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Back to Daves….PT 2

Dave stood up from the sofa, allowing me to swap places with him.
I sat with my legs apart, with my painfully hard cock pointing to the ceiling, as Dave kneeled between them. He shuffled forward slightly and smeared the last drops of cum from his cock onto the head of mine, then in one single smooth and wet movement, sucked the length of my shaft into his willing mouth.

I gasped as I felt the back of his throat prevent any further progress, but he bobbed his head back and forth, saliva flowing down my engorged shaft as he did so. he paused for breath taking my cock from his mouth.

'How do you like that then John?' He asked.

'Carry on like that and I will be shooting in no time'. I said.

'Good, because I want to cum again too '. I glanced down to see Daves cock had grown again in his fist. 'Only this time I want to cum on your arse and cock John, then lick it off'.

This was a huge turn on for me. I wanted to feel his hot cum on me, but didn't want to be penetrated.

'That's not a problem John, wait and see.'

He continued to suck and lick my cock with great gusto, I love sloppy blowjobs, and this was sloppy. His hands gently squeezed my very full balls, as his mouth tried its best to devour the full length of my shaft.

Suddenly, and without being able to give Dave any notice, streams of cum began to shoot into his throat, my hips bucking with each pump.
Dave greedily swallowed every drop, and licked from my balls to the head of my cock to make sure.

Without a word, he grabbed my thighs and span me over so I was kneeling in front of him, leaning onto the sofa with my arms. I felt exposed but very excited. I knew that Dave would respect my wish for no penetration.

As I knelt there, I felt Daves hard cock move between my legs, parallel with my own. I moved my hand and grasped both his and my own shafts together, allowing his movements back and forth to toss us both off as his long hard shaft massaged my balls at the same time.

After several minutes of this, Dave started to moan. I knew he was close again.

He pulled his cock from the grasp of my hands between my legs, and placed it on my backside, the head landing right at my arse-hole, sending shudders through my body. It felt great.
He pushed the cheeks of my backside together a little, as if tit-wanking, and pushed down a little with his thumbs.
He started to move backwards and forwards, his hard cock making full use of the crack of my arse, and every so often, rubbing with some pressure over my puckered hole. Just as I was wondering what it would be like to let Dave actually enter me, he shouted that he was cumming.
He began to cum, with some f***e, hitting my arse hole, my balls, and some way up my back. Hot wet shots of cum, that seemed never ending, despite it only being a short time since his last explosion into my mouth.

When this had subsided, Dave began to lick my back, working down to my arse cheeks, sucking up his own cum as he went, until finally he gently licked and sucked my balls dry, and free of all traces of his spunk.

I turned to look at the huge smile Dave had on his face, and the last drops of cum at the end of his cock, which needless to say, I obligingly sucked off for him.

Hopefully, we won't leave it long again before we taste each other.

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