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An early return from a business trip

Introduction: Authors Note: I hope you Enjoy the story. Feedback, and Comments, even Critisizam is much Appreciated. I will admit I am a Horrible Speller. This is a story I thought up, and it took me a few hours to put it down(about 6). Sorry, but being Single, and horney contributed to the story, but not getting any for years doesnt help as I was hard almost the entire time I took to write the story. Ive been on a business trip, and I was only supposed to get home the day after tomorrow. But I figured the last two days will be nothing but partying and getting to know bisness associates. So, skip the partying and get home and nail the wife to the wall. Couldnt get the image of my wife, Laura, out of my head. I couldnt help but imagining her in a black silk chemise with her arms wrapped around my neck, her legs crossed behind me, one of my hands is planted on the small of her back, the other is wrapped around her back and is holding her opposite shoulder, with me grinding myself into her pinning her into the wall behind her. And as you can imagine Im kissing her deeply, and I can feel her heart pounding against my chest. You see part of the image is that my slacks from the suit are unzipped and Im pounding up into her. The five hour flight in the cramped airplane was unbearable, can you imagine sitting there with an ol lady that likes to talk, and on the other side a young lady barelly out of her teens.

So six hours later, half hour at the airport, and 30 minute drive back from the airport. I walk in the door, its late. Im sure my wife is probably in bed doing something naughty, just not sure what yet? I sneak into the house. Ive been known to walk around with a cat like grace, and sneak up on people and scare them senceless, even without trying. I put down my briefcase, and travel bag. Hanging up my blazer, I head up the stairs takeing note to avoid all the squeeks in the stairs.

As I head up the stairs i can hear a long moan, and at the same time I hear a girlly squeel. The moan, I recognize as my wife. The squeel on the other hand, I have no idea who that is. The light in the hallway outside the master bedroom is off, the door has been closed, but it is open a crack. I sneak up to the door and pear inside… What I see inside shocks me, but Im not surprised… Opening the door enough that both my eyes can see and adjust to the light I stand there and take in the whole scene.

I see a burnet with curlly hair reaching a bit further than her shoulder blades looking up at the ceiling with her mouth open, and Im sure her eyes are scrunched closed. She is astride another girl, who is burriend deep into her snatch with a thick strap-on. I smile, I remember that toy, its ours. The burnette has her hands wrapped around the other girls breasts, with her thumb and fore-finger squeezing her nipple in each hand. The girl underneeth has short pixy cut red hair. The squeel was a result of the nipple pinching/twisting. God this is a hot sight. The redheads legs are pulled up and spread out, her twat is leaking juices all over my bed. I can just as easilly see my wifes snatch being spread open wide with the strap-on the new girl is wearing. I cant help it, my wife is enjoying herself, and I have a tent in my pants.

My wife leans forward and puts her elbows on the bed as she reaches her tongue out and licks the womans sweet delicious thin lips. The girl is evil, she wraps her arms around my wifes back, and pulls her tight to her body, and lifts her ass of the bed supporting her with her lower body, and slams up hard into my wife. Laura throughs her head back up and is now looking at the head board and her mouth is open in a silent scream, shes stopped breathing momentarily, and her arms are clutching at the sheet beside her and the pillow. Being her husband and knowing that position all too well, I could tell that her eyes were closed tight shut. She was haveing a post orgasam, orgasam. Im actually surprised at the new girl, she probably didnt know about this particular trick… Im amused, I like this girl.

God Im so hard right now, I decide that it is time to join the fun. I strip down behind the door and kick my clothes of to the far wall softly without makeing a sound. I check what the women are doing, and see that they are engrossed in a loud makeout session. I confidently and quietly walk into the center of the room to the center of the foot of the bed. As I crawl onto the bed on my knees my wife sits up still impaled on the thick strapon. She flicks her hair over her right shoulder and looks over her shoulder and stares straight into my eyes, sees me smiling evilly and knows whats comeing, she doesnt even need to look down, but does anyways. I come up between the new girls legs, and caress her inner thigh to let her know it is okay… as I reach my wife, I poke her with my ridged cock, and wrap my right arm around her smooth stomach, and wrap my other arm right under her breasts so that my hand can curl up and give her a nipple twister.

