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Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 3: Part 4

Introduction: Heres part 4 of the series. There are 2 more chapters for series 3 before it ends. The next series will be a crossover with Lily re-joining them. Chris, honey I whispered, prying his bedroom door open slowly.

The lights were off, something that I hadnt expected. It was a little surprising seeing him asleep on a late Friday afternoon. Then again, given how much energy he spent just hours earlier with me, maybe its not!

Honey I said a notch louder this time, approaching his bed.

Knowing we didnt have the time or the privacy for any fun anyways, I decided not to wake him, Instead opting to pick up his load of dirty laundry and sweater to wash. But as I l did so, I couldnt help but giggle at the overwhelming scent of sex in his room. While other mothers feared their teenage sons room being filled with the aroma of alcohol or drugs, I had no such worries. After all, Chris was spending most of his free time satisfying my urges, shoving his cock in and out of my wet pussy whenever I asked or demanded him to.

The thought immediately got my juices flowing again. Even now, with my husband about to come home soon, I was eagerly waiting for Chris to march down those steps for dinner&hellip,and to give me a kiss in front of his dad.

It was something that Charles had reluctantly gotten used to. Right after he told me about his upcoming dinner party, I began shamelessly exploiting it, knowing that my husband couldnt afford to piss me off before his promotion and risk me causing a scene in front of his boss and co-workers, ruining the image of our perfect family. So in the week since, I upgraded the way I greeted his son. In the first days, as I called Chris down for dinner, I kissed him sensually each time, at least 3 or 4 seconds with Charles just standing nearby, not being able to do anything about it. It was short enough to not to turn into a make out session, but also long enough to ensure my husband knew that was specifically for his eyes to witness.

With him not responding to it, I also added in some light flirting with Chris whenever it was just my husband around. I would joke with him as I usually do, and whenever Chris and I laughed from our playful banter, I would follow it up with short pecks, making sure I giggled loudly each time.

The process was gradual enough, almost like how I first seduced Chris months ago. By moving the boundaries further just a tiny step each day, I never pushed Charles to his breaking point, opting to slow roast him instead. He seemed to take his usual approach of hiding again, claiming on Wednesday and Thursday nights that he had to stay late at the office for work.

Im not sure if he no longer cared enough to try hiding his affair or if he really was that absent-minded, but every night that he came home late, hed be covered in the aroma of a womans perfume. Regardless of the reason, I didnt care either. If anything, every time it happened, it only encouraged me to flirt more with his son.

Aside from still reluctantly sleeping on the same king size bed, him on his side and me on mine, I no longer spent any alone time with Charles. It wasnt that I completely ignored him, but there just was no reason to, no need to pretend like our marriage was still fine. Most of my nights were now split between reading alone and spending time with my son. Sometimes wed be behind closed doors, softly making love in his room while my oblivious husband was one door away, in his office. Other times, he would come home late to the two of us snuggled up on the living room couch watching tv. If Jessie was with us, that would be it, just snuggling. But if not, I would be a lot more touchy with Chris, all the while shooting grins at my husband, almost as if to say Arent you wondering what we were doing before you walked in?!

I knew I was acting like a complete slut, deliberately kissing and touching my son in front of my husband, but I didnt care. The sexual high it gave me was I was after. And any remorse or guilt I had for Charles was long gone after finally seeing how selfish he had become over the years. Even now, most of his jealousy and anger towards me was not because he was hurt from my actions or betraying our marriage, but because he was scared the news would get out. He was scared of what his company would think, of how family and friends would label him. He was scared that his picture of a perfect family would ruin his career. A career that he had, over the years, slowly began putting ahead of everything else. At home, he did the bare minimum, barely scraping by so my shyer, more submissive self never called him out on it. But now so close to reaching his goal, the cat was out of the bag. And with my new found confidence, I had no reason to put up with his shit anymore either.

So if he wanted to realize his dream job, hed better be able to accept my conditions with it. And the very first one was that this thing between his son and me, was not a phase. It wasnt something that I allowed because I wanted to get back at him. No, no, no. It was something I did because I wanted it.


Mom! Jessie screamed again.

I had been so lost in my angry and vengeful thoughts that I didnt even hear her, going on autopilot as I finished putting in the settings of the laundry machine.

Tina has a birthday party tomorrow and its a sleepover! Can I go?! Can I go?! Pleaaase! she begged, swinging my arm.

Whoa, whoa slow done sweetie! I smiled, diverting my attention to her.

A birthday sleepover? Did you even get her present yet?

Oh! We have to get that too! It starts tomorrow at 5! Please mom, can I go?! she begged sincerely.

Uhm, I guess I blurted out.

Yes! Thank you mom! Thank you, so much! she shrieked, running off.

I could hear her voice in the distance, undoubtedly talking on her cell phone to tell her friend the good news.

Hmm, a whole night tomorrow without my daughter, that could be fun I grinned, thinking of all the dirty things I wanted to do to her brother.

I was half expecting another text from my husband, letting me know that he wouldnt be eating at home again, but it never came. And as I continued to prepare dinner, any question I still had were answered by the opening of the garage door.

Chris mustve heard it as well because it wasnt 30 seconds later when his footsteps came racing down the stairs for dinner.

Mom! I just checked my grades for the Chem test. 92! he exclaimed, embracing me in a hug.

Oh congratulations! I smiled, quickly drying my hands on the dish rag to return his affection.

He had been talking about the difficulty of the test the last two days, remarking how this teacher was much tougher than his first semester one.

You just found out?

His answer was disrupted by my husband entering the room from the garage. His eyes were glued to his phone, fingers typing away, all the while sporting a stupid smirk on his face. My mind immediately went to my vengeful thoughts earlier.

Chris looked over at his father, but didnt say anything, returning his attention to our conversation.

Yeah, just checked online a minute ago! he answered excitedly.

Thats great honey! You worked so hard for it! I smiled, walking up to him.

I gently wrapped my hands around him for a hug, kissing him softly on the cheek. Chris took one quick look back at his father, saw that he was busy staring at his phone, and pressed his lips on mine.

I kept a huge smile on my face, kissing him back passionately, our lips and tongue dancing sweetly together. I pictured Chris pushing me up against the sink, his hands feeling up my tits while I slipped my sweats off. From there Id take a seat on the kitchen counter, pull my panties to the side, flash a smile at my distraught husband, and then invite his sons cock inside my pussy. Fuck, I wanted that so bad.

