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Afternoon Delight

One afternoon I got home early from work and surprised my lover in bed pleasuring himself. Helpful creature that I am, I offered to help him with his job if he’d give me a back scrub to freshen up first. The kind soul agreed and we jumped into the shower immediately.

Of course, his lust was already heightened and so he wasted no time at all in cramming his soapy fingers into my willing sheath and taking a ready nipple in his mouth. His frenzied loving soon had me clenching as I orgasmed.

“Oh, is that how it’s going to be?” I thought to myself, and proceeded to rub my slippery body all over him.

Not to be outdone, he withdrew, turned me around and bent me over, presumably, I imagined, to give my back a good rub. No sirree bob, after two perfunctory circles on my back and ass he just plunged his finger into my asshole. I jumped, not from pain, since it had not hurt, but from the audacity of his deed. Realizing that my ass was giving no resistance and with my tell-tale whimperings revealing my excitement, he pressed me further down by pushing on my back and plunged two fingers in and out of my ass.

By this time, my already well creamed and finger-fucked vagina was oozing sweet honey like crazy and his slaps on my ass and horny groans had me bucking like crazy on his fingers. The sweetest weakness came into my knees and I slumped onto the shower floor gasping and writhing and grabbing my dripping cunt.

He quickly got the shower hose and rinsed me completely from head to toe, dragging me around by my arm. He washed himself off and all but pulled me from the shower with a gruff “hurry up”.

Not even giving me time to fully recover and come back with my usual sassy comment, he threw my still wet body, towel and all, onto our bed. Then he pulled my legs apart, flipped them as far back as possible, and proceeded to attack my pussy with his mouth — sucking my clit, pushing his tongue into my pussy, licking down to my asshole and back up again — and just rubbing his beardy face all over my cunt whilst making some serious heavy breathing grunts.

I was unable to do anything besides grab the sheets and just keep pelting my pussy into his face with some serious hip gyrations as I enjoyed his ministering. When I was able to think, my mind kept wondering what the fuck had gotten into him today, even his eyes were glazed over with lust. But I was beyond caring and the jism was running out of me like a burst tap. Shit, this was some afternoon delight!

Quickly crawling up my body, he slid his tongue into my mouth, nibbling on my lips and dueling with my tongue. Meanwhile, he had stuck two fingers back into my heaving cunt and was fucking me extremely fast, with me trying my best to ride the fuck out of them and screaming my head off. It was soo damn good!

He was biting my neck now and shouting “you are so damn sweet, I want to eat you alive!”

Let me tell you, I believed him, and nothing sounded better that afternoon.

He removed his fingers and grabbed me by the chin, asking: “babe, can I finger fuck your ass again, did it feel good?”

“Shit, yes!” I responded, [after all, why be selfish with myself?] “Cram those sticky fingers up my ass and really give it to me good, lover.”

He jumped up off the bed in a flash, ran into the bathroom cabinet and came back with his hand coated with KY jelly.

Before I could complete a sarcastic “what the hell, did you put it all on?” He spread my legs, threw his weight over me to anchor me, and pushed, not one… not two… but three fingers into my untried ass.

I could feel the tight stretch and let me tell you, my pussy began to do a serious tightening and quivering, my legs and body started shaking like I was having a fit, and I swear, I felt as if all of me would dissolve into one great mass of syrupy cum.

[That incoherent cussing and screaming you may have overheard neighbor, yeah, that was me, riding a serious orgasmic wave].

By no means done, the big brute jumped off the bed again, this time grabbing my ankles and pulling my torso right off the edge until only my back and upper body remained supine.

Throwing a leg over each shoulder he rammed his rigid, dripping cock like a piston in and out of my dripping cunt like the world was coming to an end, and pussy was going out of existence, and this would be his last fuck forever.

He had my arms pinioned to the bed as he leaned over from a standing position and kept hitting home run after home run after home run, making me dizzy with the power of his cover drive, slam dunking the dickey, executing perfect follow throughs. In short, using the pussy the way a pussy was designed to be used.

I was beyond words, beyond sounds, beyond all else besides focusing on the ecstasy on his sweet face, teeth gritted as he fought to stave off orgasm, eyes opened but uncomprehending, neck and upper body strained and arched backward.

The woman in me creamed and felt a keen sense of power in pleasing my man in this way, in helping him to achieve nirvana, in being pleasured beyond words.

I reveled in the feeling of womanhood, multiple orgasms, sweet, satisfying, soul stroking fucking. I reveled in the feeling of being used like the willing harem girl, lusty bawd, seductive geisha, slavering slut, that lives in all of us.

Sensing my eyes focused on him, he blinked and seemed to realize where he was once more. Grunting at my smirking face, he pulled me even further off the bed as we had begun to slide backwards, pinned my feet this time almost doubled over, and drove his cock once more into me, with a hoarsely whispered “gonna fuck the sass out of you today.”

I bucked in wild surprise as he drove into me, but reader, it wasn’t my pussy he had reamed as he intended, it was my virgin ass! And he was fucking so hard and so wild I knew he didn’t realize what he had done.

The wet slickness from my many orgasms, the well lubricated KY on my ass and over that entire genital area, and the arched position in which he had my back, had created the ideal circumstance for easy entry into that love tunnel.

I grinded and squealed as I secretly enjoyed this thorough rimming of an erogenous zone I had longed to have explored but held back from attempting for years. I could feel the cream puddling in my pussy and the feeling was making me wilder than wild.

My mouth began to pour forth the obscenities that were crowding my mind.

“Yes, damn you, fuck my ass, pulverize my sweet tight ass, you’re fucking my ass, you’re fucking my ass, it’s so damn good I’m gonna die. Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhhhh FUUCCKKK!!!”

I think my vulgar screams and beating on his back alerted him to the fact of what was happening, because he stopped for a minute and looked at me disbelieving, then looked down at our joined bodies, the evidence showing his soaked cock tightly encased in my still quivering ass which was squeezing tight and refusing to let him withdraw.

Looking back at me, he listened to the nasty words falling off my lips, watched the sweat pouring off my tortured looking face still in the grip of sweet ecstasy, and he dropped the ball.

Biting on my neck and driving into me again, he only achieved a few strong stokes before collapsing and shuddering in his own orgasmic bliss.

Lathered, heaving and snorting like a thoroughbred that had just completed the race of his life, it took him a few minutes to once more come down to earth and roll off me. We just lay there collapsed on each other for almost another quarter hour, struggling to recover our senses.

Finally turning to face me, he gave me soft kisses, looking into my eyes for signs of recrimination. I could not keep the self-satisfied cat look from off my face.

“I finally got to fuck your saucy ass and I wasn’t even aware until too late, you had me so goddamn high”, he said. “I hope I didn’t hurt you darling, was it at least nice?”

“It was perfect”, I told him, looking into his concerned eyes and remembering once more why I love this man so fucking much.

However, I could not resist a sassy dig: “but since you missed the match the first time, maybe we’ll have to arrange a re-play in the near future to give you a chance to recoup your losses.”

Believe me, the next time that I get a chance at an early afternoon off when I know my man is home, I will be hightailing it for another fine session of afternoon delights.

You girls can take your horny asses to the mall and shop around like fiends. I’m taking my ass home to some rich cream, honey and sweaty fucking.

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