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At the Handicraft Shop

I really liked that shop. This big department store-like seven-story
building in the middle of Tokyo had always had a magic appeal to me.
Already some years ago, when I had been on an internet in Tokyo before,
I was regularly on my pilgrimage to ‘Tokyu Hands’. In the middle of
the building always had been the metal department. A lot of things to
stimulate your fantasy. And a lot of things you had to pay a fortune
for in an online-sex-shop.

That I liked bondage, especially when steel was involved, was not new
neither to me nor to my best friends. In my younger years, at high
school I was playing with them here and then but neither of them
developed such a fascination for BDSM. I kept up and grow more and
more into it, desiring to be whipped, gagged, collared, treated as a

I always thought of the Internet as a blessing for me. I could read and
study all I wanted to learn about SM. With time I grew courageous
enough to first chat and finally also meet masters. These personal
contacts however came of course to an end, when I got transferred by
my company to Japan about half a year ago.

What stood always in my way of sexual fulfillment and my inner whish
to give all up to be a real slave and live like a slave has to live, was my
greediness for promotion on my job. So when the chance came to get
the promotion, well, I went to Japan.Ê ‘Won’t be too bad. I will manage
to keep up with my hobbies’Ê I convinced myself of the possibility to at
least give my desires some relief by weekend sessions.Ê But really
getting into it when I arrived wasn’t that easy. MyÊ Japanese, though
pretty fine for office conversation, lacked the edge to make out on the
net. Finding the right places was also hard, if you still struggle with the Japanese letters.

So I first started to replenish my BDSM inventory. Because of baggage
restrictions and fear of the customs I took only some of my toys with
me into my new life. On my forays for the right stuff I soon came
across ‘Tokyu Hands’. This weekend I was going to buy wide steel hand
cuffs. And I knew I could find something at the ‘Hands’. Full of inner
tense and uproar I drove the escalators up to the fifth floor. Passing
by some wooden slab boards I was picturing me in a wooden pillory. Two
boards with three wholes, one for neck, two for my wrists – I was
quite happy to wear a long jacket today, I wouldn’t like to draw to
much attention to my intensions.

I had to admit that I somehow was pretty self assured and fond of
myself. I was going regularly to the gym, firstly to make me like
myself. And that I did. I had the build of a swimmer, v-formed back,
strong voluminous pecks, strong arms and a ripped abs. I liked it to
go to the showers after sport and compare myself to the other guy, who
mostly lost in my comparison.Ê I enjoyed getting the looks as much as I
liked to see myself.Ê Masturbating while being in chains in front of a
mirror was a favorite hobby at home. Those cuffs would suit me right.

I got closer to what looked from afar like what I was searching for.
One guy and a couple with their little son were standing at the stacks.
The one guy had apparently the same products targeted that I
approached. He was examining the same cuffs made in China. 50mm
diameter, 20mm wide. Like cuffs need to be they had a hinge on one and
a screw on the other side to make it fit and close around anything of
this size.

The guy, a Japanese maybe in his thirties, with 180cm quite over
average and pretty sporty looking, was not sure if this was serving
his needs. I had also once already examined those cuffs before and
tried to evaluate, which size would suit me best. Since the ‘Hands’
was pretty well stocked, they offered the cuffs in a wide variety. And
though every cuff was just about a Euro plus tax, it would have been
to bad to buy the wrong one and become disappointed trying them out
at home and realizing I had chosen the either too big or too small
size. So I had calculated the right diameter at home to choose the
right thing. I didn’t want everyone to grasp the obvious, that I was
not building a swing in my garden or installingÊ some new piping in my

This guy however, was much more straightforward. He opened the screw
of one of the cuffs and fitted it around his wrist. Obviously not
caring for the f****y or any other person around him. I was almost
staring at him, as he was trying out the cuff. My cock was already
appreciating the sight. He took a carbine hook from the neighboring
stack and tested if he could securely fasten the cuff around his left
wrist. I envied that guy for his boldness. I came up to him and it took
all my courage to take a cuff in my hand as well.

‘They seem to fit alright,’ the Japanese said aloud, maybe addressing
me or just stating it as a matter of fact.Ê ‘Really?’ was all I could bring
out.Ê ‘The quality is pretty good as well, the edges are not too sharp to
bite into the skin’, was the expert comment by my opposite.Ê ‘That’s
most important!’ I tried to show off some expertise as well.Ê ‘You buy
those for yourself, or for your girlfriend?’Ê ‘ No, – no, for me’ was my
somewhat perplexed answer. ‘What about you?’Ê ‘Well, I could need
those from time to time for someone. You know what. You seem to be a
nice guy. I’ll give you my phone number, we could have some talk about
irons over a coffee some time.’

I was paralyzed and surprised to the bone. That much to Japanese
aloofness. I was curious on the other hand and pulled out my mobile to
take his number to my phonebook.Ê ‘Ken’ he added, ‘that’s easiest to
find in your phonebook again’, to give me a hint how to safe his number.
‘What’s your number?’ Ken inquired.Ê Of course, how stupid was I, if I
was taking his number into my mobile, I certainly had to share my
number as well. I felt a little insecure about telling my mobile number
to some stranger guy I just met at a handicraft shop. Anyway, I gave it to
him. We parted with the words to some time meet for a coffee at
Starbucks and I expected, some part of me even felt disappointed, to
never hear from each other again.

I almost forgot to buy the cuffs after that encounter that pretty churned
me up. And I actually couldn’t remember if he had carried away
a pair for himself as well. On my way home by train I was painting some
pictures of him, taking my hands, laying the cuffs around them and
connecting them to chains, dangling down from each side of the walls
in a dark, stony cellar. He took a knife and half cutting, half
tearing off my t-shirt, leaving me half naked, spread-eagled standing
in front of him. My cock rose again as my fantasies were carrying me
away.Ê When I came home I got undressed, laid my arms in chains and got
into the bathroom. In the big mirror I could see my biceps bracing while
jerking my stiff cock. My pecks began a strange dance of tension and my
abs were spasmodic when I came.

At the Handicraft Shop Part 2

I was sitting in my office. It was Wednesday evening and I was planning
to go to the sports club again afterwards. I needed the workout badly, I
thought, since I had been already two weeks without any sport till today. Overtime and phone conferences in the early nights with our
headquarters in London had ended for this week, and maybe I could go
to the club on Friday in addition, to make up the lost two weeks.

