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An Anal Introduction

Close your eyes, Kitten. Tonight, I won’t be tying you down, or even blindfolding you. No gags. No whips. No rope. No toys. Tonight will be simply about you and I, skin on skin. This is a special night.

Breathe in deeply. Now exhale. Good girl.

Again. Inhale deeply. Feel the cleansing of that breath. Now, exhale and feel every stress leave your body. There is no room for it now. You’re with me. I am your safe place. Once more. Inhale…now exhale. Good, good girl.

Don’t be alarmed now. I’m going to remove your robe. Mm..your skin is so hot. Heated already, Kitten? Heh, those goosebumps look fantastic all raised against your skin. Pardon me, but I simply MUST have a taste. You know how much I love the taste of your delicious skin.

Mmmm..exquisite, you are. I chose well.

So, just listen to me as I talk to you, and let my hands go where they may. Tonight, we are going to try anal for the first time. I have hinted at it. Strongly. You’ve given everything that I have asked, and more, but this one thing is something you’ve never done for anyone else, and I want it. I need it. Now, i know you won’t deny me. The shivers in your body as my hands cup your supple breasts in my hands give me all of the answers I need. Do you like the way I’m pinching your nipples right now? How my thimb and forefinger massage them on either side? My hands on you provide relief to your burning desire, but my words reignite you. I know your battle. I know your strength.

Now, as my hands travel down to my pussy. Mine..and play with nimble fingers between the folds of your skin, is my teasing too much, little one? Lean back. Rest your head on my pillows. Relish the slight pressure as my fingers enter you and pump softly back and forth. You are a dirty girl. You take the darkness of my mind and delight in it. You deny me no access, and this is no different. My fingers are speeding up, and you are adjusting. Your walls are contracting. I know my pussy needs to cum. Do you need to cum, little one? Ask me.

I didn’t hear you. Again.

Ahhh…not yet. See, the way my mind works, this is just the beginning. I know you want to cum. Your breathing is quick, staccatoed. My pussy is visibly cooing. And drooling…but you’d better not cum yet, Kitten. Can you feel my teeth nipping at the nape of your neck? That’s no helping is it?

Speak louder. None of this mumbling shit. Your orgasm is an itch. Only I scratch them. It is a gift that you give me when i ask for it.

Can you feel my fingers deeper? Do you feel them spreading inside of you? Does my other hand rapidly tapping my clit create a deep yearning? Do you feel twisted yet? You do? Speak, Kitten…

Wait…you can’t. Your eyes are rolling and your body is tensing. You look so sexy when your body tightens and is preparing to release. I should stop now. You are leaking, Kitten. It smells so good. Take a finger and dip in into my pussy. Dip it deeply. Rub the juices on your nipples. Do you see how aroused you are?

That is only for me, isn’t it, Kitten? You’re only a dirty slut for me, right? Ahhh…yes. now turn over. Hmmm. It looks like you’ve made a mess on my bed, Kitten. Now I’ll have to change the sheets. This deserves a spanking, don’t you agree?

*slap* mmm..even your ass is sticky. You *were* very close weren’t you? Reach behind and grab your cheeks. Spread them apart as wide as you can. Mmm…this looks even better than I could imagine…

Your hole is tightly puckered. The ridges look so inviting. Beckoning me. Your ass wants me, doesn’t it? And you’ll be a good girl and give it?

Can you feel my finger tracing down your spine? You’re wiggling. That is good. Keep breathing. Don’t stop. See, I know you think this is dirty. People in your life have said so…but what would they think if they knew that their dear sweet coworker was laying on a bed, and was a cock craving, cum guzzling slut for her Daddy? What if they knew that she loved having her hair pulled tightly, and her cunt ridden like there was no tomorrow? What if they saw the plugs that I made you wear all week to prepare for today? Or what if they read the messages you sent me? They think they know you, but all they know is whay I allow them to.

You are fucking mine. Your cunt was so wet that I don’t even need lube to rub my finger around your tight ass. Just brushing against it makes you moan. Imagine how it will feel when my cock is inside of you thrusting back and forth. You want this.