But in reality, Charles actually missed most of the kissing. And even when he did look up to see us, he immediately left for the bathroom. There was a little bit of a letdown, but I didnt let it get to me. Instead, I instantly grabbed Chris right hand, moving it down to my ass.

mom! he exclaimed, trying to keep it to a whisper. Dadll be right back!

So move it then, honey. Or dont I giggled.

Despite chuckling at my joke, he still tried to remove his hand, forcing me to act. Subtly, I took charge of our make out session, pushing him backwards until he was against the kitchen counter. And while he continued to try and reposition his hand, I held his wrist motionless, keeping his right palm firmly on my ass.

Like always, Chris got more and more into the kissing, losing the urge to fight with me. Add in the fact that he was still enjoying my new curls, running his left hand through my hair, and he soon lost all memory of the fact that he was molesting his own mothers ass in the kitchen.

I waited patiently for my audience to return, continuing to tenderly make out with my son, trying not to scare him. Eventually, my husband reappeared from the bathroom. And he had made enough noise that Chris tried to escape right away, but of course, this was exactly why I had pinned him. And the harder he tried to fidget, the tighter I held him, my tits pressed firmly against his chest. Below, I could feel his thick cock on my thigh, his right palm still with a handful of my ass.

Charles and I locked eyes instantly. He stared in blankness, watching as his son tried to maneuver away, but couldnt because of me. I responded with a smirk, firmly pushing Chris back into place and continuing to kiss him for a few seconds more. I wanted Charles to see exactly who was in control, that it wasnt his wife letting his son kiss her. No, it was his wife that was in the driver seat, wanting this illicit act of incest.

Mommys so proud of you honey! I just knew that youd do well! Now could you go get your sister for dinner? I smiled brightly.

Yeah he stammered, quickly walking out the room.

Did you eat already? I asked sternly, firing daggers at my husband with my stare.

Uh, no. Not yet Charles answered, not sure of how to react.

I could see the questions going through his head, his confusion.

Were they making out the entire time?

How long wouldve it kept going if I didnt walk in?

What the fuck happens when Im not here?

Im not even sure if he saw his sons hand on my ass. Charles was so stunned at how aggressive I was that he mightve missed it. Oh well, thatll just be something else that I need to correct for the future. After all, if he wasnt going to say anything about the advancements I was making with his son, then why should I stop?

Go set up the table then I instructed.

Charles followed my words without a peep and dinner was normal, or as normal as it was going to ever be.

Mom, could we get Tinas present tonight?

Tonight? I asked.

Yeah, mom. Please! I already know what to get her, so could we go to the mall!

Whats this for? my husband asked in confusion.

She has a birthday party tomorrow. But just like always, she waited until last minute to tell me I answered, glaring in disappointment at my daughter.

She giggled with delight. Please mom! Or Daddy, could you take me?!

Uhm&hellip, he paused.

I could see Charles scrambling to find an excuse.

I&hellip,I have some more work to do&hellip, your mom could take you he said, looking over at me.

I wasnt sure what he had planned, but I didnt really care.

Ok sweetie, we can go after dinner I sighed, feigning reluctance.


Do you want to come with honey? I could use the company I smiled, turning towards Chris.

His eyes instinctively flashed over to his father to check his reaction, but aptly turned to me next.

Sure mom

Yeah?! Great! Ill have someone to keep me sane from your sister! I joked, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

My husband made nothing of my show of affection, completely unaware that along with my innocent smooch, below the table, my hand was grabbing his sons cock, squeezing it tightly. It served as a little preview of what I wanted later.

Oh Im sorry honey! I didnt mean to startle you!

My left hand had definitely caught Chris by surprise, causing him to jump a little in his seat, knocking over his half full glass of water. Almost all of it spilled on the table, but as it spread, the liquid began dripping onto Chris lap.

Oh, let me help!

I hastily grabbed my linen dinner napkin, reaching directly for Chris crotch.

Auggh Chris moaned softly.

His reaction instantly brought a sly smile to my face. And I made no attempt to hide it.

Its okay honey! Mommys got it!

I took my time, taking long, lengthy strokes across Chris hardened cock, testing both his patience as well as my husbands. I was careful not to make it too obvious, still trying my best to soak up and clean any wet areas, all the while giving my son a make shift handjob. Charles was looking at me rather intensely, but I knew from his seat he couldnt actually see my hand on his sons lap.

I&hellip,I&hellip,I got it! I got it, mom! Chris exclaimed, holding my wrist and pushing it away.

He quickly grabbed his own napkin and give it a last few wipes, mostly just for show.

Do you need to change honey?

Huh?! Oh&hellip,no. I think Im okay he answered blushing a little.

Are you sure? I teased, knowing full well that with the raging hard-on he had now, there was no way he was getting up.

Yeah&hellip,yeah. Im&hellip,Im okay, just water

Well hurry up and finish. Im sure your sister is going to want to leave as soon as possible I encouraged.

Jessies mouth was too full to respond verbally, settling for vehemently nodding her head instead.

Expectedly, the rest of dinner went by in a flash. Before long, the three of us were in the car, on our way to the mall.

So, what are you getting your friend sweetie?

Shes a really good artist, so I want to get her a cool set of coloring pencils Jessie answered.

Thats really thoughtful! I said in complete surprise.

mhm she answered quietly.

Is there anything you needed to get honey? I said, turning to Chris in the passenger seat.

Maybe a sweatshirt or a hoodie. My&hellip,uh&hellip,my other one has some stains on them that might be hard to get out he grinned.

I smiled back at Chris, remembering a few days earlier when he spilled some mustard and ketchup on his black hoodie, unable to handle the pleasure of my blowjob. At the time he was enjoying his afternoon snack and playing some video game with his friends online when I snuck into his room for some action. Normally, I wanted Chris to be a very active participant, but there was something inherently hot and slutty about sucking off my son when he was too busy to respond properly. And seeing him squirm and unable to concentrate on his game really got me going. But unfortunately it was too short lived, not a minute later Chris abandoned his friends and was balls deep in my wet pussy!

Okay. We can go take a look after getting your sisters present. Sounds good?