My knock off planning was abruptly coming to an end when my mobile
gave its mail ring tone. I was curious, maybe some of my old friends
in Europe were giving me some news on the latest that happened at
home. The subject was Japanese, however, asking for a coffee. I instantly
knew from who this mail was and opened it hastily.

‘Hey’, it read, ‘thought you might care for a coffee next Friday in
Roppongi. You know the ‘Bucks over there?’Ê Of course, I knew the
Starbucks at Roppongi, every Westerner in Tokyo knew it. Roppongi was
THE foreign district in Tokyo. Loud, crowded, lots of fun and full of clubs opened all night. I gave it only a short consideration, to be honest. I had expected myself to think it much more over, than I actually did, but I
confirmed to be there on time.

The following two evenings I spent entirely with sports, since the Friday
was already planned. I enjoyed it to feel my muscles ache after that two
weeks break and I liked what I saw in the mirror in the locker room and
the bathroom afterwards.Ê The rest of the evenings I spent at home,
jerking off imagining myself with a big, cold steel collar around my neck.
With the connecting chain in Ken’s hands and I was kneeling in front
him, licking his boots, receiving his hand patting my head gently.

When it became Friday eventually, I was awaiting the coffee in a way I
have never cared for a coffee before. The subway to Roppongi was
crowded with quite some folks. Americans, Europeans, Japanese, all on
their way to Roppongi for party, clubbing, and making out most
probably with another nationality. I was not quite sure what this
evening had in store for me, though. When I was coming to the surface
of Tokyo again, flittering neon was welcoming me to the most
westernized part of the whole country. Despite the many black haired
around you, you could be thinking of being in London, Paris, or Berlin.

When I reached the Starbuck right in time, Ken was already waiting in
front of it.Ê ‘Nice seeing you’, he casually greeted me.Ê We took our
coffees upstairs and found a pretty nice table in a quiet corner.Ê ‘So did
you try your cuffs?’Ê Ken was trying to break the ice.Ê ‘Yeah’, I somehow
didn’t know any other to answer.Ê ‘Relax, your affections are perfectly ok
for me. Actually, I haven’t tried my cuffs yet.’Ê He was changing the topic,
asking me about my coming to Japan, my job, how I feel in Japan, if I like
it and so on. Sometimes we switched to Japanese as well, when he wanted
to see if I really would get what he was going to say. After some time I
really was much more relaxed. He was a nice guy. Working for a foreign company, living in the west of Tokyo, actually already Chiba, the city
next to Tokyo. He had been in the US for some years, learning English and learning to find the best way of dealing with those two cultures
influencing his life.

After finishing our coffee we changed places to a little bar in some
basement, not far away from the cafŽ and in sight of Tokyo Tower,
glowing in its red-white stripes.Ê It was still pretty early in the evening,
so the bar was rather uncrowned.Ê A state of being untypical for Tokyo, a
city where it is hardly possible to be on your own at any time of the day.

The bar was run by an American, mixing pretty good cocktails, which
reminded me of home a bit, comforting me and let me enjoy this evening
with rising tendency.Ê ‘So when did you realize, what you like’, Ken was
getting interested again in my personal life.Ê I told him the story of me
in the last year of high school. I had a good friend, who had some
nautical interest in knots. He wasn’t in BDSM at all, he just liked tying
you up, and that he made pretty well.

So I spent quite some time at his parent’s house, which was deserted from the rest of his f****y all day long. We were tying each other up alternately. Though my knots were always rather simple and he was getting out of the ropes easily, his were more sophisticated. I liked it, finding myself tied up in a long rope, and even if I had tried to really get out of it, I wouldn’t have succeeded.

He also had handcuffs and every other day, when we were watching video, I was asking for the handcuffs and taking them on, while he held the key till the end of the movie. I always wondered if he didn’t find that strange of me. And I was hoping that he enjoyed it as much as I did. But one time I overstretched it. We were having
different opinions over some very minor thing and he offered me a bet on who would be right.Ê I wanted to take my chances and offered as a prize that the looser had to serve the winner as a slave for a week.
I didn’t really intend to win and maybe he pretty much got this
as well. He refused and from that time our time spent together
became quite rare.

‘That’s too bad, I would’ve liked to have such a friend at school’
Ken tried to show affection for my story. ‘It had taken me years to
realize what I like and really to do it.’Ê After some more drinks I was
feeling light as flowing through the space of the bar. It had become
crowded meanwhile and the music was playing much louder now.
Some funky girls, with blue glowing hair from the black light and
little glowing sticks in their hands were raving on the modest techno
beats. This reminded me even more of my youth when we were at
university some years ago, spending the weekends on former
airbases or in the streets of Berlin, raving to wild techno beats.

Ken was rising, waving me behind him and screaming in my ears,
that he would have something for me. He directed us to the men’s
rooms, pushed me trough some guys leaving the place and into one
of the cells.Ê ‘Open your pants’, his softness and familiarity in his
voices was fading, he sounded more commanding and demanding.
I was surprised at myself that I followed his instruction.Ê ‘This is
a present’, he said while taking my motionless cock in his hand and
taking out a silver shiny cock ring out of its pocket. He first
threaded my balls trough the ring, than my cock and moved the ring
up to the root of my cock. The ring was between my balls and body,
taking a strong grip around my cock. Almost instantly my cock swell
and within seconds it was hurting from its stretch and the ring was
bitinginto my flesh. This really made me horny.

‘You have a great cock, I like it. Pretty well hung’ where Ken’s words
of appraisal, that made me proud a bit. I wanted to touch my cock,
maybe squeezing it a bit would intensify this great feeling.
Ken slapped my hand away. ‘I haven’t said you should touch it. Take
your shirt off.’Ê I liked his demanding voice and I wanted to follow his instructions.Ê He stroked my upper body with his hand, over my pecks
down to my abs, carefully, investigating. He again grabbed in his
pocket, this time to pull out tit clamps. While stroking my nipples
softly he clamped them on, which made me wince a little.

‘Get your shirt on, we’re leaving.’ After being on the streets again,
passing by doors guarded by some huge black guys, music coming
out of the houses, I still had a full erect cock under my jacket. The
steel felt good on my body, the pain was filling me, but getting less
intensive with time.

‘What would you say to spending the weekend at my place, huh?’
Ken’s voice was charming again, sedative. I didn’t think much about
my answer, but just inclined.

