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Best Friend with Benefits

This story is true. Its been many years and so the conversations are what I recall and not verbatim.

I had never thought of myself as gay or anything other than straight. In my youth the word gay only meant happy. There were only two ways of describing a man’s sexuality that I was aware of, straight and fagot or queer. I am sure bisexual was used then but that was a word I was not aware of when in high school. I had done things sexually I knew where frowned upon but never considered them anything but fun with my cousin and friends. Hell, all I knew was that I got horny and enjoyed some sexual fun with whoever was willing.

Mario and I practically grew up together. His f****y moved to the little town in New Jersey I lived in when I was about 12. They moved to the same apartment building we lived at but one floor above us. We met outside the building the same day he moved in. We hit it off great from the get go. Mario was one year younger than me and we both seemed to like the same things, same cartoons, same board games, the same outside games. We became inseparable and while we had our fights now and then we remained best friends through grammar school and high school.

By our second year in high school we began to drift apart physically. Mario was very sports oriented and while I enjoyed watching sports and occasionally play a bit, I was really not a jock. He grew up in spurts and passed me in height before we got to high school. By our second year in high school he was clearly more than four inches taller than me. We both had an athletic built body. Hell, who didn’t have a nice body during high school? Or at least one that functioned a lot better than it does now? Mario had more muscle mass than I did. I think playing football in our high school team did that for him. My body came from just being active and young. I worked in a warehouse part time after school and did a lot of heavy lifting and that helped shape my body. I guess in the more vernacular terms I had a swimmer’s body and Mario was built like a brick shit house. Mario and I remained best friends in all the sense of the word but had our own crowd and kept our own pace. We spent our evenings together by the most part unless there was some special party for only the football jocks and he wanted to go. I was not a jock or played team sports so I was not invited. Mario brought me to the parties with him many times and every one knew me but I really didn’t feel like I belonged. Sometimes when things heated up and the girls wanted a guy to fuck with or just make out I quietly made it out the door. Not that I didn’t like girls but they were only interested in the football jocks and I was not on the menu. So by the most part Mario and I spent our time together alone either just walking around or drinking in a car and many times in his room. His parents worked the evening shift at the local hospital and left for work soon after we arrived from school. They did not return from work till after midnight.

My mother died when I was young and my father remarried. He moved away and I was not taken along. My grandparents raised me and my granddad was already dead by the time I got to high school. Other f****y moved into the house with us to help out so I didn’t have much of a home life. I loved my f****y dearly but my aunts and grandmother did not make for great conversation or fun.

My f****y knew Mario and I as best friends for ever. They knew I enjoyed being at his house and they did not have a problem with that. Mario’s parents enjoyed having me as Mario’s friend and liked me to stay at their house. Or so they said. I always heard his mom say I had a calming effect on Mario. He was kind of wild when left to his devices and I tended to ground him some. That is why many times I slept over his house and his parents were used to coming home and finding us sl**ping together on his bed. Many times we just stripped down to our underwear and would just fall asl**p watching television.

One day as usual we met after school outside. He asked what I was doing that night and I told him I had nothing planned. He said he wanted to tell me about last night. He said he went to a party and it was wild. I asked what was special about this party he always goes to those jock parties and they tend to get wild eventually. There is always lots of booze and girls. He said this was special and he would tell me later. He wanted me to come over right away and spend the night. I said OK. He walked me home and came into my house with me. We told my grandma I was going to his house and spending the night. As usual she said, “OK. Just don’t give his parents a hard time, and clean up after yourself”. I got a quick bite to eat and took a shower. As usual Mario was waiting in my bedroom when I got out of the shower. I shut the door behind me and pulled off the towel. I dried myself a bit more and started rummaging through my drawers looking for something to put on. Mario sneaked up behind me and pressed against my naked ass. I jumped up and told him to stop being a dick. I felt his hard cock when he pressed against me and I could see it sticking out like a tent in his pants. He got close to me and said, “Come on touch my cock, look how hard it is.” I took it as a joke. This was not the first time he had fooled around like that with me but it was the first time he actually had a hard on or pressed up to my naked ass. We have seen each other naked many times and even taken showers together when in a hurry. He had told me many times before when we were naked that I had a nice ass and he wanted to fuck it. But it was always in a laughing way and I never took it serious. I had no reason to take it serious now. I told him he was going to get us in trouble if someone walked in now and saw me naked and his cock sticking out like that. “OK”, he said, “We’ll wait till we are alone at my house”.