Yeah, mom. That sounds fine he smiled.

With my husband at home much less than before, this, just the three of us, felt much more like family. All of us were much more comfortable, able to laugh and tease each other freely, knowing it was just for fun. Charles never really had that sense of humor. He was much more dry and boring almost. With how much fun we were having it wasnt long before I had the car parked and the three of us were strolling through the mall.

Thats where mommy gets her pedicure I whispered, pointing to my nail salon as we passed by.



Did you get your hair done there too?

Uh-huh I smiled.

Wow! I should go personally thank them then! he joked.

Yeah?! I giggled.

Of course! Your hair looks so sexy like this! And you know how much I love your feet

Well, the person you really want to thank is Linda then. Shes the beautician thats helped me the most. And shes had awesome suggestions, most of which youve liked a lot!

Suggestions?! You mean you told her

Relax honey! I laughed, seeing his contorted face. She thinks Im doing all this for your dad

oh. Okay he exhaled, breathing a sigh of relief.

But maybe I should tell her the truth next time! I suggested playfully.

How do you think she would react if during our next session, I casually mention that its not my husband Ive been seducing, but my son? I teased further.

Mom! Chris exclaimed, pointing at the fact that Jessie was only a few steps ahead of us.

I watched her cautiously, seeing if she would turn around or not. But given on how focused she was on her own agenda, any little whispering between Chris and I were being completely ignored.

Mommys just joking! I giggled. Besides, she seems pretty liberal. Who knows, maybe shell find it hot instead of judging me!

Before Chris could even respond, Jessie surprised us both by sprinting forward, notifying us that she had found her shop.

Ok, sweetie! Dont Ah forget it I sighed, seeing her run off into the arts and craft store.

Was I that energetic at her age? Chris chuckled.

You?! No I giggled. You were always so easy to raise, much more willing to listen to me I answered, following Jessie into the store.

I guess somethings never changed I whispered in his ear, reaching in front of jeans for a feel of his cock.

Mom! he squealed, twisting his body away from me.

Are you crazy! Theres people everywhere!

Well everyone else is taking a hands on approach with the things they want, I thought mommy would just do the same I teased.

I made another move towards him, but Chris was prepared this time, instantly shifting back, away from reach.

Okay, okay! Ill stop teasing you&hellip,for now. Lets just take a look around while your sisters off looking for her gift

I didnt give Chris much of a choice, grabbing his arm and tugging on it like his high school girlfriend, walking him down one of the aisles.

The store mightve been small, but it was packed full of interesting things. From some of the artistic tools, to small hobby bundles, or sample art, it gave Chris and I plenty to chat and flirt about.

Something catch your eye?

Oh I was just looking at this model car kit. Seems kinda cool

Did you want to get it?

Uh&hellip,maybe. We could build it together. Want to mom? he suggested.

A model car? I giggled.


Nothing. Im just picturing how out of place Ill look helping you. Kinda like how you would look helping me in the kitchen?

What?! Psshhh- Im a mestro in the kitchen he sarcastically boasted.

Oh honey, you might be a lot of things, but a chef certainly isnt one of them! I giggled.

Then teach me

Really?! I exclaimed.

Yeah. Ill teach you how to build this model car, and you teach me cooking. How about it mom?

Like a date? I asked with a huge grin.

Like a date he chuckled back.

Okay. Tomorrow then. And I think we can start with some baking, Mommys in the mood for something sweet

Whatever you want, mom he answered.

I know it sounds so juvenile to say, but my heart was absolutely racing with excitement! We had spent basically every day together for a few months now, but to hear Chris suggest such an interesting date was so romantic to me!

We chatted a little longer before eventually finding my daughter in one of the aisles.

Did you find what you came for sweetie?

Yeah! This set of colored pencils. It looks so professional! she said excitedly.

I grabbed the package and looked over, agreeing with my daughter that this one definitely was targeted for adults and not kids.

Ok sweetie, it looks good. Ready to go then? We still need to go look over some clothe for your brother

Ugghh she frowned, making a face at Chris.

Do I have to go too mom? Can I just stay here until youre done? Please!!

Are you going to behave?

Yes! Promise! So can I?

You have you phone?

Jessie instantly dug her hands to pocket, producing her cell phone to answer my question.

Okay then. But, dont leave the store. It might be a while so If you get bored call mommy and well come and get you. Okay?

Yes!! Oh, also&hellip,uhm&hellip,. Can I get a set too? she asked cheekily.

I knew there was going to be a catch. Why is there always a catch?

Fine I answered. I figured if it was able to keep her busy and quiet for at least a few hours, it would be good enough. Plus, I wasnt exactly in the mood to have an argument over it now.

Really?! Yes! And no take backs mommy!

No take backs I giggled. Now behave yourself. If I hear any complaints when your brother and I come back, you can forget about the colored pencils. Deal?

Deal! She exclaimed.

And with that, Chris and I left the store quietly. I wanted to just roam the mall freely with him, enjoying another night out with my son/lover. Yet, I wasnt comfortable leaving Jessie alone for too long so we immediately headed for the big clothing retail store.

This one seems okay

Youve chosen already? That sure didnt take long I giggled.

Eh he shrugged. I like the color and it seems pretty warm. Good enough for me.

Dont you want to take your time honey?

I mean its all more or less the same to me he mumbled. Why, whats so funny mom?

Nothing I laughed. Its just that when you were choosing mommys dresses before, you sure took your time. I remember you looking through at least a few racks before making a suggestion

Thats completely different! he defended.

How so?

Because a good dress on you, mom, looks amazing! he answered.

Yeah? I giggled, loving his attention.

Mhm. I still remember seeing you in that red dress. Fuck you looked so sexy, mom!

You still remember?!

How could I forget! Ill remember that day no matter what

How come? I asked encouragingly.

Because that was our first date and&hellip,the first&hellip,the first time you gave me a blowjob he said quietly.

Mmm&hellip,mommy remembers that part the most too! I teased, grabbing his cock again.

This time Chris made no attempt to push me away, even with the few other customers in eye sight. Taking it as a positive sign, I pulled him towards me, kissing him softly on the lips.

Come on!

What- where we going?

Re-living past memories of course! I smiled, dragging his hand with me towards the fitting room.