At the Handicraft Shop Part 3

We were lucky to get the last express to Chiba, so the ride wouldn’t
take too long. We were talking about this and that in English, so most
other passengers wouldn’t get a word we were talking about.

When we finally got to Ken’s station we got off the train and to his
car. I asked him if he could really drive now, since hadn’t really
had time to get sober. ‘We have no other choice, since I’m living quite
outside. Com’on,Ê don’t worry, I always drive from the station by car.’

When I had seated myself and closed the door, Ken demanded me to
take off my jacket. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs from the glove
compartment. It was the kind of rigid ones with three joints between
the cuffs, so you can’t twist your arms or reach to the keyholes when
they are turned to the inner side. So even if you have the key, you
cannot free yourself without help. He took my right arm and closed the
cuff around my wrist, he then took my left and securely fastening my
arms behind my back.ÊÊ My cock, still circumcised by the ring, rose again. He than took out some leg chains and chained my ankles as well. So even if I had
changed my mind now, this was no longer up to me.

The house was really pretty far from the station. The area became more
and more rural, some gas stations, some convenience stores, some
houses along the road, but not much more than that. My tits were
hurting more vigorously, but I enjoyed every minute of the ride.

Ken seemed to be pretty well off. When we reached his house I was
astonished to find such an estate in the Tokyo area. It was a pretty
big house, with a real garden around it, what you could see from the
fence around the land. Next to the house on the right wasa paddy
ield, on the left an even bigger house, or better to say a villa.

The garage door opened by remote, of course, and Ken drove into the garage, which was the size of my living room of my little apartment
in Tokyo. Ken got out and came around the car to open my door as well. He helped me out off the car and lead me to a door by my left arm. I felt like a convict deported to a high security jail and my leg chains were rattling with ever step. He led me through the door and sat me on a step behind the door to the house.Ê Ken lifted my
t-shirt over my head down to my wrists where he left it. From a little closet he took a steel collar, about 3 cm big, with a padlock and three loops extruding from it all directions. One loop was connected to a chain.Ê When he closed the collar around my neck, I felt the cold steel on my skin, making me shiver.

A mixture of fear, arousal, and a feeling of helplessness crawl up my
spine. He took off my shoes and socks, opened my trousers which
was quite a relief for my cock, he pulled them together with my briefs
down my legs. For just some seconds he opened my leg cuffs to pull of
the clothes, than refastened the cuffs to their old position. I felt, as
though all my dreams were becoming reality.

Ken than pulled me up to my feet by the chain. I was, except for the
t-shirt hanging from my wrists, naked and chained. We passed some
doors when he finally opened one door. Behind it was a big room what
could be best described as a private sports room, with some dumbbell
stacks to the right, and some other sports equipment. Curtains
blinded the window and the floor was covered with linoleum.
However, on the left side was something quite unusual to a sport gym,
Êa part of the room was separated by steel bars, building a kind of jail
into the room. The area was completely empty. When he led me into
the middle of the room I also noticed a cupboard on the left of the
door. I could already anticipate what would be in it. Some things were
standing around covered in another corner of the room.

I could feel the cold of the linoleum floor with my feet. Ken connected
the chain of my collar to a solid peg at the ceiling by climbing onÊ
a little ladder standing next to me in the middle of the room. I really
was astonished that everything seemed to be perfectly organized
ahead of our arrival. He definitely had calculated to take me to his
home as his slave.Ê I was really curious what he had in store for me.
Till now it was like a daydream to me.Ê Ken opened the left part of the
handcuff to remove my t-shirt, thanÊ closed it again around my wrist.Ê
I liked how he handled me.Ê From the time he attached the cuffs in the
car there was no chance I could have evaded from him. He always
carefully paid attention to keep me under his control. I was a little bit
taller and some years younger, and maybe also quite a bit stronger
than he was. Even if I had wanted to resist, I couldn’t have freed my
self at any time.Ê This was always something that I didn’t like to
encounters with masters before.Ê They needed my cooperation to bind
me or chain me.Ê Ken, however, could have handled me if I hadn’t been
cooperating.Ê This gave me the feeling that I needed to be helpless, to
be on the mercy of the top and could not control what was going to
happen.Ê I always had dreamt of being captured.

At last he connected the leg chain to a peg at the floor. I was now standing in the middle of that room, wearing a collar connected to the
ceiling, that grew heavier with time, handcuffs holding my arms to my back and leg cuffs chaining my ankles to the floor. My cock was still erect from the constant and good feeling of Ken treating me as his slave
and the cock ring. I hardly felt my nipples any more from the tit clamps.Ê Ken hadn’t said a word till now when he said: ‘You’re pretty hairy. I have to take care of that.’

I didn’t shave my body hair since I have came to Japan because I somehow feared the looks of the people at the gym. Well, I had to
endure the looks now when I would go there next week. That was for sure. Ken had a roll of kitchen towel and
a little bottle in his hand. I didn’t at first got it, but then he sprayed
something on my breast and wiped with one of the towels over my
pecks. I could see my hair off my skin and on the towel when I
remembered to have seen such a hair removal spray on TV.

Ken worked his way all over my body, removing every hair on my
breast, stomach, lifting my arms behind my back to also get rid of
the hair inmy armpits. The cock ring was only a little obstacle for
Ken and finally he had also cleaned my legs.Ê ‘You look perfect now,
you know that?’ Ken said.Ê ‘Sir, no I didn’t know that, sir!’ I
answered what I thought was the most appropriate answer.Ê Ken
gave me a sharp, thoughtful look. I had surprised him with my
obedience, but was he really pleased by my answer? His facial
expression changed to encouragementÊ ‘You’re a born slave, eh.
Actually, a guy who’s submissive and with such a nice body is best
the material forÊ becoming a good slave.Ê Anything else would be a
Êtotal waste. I will have lots of fun with you!’

At the Handicraft Shop Part 4

It felt strange to have been taken of all my body hair again. It had been
already quite some time when my last master had required me to regularly
shave my cock and pecks. I was getting goosebumps from the cold air on my
body or maybe from the rushes of fear coming in intervals to me. I think I
was some kind of adrenalin junky. I liked bungee jumping as much as I feared
to jump from a bridge. The fear was what made the difference. If I had
enjoyed the jump I could not have enjoyed my fears. I was, of course also
fearing what was coming up. This was all in the business of me becoming a
slave: no stop word, total dependence on the good and woes of the master.
I examined the room some more.ÊÊ I was hanging from the ceiling like some
meat pack in a cooling storage.