I changed the conversation, “So what was it you wanted to tell me?”

I wasn’t afraid of where his game was going. I had already had some sexual times with my older cousin in Miami. My cousin and I used to make out, and I sucked his cock and jacked him off many a times. I never got fucked though. I was no virgin, I had a girlfriend when I was 15 named Elizabeth. She told me that she got fucked by her uncle and that same day she fucked me. She took my virginity time and time again for four months before she found a high school guy that wanted to be her boyfriend. It was fun and while I missed the blowjobs and her pussy, I never really liked her that much. She got pregnant that same year and her uncle was blamed for it. Lucky I wasn’t around anymore to take the blame.

Mario looked pissed that I changed the conversation. ”I told you, I will tell you all about it when we are alone at my place.”

I got most of my clothes on and was sitting on the bed putting my socks and shoes on. Mario sat next to me and put his arm around my waist. I didn’t think anything of it, it wouldn’t be the first time he did that. But he then started stroking my back and moved his hand down to my ass. I gave him a shove, “Boy, you are really in some fucked up mood today. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I just want to be close to my best friend that’s all”.
“We have always been best friends, so why are you like this now?”
“I don’t know, I am just so fucking horny lately.”
“So you want to fuck everything in sight including me?”
“No, I just want to fuck you”
I had to ask, “Have you ever fucked with a guy before?”
“Not really”
“Not really doesn’t mean shit, you either did or you didn’t?
“Well I didn’t really. Remember last year when I went to Wildwood Beach for a week with my mom and dad?”
“Yeah, I remember. We were supposed to go too but my grandma couldn’t afford it. She wouldn’t let me go because she was embarrassed to have your parents pay my way”
“Yeah I know. I’m sorry. Anyway, there was this k** I met there and after we got to know each other he told me he liked to suck cock. So I let him suck my cock a bunch of times.”
“That’s not fucking”, I said.
“No shit, that’s what I told you asshole”.

I finished putting on my shoes and got Mario out the door. Not that I didn’t want to continue our conversation but I didn’t want to continue it at my place. The conversation was pretty heated and I couldn’t be sure someone wasn’t listening to it. His parents would be going to work soon if they haven’t left already and we could say and do anything we wanted then. We took our time going to his house. We stopped at a local shop and got some snacks and soda for the night. When we arrived at his house his parents had already left for work. We went straight into his bedroom and Mario announced he was going to take a shower. I took of my shoes and socks like I always did when I was in his house and sat on the bed. He got naked and took his time in getting into the bathroom. He sat next to me on the bed to make conversation but I didn’t pay much attention. After all the attention he gave my ass and his comments about wanting to fuck me I was turned on by his naked body and specially that long thick uncut cock of his. I really didn’t want him to leave the room yet. So I asked him what it was he wanted to talk to me about.

“You know I was at Steve’s house last night?”
“Yeah, I know you were there. A football jocks party only for the football team”.

Steve was on the football team. He wasn’t a very good player. It was probably because he didn’t take it seriously. Heavens, knows he had the body for it. His parents had money, lots of it. They lived in a large high rise at the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River. They had a doorman and under roof private parking. His parents didn’t spend much time at the house and Steve was famous for giving wild parties. Most of the football team practically lived in his apartment.

“Well, we drank too much.” Mario said. Like that didn’t happen all the time.

“The girls that were supposed to come over never showed so we just watched a game on the TV and drank. I passed out on the couch and by the time I woke up every one was gone. I went looking for Steve to let him know I was leaving. I heard him in his bedroom and when I got close I could see through the door that he was naked with Glen.” Glen was the captain of the football team and full of himself. He snubbed his nose at anyone that was not a jock and wouldn’t even talk to me.