There were 6 rooms, three on each side, with quite a big waiting area. And when we got there, only the first stall on the right was occupied, leaving the rest vacant. Part of me wanted to go for the stall right next to it, just so it would be more exciting, but I knew Chris would never agree.

So even as he profusely shook his head no, I didnt really care, grabbing his hand and shoving him into the last stall on the left, furthest from the one being used.

Mom! he whispered. Theres someone on the other side!

So? I giggled. Isnt a fantasy of yours to fuck mommys mouth in a janitors closet with people outside? I think this comes pretty close!

Now get those jeans off! Mommys hungry for some cock!

Chris fought me for a few seconds longer, but like always, I got what I wanted in the end. It was easy getting his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and for a man that claimed he didnt want this, he sure had a lot of pre-cum!

I didnt waste much time, dropping to my knees and clamping my lips around the head, swirling my tongue to taste his jizz.

Uuugghhh&hellip,holy&hellip,. Chris sighed, his breathing getting more and more erratic.

He tried to keep his hands beside him, holding onto the wall. But as soon as I moved forward an inch, I instantly felt his palms on the back of my head.

I grinned, opening up my airways to slide more of his shaft inside. This was going to be a very different blowjob than the one I first gave him!

Fuckk! Chris moaned, his voice more than a whisper.

I took the sound as a compliment, reaching back to place my hand over his, signaling for him to start face fucking me. Although he knew what I wanted, Chris was still hesitant of being too vocal, not willing to make my blowjob even better. Unfortunately for him, as long as his cock was in my mouth, I was in control.

So if he wasnt going to help, Id have to do it myself, shoving his entire rod in my mouth, to the point my tongue could reach his balls. And then in an even more torturous act, I began rhythmically squeezing my throat on his member, just like my pussy would.

Oh god! AUuugghh! Sto- Uuuggh! Fuuucck! Chris moaned, his voice completely muffled.

I looked up at him, realizing that he was biting down on the collar of his sweater, trying to do everything he could to stop himself from screaming. It was a good thing too, because at the same time, I could hear a young couple making their way into the fitting area.

Ok, Im gonna try on the blouse first and then you tell me what you think. Okay? said a high pitched female voice.

Sure answered her boyfriend.

Right away I could tell they were both young, most likely high school students out on a date on Friday night.

And as expected, the girl entered one of the stalls across us, leaving just the boyfriend out in the waiting area.

Im not going to lie, despite how nervous Chris looked, I was so turned on! Just knowing there was someone outside, less than 10 feet away, while I gave my son a blowjob felt so hot!

Instantly, my kinky and exhibitionist side took charge. Instead of deepthroating Chris, I held back, using more and more tongue around his shaft, slurping loudly in the hopes of drawing my new audiences attention.

Chris looked down at me with petrified eyes, as if to ask are you crazy mom?!

Yet, despite his expression, he made no attempt to stop this. In fact, his hand was still on the back of my head, stroking my hair as he received his extra sloppy blowjob. A nice mixture of cum and spit was beginning to froth in my mouth, dripping down my chin and onto my cashmere sweater. My own eyes were welling up with tears from how hard I had throatfucked myself on Chris cock, making me look incredibly slutty in the full length mirror on the right of me.

What the&hellip, the boyfriend whispered to himself.

Oh fu he exclaimed, cutting himself off.

Finally! Now the real fun could begin! I thought.

Along with his awareness, I could hear very soft music playing, realizing that the reason why he mustve taken so long to hear us was because he had headphones on. He mustve removed them now, listening in our stall instead.

And although the stall door shut him off from seeing what was going on, it didnt completely reach the ground either, leaving a good foot of gap below that was unobstructed. From it, I could look out a bit, seeing the shadow of where he was standing. He wasnt pressed up against our stall, but wasnt far off either, walking away from his girlfriends stall and closer to ours.

Mmm. Do you like that baby? I whispered sexily, knowing it was loud enough for the boyfriend outside to hear.

He gulped, definitely stunned from my dialogue.

Chris was just as surprised, unable to say anything but just nod.

Wanting to make him more comfortable so I could fully enjoy this, I decided to go for a little roleplay.

Good! I giggled. And lets just keep this a secret between you and me. No need to tell the rest of our 3rd period class I said, winking at Chris.

His eyes widened. And at the same time, I distinctly felt his cock throb in my mouth, reacting to my words.

Ah, I knew I could count on the old clich&eacute, student fucks his hot teacher scenario. And if Chris was reacting this way, there was no doubt that the boy outside was too.

Perfect I thought.

Do you like my slutty Milf tongue around your cock? I teased again.

Mhm Chris mumbled audibly, his first sign of participating.

Just as I wanted to go further, I was rudely interrupted.

So what do you think? the girlfriend outside asked.

Huh? Oh&hellip,Uhm&hellip,you look okay- Fine Great! You&hellip,you look great! he stammered.

Really? Because I dont think it matches with

You look great! Really! Maybe&hellip,maybe try on the dress?

Yeah you like it?! she exclaimed.

Mhm. Just try on the dress. I&hellip,I really want to say it he said quickly, trying to shoo her back into a changing stall.


Take your time! he said.

I waited a few seconds, making sure her door locked again before continuing where I left off.

Uggh, your cock tastes so good I moaned. And its so much bigger than my husbands! I added, wanting to sound both slutty to our voyeur and encouraging to Chris.

I followed it by returning my mouth on Chris cock, going much slower this time, knowing he was a liability to burst at any second. I slowly licked up and down his shaft, alternating it with popping his head in and out of my mouth, just to create that dirty sound.

All the while I was pleasuring Chris, I slowly began sliding my leggings down my waist and past my ass, bunching the waistline by my lower thighs. Next, I wiped a handful of the spit/cum mixture off Chris cock and reached down, using it as lubrication to plunge two fingers deep in my pussy.

Chris of course, saw everything that was happening. And like I had hoped, was getting seduced to the point that his rationale side had lost nearly all influence. He was completely under my control, willing to follow my every lead.

Mmm, Fuck! I cant believe I waited until now to get my hands on you! Especially since Ive had an eye on you the whole year! I smiled, continuing to entice Chris to roleplaying. Oh well, we can always make up for lost time

And soon too. Is tomorrow okay? The house will be empty in the morning, so it can just be the two of us. Would you like to fuck me? I cant wait to have your young thick cock in my dripping wet pussy!

