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Brief encounter on a nudist beach

15th July 2014

It’s not very often that I find myself with a day with very little to do especially on such a sunny and hot day in the middle of the week. But, I decided to go and spend a few hours at the beach and as I enjoy being naked it had to be a naturist beach. I had been there before but not for a long time so it was going to be like discovering the beach all over again.
I arrived at the parking lot wearing just a tee shirt, a pair of thin silky short and flip flops, got my bag out of the car which contained a blanket, towel, sun oil, a large flask with cold drink and my book, and I set off. I had to negotiate the public beach to get to the place that I wanted to go. But fortunately there’s a small path at the back of the public beach that took me thru the sand dunes until I came to the rock formation that stuck out towards the sea and sectioned off the two bays. As I stepped around the rocks and came to the naturist beach I saw that there weren’t many people s**ttered about, a few single guys, a few single women, and a couple all naked lying down enjoying the sun. I quickly slipped off my tee shirt and shorts and set off to find a nice secluded spot.
The freedom of striding naked across the sand was wonderful and I felt so free. Eventually I came to a place where the sand had seemed to push back the dunes a little sheltering me slightly from either side and I set up ‘camp’. I put down my blanket and spread my various bits and pieces around me and then took stock of my surroundings as I reached into my bag for my bottle of sun oil. It was only then that I noticed a guy lying face down on a towel about 20 yards away, ah well never mind!
I knelt on the towel and began to apply oil to my upper body just coating it lightly. I don’t use a sun oil that’s too heavy because I don’t burn easily I just tan quickly and I soon had my upper body sufficiently coated. As I stood up to oil my lower body easier I happened to look over at the guy lying there and noticed that he had turned and was lying on his side with his head on his arm and he appeared to be watching me. Now that doesn’t really bother me, I’m not ashamed of my body, which is slim and devoid of body hair all over, infact I quite like to be looked at now and again.
I ignored him while I concentrated on oiling my legs but as I moved from one leg to the other I looked up again and noticed that although he was lying with his head on one hand his other hand was down infront of him and he was quiet obviously stroking his cock. That sort of behaviour isn’t altogether unusual on a nudist beach, we all have urges, but he was blatantly doing it while looking at me. I smiled inwardly and thought, oooooh I’ll give the guy a thrill, and after oiling my other leg I stood up straight and began to oil my belly and upper thighs. I then turned my back to him slightly and oiled up my buttocks slowly, wickedly I was teasing which was wrong because I had no intention of engaging in any activity with him. When I turned back towards him though he was sitting up and was facing me with his legs apart and was definitely stroking his cock, although because of distance I couldn’t see it properly. I placed some more oil in the palms of my hands and proceeded to rub it in all around my groin and have to admit that as I did so my own cock began to harden. I massaged the oil under my balls then took them in my hand and oiled them too and finally placed both hands around my cock and oiled that slowly. I must have looked to him as if I was masturbating just for him alone.
Then I stopped. I wiped my hands on a towel and laid down on the blanket, show over!! I had a drink from my flask then got my book out and rolled over onto my stomach and engrossed myself in my book. I work on the rule of half an hour one side then roll over and half an hour on the other side, which I did and after an hour I was glowing.
I got up for a break and walked the few yards down to the sea and waded out just up to my thighs in the cold water, just to cool my body off a little. Then after ten minutes headed back up the beach to my towel. The guy was still there and although he’d been lying down again as I walked back up the beach he sat up and his hand went back between his legs. I thought, strewth he must be feeling horny, but I still ignored him and settled back down on my towel again for another hour in the sun.
After my second hour I thought that I’d head home and collecting my things together instead of heading back the way that I’d come I went straight up the beach behind me and into the sand dunes. I thought that I’d pause and have a pee before having to put my tee shirt and shorts on again as I got nearer to where the public were. So I found a suitable hollow in the dunes and dropping my bag I turned and began to do what was needed. All of that fluid that I’d been drinking caused me to be peeing for quite a few minutes and I was just about to turn back and pick up my bag again when I heard a noise. There standing in among the grasses only about ten feet away was the guy from down on the beach. He was watching me and from experience it was quite obvious what he was after.
