miss Margaret told me:

“Now you are too exited for what I want from you. When you will relief yourself you have to fuck the hopeless slutty Susan in her arse. Do you think you will be able to perform a strong and long butt fucking on her for you teacher?”

Maggie didn’t stop stroking me, and some times the tip of my cock slightly touched Miss Margaret’s lips. I wanted to her mouth in that very moment but the prospective of violating Susan’s butt hole was overwhelming.

I was about to come, large drops started to squirt out without control. Suddenly I could not hold any longer, Maggie’s hand was so good. I started to have what I called a spraying cumshot. Miss Margaret’s face was all wet of cum drops. She opened her moth to let most of my cum splash on her tongue. She swallowed several times before letting my big prick all the way down her throat to finish me.

When I was done, she cleaned me well with her tongue and I came down from the chair and joined her at Susan that was standing awaiting the rest of her treatment. Miss Margaret ordered Susan to put herself down like a dog and Maggie to hit her like a bitch on her asshole. I put myself behind Miss Margaret and I slipped my hands between her robes. My arms were around her and I moved my left hand up till I touched one of her breast, I could feel her nipple so hard. With my other hand I went down till I found her pants, I lifted them to find her swollen pussy. I slid on finger in her hot flesh when a rivulet of her fluids came out and soaked her thighs.

The sight of Susan’s butt caned and the touching of Miss Margaret’s most hidden secrets made me hard again. My cock was pushing Miss Margaret from behind. So she said:

“Oh, I see, we have our big arrow in the bow again!”

She turned around and grabbed my dick. She started to stroke me gently and told me.

“Now I want you to fuck this bitch in her butt hole at once!”

I was now behind Susan and I pointed my prick on her very little hole. I pushed a little wondering if my big tool could ever make its way through a hole so little. With my surprise her flesh started to relax a bit and let the head pass. Susan pushed toward me making a loud moan. I felt my cock going deeper and deeper. Her canal was so narrow. After few more pushes I was all the way in to my balls. Susan was impaled with my cock. She started to move toward a little when I decided to push so I fucked her very hard. I went on fucking her when her clumsy movements let my cock slip out revealing a big gape. Susan had her bottom sticking upward with big black round gape so wet and so large. I pushed my cock back in vigorously and after a few more strong pushes I herd her coming loudly and I felt strong grips on my cock. I could not resist any longer and I came in her ass flooding her depths with my hot spunk.

The lesson was over. Miss Margaret cleaned my cock sucking greedily every trace of sperm and Susan’s own cum. The good news was that we didn’t have homework.

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