The bars of the cell in front of me looked pretty solid. As far as I could tell
they were let into the concrete of the floor and ceiling. The cell was
something like three to two meters. I saw some rings fixed to all sides of it, ceiling, floor and walls, to comfortly tie or chain someone to it. I wondered
what the craftsmen had thought when they built the cell. How many other
men had been in this cell before?Ê Ken was in the meantime searching for something in a drawer to my right, when my thoughts were wandering around. He returned with a little camera, stood before me and shot some photos even before I realized. He examined the shots in the LCD and seemed satisfied. I
just hoped that I wouldnÕt find these pictures soon on every web side around
the world, or if so, at least with my head unrecognizable.

He laid the camera aside and came back to me to the middle of the room. I
could see in his face that he was quite turned on from the sight of an athletic, shaved guy chained in his house. With his left hand he stroke over my pecks
and abs again, with his right he was at my butt touching and kneading it.
I felt like the luckiest man on world. I liked it how he touched me, how he watched me, the whole thing was really turning me on, too.

Ken went to the left of the room, next to the cupboard, and pulled off a
cover from some big piece of furniture-like thing. When he pulled it closer
I could examine it in more detail. It was some kind of metal pillory. A
metal frame with built-in collar and cuffs to securely fasten oneÕs head in
the middle and the arms to the sides of it. Ken placed it in front of me,
some 50 cm away and locked in to the ground. He then opened my collar and
ordered me to my knees. The freedom to my neck lasted only seconds, when he
pressed my head down to the pillory and closed itÕs collar around me. Again
it was well planned. He loosened the cuffs, but my head was securred and my
feet still chained, so I couldnÕt have done much with my free arms. He took
them and locked them to the pillory as well.

He went around me, and gave me a slab on my butt, before he reached for the
cupboard. I saw him coming over to me again with some tubes or little hoses
and a little machine in his hands. I remember to once have seen something
like that at a doctorÕs office. They called it colon therapy that time.Ê ÒOk,
slave, I have cleaned you already from the outside by removing all that hair.
So its time for some inner cleansing. Actually this is a very good machine,
I donÕt need to empty you manuallyÓ.Ê With some Vaseline he was lubricating
my ass hole before he pushed the opening of the tubes into me. It was cold
metal, but didnÕt hurt too much.Ê When he had it pushed deep into my ass, the machine was switched on. Water was filling me gradually, but it wasnÕt too bad. I wanted to take a look at that procedure, but the collar around my neck didnÕt allow that much liberty of movement. I was looking down my ripped abs, but couldnÕt see anything of my behind.

While the machine was humming and pumping water into and out of my guts
simultaneously, Ken was going around me again and knelt in front of me,
almost resembling my kneeling. He took off the left tit clamp and give my
nipple some rubbing.Ê ÒThat cock is incredible. YouÕre the first slave with a hard on for like all the time.ÓÊ He was actually pretty right, since he had given me the cock ring some hours ago my cock was upright all time long. Yet it felt good and didnÕt hurt by now. He shook his had when he stood up again, slapped my head gently and going to my back again. He switched off the machine, pulled out the tube and
cleaned my butt with some paper.

ÒI will put a bucket under you, you still have some water in you that wants
to come out soon.ÓÊ Anyway I felt pretty embarrassed when the water was coming out, while Ken was putting the machine back in the cupboard. I also felt the need to piss, but with my hard on this was impossible. Ken again cleaned me up, when the water was finished coming outof me and put the bucket aside. Once more I could feel KenÕs finger putting petrolatum in my ass. He was kneeling behind me.Ê Ken cleaned his fingers before he ran them over on my breast and stomach from behind. He was playing with my nipples when his cock was coming into me. I gave a groan, when I felt his cock crawling up my ass. I was still
somehow tight and his cock was or felt bigger than I expected.

At the Handicraft Shop Part 5

I always had been switching between men and women for sex. I enjoyed both a
lot, though I couldnÕt really figure a woman as my mistress. Maybe because I
have never met the right one. However, being subdued by a man was a much
stronger, intense feeling of suppression and demanded obedience. I needed a
strong hand slapping me, a real guy forcing me to my knees. Moreover, I much
more enjoyed sucking cocks than licking pussies.

KenÕs cock was getting harder in me. He sometimes was stroking my cock as
well, but mostly worked on my nipples. I closed my eyes, when finally he
pulled out again, groaning of lust, leaving me in this feeling of
unsatisfied ecstasy. He rested some seconds on my back, I was just wishing he would have milked me, since I was close to orgasm: ÓSir, may your slave ask
you somethingÓ.Ê With a relaxed and almost smiling voice he answered: ÒI
know what you want to ask, but you wonÕt get it. Not today. If you satisfy myÊ needs I feel that I could reward you, I may let you come as well.Ó
He came around and stood before my head. I just could see his legs and
half erect cock.Ê ÒWhat are those questions all about anyway? I canÕt remember giving you permission to ask about your needs. I think I’ll have to show you that it is not about what you want or need. You will get the appropriate punishment tomorrow.Ê For now you can do some more work on my cock.ÓÊÊ With these words he went to the cupboard again, getting a ring gag out. He squeezed my cheeks with his left handÕs thumb and forefinger to push open my mouth and placed
the ring into it. When Ken had closed the gag he put his cock through the ring into my mouth. I was still horny and he didnÕt need to convince me of doing my best on it. First I licked just its tip and the rim of his glands to make it stiff again, than almost swallowing it, licking it from the lower side. I didÊ my best
on him and quickly made him moan again. The handcuffs of the pillory were holding my hands away from my cock, which desired for a hand.

I already tasted the salty flavor of his precum. Ken took my head in his
hands snatching my short hair as much as he could get and pull it. The pain
just made me crazier and finally made him cum. Ken took off the gag after he
retrieved from my mouth and just said:Ê ÓYou know what to do, right?Ó
I swallowed his cum all way down, even though I was now getting a bit concerned. But by now it would have been too late anyway.Ê ÒYou must still be hungry and we donÕt want you to dehydrate, right?ÓÊ ÒSir, yes, sir, I am pretty hungry, sir.Ó

He took my hands out of the pillory just to rebind them with the pair of
handcuffs on my back again. He opened the collar and helped me to get my
upper body up again. Ken left the room. I tried to relax a bit and recall
what have had happened today. I wondered what time it was, but I guessed it
must have been around two in the morning. This was an almost perfect day,
except that I still was horny and no relief in sight.Ê After some time KenÊ returned to the room, carrying two silver aluminum bowls. I already
expected something like that. He took himself the little ladder he used
earlier to tie me to the ceiling, sat down on it and placed the bowls between
his feet with me kneeling in front of him.

