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And Now For Something Completely Different

It had started by accident. I was approaching 25 and I was fast becoming bored with my sex life. It would take 3 to 4 weeks before my girlfriend was even remotely horny and even then it would just be the same old missionary position. I had tried to spice things up with toys, new positions and lingerie but for some reason she never seemed to respond. So I started using porn a lot more, but again this fast became boring looking at some fake titted actress who I could tell wasn’t really enjoying the scene. This lead to me looking for new and exciting catergories to shake things up a bit, and this is where I first watched gay porn.

I had always considered myself straight until I watched a guy getting a blowjob off of another guy and to my complete surprise I found myself starting to get hard. So for the past few months I had been thinking about what it would like to be with a man. I love my girlfriend but I couldn’t get the image of the guy swallowing another guys load out of my head. I thought about it constantly and so I decided to experiment whilst she was out of the house. I had previously bought her a 6 inch rubber dildo for when I wasn’t there in the hope that it might ignite some passion between us. So one day while she was out shopping I put on some porn and started exploring my ass. I knew she would be a while so I relaxed myself and applied some lube to my finger.

At first I started to just rub around the outside, I had heard from gay friends that their first time hurt so I went slowly and took my time. Then I slipped a finger inside myself and was amazed at how amazing it felt. What had I been missing out on! Then I lubed up the dildo and started to push it against myself. At first it felt as though I was going to split wide open and so I rested momentarily until I got used to the sensation. After a few minutes I started to relax and found that I could slide the dildo in and out of my tight virgin ass much easier. I loved the sensation of having something inside of me as I slowly fucked myself and started to play with my hard cock, god this was sensational! As the dildo got deeper and deeper into me I must have lost myself because unknown to me my girlfriend had returned home and walked in on me fully erect with a dildo up my ass. She was shocked and for a few days after nothing was mentioned about it.

Updated: December 21, 2016 — 11:10 pm
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