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Alexs Audition

I awaken slowly, the soft light streaming through the curtains warming my still-closed eyelids. I sigh contentedly as I recall the events from the night before. I stretch my neck slightly, feeling the dried cum cracking on my soft skin. Patrick loves my hot, wet mouth almost as much as I enjoy being the masterpiece he paints when he unleashes spurt after spurt of steaming hot, sticky cum all over my face, neck, and tits.

He pinches my hard tight nipple again and I realize this is what has awakened me. He tugs, pulling at my tender nipple and my pussy immediately tingles in delight. My hips automatically press backward, my round ass reaching for him. He is hard as granite, and I feel his cock press into my back.

“Mmmmmm….good morning,” I mumble, stretching my limbs slightly.

“Good morning to you, too, my sexy little slut,” he says, rolling me over onto my back. His fingers continue their work on my breast as his head lowers, his tongue flicking my other ruby nipple. His mouth engulfs it, his breath hot on my skin.

I let out a low moan as his teeth find their purchase, nibbling gently at first. His quick, soft nibbles escalate into a more firm bite, his teeth clamping down and pulling hard, sending shocks through my tits and down to my already dampening pussy.

I open my eyes, squinting into the brightening sunlight that floods the room. Patrick reaches under his pillow, retrieving one of my favorite toys. His mouth leaves me and he returns to pinching my delicate nipples with his fingers. His efforts make them stand up, erect, as he places the cold metal clamps onto each one. I arch up as the initial sharp pain morphs into a wonderful burning pleasure. He tugs roughly on the beaded chain connecting the clamps, assuring they won’t slip off.

Satisfied that the clamps are securely biting my nipples, Patrick grasps my hands, pulling them above my head. He holds both wrists tightly in one hand and kisses me hard, his other hand pulling rhythmically on the metal chain between my heaving tits. My hips grind into his, my pussy already aching for his thick cock.

“Patience, my little slut,” he says, breaking our kiss. He grabs the silk ties on the bedposts and works them around each of my wrists in turn. He pulls them tight. Satisfied that I can’t move, he gets up and moves quickly to the end of the bed. My hips writhe impatiently as he ties my ankles down with more silk fabric. His knots secure, he takes a step back to admire his work. I am tied down to his queen-sized bed, spread eagle and naked except for the shiny metal nipple clamps. My pussy is throbbing with the need to be filled. I can feel my juices already painting my swollen cunt lips.

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