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Alexandra Part 3

Boredom began to rule my mind. I painted, fighted, read, and danced nothing could fill the empty spot in my mind. I needed something new, exciting. Still the presence of something positive was going to happen. As I sat in the garden staring into the yard a figure approached me.
“I did not ask for visitors.” I turned my head and looked to the figure. There stood a beautiful woman.
“Who are you?” She knelt down facing me.
“Well Alexandra I have been sent by your husband he says you grow bored in your home. The children grown and your mind filled with boredom. Your sex life is still fulfilling I hear. But he worries about you.”

“Ha and my husband has sent a woman to come help me. And my dear how do you propose to do that?”

As soon as I asked the question she knelt between my legs. Her soft hands running up my shirt. Her soft plump lips touching mine so sweet. Softly she kissed down my neck sucking my collar bone between my breasts. Her hands ran down my body all over. Her hand still ran down my body as her other undid my jeans pulling them off. I was filled with ecstasy. Her soft lips kissed my thighs swirling her tongue round and round. I straddled her lap kissing her soft lips again. She laid back on the grass as I unbuttoned her top. Kissing her neck as she did mine her sweet perky nipples in my mouth. Her small breasts perfect. I twirled my tongue down her stomach removing her skirt. Our underwear’s were next to be removed. 

Softly kissing my nether lips teasing my clit with her tongue. Slowly probing in and out then curling her tongue up as she retracted. I came many times more than I ever had before.
I next went down on her probing my tongue. Sucking her clit her moans filled the air as mine did. After hours of pure ecstasy she left. I picked up my clothes and went to the river. Washing off feeling the cold water rush past me. I opened my eyes and saw my husband. Walking towards him I stripped off his clothes.

“I know what you did for me and I thank you.”

I took his hand and brought him into the river placing him against a rock. Kissing him softly passionately. Straddling him in the water. As I nibbled his neck, biting hard. His hands cupped my ass as our tounges twirled like snakes. His hands gribbing me as he entered I dug my nails up his back hearing him moan. The coldness of the water heightened my senses making my orgasms stronger. He picked me up walking us out of the river placing me hard on the ground, faster and faster he thrusted, moans became louder, he lifted my legs up placing them on his shoulder.
‘Oh god … keep going…. don’t stop….. god please don’t stop.’ He kept thrusting. The pleasure magnificent. My peak coming ten fold as I bit his wrist. I shuddered squeezing around him. He did not repent he kept thrusting till I felt him shudder. We laid there panting.

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