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Back at Jerrys

It was finally Friday night. Mother asked if I could spend the weekend with Jerry so she could get some rest, I agreed to and packed my suitcase. Around 6:00 there was a knock at the door. Mother opened it and it was Jerry. He and my mother talked for a while, and she asked him if he could bring me back around 10:00 Sunday night, he told her that would be fine, helped me with my suitcase and we went to his car. He asked me how I was and how the last couple of weeks went. I told him how school was and how bored I was staying at home with nothing to do. He laughed and said things could be worse and asunder me we'll find something to do this weekend.
When we left the neighborhood and pulled out onto the freeway he put his hand on my leg and squeezed my thigh. I looked at him and smiled, he slid his hand up my leg till he reached my crotch then asked how it was doing. I spread my legs and said " it's alright but it's been bored". He laughed again and said me to unbutton my pants. I undone the button and pulled the zipper down, pulled the front of my underwear down some so he could feel my dick. As we exited the freeway and turned on to a dark road heading to his house he reached in my pants and took my soft dick into his hand and ran his thumb over the tip. I love it when he plays with it, I leaned back moving my hands out of his way. He was stroking me stiff when we pulled into his drive way. He handed me his house keys and told me to go inside and get comfortable while he gets my case out the back seat. I didn't bother fixing my pants since it was dark and only a few feet to his door. He carried my suitcase to the guest room then came back front and sat in his recliner. " come here let me see you" he said. I walked over to him and stood in front of him. He looked up at my face and took both my arms in his hands. He spun me around, ran a hand up my shirt rubbing my back, then around the front across my belly and up my chest.
He told me to hold my hands up and lean forward, I raised my arms bent over. He reached over and pulled my shirt off, then ran his hand up my belly again and smiled. Then he put his hands on my hips, slipped his thumbs into my underwear and slid them down. I held my arms out, leaned my head back and closed my eyes. As he pulled down my pants and underwear, my little dick sprang out from under the waistband. "I see someone's happy to see me" he said laughing. He pulled my pants down to my knees, then pulled me closer to him. He cupped my balls with one hand and wrapped the fingers of his other hand around my little dick and stroked it a few times. " very nice" he said." Have you been playing with it?" I told him no, my mother is always coming into my room and didn't want to get caught. He leans forward and kissed the tip. "Well, lets see what we can do about that " he said. He then finished pulling down my pants and taking my legs out of them.
Standing nude in front of him I spread my legs and arms, my heart started beating faster and I got a funny feeling in my gut. He stood up bent over and gave me a tight hug.
He told me to stay there he'd be right back. He went down the hall, I heard him open a door then close it. When he came back he had a towel. He sat down, put the towel on his lap then told me to sit on his lap.
I sat down, he spun me facing forward, wrapped his left arm around my chest, and pushed my legs apart, then taking hold of my dick with the other. I leaned back and rested my head on his shoulder.
He slowly stroked my dick, pushing a finger up under my balls, and slide his thumb over the head of my dick. After twenty minutes of him stroking me I felt my balls start to pull up and I started breathing faster. " feel good " he ask "yes it does" I whispered. " that's great, can you cum for me?" He whispered in my ear. "Yes, yes I can" I said with a shaky voice, I felt like I had to pee, my body started to shake, and my dick started to jump. Jerry reached down with his free hand took part of the towel and coved my dick head just as I started to cum. My heart pounded breathing quickened and my mind started spinning, it felt so good. He'd use a finger to push up on my balls as my dick pumped. He kept stroking till it finally stopped jumping, then he kissed my cheek. " Mmm, I missed you the last few weeks, glad you could stay the weekend " he said. He wiped my dick and cleaned up my cum from my legs. " go get your shower now, I'll fix us a snack. I hopped up, took the towel and through it in the hamper and headed to the bathroom. Walking down the hall I thought to myself I love it here, wish I could stay.
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