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Arctic Fox: Stray Wolf Part 1

I have always admired the Arctic Fox. A beautiful, serene animal that is as sly as any other fox, but glowing with a touch of innocence as they struggle through snow and ice on the tundra to survive.

One day, I will be an Arctic Fox.

My name is Misaki, and here I begin my story.

At the end of high school, I had never had a boyfriend. I had been asked out three times but refused all of them. Even though in senior year I had gotten rid of my huge reputation of being a boy-hater, and made several guy friends, none of them were what I wanted. At times I felt deeply lonely, and longed for the light touch of a lover upon my virgin body.

The Japanese classes I took at the weekend offered a pen pal set up to help Japanese kids practice their English, and although my English was perfectly good, I signed up just for fun.

The next Saturday, about 2 weeks into March, I was given a slip of paper about my new pen pal. For some reason, I was so excited! His name was Jack, 21 years old, and he lived in a city about an hour away from me. His picture showed a rather distracted young man wearing a faded red shirt. His cheekbones were high and his jaw a bit angular. His matt black hair was cut in the classic hair cut – short at the back and sides, with the hair line running though the side.

I rushed home after having had to study about 20 new kanji, and searched through my cupboard for cards and envelopes. Like the forgetful messy person I am, I couldn’t find any of them, though I could’ve sworn I had stuffed some simple ones in that vacuum of a cupboard since last Christmas.

So I had to go out to buy myself some cards. I drove straight to CVS and ran into my friend Sarah. She was just leaving and I saw her walking out the door, her cascading brunette hair with its red tips mimicking the bouncing movement of her huge breasts. I mentally face palm-ed as I saw she was wearing a loose T-shirt showing a ton of cleavage. Although she was a confident, rather unusual girl, she was a nerd not a slut, and the cleavage was a result of not paying much attention to her appearance.

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