Ye&hellip,ye&hellip,yes. Im free tomorrow Chris stammered out quietly.

I nodded approvingly, a huge smile across my face that he was playing along now.

Perfect I said, in between loud slurps of Chris cock. Ill make an excuse and skip church tomorrow and come and pick you up. We can fuck on me and my husbands bed I said, staring devilishly at Chris.

Mhm. Okay. Jus&hellip,just text me when Chris managed to stutter out.

I loved that he was getting into it, completely losing himself in the moment. He was, just like me, letting his sexual appetite take charge, dictating what to do.

Of course. Besides, Ill be texting you tonight too I teased.

You will?

Uh huh I answered sultrily. My husband has such a boring evening planned. So tonight, youre going to chat with me, okay? I want to hear all the dirty things you want to do to me tomorrow I smiled, giving his cock a good lick again.

I gently stuffed Chris entire length in my mouth, forcing myself to choke audibly on his cock, ensuring that the boyfriend outside could hear me deepthroating. I then spat loudly on the head, adding even more lubrication so that it would slide up and down my throat easier.

UUugghh I moaned sensually. Im going to enjoy playing with this cock! And just so you know, Im very kinky. I especially love anal I whispered seductively.

Just as the words left my mouth, I heard a loud thud outside, the sound of a dropped purse.

Shit! he exclaimed.

And to make matters even more comically bad for him, a single tube of cheap teenage lipstick rolled into our fitting room, striking me softly on my calf. Immediately, I saw the shadow outside inch forward a step, as if approaching our stall before abruptly stopping, and backing away again.

I looked up at Chris with a wide smile, both happy to see the effect I was having as well as how funny the situation was.

His face looked like a tomato, completely red, a combination of how equally embarrassed and turned on he was.

I waited to see if the boyfriend would do anything, but there was just silence. So accordingly, I turned my attention back on my son, giving his cock a few more tugs before stuffing it back into my mouth.

I started slurping loudly again, letting the boyfriend know why he wasnt getting his girlfriends lipstick back anytime soon.

Oh fuck! Chris murmured.

Are you close baby?

Mhm Chris grunted.

Good! I want you to shoot your hot jizz all over my face! I commanded.

My lips were now just on the head of his cock, twirling in circles as my hand jerked off his shaft, doubling the sensation.

Chris lasted maybe another two seconds, unloading rope after rope of cum. The first shot went way over my head, with just the tail end landing on my hair and forehead. But the next two got me clean on the face, covering my cheeks. Knowing there was still more to come, I grabbed hold of his cock, directing the last few loads onto my lips and mouth, so I can get at least a sample of the taste.

When he finally finished, Chris barely had any energy left, forced to step to the side and take a seat on the bench. He sat mostly motionless, trying to catch his breath as he watched his slutty mom scrape the cum on her face and forehead into her waiting mouth.

I kept a bright and sexy smile the entire time, making sure he imprinted this scenario into his memory. I wanted him to never forget just how hot this was so that the next time I wanted it, there wouldnt be a fight at all.

I stood up calmly to take a look in the mirror, making sure I was at least presentable when I exited. My hand instinctively went to grab a small glob of cum that had landed in my hair, but I stopped, realizing how dirty it would be to walk out with it still there!

Im gonna leave first okay, baby I said to Chris. just wait a few minutes before you do so as well. We wouldnt want of your classmates seeing now, would we?!

Chris had no idea what to do, just nodding his head yes.

I flashed him one last smile and picked up the cheap roll of lipstick on the ground, carefully opened the stall door just halfway so as not to show Chris face as I exited.

I think you dropped this I grinned wickedly, holding up the lipstick.

I stared right into the teenage boys eyes, showing no sign of surprise or shame, letting him know that I was fully aware of him eavesdropping in on me and had no issue with it at all.

His face, more or less, had the same expression as Chris, completely dumbfounded and speechless.

I actually had to wag the lipstick a few times to snap him awake from his daze.

He couldnt hold his eye contact anymore, quickly looking away as he reached out to grab his girlfriends belonging.

It was barely two seconds later when her stall swung open and she walked out.

Cute dress I smiled innocently.

Thanks! she answered, completely oblivious to what just happened.

I continued forward, leaving the fitting area as I pulled my phone out, texting Chris to meet me by the register in 5 minutes.

Had some trouble leaving? I teased, when he arrived a few minutes late.

I uh&hellip,I stayed a little longer just to make sure they were gone he answered.

Afraid it was someone from your school? I giggled.

mhm he nodded, still looking around in paranoia.

did you get a look at th-

uh-uh, too scared

The way he responded only made me giggle louder.

Mom he sighed, smiling while also shaking his head in disbelief at me.

Oh please, you loved it! I smiled back wickedly, leaning towards him to give his cock another playful grab.

He backed away instantly, face still slightly mortified at what just happened.

I decided to drop the teasing and paid for his sweater and quickly left to go find Jessie. Surprisingly, she had kept up her end of the bargain and didnt cause any trouble when we arrived back. I guess the threat of losing her colored pencils was enough to tame even her for half an hour. Again, we quickly paid for everything and left.

When we got back home, I was half expecting my husbands car to be gone, but it wasnt. The house lights were still on as well, indicating that he was most definitely still home.

Jessie barely got her shoes and winter jacket off before taking her present and scrambling upstairs, not willing to wait another minute. I took my time cleaning up after her (again) before taking off my own winter coat.

Did you want to watch a movie honey?

yeah, sure. That sounds good Chris answered.

Great! Im just gonna go wash up and change real quick! I announced.

Okay Chris said.

There was no surprise at all to see my husbands office door closed, light emitting out from underneath. But as I passed it, I noticed that it was ajar by a little, not completely shut. I pushed it open slightly more and peered inside, seeing that he wasnt there. Not thinking much of it, I went to get changed in my bedroom, but my attention was immediately drawn to the position of my ipad. It was still in its same spot, but face down, screen on my bed, which was something I never did. At the same time, I could hear the sound of the shower water in my master bathroom, indicating Charles was inside.

The two observations collided together, as a mix between a smirk and gasp appeared across my mouth, realizing that my husband mustve been checking up on me. Normally, I wouldnt care, but because he had never touched my stuff before, I was fairly confident that the reason he did so now was definitely because of me flirting with Chris.