Your shivering body and intense heat gives you away. Your thighs are rubbing together. Your breathing is labored. That itch is there. I see it. I wonder what would happen if my tongue touched your hole…or better yet, what would happen if i slid a finger into my cunt…like so, and then began licking your needy ass hole? Mmmmmm…so fucking good.

More? I don’t mind if I do. Yes…keep those cheeks spread. Don’t you fucking let go. Hold them. Thats it… tongue is pressing harder, and you are welcoming me. Let me add another finger to my

Do you feel the sensations moving rapidly through you as both holes are stimulated? Your nerves don’t know what to do. They are in a frenzy. Don’t cum. You aren’t allowed to. Embrace this. My tongue in your ass…my fingers deep in my cunt.

Thia is ownership at its best. Such a good girl you are. Breathe. Let it flow through you. Give a little more. Breath, Kitten. The resistance is natural. tight. So good…you open so well. Those plugs have done their job. Now, I’m going to replace my tongue with the wet finger from my cunt.

Feel the pressure and breathe through it. Inhale. Exhale. Good. You are doing wonderfully. The rhythms are alternating. My finger is in. Now, I’ll hold still for a moment as you adapt. Thats a good girl. My hands in your hair calm you, do they not? When you are ready, as me for more..

Already? Well, this is going better than I thought. Accept the silence as I remove my belt. Spread your thighs. Now, feel my cock entering my cunt. Firm, deep, slow strokes as my finger softly pumps in and out of you. You are sooo wet. That itch has grown, hasnt it? You need Daddy to scratch it? Huh?

Mmm..fuck you feel so good, Slut. dirty cockwhore. Take my cock…every inch. Fuck…

Mmm..maybe you realize it, but you’ve taken my finger whole.. you’re being doubly penetrated. Doesn’t it feel amazing? Mmmm…fuck you know how to receive me…mmmmm…

I’m going to pull out now. Don’t panic. I’m applying more lube. Now, can you feel my cock head against your ass? I feel you trying to back up toward me. Eager, Kitten…

Tuck your knees under you and keep your face firmly down into my pullows. Embrace every touch. Everytingle. Your body will tell you this is wrong, but your body also seriously needs this itch gone. Thats it. Do you feel my cockhead pressing? Breathe..

Thats it. A little more. Relax. Daddy is here. I won’t hurt you. Not here. Good…push back more. Mmmm…yes. the head is in. Pause and adapt. Breathe. Inhale…Exhale slowly.

Push back more. Ahhhhh…fuck! So tight. You’re giving Daddy your virgin ass? Is this Daddy’s own fuckhole? Yes…you dirty girl. You’re just one massives slut for me, aren’t you? Yeah? Oh, you want more? You fucking Slut…take it. I’ll be perfectly still.

Beg me for it.

Fucking beg for it.

I said…BEG, you fucking dirty cock gobbler…beg for my cock in your tight ass. Beg for me to take you to new heights.

Convince me that you want me to own you. You’d better fucking do it…

Good girl…thats it…back all the way up. Feel my hands on your ass, and my slight thrusts…you like that, don’t you? Again?

Of course, again. I’m all the way in. And deep. And stretching…and spasming. And goodness, so hot. Fuck…so hot. Mmmm…can you feel it? In…then out..

Back in…softer at first, then a little harder after it gets easier…

Can you feel my hand between your thighs, rubbing my clit? Harder…faster…

There’s that itch.

Help me fucking scratch it…

Mmmmm..thats it..

Consume my cock…

Fuck…fuck…yes…thats it…i love your wails…moan for me..give me all of it. Every fucking ounce of it.

Mmmm… are you ready to cum? Are you ready to squeeze Daddy’s cock in your tight ass?

Mmm…yeah…good girl. Scratch that itch…

Scratch that fucker…

Thats it…give it to me. Give me that fucking orgasm, you fucking needy bitch…



That shit was good…

Good…damn, good…Kitten.

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