In the left bowl was clear water, in the right some rice with vegetables.
Not so bad, I thought, even though dog food is pretty humiliating, it is not
so nutritious to man. And every Master should take care of the health of his
slave as well. So I was glad he had real food for me. When I bent down to
get some water I felt a striking pain on my cheek, a blow that almost had me
tumble over to my right side.Ê ÒHave I allowed you to start?ÓÊ Ok, I was loosing some concentration by now, that I should have known and I was embarrassed
to show such bad manner.Ê ÒSir, IÕm awfully sorry, Sir, please forgive my stupidity.ÓÊ ÒYou donÕt need my forgiveness, you will pay off your mistakes by receiving an adequate punishment Ð also tomorrow. BoyÉ, this will be a hard day for you tomorrowÓ he said, shaking his head a little in displayed concern.

He finally allowed me to eat and drink. I bent over and enjoyed the feeling
of being fed at my MasterÕs feet. It was pretty hard to keep balance with my
arms still on my back. I was thirsty as hell and the water, even if it had
been from the tap, tasted wonderful to me. I pictured myself out of an
audienceÕs viewpoint, kneeling naked in front of a man I just knew for some
hours altogether, my muscular body in chains, eating out of bowls. I thought
that might have been quite a good view. After I had finished, I really had to
pee now. I had forgotten about it for quite some time, but now I couldnÕt
hold it much longer. However, my cock was still erect, already for some hours since I was fettered in the car.Ê Ken stood up and walked over to the cell. I didnÕt dare to look over or move without permission. I already had two punishments up for tomorrow, and I was in eager anticipation on what he would do to me tomorrow, I didnÕt want to annoy him too much. I heard him rattling with chains and opening and closing the cupboard again. He than came back to me, loosened the leg chain from the peg in the floor and e****ted me to the cell.

He had put some chains with shackles fastened to the wall of the cell, two
chains hanging down with wrist cuffs, one big in the middle with a steel
collar similar to the one in the middle of the room. How was I supposed to
sl**p then, I asked myself. Maybe I was not. He made me sit down at the wall
to the chains and first fastened my neck to it. He than opened the handcuffs
on my back and locked my left and right arm to each of the two cuffs hanging
low from the wall, leaving me sitting with my back to the wall, which was
cold to the ruff, arms halfway up and my head far away from a reclining
position. He wished me to sl**p well, closed the cell door and before he
turned off the light to leave the room he once more looked back in satisfaction.

At the Handicraft Shop Part 6

I tried to relax as well as I could at the wall. I was tired and exhausted,
but my mind was rushing over what happened today. My arms started to
ache soon, as I was chained to the wall. I managed somehow to sl**p for
some halves of an hour some several times, this was all relaxation I
could get.Ê The cock ring and the chains were holding me from deeper
sl**p. I must have emptied my bladder some when in one of the short
sl**ps, as I felt relieved and wet at the same time. I just couldnÕt hold
it any longer.

The night was terrible, I wanted to let it end soon, and make Ken come back
to take some more care of me. The curtains hiding the windows of the room
were light beige and as the sun was rising after some hours of half sl**ping,
half waking it was becoming clearer inside. I looked around the room. It
was efficiently trimmed to be used for slaves without resembling a medieval dungeon. It was neither clinically cold, nor radiating a warm feeling.Ê I
heard some noise from some other rooms in the house and began to worry
about the piss I had let out during the night. It was almost dry, but still
obviously adorning the floor.

Finally the door to the room opened and Ken, clothed into a Yukata, a
Japanese cotton Kimono-like robe, entered with a smile:Ê ÒLooks as if my slave has enjoyed this night. But maybe a bit too muchÓ, he said looking at the stain
in front of me.Ê I just watched embarrassed with my eyes to his feet, I was too tired to think of an excuse.Ê Ken opened the chains around my wrists and took the handcuffs back in place before he also opened the collar.Ê ÒYour chance to get rid of all the unnecessary is right nowÓ he said, while getting an empty bucket from the closet. He sat me on the bucket and I feared it could break
down below me. This was not the first time I had pissed and shit in front of someone else. I once knew a guy who you liked to be pissed into his face. So it didnÕt take too much of an effort to do the necessary things. It felt good to shit and also I could let out some more liquid. Ken took some paper, after he had shook my dick, made me stand up, bow over, and cleaned my back.

I liked to be handled. It made me feel powerless, somehow like a c***d. Then
he shuffled me over to the middle of the room again and I was already
looking forward to some food. I knelt down, he hooked me again to the floor
and brought the bowls in again, he had me eat down to his feet. I was still
terribly tired, however I did not repeat my yesterdayÕs mistakes. Ken was
visibly pleased.Ê ÒYou think you can avoid the punishment by behaving well, eh. TodayÕs punishment is for your former failures, it is just good for you that you
have already learned something!Ó Ken clarified my situation.

After I had been fed Ken kicked the bowls to the side and ordered me to
stand up. My body was all stiff from the night and I had some troubles to
come up quickly. When I finally stood, Ken closed a collar around my neck
and spread-eagled me. He hadnÕt been too brutal by now, so I somehow
expected some heavy blows. Nervously I tried to straighten my body some more
and shake off the tiredness. Ken again went to the closet. He returned with
the words:Ê ÓI hope you will like this, boy. This will be new to me as well, so I
am at least as agog as you are.Ó

I didnÕt like the evil outlines I saw in his smile. After all, I hardly knew
this man I was standing in front of spread-eagled. I relaxed a bit when I
felt him connecting electrodes to my balls and nipples. I had done this
before and it was more tickling than hurting. He sat down on the little
ladder again, when he had finished the electrical stuff.Ê As he turned it on
I felt this tensing feeling like tiny needles being pierced into your flesh.
It wasnÕt too bad. Ken stood up leaving the machine on and returned with one
of the bowls refilled with water. He poured out the water over my breast and
stomach, the water was cold and made me shiver and feel chilly. Immediately
after the water ran down my muscles I felt the tiny needles much more
intensely. The electricity ran through my whole upper body. My muscles
contracted uncontrollably. When Ken intensified the electric pulse I felt
like an almost dead body being reanimated. The feeling was strange and it
hurt quite a bit. As I was moving spasmodically I was biting on my lips to
uphold the pain. This was terrible, I wanted to scream ÒStop itÓ but said nothing.

