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Birthday Surprise – Part One

Hello, my name is Gary. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife for two years now. Her name is Zoe. Let me tell you how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and adoring woman in my life. Besides being absolutely stunning, 5’5, with firm perky breasts, long shapely legs, and an ass to die for, she is also very sweet and treats me like a king.

That’s why I would do anything for her. And last week she put my declaration of love to the test.

It was two days before her thirtieth birthday and I’d been trying to get a sense of what to get her this year. She said that it was no big deal. She would love whatever I gave her. As I started to inquire again, the phone rang, interrupting my impending question.

‘Hello,’ Zoe answered. ‘It’s so good to her from you,’ she added, a broad smile appearing on her face. ‘That would be great. Can’t wait to see you. Bye, baby.’

‘Was that Ivana?’ I asked, already knowing the answer. 

‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘She would like to take me to dinner tonight. An early birthday celebration. If It’s alright with you.’

‘Whatever you want, sweetie.’

‘Thanks, honey. You’re the best,’ she said, giving me a big kiss on the lips before excitedly running up the stairs to get ready for her evening out.

Ivana was always able to thrill my wife. They had met at Pilates class a few months ago and have been close friends ever since. She is ten years younger than Zoe. And by what she tells me, a bit of a slut. Not in a bad way. She is single and enjoying all of life’s pleasures while she is still young.

The first time Zoe introduced us I fell in lust.

Ivana is a 5’2′, and a gorgeous blonde with a toned and tanned body. She loves to tell my wife about her sexual escapades, which is fantastic for me. It never fails to get my wife’s juices going, which always leads to some steamy and passionate sex.

An hour later, Zoe came slinking down the steps. A short, low-cut blue dress hugged her every curve. My mouth was watering as I took her all in. There was a hardening in my pants as well. But, that would have to wait.

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