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Alternate Reality at Last

Brief info: I always wished I had been born a girl
This is the story of where that wish is granted.
It’s an alternate reality wherein I retain all prior memories of being a boy, plus new memories of my life as a girl. Everyone else always knew me as a girl, and my possessions changed into girl stuff.
(It’s not an exact science, there will be issues, just go with it)

Not 10 minutes ago I had been an 18 year old, horny, confused boy. Now here I was standing, a 16 year old, (still horny) girl. I looked myself over in the mirror: I was skinnier and shorter than I was used to. No taller than 5’2, or maybe 5’4 at most. Auburn hair fell down past my shoulders. My clothes, which had been fitted to my body, were now too baggy. The drowned my breasts, hiding them from view.

I reached up under my shirt and ran my hands over them with excitement, loving how it felt to be touched, even by myself. I lifted the shirt up and over my head, and dropped it to the ground. I was liking what I saw in the mirrior. Plainly put, I was hot. Sexy as hell.
I began roughly massaging my small and firm boobs. As I did, I felt another new sensation start lower down. With excitement, I dropped my saggy and baggy jeans to the ground, my old boxers simply falling down with them. That’s when I saw my own vagina for the first time. It was beatiful, I loved it. Unfortunately, a small tuft of hair was ruining the picture. This would simply not do.

So, I skipped over to my bathroom (part of my bedroom), and grabbed my razor and a bottle of shaving cream. Sitting myself up on the sink counter, I slathered some cream on my mound and started shaving away. This alone was starting to excite me and and idea sprang into my head. I looked at the razor’s handle thoughtfully, but quickly rejected the idea. I looked around the counter and spotted my hairbrush. I grabbed it, and with my pubic hair only half shaved, shaving cream still all over it, I began to try and slide the brush handle up inside me. I didn’t even get it in a whole inch before it started to hurt. I quickly pulled it out. 

Deciding that I should start with something smaller, I brought my petite fingers to my love hole. I slowly slid my middle finger inside. It still hurt, but in a good way. I started sliding it in and out real slowly. I was dripping like a leaky faucet and starting to breathe pretty heavily. I added my index finger and picked up speed a little bit, sliding in and out, the inside of my pussy warmly hugging my fingers. I started going faster and faster, my other hand playing with my boobs. While still finger fucking myself, I moved away from the counter and sqautted down on the tile floor. The shaving cream and my juices were dripping all over the place, making a real mess.

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