Youve been naughty, I whisper to her as my lips meet hers for a kiss and pinch her nipple hard and twist with the ball of my finger tips. I feel her suck in a breath as I press my mouth to hers hard and kiss her deeper and deeper with the one goal of stealing her breath away. She moans into my mouth, which the other girl takes as a que and shoves the fake cock straight up into my firmly heald my wife in place, who can do nothing but grunt her pure lust from the very bowels of her stomach. I can feel her stomach exhale that grunt with my right hand. I momentarily pause and look at the new girls face for the first time up close with my chin resting on my wife shoulder. Hey sweetheart, did you enjoy my wife? She looks at me with a sly smile on her face and nodds slowlly. Dont worry, Im a fair guy, Ill give it back to you, I say, and reach down and scratch the insides of her thigh right by the outside lips of her cunt, and with an evil grin say ten fold. She smiles back.

My wife turns to me and in a seductive voice whispers, Her name is Faith, and I dont think she fully understands what shes gotten into with you showing up. Are you tired, dear?

Dont worry, I have enough to give you both a run for your money, I whisper to both of you. And to prove my point I lower myself a little and wrap my elbows under Faiths knees and lift her ass up into the air, then I scoot my knees up under her, as I do this my wife leans forward and again wraps her hands around Faiths nipples.

Hes a stallion sweety, dont be surprised if he goes through us like rag dolls. whispers Laura into Faiths ear, and I watch as Faith turns her head to my wife and they start makeing out agian. I time it for the instant when they momentarily stop to take a breath, and slam myself into her hard all 6 of thickness and 7 of length to the hilt. I smile down at her as her eyes go wide and I see her head snap up to look at me and exhale all her breath out of her body. I give her a minute to catch her breath… My wife wraps her arms under Faiths shoulder and holds her shoulders… I pull out slowlly till my spear is outside her entrance, barelly inside… then slam back in. I give her ten of these, then change it up to slow in/outs. Until she is used to what Im doing to her. Meanwhile my thrusts are pushing Faiths lower body around and her body is using my rythem to slam my wife the same way Im slaming Faith.

I start a slow rythem, and start increasing the speed every nineth stab, at this speed 20 minutes later Im slamming to the hilt, my balls slapping against Faiths ass I can tell my wife is getting close to her orgasam, her breathing is getting ragged, very ragged. Faith is starting on an orgasam, her cunt is oscillating its grip on my cock. I keep going, I lift Faith a little higher and reach forward with my hands and grab her waist, and fuck her harder, which fucks my wife even harder. Im trying to get my wife to orgasam… damn sweet, Faith is haveing a rolling continuous orgasam. God I love redheads… They are so fucking multiorgasmic.

My wife starts her orgasam and her cunt juices Im sure is mixing with Faiths juices on my cock. I keep going, I decide I want to step it up for an instant and see if Faith can handle more, or is she going to pass out. She passes the test, she wants more, and is working her round tight ass into me to get more… sweet jesus I have a freak on my hand…. awsome. I slam into her just as hard as she is slamming into me. My wife cant take anymore for the momment, and starts to slide of the cock.

I slowlly put Laura down and tell her, Laura, Ill give you a minute sweetheart… but your ass is mine. Faith, pass me that KY. You up for giving my wife a DP?

Fuck, yeah. She looks gorgeous when shes getting fucked. I hear her say enthusiasticly, and breathily. Passing the lube to me she wraps her arms around my wifes back and using her left hands middle finger she slowlly draws circles around my wifes puckered whole. I get down on all fours and lick Faiths finger. She lifts it up from my wifes whole and points it straight at me. I take my time to slowlly use my long tongue on her middle finger, to show her just what she hasnt had a chance to experience. I suck her finger for another minute and she likes it…. she uses the nail on the finger to scratch my tongue. Oh, this girl is playful. I reach out and scratch the inside of the arm belonging to the finger. I slurp the finger out of my mouth. I open my mouth wide and plant my mouth around my wifes ass and slobber my way around her ass and slobber all over and stab my tongue into her ass. She moans out and says God. I remove my mouth from her asswhole and lick down further down to her pernium, and get a close up view of Faiths finger slowlly fucking my wifes ass to her second nuckle. I open the KY tube up and squeeze out a good amount onto my wifes upper ass, and as it drips down watch as Faith rubs it into my wifes ass. I take a minute to cover my horn with a liberal amount of lube.

