Anal Annie

Annie was not having a good day. It all began when her alarm clock didn’t go off when it was supposed to. Luckily she woke up on her own, albeit 30 minutes late. So she had to hit the ground running and scramble to get ready for work. Running behind her already tight schedule, she quickly dressed in the first thing she could grab from her closet and threw it on. Then putting on her nylons, she got a run in one of them! Great! She took them off and put on another pair and then slipped on her heels. She was finally dressed, and she put on her makeup and grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

Opening the door brought another surprise – it was raining! Annie heaved a heavy sigh and grabbed her umbrella. This was going to be a long day! She made it to the car and started off to work. She made it work without much more trouble, and rushed into the office, explaining to her boss why she was late. Her boss wasn’t any too pleased, but chewing her out wouldn’t get her work done any faster, so he just told her to get busy.

Lunchtime brought another setback. She wanted to grab a quick bite to eat so she could work through her lunch and get caught up, but as she stood in line at the cafeteria, she realized that she didn’t have her credit card with her! And she only had a couple bucks in cash in her wallet. So she went to the vending machine and got a candy bar and a bag of chips. That and a cup of coffee would have to serve as lunch! And without breakfast that morning, the afternoon was going to be a hungry one! She made it through the work day somehow, and then tired from the stressful day, she headed for home.

She was looking forward to this evening, though. She had a date with her new beau, Brad. She had met him through a girlfriend who works in the same office, but a different department. She had introduced Brad to Annie a couple of months after her 23rd birthday, and they had been dating for about three months now. Brad was five years older than her, and while Annie had led a pretty quiet dating life, Brad was more outgoing and social. He was everything Annie had wanted in a man at the time, successful, handsome, great in bed and open to just about anything when it came to sex.

But fate would throw yet another monkey wrench into her plans. On the way home from work that afternoon, her car died! She had been meaning to take care of that ‘check engine’ light but was going to wait until the first of the month when she got paid. Unfortunately, the car ran out of patience before that! So fishing her cell phone out of her purse, she called the auto club service number and they sent a tow truck to bring her car to the repair shop. From there she got a cab to take her home. Finally! She was home!

Now she had 20 minutes to get ready for her date with Brad and she had no idea what to wear! She wanted this night to be special… they have were taking it slow and getting to know each other better, but she was hoping tonight to change that. Annie dug out her favorite black dress – the skin-tight one that looks like it was painted on! It was a plunging halter top that showed off her full, firm 36D tits nicely and made Brad ogle her she the way she liked. She was a flirt and a tease, loving the way she could make a man drool after her. And she planned on making Brad salivate tonight! She wriggled her way into the dress and was just slipping on her killer heels when…

Damn, was that her phone? Annie raced downstairs to the kitchen where the phone was, but the message light was blinking, she had missed the call. She played the answering machine message hoping that whoever it was at least left a message. As the voice on the machine began, she knew instantly who it was. It was Brad, he had to cancel their date, he couldn’t get away from the office. ‘FUCK!’ Annie thought as she hung up. So much for her night of fun!

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