I heard him say, ‘you’ve got a nice body I loved watching you put your suntan oil on’. Getting attention and being watched does turn me on a bit and my cock started to stir a little. So, I reached down held it loosely in my hand and said to him, ‘You liked it when I applied oil just here didn’t you’? He nodded and his hand went to his own cock which looked quite small but his balls I noticed were huge. My cock thickened a little more and I thought, why not, a cum a day is good and it had actually been a few days since I’d had any fun even with myself. So, I said, would you like me to oil it up again? He nodded so I turned to my bag which was behind me and reached down for my bottle of oil. Not realising until I bent down that I was exposing my rear totally to him but when I turned around he had shuffled a little closer until he was about six feet away. I poured a liberal amount of oil into my palm and wrapped my hand around my cock and began to stroke it up and down and felt it growing harder until it was rock hard.
He gave a gasp and with one pace forward he was standing only about two feet away from me stroking his small cock. He looked down at me all the time and said, ‘ooooh that’s gorgeous and so big’.
By then I was really as they say ‘feeling it’ the tingle running thru my cock and into my lower belly. I took a quick look around and releasing my cock I said, ‘would you like to hold it’? He didn’t hesitate, he wrapped quite a soft hand around my phallus and slowly stroked up and down while at the same time continuing to stroke himself. It’s not fair to be the only one receiving pleasure so I slid my oily hand under his huge ball sac and coated them in oil and he groaned and spread his legs and murmured that he’d cum soon if I wasn’t careful. I said , that’s ok, and continued to stroke him pushing my hand further under him far enough so that I could just reach between his buttocks with an oily finger. I probed and managed to reach his rose bud opening and touched it lightly and he gave a deep long moan and said ‘I’m going to cum’. So, I stood back took control of my own cock again and continued to stroke myself as he feverishly stroked himself to an orgasm. I could see the tip of his cock from the angle it was pointing at me and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the hole in the end of a cock seem to large, then it happened. Those heavy balls certainly must have produced a lot because there was a thick jet of cum. It rocketed out of his cock and it wasn’t a splash it was an absolute jet of thick creamy fluid. First one then three or four more all as thick and heavy. I think I’d only ever seen that much cum in porn films and it all went all over me, all over my lower belly my thighs and my cock.
When he’d finished he stood there panting and apologised for the ‘mess’. I said that it was ok as it would wipe off. Then he asked me if I would cum for him. I nodded spread my legs wider and said ‘where’. He gave a look of delight as if he’d found someone who would do as he wanted and said, ‘ooh would you cum on my face please’. I nodded and he immediately sank to his knees infront of me as I began to stroke myself to a peak.
When I was close I told him and he moved closer until his face was only inches away from my cock and he opened his mouth wide. The first shot hit him on the lips and cheek and the second went straight into his mouth then before I could stop him, not that I wanted to, he moved closer and engulfed my cock with his mouth and I felt him gulping my cum down his throat. Heaven. I put on hand on his head more to hold myself steady than anything else but in doing so pulled him closer to me so that he was deep throating me and doing a great job of it. His tongue rolling around my shaft and his lips sucking swallowing every drop of cum, milking me dry.
When I finished he slowly pulled back and I stood there with rather shaky legs from the strain. But he wasn’t finished because his head came forward again and he began to lick all of his own cum from my belly and thighs until he’d cleaned me up completely.
Eventually he was finished and slowly stood up again saying that he loved the taste of cum. I got my towel and finished off cleaning myself up and then said that it was time to go. We walked naked along the small path towards where we’d have to get dressed again and just before we got to that point he turned to me, sank to his knees and took my cock gently in his mouth again and just gave it a gentle suck then got up again. We finally dressed and walked back to the car park together.
It transpired that he was down on holiday and had a holiday cottage just along the coast and invited me over. But I had to decline as I had to get back, we did exchange phone numbers though and he’s promised that the next time he’s down this way he’ll get in touch as he’d love to repeat the episode maybe in private next time.
Just waiting now for his call…………………………………..

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