I flipped it over, seeing that he had done a good job wiping away any fingerprint smudges, the screen was completely clean, much too clean to be honest. Despite how much I loved order and cleanliness, even I didnt wipe my screen after every use, giving me further proof that he had definitely tampered with it.

But as I unlocked my password and looked around my apps, emails, and pictures, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Charles was never exactly the most tech savvy person in the world, so him not being able to guess or break my password didnt exactly come as a surprise. Besides, there really was nothing too incriminating between Chris and I in there anyways, all of the dirty and naughty photos Chris had of me were on his own phone. And it was something that he guarded with his life, so I knew it was safe.

Still, the fact that my husband was now snooping around was clearly evident. And I guess I shouldnt be shocked, almost anyone in his situation would do at least that much (although Charles was probably the only man in the world cowardly enough to stand there unresponsive, watching as his wife French kissed his own son). Yet, I felt conflicted by this newfound knowledge. Part of me felt a little anxious and scared, as this was something I had foolishly overlooked when I began openly flirting with Chris. But the other part, the kinky side, immediately looked for how to exploit the situation.

I found myself almost wishing and hoping that Charles did see pictures of my mouth wrapped around his sons cock, cum splattered across my face as I smiled brightly for the camera. My heart was beating faster just imagining the look of disgust and shock on his face. I desperately wanted to watch his reaction as he swiped his finger across the screen, witnessing the pictures get more and more vulgar, from a blowjob and facial, to Chris fucking my pussy, then to my asshole, and then finally to the selfie I took next to his passed out face with my hand held proudly up, wedding ring covered in his sons cum.

But obviously that wasnt something I could do. Despite how big of a pussy Charles is, even he wouldnt just stand by if all that information came flooding to him at once.

Before my fantasy got too out of hands, I was interrupted by the changing sound of the shower. The water was still clearly flowing, but I could tell from the change in pitch that it was now directly hitting the fiberglass bathtub floor and not the body of someone showering.

I quickly turned my back towards the bathroom door, using my full length mirror by the side to look behind so as not to give anything away. And as I suspected, the door opened just a crack. I began slowly changing, all the while keeping an eye on it, until I clearly saw Charles figure looking at me through the slit!

I couldnt believe that he was actually spying on his own wife!

My mind instantly went towards ways to punish him.

If you really are that curious, then dont regret it if you see something you didnt want to! I thought mischievously, still horny from the escapade at the mall.

I calmly walked over and turned the bright lights of the bedroom on, ensuring that he gets a good view of what was to come.

Ugh! Of all the times to hog the shower! I said loudly to myself, making my husband feel like he was getting away with spying on me.

Next, I very hastily put on a bathrobe.

Oh&hellip,you too! I sighed, acting as if my dresser lamp wasnt working.

Chris, honey! Could you come and help mommy for a second! I yelled at my doorway.

I watched as he passed the hallway, taking a glancing look at the office door, fully believing thats where his dad was.

Whats up, mom?

Honey, I was just about to take a shower but when I went to put away my hairpin I noticed this lamp wont turn on I said.

Oh Chris answered, moving into place.

He tried the switch and very quickly went to tighten the bulb, seeing that didnt work either. Next he walked over to the group of switches for the room, hitting the first one until the lamp lit brightly again.

Ah there! he smiled. I guess you mustve accidentally switched that outlet off

Oh how silly of me! I exclaimed.

Thanks honey! I smiled, approaching him for a hug.

Very subtly, I positioned us so that Chris back was towards the bathroom door, with me facing it so that my husband could get a good view.

At the same time, I continued to act oblivious to Charles actions, as if I fully believed he was still in the shower and not peeping in on his wife. So accordingly, I pulled Chris in for a deep, passionate kiss.

Chris returned the affection immediately, thinking I turned on the running water and that his dad was still in the other room, making us very safe now. I smirked, knowing everything was falling into plan, that my husband fully believed he was spying on us.

And because of if, unlike when he was present, I didnt break it off with Chris. I made out with him like we were alone, tongue sliding in and out of his mouth as I moaned loudly. And just to surprise and piss Charles off more, I aggressively grabbed his sons wrist, turning and pushing his back against the wall.

I grinned at Chris, pulling his head down towards my neck.

Mmm that feels good honey! I moaned, throwing my head back in ecstasy as Chris licked and sucked on my neck.

I let him continue for a few seconds more before tilting his head up, returning my lips on his again. The entire act lasted close to a minute, and was blatantly more lewd than anything Charles had witnessed before. But that was the whole point, to make him believe that this was how I acted when he wasnt present.

I debated going further, and as much as my sex drive edged me on, I resisted. It would be so much better to slowly drag this out in the future!

Ok honey, why dont you go wait for mommy downstairs. Ill be there in a minute! I smiled.

sure, mom he smiled, leaving the room.

After he left, I went over to the mirror, taking my time as I pretended to fix my hair, acting as if I was trying to hide any evidence that I just made out with my son.

Are you done in there?! I need to use the shower! I yelled.

My question was immediately met with the sound of Charles scrambling from his position, probably slipping and sliding all over the floor. It took a few seconds, but he eventually answered.


Another minute passed until he came out, face embarrassingly red, full of both shock and fear. I could see how truly surprised he was seeing me act this aggressive, nearly forcing myself onto his son.

I waited patiently for his response, intrigued to see if he would say anything.

He didnt say a word though, just continually looking at me with the same expression. And when the awkward silence got dragged out too long, he chickened out yet again.

It&hellip,its all yours he blurted.

I instantly grinned, knowing that he wouldnt have the balls to confront me. But more than that, it meant he wouldnt do so in the future too. I now had the freedom to make out with Chris more and more in front of him, until eventually, what he just saw became the norm.

My shower was very quick as I was desperate to get back to Chris, ready for another night together. I had planned on just changing into a normal t-shirt and sweats, but not after that rush of excitement. A very sexy nightie was my next thought, but figured it was too over the top. I didnt exactly want Charles to know that me and Chris relationship had already developed to that point. Not yet at least. It had been so much fun upping the ante slowly that there was no reason to stop now. So instead, I went for a pair of my pink summer shorts. It hugged my ass beautifully, and showed off a ton of my upper thigh. As for my top, I decided to go for a light grey tanktop, And of course, a matching set of black, silk panties and bra. I wanted to give Chris as easy access as he wanted while we watched the movie.