Ken turned the devise off and instantly my body relaxed and I took three or
four deep breathes, I had held my breath of pain so far. He took off the
electrodes from my nipples, but returned to sit on the ladder. With his hand
reaching to the dial of the electro device he said:Ê ÒThis is what I do to you
if you are a very disobedient slave.Ê I want you to obey to every word, do
whatever I order you without questioning or hesitation. This is kind of a warning, an exemplary punishment.Ó As saying so he turned on the electric pulse.Ê At once I felt a gruesome pain in my testicles as if they would explode
and burn down at the same time. The blow of electrons hit me in my weakest spot and hit unbelievably hard. I just screamed until he stopped. It may have been just some seconds, but it had felt as if it were hours of pain.

I had read about that kind of torture. In the Middle East they used or still
use to torment convicts to make them confess. Very often the testicles were
so much damaged that the victims become infertile. Why was he doing that, he
couldnÕt know if I wanted to have c***dren sometime. This was really a step
too far. I would tell him when I depart. I had missedÊ not to discuss limits, dos
and do-nots with him in the beginning, I had to make that up as soon as
possible.Ê ÒSir, please, stop it, please, I canÕt stand it, SirÓ, I pleaded.Ê ÒAs a warningÓ he replied.

He removed the electrodes, which quite relieved me and made me believe that
the worst was over. I was worried, too. I hoped that I was not damaged for
all time.Ê ÒYou have still one punishment to take, slave, you know that.Ó
ÒSir, yes, Sir, I know that, Sir.Ó I put as much Sirs into it as possible to please him.Ê He returned the electrical device back to the cupboard, but what he carried back to me wasnÕt inspiring much more confidence. He held a thick long bull flogger in his right hand as he walked around me. I was still terrified by the
electro shocks when the blow of the whip hit me. I had been whipped some
times before, but that was a novelty to me. The pain struck me, I felt as if my
skin burst, I guess bl**d must have run out of a long gash across my back. Ken didnÕt stop with just one stroke, he continued and soon tears came to my eyes.
I was grapping for the chains that connected my wrist cuffs to the ceiling and enclosed them tightly with my hands, however, I didnÕt feel the finger nails biting into my hands, I was too much absorbed by my aching back.

Ken stopped, finally, dropped the whip, and came around over to my face.
ÒThis is a terrible pain, rightÓ, he asked while he was taking me into his
arms, hugging me softly and almost snuggling. ÒItÕs Ok to cry, let the pain
out.Ó I started sobbing and crying, feeling comforted by his arms. The pain was
still aching over my back.Ê After some minutes of consolation Ken took off my cock ring I still wore from the last night. He also removed collar, exchanged the wrist cuffs with hand cuffs, but this time closed them on my abs, and made me kneel on the floor.

At the Handicraft Shop Part 7

While I got down to the floor kneeling, I still was feeling this striking
pain from the whip. I didnÕt know what my back looked like, but I feared it
might look terrible, littered with wounds. I just hoped Ken knew what he was
doing and that it didnÕt look as bad as it felt. He was lubing my ass with some Vaseline, simultaneously working on my nipples, which were stiff again as soon as he touched them. He was pinching and stroking them, creating alternately pain and lust in me. My cock felt wonderful free again, now the cock ring was taken off it. It swelled again and I was slightly getting horny once more, while Ken worked on my ass. When I felt his cock up my arse I had already forgotten the pain of the electro shocks and the memory of the whipping was fainting. Still, I had been horny for the last 16 hours or so and I really whished Ken would this time give me the chance to come as well.

His left hand grabbed around me and aimed for my cock. He struck it gently
first, then more fiercely. Feeling him working on my inside and outside made
me soon groan and moan. His body was moving rhythmically fore and back and
his dick teased my prostate. I was soon coming to an end, I was sure and
hoped it would go on. This time Ken was willing to let me come as well. Just
when he pulled out to shot a load from below me on my abs I came under his
stroking hand as well. I felt relieved, felt ecstatic, and felt rewarded.

Ken kept lying on my back for some seconds before he got up and patted myÊ
head.Ê ÒYou see being a good slave has its advantages. IsnÕt it much better than
being a bad slaveÓ, Ken added to his generous gesture.Ê It was much better for sure. He has made his point, if I wanted to enjoy it IÕd better become an obedient slave to him. And I was willing to do so.

ÒI will give you some rest. I have right now nothing to for you to do.Ó By
saying so he took me back in the cell, giving my body a brief cleaning from
his cum. This time however he left my hand bound on my back and just secured
my ankle chains to the floor and my collar to the wall, while I was
reclining on the floor.Ê This felt pretty good. I hoped he would give me some hours of rest. The whole weekend had already been extremely exhausting, and we still had half of the weekend for us. My nipples were aching from KenÕs work and the clamps he had been using. I was lying on my breast, hands on the back and not much room for movements. The floor felt interesting, a little bit cold, but I could feel it was getting warmer by the heat of my naked body. It was not
really soft, but neither was it hard as concrete. Somehow the flooring had soft touch, which felt almost as a comforting futon to me. I relaxed my body
and just recalled my situation. My hornyness was, of course, tamed, and I
felt wonderful being treated as a slave and I just wanted to thank this shop
where we first met, Tokyu Hands, in the heart of TokyoÕs Shinjuku district.
This was the most exciting adventure I’d ever had. I had some wild times in
Europe and the States as well, but this was the top of it all.

