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Back Seat Driving Lesson

To say that Tom was upset was an understatement. Maureen knew he was angry because he had no look on his face at all. He just stared straight forward while he drove. After 5 years of marriage, she knew that when he was visibly angry that was one thing, but when the anger didn’t show… She sat in the passenger seat of the car, turned slightly away from him. Their lovely romantic evening was in tatters. She tried to tell herself that his stupid boorish attitude was to blame, but deep down she knew she brought it on.

Tom had made reservations at a nice Italian restaurant for that evening. At 6:30, he called from his car.

‘Darling, I had to stay a little late at the office, but I’m on my way-‘

She interrupted him, ‘Honey, why are you on the phone when you’re driving? You know that’s unsafe.’

He sighed, ‘I have a headset on and I’m waiting at a red light! Now, I think when I get home, you should just come out to the car and we’ll go straight to dinner. Ok?’

‘Alright. See you soon. Now hang up and drive!’ She tried to make it sound like a joke, but she could tell from his reply that it didn’t go over well.

‘Yes, Dear.’ The phone clicked and he was gone.

She hated when he said that – like she was a nagging wife. Didn’t he realize that she just cared and wanted him to be safe? She loved him very much. If there was just one thing she could fix about him it would be for him to be a better driver. He had a bit of a lead foot, and it made her nervous sometimes. She shook her head, put the phone down and hurried to get ready.

A few minutes later, Tom arrived. He had on his usual suit and tie. He called back to Maureen from the front of the house to let her know he had arrived. She was just finishing up her make up and said she would be right there.

Ten minutes later, while Tom stood cooling his heels, she came out. She looked beautiful, but when she saw Tom, she frowned and said, ‘Is that how you went to work this morning? That tie doesn’t go with that jacket at all!’

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