As I walked out into upstairs hallway, I poked my head into Charles room, mostly just so he would get a good look at what outfit I had on.

How many times have I told you to dry yourself before you get out of the shower, you left wet footprints everywhere I scolded.

But instead of looking up at my face, Charles gaze was mostly on my attire. His eyes widened as he scanned me and down, seeing how I dressed more like a teenage girl in the heat of summer instead of a mother of two in the middle of winter.

Well, did you hear me? I asked firmly again.

yeah he nodded.

Youre wearing that? Arent you cold? he asked.

No I smiled. Im watching a movie with Chris downstairs. I know youre working, so if it gets a little loud&hellip,I apologize I smirked.

And just to make sure he got a full view of just how unmotherly my outfit was, I walked over to his desk and reached forward to pick up the two empty bottles of beer. He was sitting just in line with my cleavage as I leaned over, getting a good view of just how revealing my tank top was. And as I turned around to leave the room, I made sure to accidentally drop one of the bottles.

Oops! I giggled, bending down slowly to pick it up.

I knew the shorts were just long enough to cover my ass in a normal position, but here, bent over, my husband was definitely seeing how the bottom of my ass cheeks were easily visible. I wanted him to know exactly what I was wearing as I enjoyed my night with his son.
As I shut his door behind me, I couldnt help but smirk to myself.

Did you pick one out honey? I asked, entering the living room.

Uh, not really. Theres nothing I want to see that badly Chris answered with a shrug upon seeing me.

Then how about a rom-com?


Really?! I asked surprisingly, expecting him to put up a fight.

Yeah, I think itll be fun with you mom. Besides, you always let me pick he smiled.

Okay then! Lets see what we can order from the TV! I exclaimed,

Chris and I got into usual position on the sofa. He sat by the right armrest, while I cuddled next to him In the middle seat with my legs up on the couch and spread out behind me. Because I was glued so tightly to Chris, I was actually sitting mostly on my hip, leaving most of my ass open to play with.

With no one around, it took very little time before he went for a handful.

I think this ones fine I said, picking one out.

It took a few seconds for Chris to respond, still busy exploring with his hands in the meantime.

What are we watching?

Does it matter, honey? I dont think either one of us will be paying much attention! I giggled, leaning in to kiss him.

As I did so, I scooched forward, freeing up space to slide my shorts down my thighs, exposing my ass. Chris responded by grabbing a palm full, his fingers tickling the opening of my pussy.

What a naughty boy! Teasing your mommy like that!

I wasnt the one whole slid your shorts down! he bantered back between kisses.

And not the one who suggested watching a movie in the living room dressed like that!

Shy all of a sudden? Even if your dad does come down, hes seen us kissing before I said coyly.

Yeah, but this time my hands half-way down your shorts! You still dont care? he teased.

Of course not. I wouldnt care if your dad walked in on us fucking I said seductively.

He looked a bit surprised, but a slight grin was present too.

Would you like that, honey? Would you like seeing your dad standing helplessly by the side as you thrust your cock deep in mommys pussy?! I teased.

Not particularly. But, I have a feeling you would mom he chuckled.

So wanna try? I smirked, only half joking.

I dont deny that a huge part of me wanted to rip my shorts off, push my son firmly back on the couch and ride him reverse cowgirl, screaming at the top of my lungs. In fact, it wasnt the fact that my husband was home that stopped me, it was the fact that my daughter was. If it was just Charles, Im not sure I wouldnt have already acted on the impulse.

I think we should just stick with making out he chuckled.

thats okay with mommy&hellip,for now I smirked, thinking it would buy me time, I was still hoping my husband would come down to get a drink or food and see the two of us on the couch.

We spent the next half hour alternating between watching the movie and making out, just like any other high school couple would. But as time continued to pass without so much as a peep from upstairs, our kissing got more and more intense. I, of course had no complaints, more than happy to just enjoy the night with my son.

Soon enough, instead of just snuggling against Chris, I was straddled on his lap, my knees by his sides. I continued to encourage his hands to explore my ass.

Finger mommys asshole I whispered.

Chris obeyed promptly, wiping his fingers on my pussy for lubrication before I felt his index and middle finger circling my sphincter. After teasing it a little, Chris pushed in both fingers to the first knuckle, loosening up my anal cavity.

Mom, maybe we should go up to my room he squeaked out.

uh-uh honey I answered, kissing his neck lightly. Mommy cant wait that long


Shhh! I said, brushing my index finger on his lips. No more talking. I need you to fingerfuck mommys asshole!

I encouraged him with my kissing, along with grinding against his cock, forcing him to abandon any rational thought. Slowly, I felt my efforts come to fruition, feeling Chris fingers sliding in and out of my ass.

I could tell he was getting really turned on too, pushing his cock up against my pussy. I knew it wouldnt be long until hed want more, Id just have to be patient.

Mom can we please go to my room he mumbled. I really want to fuck you

Im not stopping you honey! I smiled.

Chris sighed, understanding that it was useless to argue with me about this.

What do we do if dad starts coming down?

Thats up to you big boy I teased, snaking my hand to his zipper. You can cover us quickly with that blanket, or I said, leaning in to whisper you can keep pounding that thick hard cock in mommy like hes not even there

Auuugh! he moaned, feeling my fingers wrapping around his cock.

Dont worry, honey. Mommy will make sure it looks like Im in charge! I giggled, pumping his shaft slowly.

I lifted my body slightly up, leaving just enough space so I could slide my pink shorts completely off, dropping it softly onto the carpeted floor, leaving my bottom in nothing but a pair of tiny silk panties with my son in the living room.

As I sat back down on his lap, I slid the underwear to the side and moved myself higher up than last time, teasing his cockhead against the opening of my pussy.

Do you want it honey? Tell mommy how badly you want to be inside her pussy?! I said seductively.

Uuuggh, fuck he exasperated.

I watched as his eyes scanned the kitchen and hallway leading from the stairs, getting ready to abandon any type of safety.

Well, hon Ohhh! I moaned, with a wicked grin. Thats my boy! I exclaimed, feeling his entire cock slide deep in my drenched womanhood.

