Back To College (Knee-high Socks and No Knickers)

Danielle perused her latest balance sheet, as she relaxed in her plush office at DC Lingerie. Emma, her PA, was massaging her shoulders, relieving what little knots had formed after her session in the gym.

“Looking good?” asked Emma.

“Yes, hosiery is up 33% on this time last year.”

“Hmmm… you’re a genius baby.”

“Thank you, Emma,” said Danielle, stroking her friend’s hand as her fingers brushed the side of her neck.

“I was thinking Danielle…”

Danielle looked up at her sexy assistant. “Come and sit on my desk and tell me…”

Emma walked around and perched herself on Danielle’s polished wooden desk. She crossed her legs, revealing her black stocking tops. Danielle licked her lips and sat back.

“It just occurred to me, as I passed the college the other day. We should do knee-high socks.”

“I’m listening,” said Danielle. ‘Go on.”

“Well, we have this beautiful range of hold-ups. But they’re for the twenty-something girl.”

“And you think we should be looking at the younger market?” said Danielle, licking the end of her pencil.

“Yes, well eighteen-year-olds at least.”

“Of course.”

“What colors?” asked Danielle.

“Black and white.”

“And pink,” added Danielle.

“Pink knee socks?”

“Yes. How often do you see girls with pink, knee-high socks?”

Emma smiled. “You don’t. Well, hardly.”


“So, what’s your plan to market them?” asked Emma.

“I think we should take the direct approach,” said Danielle.

“What’s the direct approach, in this context?”

“We hit our target audience in the marketplace.”

“But baby… our marketplace is second-year college girls.”



“It’s simple Emma. We’re going back to college!”

“Oh, baby!”

“I know!”

Danielle propped her legs on her desk and looked into Emma’s eyes. Danielle was wearing her skimpiest white panties and Emma had a perfect view of the gusset.

“I have this sweet little itch,” said Danielle, sexily. “I wonder if you’d be kind enough to scratch it for me.”

Emma uncrossed her legs and stretched her right leg downwards. The tip of her long, shiny heel was perfectly positioned and brushed the seat of Danielle’s panties. Emma gazed down at Danielle’s bum cheeks, which were squashed against her chair, half covered by her panties. She continued to brush her foot against Danielle’s underwear, slowly drawing her foot up.

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