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Al Bundys Afternoon Delight

Al Bundy hurries home from work to watch the Cubs play
only to find Peggy and Marcy in the way of the
television. (MFF, orgy, oral, bi, sitcom-parody)


Al Bundy has just finished working the Sunday afternoon
shift at the shoe store, smelling fat women's sweaty
feet all day. Driving his Dodge down the freeway, Al
listens to the Cubs game on his AM radio… hoping he
can catch the last couple of innings on TV when he gets
home. Al hurries into his humble house and goes
straight to the kitchen, where he grabs a six pack of
beer out of the fridge, not noticing the commotion in
front of his beloved RCA 25″ TV. Al plops down on the
couch and points the remote at the TV but instead of
the game, he finds their next-door neighbor, Marcy,
eating and fisting Peggy's hairless pussy on the coffee

“Aww Peg, did you two have to do that in front of the
TV? It's the playoffs,” complains Al.

“Isn't watching us better than watching TV, Al?” Peggy

“Only if you two could do play by play for the Cubs
game.” Al answers.

Marcy looks up from Peggy's pussy, her left hand still
firmly planted in Peggy's womb, her lips and chin
glistening “Hand me that strap-on dildo off the couch,
ape boy.”

“This thing's not nearly big enough for her cunt,”
explains Al.

“Really? It's a tight fit in my pussy.” Marcy responds.

The wheels started turning in Al's feeble mind…Marcy
must have a tight pussy, because his cock was much
larger than the dildo that she was about to use on his
wife. He despised Marcy almost as much as Peggy but he
couldn't pass up some tight pussy.

“How's about I loosen that cunt of yours while you make
a lesbo out of Peg?” Al asks Marcy as he grabs his

Marcy was about to tell Al to go fuck himself when she
noticed the extremely large bulge in his polyester
slacks. Marcy despised Al for the way he treated Peggy
and would rather fuck Buck, the dog, before fucking
Al…but she couldn't ignore what she always wanted…
a huge cock… even if it did belong to Al.

On the other hand, Al couldn't believe Marcy was
getting him horny…the lady he often accused of having
the body of a 13 year-old boy. Her dark tan and perky
34B tits were in stark contrast to Peggy's porcelain
complexion and extra large tits. Marcy's thong dug deep
into her pussy folds…leaving nothing to the
imagination… enticing Al's cock to fill with bl**d
and stiffen.

“What's going on down there?” Asked peg as she propped
herself up on her elbows… her massive 40DD tits about
to spill out of her black Wal-Mart bra.

“Al was just about to loosen up my cunt…weren't you
Al?” Giggled Marcy, nervously.

“I do give to the needy from time to time.” Al smirked.

“Mommy's needy too,” pouted Peg.

“Peg…I'm fucking her first,” announced Al.

“Sure thing, stud.” Peggy purred.

Peggy escaped Marcy's fist and slithered down the
coffee table until she was kneeling beside Marcy. Peggy
and Marcy kissed and tongued each other as they
caressed Al's balls and cock through his dark brown
slacks. As Peggy wriggled out of her bra, Marcy took
care of Al's pants… having them to his ankles
quickly. Marcy looked up and came face to face with
Al's 10 inches of love meat and couldn't believe her
eyes… she thought only black men had cocks this long
and thick. Soon, Marcy's head was bobbing up and down
on the top half of Al's manhood as Peggy licked and
sucked at the base of his massive unit. Peggy took up
the cock sucking when Marcy went after Al's
balls…making them dance as she flicked her tongue.

Marcy's cunt was dripping wet… she couldn't control
herself… licking and sucking his balls while Peggy
deep-throated Al… gagging as 8″ of his meat filled
her throat over and over again. Al grabbed Peggy by the
hair after she began to dig her tongue into the tip of
his penis… the sensation was heaven and hell at the
same time and he couldn't stand it. Marcy and Peggy
swapped ends of Al's penis where Peggy cupped Al's
balls and managed to get both of them in her Amazon
mouth. Meanwhile, Marcy was struggling with Al's
size… almost throwing up as his cock slid deeper down
her throat.

Watching Marcy gag on Al's cock really turned Peggy
on… she slipped into the 8″ strap-on dildo and stood
next to Al, wearing only her 4″ black heels now. She
tapped Marcy on the head with her fake phallus to get
her to suck it, which she did while she jacked Al off.
After a couple of rounds, Al was ready for some pussy,
some tight pussy.