Ready, I ask, and she just wiggles her ass at me. Thats my wife, I think proudly. I slide the tip to her whole and she takes in a deep breath, and lets it out slowlly… I start pushing forward. Given a minute I slide just the head of my cock into her ass… her ass is like a vice, even after all these years, her ass is just like a vice… she works those ass muscles out somehow. I give her a couple minutes to get used to my girth. Im 6 around, nothing tiny. Haveing an inch and half long head in her ass I know my wife wants the rest of my four and half inches in her. A minute later her ass relaxes and I slam the rest of me home… he hee… I smile… her head looks up at the board again, and I hear nothing but air exit her lungs. This time I wait for a singnal from her, any kind of signal. I hear my wife kiss Faith loudly, and to signal me Faith taps my wifes ass twice and then signals me with a come hither motion with her finger. Thats all I need.

For the next half hour, Faith and I go to work on my wifes bowels. She squirms, squeels a few times, moans, and eventually cant do anything but grunt each time Faith and I slam her near the end. I take another five minutes and decide to try something new, but very old. The tau rythem…. eight shallow thrusts one deep, seven shallow thrusts two deep, six shallow trusts three deep, and so on until she got her last ones which is one shallow thrust and eight deep thrust followed by nine deep thrusts. By the end of this quick little fuck idea my wifes again is breathing ragged, and has had at least three orgasams. Hmm… I havent had at my wifes cunt yet… going to have that solve that problem… he hee… give it time.

My wife is breathing very raggedly, shes atheletic, Ive, no weve worked her over good. So now I look at Faith and tell her, Lets give her a minute to take a break… I help my wife roll off Faith and onto her back on the bed. I crawl up to Faiths face to steal a forbiden kiss. Then I reach around the side so that I can whisper into her ear and say, your turn, but first I want to have a good look at you. I kneel back up onto my knees and strip the strap on of Faith. She has a gorgeous figure. I lead her of the bed and onto the floor beside the bed. I walk over to the reciver hooked up to the surround sound and start up my computer. I start up an old play list of music my wife and I like to dance to. My wife looks at me and smiles and nodds her head at me in approval. Standing naked before two gorgeous girls hasnt reduced my hardon any. I hold out my hand to Faith and she grabs it in a second and we are dancing. The best way to judge a girls rythem, is to dance with her. Faith has a wonderful body. Slim toned by swimming at least or something just as strenuous. Shes light on her feet, and knows how to make the world disappear for a guy. Her movements are fun, flirtatious, and sensuous at the same time. Im guessing shes a classy girl, very refined in her thoughts. You can tell a lot about a person by their body language.

After half an hour of dancing with Faith I understand her, and know what she needs. I think Ill give her something sensual and long this time. I leave the music on, itll be fun to set my rythem to the music, the background base in the music rumbles through the bed. Itll be a cool feeling considering the subwoofer is right under our bed, couldnt find a better place for it, but I wouldnt change it anyways. I sit down on the edge of the bed and Faith follows and steps up onto the bed on her knees with me between her legs. I lay back down, and Faith guides herself onto my prostate man hood. She leans forward and rests her nipples on my chest and starts to make out with me as she rides my cock. Sometimes the old fashioned is great too… I slide over a little on the bed so that I can plant my feet on the bed. Faith smiles at the awkwardness of the movement, and helps to make the transition easier by sliding allong with me. It doesnt work out. so she rolls of me, and I get into the position I like, and smile at her. She giggles and slowlly slinks forward onto me. She takes her time this time and licks my cock clean of her own juices. She tastes herself from base to the tip, then slowlly engulfs my whole cock. I like what she does with her tongue… she knows the tricks… Im intrigued. I think shes going to have to become a part of the family.