“He didn’t see you?”
“No, the house was dark and the only light on was in his room so I guess he couldn’t see me in the dark. I was in the hallway looking into his room.”
“What were they doing?”
“He was making out with Glen and they both had raging hardons.”
“No shit? So what else did they do?”
“Well Steve sucked Glen’s cock and he then got on all fours in front of Glen. Glen held him by his waist and pushed his hard cock into his ass.”
“Oh shit, I bet that must have hurt. Glen is hung like a horse”.
Mario looked surprised at what I said. He got visibly mad. “What the fuck do you mean he is hung like a horse? How the fuck do you know how big Glen’s cock is? You better not have been fucking with him!”
This was not the first time Mario showed some jealousy with me. If I went with some school friend somewhere and not tell him he would get mad at me and yell. But this time I realized he was showing some jealousy in a different way. “Calm down asshole”, I said,” Glen is in my gym class and he takes showers after gym when he does go because he mostly skips gym anyway. You know I always take a shower after gym class and the shower is just one big fucking room with shower heads hanging from the ceiling. So yeah I have seen Glen naked, so what?”
As if I didn’t say anything he kept on with his story. “So anyway, Glen fucked Steve in the ass and they both loved it. Steve was begging for him to cum inside him and Glen was kissing him. Fuck man, it was hot as hell! Why can’t we do that?”
All the while Mario was telling me the story I was looking at his cock. It was so beautiful. It was thick, long, uncut like mine. As he talked he stroked his cock and it got harder until it was standing fully erect.
“Did he come in his ass?”
“Yeah he came in his ass! You didn’t answer my fucking question! I want to do that with you!”
I kept looking at his cock and the more I thought of us naked in bed the more I liked it. Mario never knew that I had some experience with guys and I wasn’t going to tell him. “I don’t know”, I said, ”I want to. I want to a lot but I am afraid.”
“Are you afraid of the size? Cause I have a big cock? Or are you afraid I will tell someone? I know you like my cock because you keep looking at it and I know you want to touch it.”
“I am not queer”, I said with indignation. “I am afraid you will think of me as a queer if I let you do that to me. I like girls, I love girls and I want to marry a girl some day. I am not a fucking queer. If I do it, it’s only because it’s you and you are my best friend”.
“I know you are not queer. I am not queer either. We just like each other and want to have some fun together. So what if that is also having sex. Steve and Glen aren’t queer and they are fucking with each other. You are my best friend and the only one I want to do that with. I don’t want to do it with anyone else.”
“OK”, I said, “so how do we get started?”
“Why don’t you touch my cock first and stroke it for a while and see what happens?”
I slowly reached out for his cock and just as I put my hand around it, I felt it twitch. It was hot, a lot hotter than I remember mine being. He was very thick and it was hard as a rock. As I moved his foreskin up and down his cock throbbed in my hand and got hotter and harder. I could smell his cock as I worked it in my hand. It wasn’t long before there was precum oozing from the tip. First a drop then another till his whole shaft was slippery. I loved it, it was amazing! I had never felt this horny before. I used to fantasize about having sex with Mario while I gave myself a handjob but I never imagined his cock being this nice. Mario moaned softly while I worked his slippery cock in my hand. Knowing I was giving him pleasure sent a heat through my balls and made my cock stiff. Mario leaned over to my face and kissed me on the cheek. I moved my face towards his and kissed him on his cheek also. We kept our faces against each other kissing each other all over our faces gently and passionately. When finally his lips reached mine I could feel his hot breath hit my lips. He was breathing heavily and I loved the feel of his breath on my face. Our lips finally met softly and his lips were wet and sweet. He didn’t give me a big kiss. It was more of a gentle peck on my lips that lasted a while. I kissed him back. We continued this gentle pecking on the lips till finally he breathed in heavily and placed his mouth over mine. I felt his suction on my mouth as he slipped his tongue inside. My tongue met his and we kissed passionately for what seemed a long time. As we kissed he moved closer and put his arm around me to pull me tightly against him. I was still stroking his cock and it was throbbing wildly.
“If you keep stroking me I am going to cum”, he said, “It’s up to you what ever you want”.
I stopped stroking his cock.
“I don’t want you to cum yet,” I said, “I want to do more before you cum. Besides, I don’t want you cumming in my hand. I want you to cum inside me”.
Mario pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me. We kissed passionately and he began to rock his hip against me. His cock was still very hard and I could feel it throbbing through my clothes. He kissed my neck and worked down to my belly, opening my shirt as he went along. When he got all the buttons undone he pulled my shirt off and threw it on a chair. He opened my belt and pants. He grabbed the top of my pants and pulled them off. Then he grabbed my underwear and it went flying off somewhere to be found later. Completely naked on his bed I felt embarrassed. I tried to get under the covers but he jumped on me and laid on top of me so I couldn’t move. I could feel his cock rubbing mine hard. It felt so good to have that big thick cock against me. He was all wet with precum and it made it that much better. He began kissing me again and this time we started making out like two lovers in the back seat of a car. His cock kept rubbing against me and his hands found every inch of my body and explored it. He then pulled himself up and put his hard cock in front of my face.
“Go on suck my cock”, he said, “I want to make sure you suck my cock before I go take a shower. That way when I come out we would have done most of it and you won’t be afraid any more”.
I didn’t need a second invitation. I took his cock in my mouth hungrily and began to suck it for all it was worth. He was so thick I had trouble putting much of it in my mouth. I got his entire head in and maybe three inches of his shaft.
“Holy shit, you have done this before haven’t you?”
I didn’t answer and he didn’t care really. He was enjoying it too much to question it.
His cock tasted better than my cousin’s cock. It was bigger and the precum he was giving me made it all that much tastier. I could have sucked his cock all night. After a while he pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned over and kissed me deeply on the mouth. He went off into the bathroom to take a shower.