I must have fallen asl**p, lately, since the sun was now more brightly
shining through the curtains than this morning. I didnÕt quite know, how
long I had been asl**p, if the room were pointing westward it would be
afternoon already. But maybe it was only noon by now, I couldnÕt really
tell. I felt a little bit stiff from sl**ping on my stomach and hands to my
back, and tried to shift my body back and forth. My arms felt a little dump
by now, so I tried to relax my shoulders to get some bl**d into them again.
Just when I shifted my head to the direction of the roomÕs door I noticed
that Ken was sitting over there, watching me. He didnÕt say anything for the
time being. Just sitting there and looking gorgeous. He wore leather pants,
some heavy black leather shoes and a very cool rubber shirt. This was the
first time for me to realize, that Ken was pretty buff, not that athletic as
I was, but still looking in pretty good shape. His brown eyes and his
pitch-black hair went very good with his white skin and the black leather

I could see that he was enjoying looking at me. He liked this set-up, I
could tell by seeing a glance in his eyes. This somehow comforted me as
well. I was enjoying it and wanted to meet on some other weekends ahead as
well. So I was glad that he was enjoying himself, or to say it better: me,
as well.Ê When Ken was standing up from his chair he has been sitting on for who knows how long, he opened the barred door to my cell, loosening my chains to give me the chance to use the tentative loo. After he had cleaned me up
vigorously, he led me to the middle of the room again. My comfort I just had
felt some minutes ago was vanishing. I could not predict what he was up to.
IÕd rather forego a similar treatment as this morning. My sl**p had somehow
made me edge out what happened earlier today, but now all was coming back,
the pain in my balls, on my back, the fear of Ken and of the pain. The fear
that I may have been damaged beyond hurt.

Ken made me spread-eagle again, which let my cock become solid once more.
Looking on my swelling dick Ken could not hide the smile in his face. After
he had securely tightened me to the room, Ken was getting a leather strip to
bind my balls. The strip was squeezing my balls already tightly, before Ken
attached some weights to it, what made the feeling even more intense. He
didnÕt stop with hurting me in this most sensible place a man has, but took
some tit clamps, also with seemingly small, but still pretty heavy weights
on them. As he put them on I was exhaling abruptly to cover the pain. He
didnÕt say anything, while preparing me for some more torture, and I didnÕt
dare to do anything what would make him angry again. When he had finished he
just left the room, leaving me standing there in my boosting pain.

I was short of breath, since I still tried to hold up with the pain by some
kind of weird breathing technique that had no reasoning whatsoever. Time
must have been creeping, I wasnÕt really enjoying myself and I got the
feeling that every minute would extend to an hour or so. The pain was
becoming worse. My nipples had already been treated the whole weekend, and
though I can take some pain, they became quite sensitive by now. And ball
treatment had always been my weak point. Maybe it felt so bad because of the
electro treatment that morning.Ê After some time I felt likes just crying out all my pain. I wouldnÕt know if it was wise to do so, but I was up to risking annoy Ken this time.Ê I still feared I would pay a high price for bad behavior, but he hadnÕt forbidden screaming out, and I couldnÕt hold it much longer anyway. Afterwards I felt much better, as least for some seconds. The door opened just shortly after my voice must have filled the whole house.

ÒIt hurts, right?Ó was the only thing Ken said, when he had re-entered and
stood just a blink away from my face.Ê This was a rhetorical question? I answered anyway: ÓSir, yes, it hurts like hell, Sir.ÓÊ ÒYou want me to free you from this?Ó Was he teasing me?Ê ÒSir, yes, I would be happy if you would free me from the pain, SirÓ I somehow managed to say despite the pain.Ê ÒWell, I want to hear something from you. I want to hear that you totally surrender to me, that you will serve me obediently as my slaveÓ he said, but didnÕt wait for my answer. He just left the room again, giving me no chance to say what I already would have said willingly.

I didnÕt get it at first what he expected me to do. I was standing there in
my amazement, still suffering and getting angry at him.Ê ÒFuck, get back here and let me tell that I am your slaveÓ I said half aloud and directly regretted it, thus happily I didnÕt say it too loud. He obviously didnÕt hear me, I felt lucky for some instant, just as the pain was coming back to my mind and annihilated this state of happiness.

I was standing some more minutes, hours, who knows, until I understood what
he wanted me to do: cry it out, cry out to him that I was his slave, that I
would be surrendering to him. Somehow I started to dislike his game, I was
getting mad at him. He should have known, that I would have said it to him
directly, why was he treating me like that, leaving the room when I was
going to say exactly what he wanted me to say. I was really getting angry at
him by now as my mind was circling in those thoughts, and the pain in my
crotch and my nipples intensifying this feeling. Somehow this mixture of
pang and mope made me irrational. I was suffering, though my willingness to
surrender was vanishing. I wouldnÕt say a fucking word to him, not until
hell freezes, I swore to myself. I bit on my lip and endured some more.

I donÕt know how long I was in that angry state, but to the pain a crumbling
stomach had joined. The room was getting slightly darker by now, maybe late
afternoon, I thought. And I was getting thirsty as well. Since Ken had left
me here, standing, with weights to my nipples and balls, he hadnÕt come in
again. Where was he? Was he still in the house, or maybe has left for
whatever? What if I would say it now, scream it through the house, and he
wouldnÕt even hear it. I was really thirsty by now, the pain was not getting
better, I couldnÕt really get used to that pain. Whoever said you could has
not received such torture, it is nonsense, the pain was getting worse, than
I was thinking about it, actually.

ÒSir, I am your obedient slave, I will follow every command youÕre giving
me, SirÓ, I finally screamed out. But no answer, no one was opening the
door. He must have really left the house. I wanted to end this: ÓSir, I do
what ever you want me to do, SirÓ I exclaimed. Still, no motion in the
house, no sign that Ken had heard me. Was he asl**p? ÒSir, please, I
cannot stand it any longer.ÓÊ I was close to panicking by now. I had never thought about it, but what if something would have happened to him. No
one knew where I was, if he was not coming back to the house for whatever reason, I was doomed. I would starve or die from the pain. I rattled on the chains, which had, surprisingly, no effect on my painÊ ÒSir, I’ll do whatever
you wantÓ I was screaming, tears came into my eyes, and I felt close to collapsing. ÒSir, pleaseÉÓ

Finally, I heard steps in front of the door, the door opened and Ken was
entering. I felt relieved, saved, never before I was so glad to see a man

At the Handicraft Shop Part 8

ÒYou know, what I want you to say, right, slave?Ó
ÒI said it, I screamed it a thousand times, Sir,Ó I said still in a shaking
voice, my body was trembling with horror.Ê ÒWell, say it again.ÓÊ ÒSir,
please, I will do what ever you want me to do.ÓÊ ÒYou are myÉÓ Ken began a sentence, which I quickly took up: ÓI am your slave, obedient slave, Sir, I am yours, but please, Sir, please relieve me from the weights, Sir, pleaseÓ I said pleadingly. I had never before begged like this to someone and also meant it like this. I hadnÕt realized, but heÊ had made me surrender totally. I was just relieved that he had come to save me. I was slaphappy to see him.