He nodded his head, trying to focus his attention on his breathing and controlling how fast he finished.

Gently, I rode him cowgirl, with Chris helping by holding onto my hips, guiding me up and down his cock.

Go back to fingering mommys asshole too! I encouraged, moving his right hand to my mouth. I licked and sucked his index and middle finger like if it were his cock, coating it liberally in my spit.

Mmm, fuck! I moaned, loving the feeling of Chris satisfying both my holes as he plunged the two fingers back in my ass.

The intensity of the feeling was getting me going more, causing me to bounce much faster on Chris cock, trying to increase the sensation.

Oohhh! Mom! Slow down! Slow down a bit! he pleaded.

Why honey?! Are you about to fill mommys pussy up?! I teased, stopping so I could grind fully on his cock, rotating in circles.

I kept my eyes on his face the entire time, gauging how close he was. Whenever his expression became too close to climax, I slowed down a bit, letting it subside.

Only when I felt it was safe again, did I start riding, this time much rougher though, my thighs loudly slapping against his legs every time I came down on his cock. It started at the same volume as the movie, but in less than half a minute, had easily overtaken it.

I knew that it was probably audible upstairs, but my mind was too encompassed by the euphoric feeling coursing through my body to do anything to stop it. Chris was at the same state, completely lost in lust. He had roughly pulled aside my tank top, ripping my right shoulder strap, to get to my tits.

Let mommy help, honey! I exclaimed, quickly ripping the fabric over my head and loosening the back of my bra.

I teasingly balled it together, stuffing it against Chris nose and forcing him to inhale.

Ohh! I wish those were your socks! he panted, still taking a huge whiff.

Awww! Im sorry honey! Next time! I smiled, removing the bra and stuffing his face into my breasts.

While Chris was pretty much completely dressed, I was on top of him, in literally nothing but my skimpy black panties. And even that wasnt actually covering anything, pulled aside to my right thigh to grant access to my sons cock.

Oh, how I wish my husband would walk down now!

I honestly had no idea how I would react, whether I would even attempt to cover myself or not.

The fantasy quickly became too much as I felt my orgasm building.

Uuugh! Fuck mommy faster! I commanded.

Chris grunted an answer of yes, and held my body tightly against his, allowing him to fully control how hard he entered me. I, on the other hand, covered my mouth with both palms, trying to stifle the volume of moans.

Yes! Yes! Ye-Auuuggghh! Fuuuuuuck!!! I yelled, the last bit escaping my muffled mouth.

Chris came a few seconds later, deep inside me.

I remained motionless on his lap, partly because I was still recovering from my climax and partly because my twisted mind was still hoping to see Charles walk into the room. But like always, my reasonable son was the one to pull me awake.

Mom. Mom he chuckled. Maybe you should get dressed

Im not sure it would help! I giggled, showing him what he had done to my tank top strap.

Oh, Im sorry mom! I didnt even realize!

Thats okay honey. Mommy has plenty more I smiled, kissing his forehead and slowly sliding myself off him.

It was only then that I realized that even my shorts hadnt escaped our fucking, with a very apparent circular stain on the front, from either Chris cum or my own juices. Still, I put it back on, walked over to grab the blanket on the other couch and covered us both in it.

Ooh! Looks like we missed a good movie! I teased, seeing a cute 20 something year old blond on stream taking off her skirt.

Chris chuckled.

Or is she too young for you? Maybe if she was a decade older? I teased.

Definitely Chris jokingly nodded. And itd help if she wasnt as tanned, a little thinner and curly shoulder length black hair of course! he added, describing my physical features.

I responded with a deep, loving kiss, my tongue flicking gently across his lips as my hand massaged his chest.

I hope youre not just saying that to get out of helping me in the kitchen tomorrow! I giggled. A dates a date!

Of course not! he responded. Itll be fun! Besides, you have to keep up your end of the deal too!

Really, honey? I said, pouting. How about instead of mommy helping you build a model car, we just fuck in the backseat of our real car! I suggested teasingly.

Oooh! Thats&hellip,not fair he mumbled.

His facial expression made me burst out laughing. I loved his sense of humor so much!

Ok fine! Ill hold up the end of my deal too I said, faking a groan.

Awesome! So were on for tomorrow?

Yeah! I smiled back, snuggling back into his chest as we began to actually the watch the movie.

Authors Note:

I wanted to take this opportunity and answer some of the question from the comments sections.

-I will be continuing the Lily series. The next chapter (5), will be coming out when the next chapter of this series does as well. Both series will wrap in chapter 6 before rejoining in a cross-over series when Lily rejoins Jenny and Chris. I havent decided on the length yet. Let me know of things you want to see or ideas you have.

-The foot fetish scenes always seemed to be very hit or miss with the readers. It is not something that I will be removing as its fairly important for their relationship but how much of it will be in each chapter will change, some will have it as a central featured scene or other less so (like this one).

-I do plan on including Jenny more in the story, especially as a still innocent pair of eyes, but have no intentions of including her in anything directly sexual, definitely not participation but maybe as a viewer (not sure yet).

-Lastly, the most important thing I wanted to discuss and definitely want to hear the opinions of readers for is: Charles. For those who want the story to continue with him being oblivious and not knowing anything, its something that Ive covered heavily in the two past series and has now evolved to the point where hes definitely suspicious. This was always my intention with this character. As for where hes headed next, there are two different paths (both of which present plenty of opportunities for Jenny to exploit).

The first is that he continues to be hateful, shameful, and scared of whats happening. Yet because of his job and his image of a perfect family man, he has to put up with it as Jenny becomes more and more open with Chris and how slutty and dominant her personality is now.

The second is that because of how much Jen has changed and evolved, hes actually physically attracted to her. Jen finds out quickly and relentlessly teases and tortures him, never allowing him near her while pouring herself all over Chris at the same time.

I have ideas and plans for both scenarios but neither one has jumped out at me as which path is better for the long term. Therefore, Id really appreaciate any feedback you guys have on this subject. You can be more specific or just simply say scenario one or two is your preference.

Thanks again for reading and the time to make comments. I cant include every suggestion, but just because yours isnt in the immediate following chapter, doesnt mean I dont plan on saving it and using it when it fits better. Happy Reading!

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