She traces her way up my hairy chest with her nails traceing up the center of my body. She reaches my nipples and laces a hand onto my nipple and gives them a good working over. Theyve allways been sensative… even more so with the metal nipple rings hanging from them. She takes her time to put her lips on my nipple to bite and suck on my nipples. I like her… he hee… She comes up to my face now, and says I sure am glad you came earlly. Your wife wouldnt let me have a piece of you. She brags about you all the time, but wouldnt let me get my hands on you. Hmm… I look at my wife… she smiles shyly at me… no worries… She knows shell be punished later and shell like it.

Faith whispers, Is it my turn now? I look her straight into her eyes and reach forward and kiss her lips lightly. She reached back with her soft fem hands and guided my tool to her sweet dripping pussy. I lay my hands onto her soft smooth skin on her hips, and we start a slow rhythemic grinding. She leans forward and puts her hands on my shoulder for support. I put a nuckle on my fore finger under her chin and guide her to me, and start our kiss slowlly. We are still going at a steady rhythem and she is starting to breath a little harder. But we continue our kiss, it becomes deeper and deeper, then it becomes stronger harder, our tongues mushing into the others tongue wanting more but not being able to get more. Our kisses themselves are getting us out of breath. I decide to stop our kissing and step up my level of penetration. I push Faith into a sitting position, and she naturally guides her hands to my nipples, I smile up at her with approval. Just as I do shes coming down onto me but before she bottoms out, I use my whole lower body to thrust up into her. Enough to actually bounce her up high into the air. She reacts by ghasping and pinching my nipples hard. I like pain, and that makes me react by flexing my cock, and her eyes go even wider as I stretch her cunt from the inside, as my cock pulses and flexes inside her. She looks down at me Oh god, Ive never… and thats all she gets out as I lower myself back down to the bed and slam back up into her. I grab her waist again, and am soon hammering up into her and she is soon going through a rolling orgasam. Her beautiful redhair is matted down with sweat and stuck to her soft glistening skin. I dont think shes going to ever want to leave. I grip her waist even tighter and slam up into her repeatedly, and her small breasts are bouncing up with each of my thrusts. Her mouth is hanging open now all the time and she cant seem to get enough air. Ill give her a break, its the first time shes trying to handle me.

I roll over and climb ontop of Faith. Ill give you a break, sweety.

Thanks Nate, she whispers breathlessly. So she knows my name, I look at my wife… So shes been holding back on me. Ill solve that problem later. Thatll have to be another story. But right now my wife is looking at me straight in the eyes while she puts on the strap on. I guess its my turn. I ignore her for now, and look down at sweet flowing redhair cascading down the pillow and matting the side of this beautiful girls face. I decide that Im going to take it slow for now… and that this one is going to be slow all the way… I stick to the slow rhythem of the soft rock that I have on the play list. About the time I hear the second song start I feel my wifes touch on my ass. Its wet, her fingers are wet. Shes spreading lube on my ass… As she works the lube on my ass, she starts to work it into my ass… I cant help it… I grab Faiths shoulder and shove in hard once and then stop. My wife gets the chance she needs to slide two fingers into my ass. She slides it in and goes straight for my prostate. She softly massages my prostate which has electricity going through every nerve in my body. Faith is in shock, and looks up into my closed eyes and says Oh, my god. Is she really.

I guess you dont know everything about me, or us, then do you. Some things are better of learned first hand, I grunt and whisper into her ear breathlessly. As I whisper the last bit to her, I uncontrollably flex my pennis inside her, and my body is shuddering from my wifes minstrations. and then I grown into Faiths ear…

What? Faith whispers.

She slid another finger in, I whisper and look into your eyes, as yours look into mine and widden. Just wait for it…

Shes not going to…

Im not going to what, dear? Laura asked from behind me.

I ignore my sassy wife, and whisper, Yeap, shes going to, and I like it.