He finally took of the weights, first from my balls, than from my tit. The
pain was still re-echoing, but it was a wonderful feeling of it getting less
and less. My mind was getting a little bit clearer again, my body was relaxing
and if I hadnÕt been still in chains, I would have kissed that man
for taking off the weights.

Ken took me back kneeling to the floor as I had been kneeling in front of
him before.Ê ÒYou can show me know, how good a slave you are.ÓÊ He still wore the leather shoes he had on earlier that day, but he really must have been outside with them, at least in the garden. The shoes were no longer clean and tidy, but dirty and a crust of mud was on them.Ê He just sat down in front of me, poked his left foot at me and pointed with his finger to his boot. I understood directly what he wanted me to do. This was pretty gross, though, I gulped down my resentments, bowed down to his left shoe, and started liking it. I first cleaned the tip of the shoe with my tongue, then working myself through to the sides. It was even worse than I expected. My mouth filled with dirt and earth, I needed to swallow it somehow, but I was short of spit, I hadnÕt d***k anything for hours. Ken gave occasional directions to me, which I followed, despite my disgust.

While I was cleaning the left shoe, the sun was setting, it was getting
darker in the room. So I couldnÕt see the improvements on the shoe, and
couldnÕt reap the benefits of my work. But I was working that long on it,
that I was sure, it must have been shiny by now. My mouth began to feel
better, the dirt was already swallowed, and all I felt was the taste and
smell of clean leather. Finally Ken was satisfied with the left, now he
showed me the right one that also needed a good deal of cleaning.

While I was kneeling in front of him shining his boots , he from time to time
slapped my ass with his hand. This whole setup inevitably made my cock stand
perfectly in front of me. I wasnÕt sure actually about my feelings at all. This whole game was already much more intense than what I had ever done before, that was for sure. And I began thinking of it as a necessary step in the development of my own sexual life. I couldnÕt really picture what was
comforting me more and more about this relationship to this man, who seemed
to know how to combine his pleasure with my fulfillment.

When Ken thought that his boots had undergone a thorough cleaning, he
ordered me to stop, but keep to the floor with your face. He stood up to get
me the feeding bowls again. This time it was fried noodles and Woo long-Tea.
He must have been really pleased with me, I understood that instantly, I
definitely did expect rice and water again, or maybe even something
disgusting this time. Ken had been full of surprises, so I tried to not think of what was coming up or at least tried to expect the worst. When he had fed me
he said he would make me ready for going to bed. It was not that
late by now, but I was grateful to the prospect of some rest. He came up to my back where my hands still have been cuffed and I felt some kind of rope tied around my arms first, then also around my pecks, below my arm pits, and around my waist. I got pretty upset and filled with pleasant anticipation. I like bondage very much, but did not hope to experience it this time. When my
upper body already had been pretty much tied up by Ken he ordered me down
on my stomach. He securely bound the rope around my legs as well, first each
leg apart, than both bound together. The rope was smooth and not at all scratchy. I felt tightly packed up, but the rope was not hurting me.

When I was completely immobilized Ken surprisingly threw me over his right
shoulder. I wondered where he got all this strength from. I had hardly a
gram of fat on me, but muscles have their weight as well, and I estimated my
weight maybe even more than his.Ê He carried my into the cell and lay me on the floor again, and taking another rope which he connected to the rope on my body at both sides of my shoulders. This rope than was fastened to the one wall of the cell at about a meter high over the floor. Ken did the same with a third rope, and this time when he connected it to the ceiling, he was pulling it through two
small cable controls, thus lifting me up at his waistÕs height. That was a strange feeling, I was somewhat floating in the air, face up. I just felt a little strain of the rope around my naked body and the whole rope work became tighter. I have never seen something like that before and I remembered that he said he would make me ready for bed, so I assumed that I was supposed to stay that way the whole night. Was that possible, or after some time would the ropebe biting into my flesh? I couldnÕt tell, but I would see anyway later on.

I relaxed a bit for the first time of hours, come to think of it, even days.
I donÕt remember how long I had been hanging there, thinking of all those
weird things Ken had done with me, to me, before I must have been falling

At the Handicraft Shop Part 9

I awoke quite abruptly, when my body crashed to the floor. Pretty harshly
Ken had let my suspending body down again.Ê ÒHow did you like that, hum?Ó
he asked me.Ê ÒSir, thank you for that experience, Sir. That was weird, Sir,
but I liked it.ÓÊ ÒGood, maybe we will have that sometimes more often. I have been watching you asl**p. You really look fucking sexy when youÕre tied up.Ó

I was eased by his comment, recently I was almost getting quite afraid of
him, how he kind of doggedly treated me as his slave. I wanted him to enjoy
it as much as I did, also in order to enjoy it myself. He untied me completely
and took the ropes back into the cupboard again. While he fed me, again between his feet, he patted my head gently and sighed slightly. I didnÕt
dare to look up to him to see what the matter was. But when I had finished
he took me by my chin and looked me deep into my eyes. I frowned at his

ÒTodayÕs SundayÓ, he started, ÒI have really enjoyed the weekend with you.
And I want you as my slave.ÓÊ ÒSir, I am very happy, Sir, that I have pleased
youÓ I replied honestly, but of course I was tired and to some extend happy
that tomorrow my work would start again. Normally I enjoyed weekends so much that I was not fond of returning to my desk and office in downtown
Tokyo, but this time I was longing for some rest and I was already hankering
for tonight and Monday night, when I would take a hot bath and go to bed very early.

ÒYou are a good slave. I love your body, I get a hard on just by seeing your
muscles. Tying you up drives me crazy, actually. And youÕre very submissiveÓ
Ken continued. ÒAs I said Friday night, youÕre a perfect slave, not enslaving
you would be a waste. And we donÕt want to waste, right?. I have decided to
not let you go home today. Not tomorrow either. You will stay here, as my
slave, and do whatever I want you to do to please me.Ó

Ken still held my chin in his right hand, looking into my face. I could see
in his eyes, he was not being funny and was not k**ding. My dick became hard
as stone again and fear crept up my back.

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