While Marcy was sucking Peggy's dick, Al made Marcy
stand up so he could peel off her thong. To her
surprise, Al didn't just start to bang away at her…
instead; he ran his tongue from the back of her heel up
to her ass and back down the other leg. With Marcy's
legs spread about 3 feet apart, Al ravished Marcy's
pussy, tonguing her clit piercing as his thumb dug into
her asshole. Soon Al's tongue was darting in and around
Marcy's anus while he stabbed her pussy with two of his
fingers. Then Al stood up and placed his hands on
Marcy's thin hips as she reached through her legs to
guide his cock into her flooded pussy. She rubbed the
entire length of her slit with the head of his cock a
couple of times before lining the massive tool up to
her opening.

“Fuck me Al… hard and deep,” demanded Marcy.

“That's the only way I know how to fuck, bitch.” Al

“Give it to her good, Al.” Remarked Peg as she sat on
the couch with her legs spread wide so Marcy could
finger fuck her through the strap-on's harness while
she was giving the 8″ dildo a blowjob.

Al f***ed his cock into his petite neighbor's slick
pussy and it was even tighter than he had hoped for.
Marcy purred as Al sunk 6″ of cock into her, folding
her pussy lips inward. Al slowly began to saw his cock
in and out of Marcy's constricting vagina… letting
her feel every inch of his flashlight-sized meat.
Meanwhile, Marcy had managed to start fisting Peggy's
large cunt again… this time with her right hand.
Peggy twisted and kneaded her large tits, rubbed her
clit, and f***ed Marcy to suck the dildo.

“Suck my dick, you skinny little bitch,” commanded

Al was in a good rhythm now… plunging about 7 or 8
inches into Marcy each time… her pussy felt as tight
as Peggy's anus. Marcy moaned with every one of Al's
strokes as she pistoned her entire hand in and out of
Peggy…drawing the redhead closer and closer to her
orgasm. Then the big redhead's orgasm hit… causing
her to buck and f***e the entire dildo into Marcy's
mouth, gagging the banker. When Marcy tried to escape
the dildo in her throat it caused Al to stab her with
his entire shaft, all 10 inches. The head of Al's cock
impacted Marcy's cervix, causing her severe pain.

Marcy shrieked, “Oh shit… that hurt… do it again,
you big motherfucker!”

Al reached up and encircled Marcy's throat with both of
his hands in a simulated choke hold and began ramming
all 10 inches of his cock into Marcy's tiny pussy, over
and over again. Tears ran down Marcy's face from the
pain she had wished upon herself… enjoying and
loathing every thrust from Al. Peggy soon recovered and
was now kneeling beside Marcy's right leg, watching
Al's big cock fuck her neighbor's tight pussy while she
diddled with Marcy's clitoris. Marcy's orgasm finally
started to build due to Peggy's titillation of her clit
and the best orgasm of her life washed over her as Al
pinched both her nipples hard. Marcy's orgasm seemed to
last for a whole minute while Al left his dick deep
inside her the entire time.

Once his cock was fully coated with her cum juices, AL
slurped it out of Marcy and presented it to Peg. Peggy
greedily sucked and licked Marcy's cum from Al's rod
while still kneeling next to Marcy's ass, which was
still stuck high up in the air from the doggy-style
fuck. Al just grinned at Peg as she looked up at him…
then he plunged his meat down her throat and began
fucking her face fast and furious, just like he was
fucking Marcy's pussy earlier. When it looked like
Peggy had had enough, Al would withdraw and then start
to fuck Marcy's slippery cunt again until Peg opened
her mouth for more. Al kept swapping meat-holes like
this for five minutes until he felt his balls begin to
burn with his orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I'm cumming girls,” announced the lowly shoe

Marcy whirled around and knelt beside Peggy as she
jacked on her husband's massive tool, their mouths open
waiting for Al's man milk.

“Cum on my face!” Marcy begged.

Then the flood began. First hitting Peg on the cheek as
she aimed the sperm gun at her big, wide-open mouth.
Then she pointed Al's tool at Marcy and a few shots hit
Marcy's chin and tits before she let the last spurts
land on her bountiful breasts. Peggy poked her
husband's penis into Marcy's mouth to have her drain
the remaining drops of semen from it.

As Marcy finishes Al off, Peggy begins to lick and suck
Al's cum off of Marcy's body… spending extra time on
her boobs. When Marcy was through with Al… she turned
her oral skills to Peggy and cleaned the big redhead's
tits, neck, and face. With the girls occupied, Al pulls
his pants up and pops open a beer. He sits down on the
couch and turns on the TV and finds out that the Cubs'
playoff game has just ended. Al didn't mind since he
had just fucked the tightest pussy he had ever had and
now the girls were licking his cum off of each other.

Well, he didn't mind until he heard the announcers talk
about Sammy Sosa's walk-off homer to win the game in
the bottom of the 9th.


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