My wifes fingers are playing havoc on my body. Four songs later, at least I think it has been four songs since she started, Im still getting electricity shoot through my whole body from her minstrations on my prostate from her fingers… all of a sudden she stops. I dont look over my shoulder, I just lift my face up from the pillow where I have been moaning into the pillow beside Faiths ear. Her hands have been scratching and caressing every portion of my back, neck shoulders, thighs, ass and stomach the whole time. I look straight into Faiths eyes, and tel her, This is one thing my wife is awsome at. But she wishes she could watch my reactions as she fucks me senceless or even just starts to. Its a high. You girls have your rolling orgasams, us guys have this, but most guys are too afraid to try this. They think that if they do this they are gay, which is stupid. So watch carefully, Im going to enjoy this. by the way… while your hear work those hands sweetheart, cause Im going to feel a little different inside you…

Laura lines her fuck tool, to my ass shes an evil wife. She got a 8 long by 1.75 wide fake cock lined up to my ass. Her left hand is on my back on the bottom part of my spine gripping the skin, her right hand is gripping her large cock. Her fingers barelly wrap around the thing. She put the tip of her cock to my ass. She leans forward a little applying a little force and the tip starts to force its way in. I look into Faiths eyes and my eyes widen a little and I exhale all of the air in my lungs. My wife can feel me exhaling all the air in my lungs in her left hand and shoves the tip forward till the head is inside my ass. I ghasp in some air and my body goes ridged, but my cock flinches bigger inside of Faith, who is in shock at my wifes effect on my body, and in turn hers. Faith is seriouslly turned on. She can feel her cunt dripping without even being fucked. Just the mind fuck of the situation is getting her worked up. Laura waits a minute and waits till her husband, me calms down, and relaxes. While she waits for me to relax she takes some lube and rubs it on the shaft of her cock. She takes some time to rub some lube even around my stretched asswhole. She takes her time to massage my lower back with her lubed up hands… Faith is takeing her time to massage my shoulders… I nod to Faith, and strt kissing her. Behind my back Faiths hand lifts up and gives Laura a thumbs up. In return Laura reaches forward with her left hand and grips my shoulder, then puts her left hand onto the small of my back.

Honey, my wife says, sweetly, innocently, Ready? She asks. As I start to respond to her She slams the rest of the 8 home, all the way to the fake balls. I let out a loud grown, as my head shoots forward to look at the head board, and my mouth is wide open exhaling air. Did you enjoy that sweetheart? I groan and think, god she must have been the spawn of the devil, I love her. Then she starts up in earnest. She doesnt give me a chance to catch my breath. She just pulls out till the head is just inside the sphicter and pulls back in. My ass is stretched wide, and my wife is enjoying the sight. Faith is getting my flexing cock slamming up into her. As Laura pulls out, I end up being pulled out of Faith a little, but as Laura slams back in she slams me all the way back into Faith. Faith wraps her arms around under my arms to grip my shoulder. I put my elbows above Faiths shoulder and make a fist to push against the headboard so that we dont get our heads slammed into the headboard as my wife fucks us senceless.

For the next 30 Songs, and multiple orgasams for each of us later my wife just rolls of me in exhaustion. I slump over to the side of Faith and my body is soaked with sweat and I have no control over my muscles. They are all shuddering from the multiple orgasams or rolling orgasam Ive been feeling from the direct stimulation of my prostate. I stretch my arms out from the center of the bed and put it under Faiths neck. She turns herself to me and wraps her body around mine and burries her face into my shoulder, and brushes the sweat matted hair out of her face and hooks it behind her hair and gives me a kiss on the cheek, and whispers, Thanks.

Minutes later my wife finally found the energy to crawl of up on the other side of me. After struggling for a few minutes and not haveing any energy she crawled out of the strapon, she finally managed to snuggle up onto my arm and get a kiss on the forehead from me. I missed yeah sweetheart, I say to my sexy wife.

I can tell, she says and rolls towards me onto her side and wraps a leg around mine and lazzily plays with my pierced nipple… I forgot to play with these, tonight.

Next time, sweetheart, next time, I whisper almost passing out instantly as the ladies join me in sleep land.

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