By the time Mario came out of the shower I was horny as hell with anticipation. Mario came out naked with his hair still wet. He came straight to the bed were I was and laid next to me. He leaned over me and gave me a long kiss that left me dizzy. I loved the feeling but felt kind of weird about it. After all we were best friends and straight. Why am I enjoying this so much? He is enjoying it as much as me. I was confused all of a sudden but I was sure of one thing. I did not want this to end. I will sort it out tomorrow or tonight after we have finished making love.

Mario smelled so good. The one thing I was very picky about is personal hygiene. I can’t stand women or men that do not smell good. Mario smelled great, he put on some cologne also because I could tell by the way he smelled. He put his leg over mine and laid half on top of me. He began to kiss me deeply which made me want more than kissing. I felt for his cock and found it. It was already hard and hot. I began to stroke his cock pulling his foreskin back and forth. He reached for my cock and began doing the same to me. I did not expect Mario to touch my cock but was glad he did. He worked it expertly. I guess both of us being uncut was good because we knew how to handle each others cock well. Soon we were both breathing very heavy and I could feel Mario’s urgency. He ate my mouth with a furry. He bit my lip and sucked at it like a hungry a****l. He began to come down to my chest and grabbed my nipples with his teeth. It hurt and I asked him to take it easy. He sucked hungrily at them. As I stroked his cock and he worked my nipples his passion grew and his aggressiveness got stronger. He got on top of me and parted my legs open with his. He held his cock by the base of the shaft and I saw him drop several loads of spittle on his cock. He brought that big fat cock closer to me and slid it under my balls. I felt his hot shaft make its way to my tight hole as he began to hump me slowly. His thick cock head stroked my ass with every push. I had never felt anything so good. I was entranced by his massaging of my ass with that thick hot and now very wet cock. As he moved his cock over my ass I could feel my ass and cheeks begin to get drenched and slippery with not only his spit but now his precum. Mario put out a lot of precum and it was not long before my ass was slippery wet as though someone had poured KY all over it. Mario closed my legs with his and he placed his legs outside mine. This made my ass cheeks close tight around his cock and he gave a loud moan as he felt my cheeks tighten around his thick shaft. He continued to kiss me but his kisses got rougher with every stroke of his cock. I thought of stopping him because I was getting afraid of his wild aggressiveness. But I have to admit that knowing I could make my male friend this frantic in bed made me want more. I was kissing his neck and telling him how good it felt to have him on top of me like this. This seemed to make him even hornier and his sexual aggression grew. Mario then gave out a loud gasp and said, “Oh God I have to give it to you now or I am going to go crazy”. I thought he wanted to cum and I encouraged him. “Oh yeah, please give it to me Mario”, I said. He brought his legs between mine and with a f***e that surprised me pushed my legs open all the way to either side. He brought his hands down and wrapped them around my legs so that he could hold them in the air. I looked down and saw his cock. I couldn’t tell if it was red or purple but I could have counted every vein on his shaft if I wanted to. His cock looked like a massive vein covered log. There was a string of precum hanging from the tip and more flowing down that string. He brought his cock down on my ass hole and I saw his big thick head disappear between my ass cheeks. It felt like a branding iron was pocking me. His cock was so hot and so hard I gasped for air as I felt it parting my virgin ass open. As the hole massive head disappeared I felt a pain I will never forget. The only way to describe it is a “Charlie Horse” in my ass. I gave out a scream and tried to pull away from this massive invader in my ass. But with my legs held up in the air and my ass off the bed I couldn’t get the traction needed to get away. I tried turning to one side to dislodge him but Mario proved to be much stronger than me. I looked into his face and all I saw was lust. The veins around his neck were pronounced and his face was swollen. His lips were swollen also and his ears were so red they looked dark brown. He was drooling from the corner of his mouth and his waist was moving slowly fucking my ass with a rocking motion. The pain got numb for a minute but didn’t leave. “Please it hurts,” I said, “just take it out a minute for the pain to go away”. But he was relentless. “No, you’ll get used to it. If I pull out now we will have to start over again”. I pleaded with him again to let me go for one minute. “We agreed” he said, “you want me to fuck you and I am going to fuck you even if I have to f***e you. So just relax and the pain will go away and you will begin to enjoy it sooner”. I realized he was not going to stop no matter what I said. And I really didn’t want him to stop either. The pain was going away as he promised anyway. So I relaxed and it only took a couple of minutes for the pleasure to begin to set in.

