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Aftermath Confessions Chapter 5 of 7 – Trick or Treat

Author’s Note: As I said before, these stories are hard to categorize… voyeurism, exhibitionism, a threesome, with some light bi-play and a hot wife. If male bisexuality offends you, please don’t read the story. If you’d like to see an illustrated version, send me an email at


Chapter 5 – Trick and Treat

Carol looked wonderful walking ahead of me into our bedroom, her cute little ass peeking below her swaying shirt tail. The top of her firm legs and inner thighs were visibly wet from a morning full of orgasms and cock teasing.

The bed was still messed up from the night before, the scent of sex hung in the air. My mind flashed back, once more, to our unexpected threesome and sharing my wife, and myself, with another man for the first time.

Dropping her shirt, she turned to face me. She was a MILF in every sense of the word. At 45, her 5′ 7′ curvaceous frame was perfectly proportioned for her body. Reaching out her arms, she drew me close, pressing my hard upwards slanting cock against her warm moist pussy. I could feel the large dark nipples of her 34D breasts pushing pointedly into my chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

We were here to fulfill our bargain. After a night of sharing ourselves with David, we’d made an agreement to tell all, to share that which we had never shared with each other before. What I would have once envisioned as my worse nightmare, had become a liberating adventure of sexual discovery. Not the least of which was what a wicked, wonderful sexy woman I was really married to.

I broke our kiss. ‘So far, I’ve been doing all the talking and you’ve been doing all the cumming.’

Reaching down between us, she filled her hand with my thick 7′ cock. ‘Ohhh. Poor, Baby. Are you needing some relief?’

All morning long she’d been bringing me to the edge and ‘forcing me’ to tell her about my time in college with Jeff and Allie.

‘A deal is a deal. You finish telling me what happened in college and I’ll tell you how Jeff got me out of my wedding dress on our honeymoon.’ The very thought of Jeff’s huge 9′ cock buried in my wife’s pussy left my head spinning. ‘But, before you finish, there’s something I have to ask.’

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