As the pain disappeared it was replaced with a pleasure I had never experienced. I could feel his hard cock moving in and out of my ass. The more he fucked me the wetter my ass got and the easier it was for him to penetrate me. I could feel the heat from his cock inside me. It was so hot it felt comforting. I could also feel his cock flicker and throb when he pushed it real deep and kept it there for a moment. I could feel myself breathing heavier and pushing my ass up so he could take it better. I thought he would get more romantic and less aggressive but just the opposite occurred. The more I began to enjoy his cock inside me the more aggressive and rough Mario got. He finally let my legs go and I kept them up myself. He lowered himself to me and began to kiss me hard on the lips and neck. I wrapped my legs around his and pulled myself up so he could get at my ass easily. His thrusts got stronger and at one point I was dangling from his buttocks from my legs off the bed and was swinging with every thrust of his hard cock. His moans turned to guttural sounds like an a****l growling and grunting. I should have been scared or at least turned off by this assault but the truth is that his sexual aggression was intoxicating and turning me on more and more. The rougher he got with me the more pleasure I knew I was giving him which made me even hotter and wanting more of his aggression. I think I was turned on knowing I could bring my friend to this level of excitement in bed. I turned my face towards his and could see his face contorted with pleasure. His eyes were dreamy and half shut. “Mario I love the way you fuck me. I can’t believe how good it is.”
He looked at me and gave me a small smile. He then opened his mouth wide and the veins on his forehead stuck out like hoses. “Oh my God, your ass is fucking great,” he said. ”I can’t believe I didn’t fuck you before”. His humping got stronger and he drove his cock as deep as he could get it into my ass. It felt like he was all the way up into my chest. He gave out a loud grunt and said, “Oh, I’m going fill your ass with my hot cum”. He began to pound my ass so hard my balls felt he was going to crush them. He began kissing my neck hard. I felt stinging sensations all around my neck and then I felt his thick cock throb as though it was coming alive inside me. His thrusts slowed but he pushed hard and deep into me as though he was trying to go in balls and all. I felt a rush of heat in my belly that moved all over my insides. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly against me. I could feel his cum wet and hot oozing down the crack of my ass to the bed below. As his throbbing subsided he brought his legs to the outside of mine and closed them again. He kept my legs between his and began to search for my toes with his. When he found my toes he inter locked his toes with mine and we rested that way for a long time. After about five or ten minutes of lying in each others arms he raised his head and pressed his face to mine. His lips were touching mine and the drool which was still oozing from his mouth fell on my lips. “That was fucking amazing,” he panted. “Why didn’t we do this before?” We kissed a few more times and then got up and took a shower together.

We were not passionate in the shower. In fact we were back to being just best friends taking a shower together. There was no sexual play at all. While in the shower I looked at the mirror and could see my neck covered with red blotches. The stinging sensation I felt was Mario giving me hikies in the heat of passion. We got out of the shower and cleaned up the bed which had a very large pool of Mario cum on it. We thought it was close to the time his parents were coming home so we were rushing to get things in order. But when we looked at the clock we had been fucking for only two hours. It seemed like we were at it all night. We laid back on the bed naked. And we started talking about what happened.
“We go to promise not to tell any one about this right?” I asked.
“That’s right.” Mario answered. “We can’t tell about tonight or any of the other nights I am going to fuck you.”
I looked at him with a frown. “What?” he asked. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to do it again”.
“I didn’t say I don’t want to do it again. I just don’t want to do it every day. My ass can’t take that every day. Besides, once we get girlfriends we will have someone else to fuck with.”
Mario’s face lit up, “That will be so hot, man! To fuck each others girlfriend. That would be fucking hot”

We turned the TV on and started watching some shitty horror movie that was on. As we lay there naked we would reach and touch each others cock now and then. Mario gave out a yawn and I told him he better not fall asl**p. “If we fall asl**p naked and your parents come home they will know we were fucking. We better put on our underwear if we are going to fall asl**p”. But Mario was not ready to get dressed. “No, not yet. I want to do it again”. I raised myself off the bed and looked straight at him. “No way man, you are not going to fuck my ass again!” Mario just laid there like he didn’t hear me. I grabbed my underwear and lay back down to pull them on. He grabbed them out of my hands and threw them across the room. He then scooted down and grabbed my cock and before I could ask what he was doing he started to suck my cock. His mouth was so hot and he worked my cock so well I knew he had done this before. I grabbed for his and got into position to do a sixty nine. His cock tasted so good and it was not hard but began to grow in my mouth as soon as I began to suck on it. I didn’t last long. Mario brought me to orgasm right away and I shot a load of cum into his mouth that I thought would choke him. But he drank down every drop which really impressed me. So I was left with total attention to Mario’s cock which by now was hard as a rock again and hardly fit in my mouth. As I sucked his cock I played with his balls. As an added bonus I went down on his balls to lick them also. His precum was soon oozing in copious amounts and after sucking on his cock for a while it was flowing with my spit down my chin to my chest. The more I sucked the wetter his cock got and the more precum that he gave me. It was amazing and the hottest experience. Mario’s passion grew and grew and soon I found out his sexual aggression was not reserved for just fucking. He began to hold me by the back of my head and pulling me tighter and tighter against his cock pushing more of his long shaft down my throat till I would choke and he would have to let me go. My eyes watered from the choking but he didn’t stop trying to fit that monster cock down my throat balls deep. As he neared his orgasm he got more aggressive, thrusting his cock into my mouth hard. Finally he was holding me by my hair and thrusting hard into my mouth when he moaned loud and grunted out that he was going to come. I braced myself to swallow his load. He pushed hard into my mouth and held me so tight against his crotch with his cock deep in my throat that I had to push him with all my strength to get him to let me breath. But no sooner I caught my breath I got a huge load of cum squirted into my mouth. I swallowed fast but it seemed I was always at the edge of not being able to swallow fast enough. His cum kept cumming in torrents into my mouth filling it to capacity. This is the first time I tasted his cum and while I wouldn’t have it for breakfast every morning it didn’t taste bad. In fact I enjoyed the taste and looked forward after that to getting more of it. We both collapsed on to the bed. He kissed me hard on the lips and commented on how well his cum tasted in my mouth. We put on our underwear and fell asl**p on the bed under the covers.

The next morning all was back to normal. We didn’t speak of the previous night till that night when we played some more. Eventually I also gave Mario anal but we rarely had anal sex. Most of our sexual intercourse was dedicated to oral sex. Only when we were very horny did we give each other anal. We both grew up to be normal bisexual guys. We both got married but while I have several c***dren and grandc***dren Mario’s marriage did not last but a couple of years and he never had c***dren.

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